What Are the Top Ten Bicycle Brands?

Bicycle Brands

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What Are the Top Ten Bicycle Brands?

There are diverse bicycle manufacturers across the world, and they have their respective bicycle brands.

Each one of them is unique in their way because they are all not made in the same country in the first place.

They are spread across the entire world, and they are modelled and designed differently.

Regardless of the innumerable manufacturers, some outshine all others and emerge as the spearheading ones.

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This is due to the fame and recognition of their bicycle brands. They are more preferred than other bicycle brands.

You will even see excellent and positive customer reviews  and recommendations for these brands because of their quality and performance.

If you are not well conversant with all the topnotch bicycle brands, you may be asking, “What are the top ten bicycle brands?” You will learn them in this article because they have been designed for greatness.


Merida is a renowned and distinguished Taiwanese bike company that has been up and running since 1972. It was founded by Ike Tseng but became an independent bike brand in 1988.

It has a reputable history of making beautiful and high-quality bikes. The company derives its name from Me-Ri-Da, which is like the company’s motto.

It entails manufacturing high-quality bikes which are also good-looking. It can manufacture a whopping 2.2 million bicycles every year.

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They have a global market that targets 77 countries, and due to the excellent quality of their bicycles, their prices are premium.

They are designed for convenience integrating stylish designs. Merida produces all kinds of bikes and partners with R&D arm, which is based in Germany.

This brand has stood the test of time with such a long history.


Cannondale is a Canadian-based company founded in 1971, but it launched its product line in 1983.

Since then, it has continued running seamlessly until today. It is exemplified by the unique and outstanding bikes that it manufactures.

They are made of Aluminum frames, but in recent years it also has advanced and ventured into carbon fibre designs.

All these are for the company’s well being, and they help it spice up the bicycles. One of the most commendable things about them is their efficiency.

Shifting gears in these bicycles is as easy as ABCD.

The mechanisms that the manufacturer has integrated seamlessly complement the frames, and this result in relaxed rides even when you are climbing mountains.

Of late, this company started another production plant in Taiwan, targeting the Asian market.


Kona is another top of the range bicycle brand which is not only recognized but also an award-winning company in bicycle manufacturing.

It has fought great battles and found its way up from nought. Its main production plants are based in three places globally:

Washington DC, Vancouver, and Geneva. It was founded in 1988 it has earned accolades as the first firm to design and manufacture a complete tube design mountain bike ranges.

If you want a rugged and a military-grade bicycle that can conveniently handle extreme downhill terrains, this is the ultimate bicycle to go for.

Their bicycles are made of carbon, Aluminium, fibre, titanium, and steel.

They are some of the most sought-after bicycle sellers, and they have a presence in over 60 countries, and they manufacture a wide range of bicycle types.


Trek is another bicycle giant founded in 1976, and it has been up and running since then.

Owing to the exquisite quality of their bicycles, this company has dominated the market for many years.

It is especially known for being an exceptional market leader hence making giant sales and accruing behemoth profits in its lucrative business.

They sell under different names such as Electra Bicycle Company, Gray Fisher, Klein Diamant Bikes.

These bikes are good, and their quality and performance are quite good. They can even be ridden by obese people and remain in good condition: they can withstand up to 150 kilos.

The market for these bicycles is in over 90 countries. The performance and quality of these bicycles are great and amazing! And they have enabled this brand to remain to dominate the market for a long time.


This American based bicycle company was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard, and it specializes in manufacturing bicycles and their spares only.

It is distinguished because of its renowned name and status among the giant companies that perform very well in the industrial world.

You will even hear this bicycle’s name in the sporting world, particularly in the Olympic Games.

When cyclists are competing in these sports, this is a bicycle brand with the most bicycles among them all.

This is a confirmation of the quality, durability, and exemplary performance of these bicycles.

They are also designed to favour the rider because they integrate all the necessary features that optimize it for exemplary performance.

The company is based in California, USA, and the bicycles are made of an alloy called Functional Advanced Composite Technology.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz was founded by Rich Novak and Roskopp Rob, in 1993 and is based in California, USA.

It is exemplified by the high end and distinguished performance bikes that they manufacture.

The first bicycle was manufactured in 1994, and it featured a full suspension and a 3-inch travel pivot design.

These bikes have optimized for a heightened performance like easy pedaling. You can quickly cycle uphill without getting tired, and most of the bikes are premium.

Most of the bikes that they manufacture are ideal for downhill biking, and they are all high-end, just like the category of the activity they are involved in.

Quality goes hand-in-hand with the price, that is why you cannot get a cheap bicycle from this company.

However, the quality and performance are impressive. They have value for your money, and you will be impressed by them.


Scott was founded in Sun Valley, Idaho, the USA in 1958 by Ed Scott. He was an engineer and a ski racer who hailed from Sun Valley hence the company name.

Later in 1970, they expanded and afterwards settled in Fribourg, Switzerland, to cover Europe. They changed their name from Scott USA to Scott Sports.

Their effect has been felt in the cycling industry due to the aerodynamic handlebar that they invented.

In 1992, they came up with a full-suspension mountain bike, and later in 1998, they produced the G-Zero.

The latter is the lightest full-suspension mountain bike globally. It is one of the greatest achievements in bicycle history.

Currently, they manufacture a wide range of bicycles for their global clientele. Most of their bicycles look sporty, and they have value for your money.


GT was founded by Richard Long in 1972 and Gary Turner. It is based in Santa Ana, California, USA.

The company is famous for manufacturing BMX bicycles, road bikes, and mountain bikes. This brand is a benchmark model courtesy of its three triangle design that scaled it to higher heights.

You will see that the fronts of the bikes integrate super easy suspensions that are responsible for the super comfort that this bicycle gives the rider.

Apart from heightened performance, this brand also has great and fanciful bikes that you will marvel at.

The frames are durable and reliable because of their innovative designs.

This brand is equally great, just like its counterparts and even the bicycles that they manufacture are quite good and exemplary.


Marin was founded in 1986 by Bob Buckley in Marin County, California, USA. It is a distinguished company in making reputable mountain bikes.

Bicycle Brands

This company also offers a wide range of accessories, bicycle colours, and many more. One of the most factors of this company is that they manufacture high-end bicycles.

It is a reliable company that manufactures high quality and high-performance bicycles for all ages and also for all genders.

That ensures equity and fairness to ensures that no gender or age group is left out. The bicycles can even be ridden everywhere, both on-road and off-road.

The bicycles are also full of pomp and glamour, and you will marvel at what you are riding.

There are many factors that make this bicycle brand stand out among many other brands and even to emerge top 10.

They integrate Quad Link Suspension and Travel And Adjustable.


This company was founded in 1972, and it is based in Taiwan.  It also has manufacturing plants in China and the Netherlands.

Surprisingly, it is the best of the best bicycle brands that have dominated the cycling world and have remained invincibly unbeatable.

It is an amazing and astounding bike brand that is exemplified by the quality and topnotch performance of the bicycles that the company manufactures.

Apart from just having a big and reputable brand name, it is also widespread because of their international sales.

They also have over 12,000 sales outlets in over 50 countries, and they manage an annual turnover of 1 billion dollars.

Their bikes are in all ranges, and designs like to cover all classes of consumers, and they include dual suspensions.


The above bicycle brands are great and amazing. They have been in the market for quite a long time, and you will not help to admire their performance, quality, and durability.

The test of time has proved that they are indeed great and unbeatable. If you had been asking, “What are the top ten bicycle brands?” You already know.

Their reputation is good hence their recognition because they are all distinguished, and they have been running for over 40 years.

Only impressive features, which are the most sought-after, can make a bicycle brand dominating the market.

They manufacture state-of-the-art bicycles which incorporate a seamless handiwork and craftsmanship to come up with peculiar and unbeatable world-class and award-winning bicycles.

They have value for your money, and they are durable.

When you are riding any of them according to how the manufacturer has designed it, you will have nothing to fear. Everything is up to par and with surety and guarantee.


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