Top 30 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Credit Card affiliate

Top 30 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

The Credit Card Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for ways to make money through Credit Card Affiliate Programs, you can do so by presenting prospective clients to credit cards.

You will start earning by allowing advertising on your website about the promotion of these credit cards.

You will earn when people are redirected from your website and when they sign up for a new credit card.

Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Here is a list of some of the best credit affiliate programs in the market today.

American Express

 Amex Express is also known as Amex. With Amex Express, you get to earn commissions every time your leads registers for the credit card.

The affiliate program is international, and you can process your payments in 120 major currencies.

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Their products are flexible and are reasonably priced to fit your clients’ needs. The support team is directly available for the clients and their technical support.

 Affiliates are paid a commission of up to $200 per sale. They also can earn an EPC of $644.89.

Affiliates only get paid for an approved application, not just applications submitted.

This helps to stop people from spamming the offers, which is common in financial services affiliate programs.

Their cookie duration is seven days.

Bankrate Credit Cards

In 1976, Bankrate was started as a print publisher and was offering financial advice to its readers.

In the year 1996, they took their information business online.

Bank Rate Credit Cards as part of their ambitions to provide their onlookers with comprehensive information on what the best credit card was for their individual needs.

Bankrate operates as an affiliate for card programs. They also operate as a credit card network in their own right.

Affiliate marketers have the opportunity to promote credit card offers even without having to be the credit card company’s direct affiliate.

The affiliates can earn a commission from $50 up to $200 per sign up. You also get to earn when you promote the offers given by Bankrate Credit Cards

Keep in mind that when you become a sub-affiliate for their credit card affiliate programs, that means you will not be in a position to earn as much as when you worked directly with the card issuer. 

USAA Credit Cards

 USAA started as an auto insurance provider, then USAA took a step to supply retirement services and products, real estate services, banking services, mortgage services, and also investment services.

Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Since 1922, USAA has been offering financial services to active and retired members of the United States military community.

They supply credit cards through America Express and Visa.

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You get to have a targeted audience of more than 24 million personnel who are in the armed forces in the United States. 

So you just need your audience to be active or retired military personnel that are looking for a mainstream credit card.

If you have a number of incentives, then this is the affiliate program for you.

Affiliates earn a commission of up to $20 per lead and an EPC of $161.70.

Top Performing affiliates are in a position to ask for a better commission rate.

Their cookie duration is 30 days.

The fact that you will only be making $20 per approved credit card might not be a lot for you to celebrate.

This might influence you to look at other credit card affiliate programs that pay more.

Credit.Com is somehow similar to Bankrate since they both are an affiliate publisher and also run a credit card network for the affiliate marketers. vends itself as a free credit scoring service. They offer price comparison for almost everything, for example, auto insurance, loans, and credit cards.

This provides you with access to affiliate credit card offers that are from the biggest names in the industry, for example, Amex, Citi, Mastercard, Chase, First Progress, Group One, and some other more. has a credit card that will go well with any niche audience that you can think of, including people with terrible FICO scores.

So this will enable your visitors to find the best credit card for their individual needs.

The commission offered to the affiliates varies

The only issue right now is that is currently closed, but you can reach them via email to their affiliate support team.

Luxury Card

Luxury Card is a unique type of credit card. It is made from a mixture of carbon and stainless steel.

This makes it a premium card. You can also order a 24 karat gold version of the card.

Even the model of the card can tell you it is designed to reach a specific target that is the wealthy people.

Your visitor gets a premium card.

The premium card offers a cash back at a 2% rate and also air miles redeemed at a rate of 2% with no seat restrictions or blackout dates.

There is the added advantage of getting admittance to airport lounges in some of the locations.

Through email, live chat, or through the phone, you get a 24/7 intermediary service that you can use for everything, for example, making a hotel reservation to finding the perfect gift for a loved one.

Affiliates get to earn a commission of $405 per each sale. It is one of the highest-paid credit card affiliate programs, and that makes it a good source of regular income.

You also recognize that such commission rates are rare in credit card affiliate programs, so you should grab the chance when you get it.

They offer a cookie duration period of 30 days.

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Commission Soup

Commission Soup has been offering its services for over 20 years now. They mainly provide financial services. They work with different credit card companies.

Most of the big credit card companies stopped running their affiliate programs after the financial crash that happened in the year2008.

All the pre-approved credit cards with unreasonable credit lines caused a bad press to a certain extent for them and their affiliates.

Any affiliate that wants to access such programs has to go through an intermediary like Commission Soup.

 In Commission Soup, you will find different types of credit card affiliate programs, for example, the Green Dot Primor Mastercard.

This is a credit card that is a secured one. It mostly helps people with a terrible FICO score and gives them a chance to improve the score.

In Commission Soup, you get access to a huge audience that you can promote to.

For example, to anyone with bad credit. The affiliate commission varies, and also the cookie duration period varies.

Scotiabank Credit Cards

The ScotiaBank was established in 1831. This happened when a group of businessmen opted to set up their public bank to bring about the competition to the private bank serving the people of Halifax.

They have now expanded to 55 countries and have over 19 million customers. They have set up banks in other countries. 

Apart from their banking services, they also offer different types of credit cards to their customers who are in and North America and Canada. 

These are cashback, travel rewards, student cards, and low APR.

Scotiabank affiliates usually receive a commission of up to CA$99 for each approved referral they send.

When converted to $US, they become around US$70, which is a very fair amount for any type of affiliate program. They have a cookie duration period of 30 days.

Capital Bank

Capital Bank offers OpenSky credit card.

OpenSky credit card is a secured credit card. It is the right program for any person blogging about personal finance, improving their credit score, or managing debt.

OpenSky offers the quickest and safest way to improve your FICO score. You will get more visitors if your content helps people that have had to declare their bankruptcy.

Affiliates usually earn a commission of $25 for every successful sale and referral to the OpenSky affiliate program.

This might be a low rate of commission when you compare it to other higher-paying credit card affiliate programs.

Despite this, there is no specific credit scoring for the card, and this makes it possible for anyone to get one.

OpenSky allows you to market the offer through email, which is not a common thing in this niche.

They have an EPC of $26.93 and a cookie duration period of 30 days.

Upgrade Credit Card

Upgrade Credit Card makes it possible for your visitors to get a recognized Visa credit card with a credit line of up to US$20,000 without the overwhelming interest rates that come tangled to most other credit cards.

As an alternative, you get to pay an interest rate closer to that of a personal loan, and this helps you pay your withstanding card balance a little bit quicker.

Affiliates get to earn a commission of $60 for every referral or for every one of your visitors who is approved for an Upgrade card.

They have a cookie duration period of 30 days. Do not forget that a client’s credit score directs the size of the line of credit they will get with this card.

Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card

The Avianca LifeMiles credit card is one of the universal traveller or cardinal nomad audience.

Avianca has one of the leading offers on the market for those who are planning to travel or those who mostly travel to South America.

For those who are starters, you get 0% APR for your first one year, then an adjustable-rate after that.

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With Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card, you get protection against unauthorized charges, no foreign transaction fees, travel accident insurance, and cover for damage in auto collisions.

Affiliates can earn a commission of up to $200 per referral, which is a good amount to earn from an affiliate program.

With about 15 sales per month, you would be earning an extra $36000 every year, making it the second-highest paying of the credit card affiliate programs.

They have an EPC of $545.06 and have a cookie duration period of 30 days.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard

Indigo Platinum MasterCard is highly recommended as one of the most preferred credit card affiliate programs for customers with a less than flawless credit score.

Clients are required to fill in a quick pre-qualification that does not, in any way, affect their credit score.

After getting the credit card, clients will get access to their accounts from their mobile, tablet, or desktop.

You get access to promotional material from the affiliate program.

It also assesses your traffic sources. Affiliates are only permitted to use the appropriate traffic sources.

Usually, affiliates earn 5% of the revenue generated from a sale.

Affiliates can also earn up to $35 per sale.

Credit Assistance Network

Credit Assistance Network has been in the credit repair industry since 2004, and this makes it stand out as a leader in the credit card industry.

The company mainly offers credit improvement services.

It assists clients in improving their credit profile by sorting out negative issues in their credit score.

It also gives advice on how to build on the changes.  

The company is well known since it has one of the highest paying credit repair programs worldwide.

It offers up to $95 commission per sale and $1.25 lead commission.

It has a cookie duration period of 365 days. Besides, it provides banners and other promotional materials to it.


Experian has clients in over 80 countries and has a great support team.

It is known to be one of the top providers of consumer credit monitoring online, identity theft protection, credit scores, and credit reports.

The program has delivered over 20 million credit reports and offered services to more than 3.1 million members in the credit monitoring section.

The Experian program provides its affiliates with marketing tools and materials to ensure they earn as much commission as they are capable of.

It has amazing commission rates, and you may earn up to $100 per sale.

Nevertheless, the terms and conditions are exceptional for every single product. It has a cookie duration period of 45 days.


TransUnion has a positive record and track in offering all-inclusive personal information and credit reports for users.

TransUnion has a tremendous record, particularly for affiliate marketers in the US.

The company can keep an eye on credit to prevent identity theft. 

The affiliate program provides crucial resources to its affiliates. Some of the resources include banners, strategies of optimizing campaigns, and monitoring sales performances.

Also, it has a dedicated affiliate team that will help you maximize your commission and earnings. It has attractive commissions for its products.  

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $45 per sale.

Petal Visa Card

Petal Visa Card contains unique offers that enable you to attract more customers.

It is available to clients who do not have a security deposit or credit score.

It has cashback rewards of up to 1.5% and is one of the most preferred options for customers looking for their first credit card.

The card has neither of the following; no late fee, no over-limit fees, no annual fee, and no foreign transaction fee.

It has eye-catching features that help you attract your target market. The affiliate program also has a good support team.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $36 commission per sale.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma has many positive reviews and also has several brands on its websites.

The website lets you compare personalized offers for its products.

It allows users to monitor their credit scores. They also offer awareness of how clients can improve their credit scores.

The affiliate program is regularly developing new creative ideas to boost up your earnings.

It has a monthly newsletter with up-to-date information on how to boost your sales.

They have a dedicated affiliate management team to help you develop helpful strategies.

They have a cookie duration of 45 days. Affiliates are also in a position to earn $0.25 per sign up.

Credit Repair

CreditRepair is the leading provider of credit repair services in the US and has been offering its services for the past ten years.

They have advanced and polished their process over many years and helped thousands of customers.

Their credit repair specialists will work with you to assist you in meeting your credit goals.

Their affiliate program has been running for the past ten years.

CreditRepair works with Commission Junction to provide affiliates with all the resources and tools they need.

Not only do affiliates earn great commissions, but they also get to help people achieve financial freedom.

Affiliates earn a commission of $70. They have a cookie duration of 90 days.


FlexOffers is a leading affiliate marketing network platform that has industry preceding features.

They work with the top networks, advertisers, and agencies to add more than 50 new advertiser programs each day.

They currently have two credit card affiliate programs, Amalgamated Bank of Chicago BankCard and the Barclaycard.

Affiliates can boost up their profits by promoting their lucrative programs.

FlexOffers provides affiliates with banner ads, text links, and unique promotional copy.

Affiliates also have access to tracking tools, reports, data feeds, and affiliate support.

Credit Card Affiliate Programs

The affiliates’ commission varies, and so does the cookie duration. This network might just be the one for you if it fits your needs perfectly.


You, as an affiliate, will be required to attach their link to your websites, which will take some few minutes to do.

When you are done with that, your website will be ready to direct your visitors to a credit card company that most definitely will work for them.

The company usually matches the offers to your website for you, so this leaves you with a less amount of work to do.

Affiliates get to earn a commission of $20 up to $60 per each sale that occurs.

The Credit Card Broker

Credit Card Broker provides you with the opportunity to help sell credit cards, which enables you to make more money plus your commission just by selling different credit cards.

With this company, you are in a position to use one of the company’s website templates to build up your web pages.

You are also in a position to use their affiliate link that helps in tracking your visitors and whatever they choose to purchase.

You will be able to find more information on their website.

CJ Affiliates

CJ Affiliates is a well -known and large affiliate marketplace that contains a lot of products for you to promote.

In addition to credit cards, it has a long list of niches that you can look through to see what other products you would like to use with your credit card promotion.

The signing up process is not difficult, and the approval is usually fast but directly relies on the company.

There are only six countries of residence limitations, and you need to make sure that you currently live in one of those countries.

The six are listed on their website.

Offer Vault

Offer Vault has a large number of products that can help you earn your commission.

I bet you would prefer to keep your affiliate niches in one basket.

This helps in making your affiliate work a lot easier. Their registration process is quick and not complicated at all.

You will just be required to fill out their form and just wait for the company to respond.

In the company’s landing page, you will find the commissions you can earn.

If you are considering to work with this company, it would be better to visit their web page.

Card Ratings

The company has been in business for quite a long time and has been able to build its reputation. 

You can gain information regarding 500 different credit cards so that both you and your visitors can get the data straight.

However, they do not offer a lot of information on their website about their affiliate program.

The information on their sign up page is shallow and does not show more information on how the commissions are paid, the means at which you get paid, or even how long their cookies last.

It would be best if you contacted the company directly to inquire about all that information.

Credit Line

Just like other credit card affiliate programs, the Credit Line program has a varied amount of commissions you can earn when you join their affiliate program.

They give their affiliates free education and some of the best tools to help them become more successful.

Affiliates also get exclusive offers to help in keeping them motivated in promoting the credit cards that the company works with.

For more information, you would be required to visit their web page and communicate with their support team.


Barclaycard offers one of the most successful affiliate programs.

As an affiliate of Barclaycard, you will be required to promote the two outstanding cards that the company provides.

These are; Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard and CashForward World Mastercard.

When you become an affiliate of the Barclaycard company, you will be able to access effective text links and banner ads.

You will also be in a position to earn a commission as much as $500 to $1,000 per month.

BankAffiliates is an affiliate network that deals with financial products.

They offer services such as insurance, credit lending, and retail banking.

Here is a list of the financial affiliate programs that they offer; Personal Capital, The Street, Options House, Discover, Lexington Law, Credit Sesame, Lending Club, Lendio, and Smarter Bank.

As an affiliate, you will get access to a management team that will help you maximize your conversions, and you are also in a position to earn high commissions.

First progress platinum

First Progress Platinum Mastercard is a credit card with a rotating credit line based on a refundable security deposit.

They offer their affiliates a commission of $45.

More information is available on the FlexOffers website.

Milestone Gold Mastercard

Milestone Gold Mastercard has all the advantages of a gold card for those people with less than impeccable credit histories.

A commission of $35 is paid to their affiliates.

More information is available on the FlexOffers website.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club credit card allows clients to earn up to 5% cashback on purchases.

The affiliates make a commission of $67.50. More information is available on the FlexOffers website.

First Access

The First Access Visa credit card is available to clients with varying credit scores.

They offer their affiliates a commission of $16. For more information, visit their page on the FlexOffers website.

With the above-listed information, you will be guided to make the right choice of a credit card affiliate program that suits your needs perfectly.


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