How to Get Ranked On Google First Page For Free 2020

Google Ranking

How to Get Ranked On Google First Page For Free 2020

When you are an online marketer, or you have an online business, Google ranking is essential to your business. It will determine the clients you will get as most people will tend to be inclined to the websites that are ranked on Google First Page.

So how do you just get to be ranked by Google? There are several ways you may take, and I will analyze them here in easy steps that you can follow.

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One thing that you need to understand is that Google will have emphasis on the words that show earlier in your tag that is why keywords are essential. The steps are only nine, and they are:

  • Improving your onsite SEO
  • Monitor your Technical SEO
  • Reduce your bounce rate
  • Add LSI Keywords to your page
  • Get even keywords to Target
  • Publish high-quality content
  • Have backlinks to your site
  • Match your content to users research intent
  • Keep a record of your results

Improving your onsite SEO

This is just one of the best ways to improve on your google ranking. This is because optimization of your page only takes about 2 minutes, and you will be able to see a positive change in the ranking on Google in a matter of days.

On how you will be able to optimize your site around the target keywords, you ought to first ensure that the Keyword comes at the beginning of the tag. As I had stated earlier, Google gives more emphasis on the words that show earlier in your tag.

The longer the content you have, the higher the ranking you secure for your site.

You also ought to add your Keyword two to four times in the body of your content. It doesn’t mean you stuff it anyhow, let it blend in well and flow with what you are writing.

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Add LSI Keywords to your page

This is an advanced on-page SEO tactic that you may decide to use. These are simply the words and phrases that have a relation with the page topic.

Google does scan for the LSI Keywords and thus having an entire topic cover a page will have you get ranked higher. If you would want to check LSI Keywords on your site, you can check a free tool from SEO called LSIGraph.

This will help you out in your venture as you only need to input your Keyword to it, and it will bring you a number of LSI Keywords you can use.

Monitor your Technical SEO

Technical SEO problems though not so rare in websites, are a hazard if they attack. There’s need for you to look out for them for if they hit, your site may be maliciously damaged.

There are several things that you ought to look out for. The first thing is to make sure that your site has been 100% optimized for mobile devices.

All you have to do is to plug URL from your site into Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool from Google, and when all turns green, your mission has been accomplished.

The other aspect you have to check is the loading time of your website. It is an essential factor that Google will use when ranking sites. For indexing, if Google finds trouble in it, they will notify you to fix the issue.

If you have a site running in WordPress, you can use the Toast SEO plugin as it will have your site SEO friendly away from the box.

Match your content to search intent

In the SEO world, search intent is a household name.  Using the RankBrain, Google can see if your site is fit for some Keywords.

They will monitor how people will interact with your site and if by chance they get their needs satisfied, your ranking will be higher, and if not, your ranking will be dropped some steps down.

Your content needs to be in line with what the people are looking for. This does not call for a load of content but a detailed and definitive guide that people can easily follow and get what they are looking for.

When your work in the site is good, Google will tend to show it off to the searchers hence having your site ranked higher.

Reduce your Bounce rate

Google does not relish when people open a site and immediately go back to the results given by the search engines. It is a clear indication that people are not for what your website is offering, and this is where you part ways with Google ranking. 

This is Pogo sticking, and a lot of it indicates poor content and hinders you from being ranked higher.

The way to go about is making site your content is in line with search intent. This shows that you are serving what people need and there would be no reason for them to bounce back.

Other things you can do to reduce the bounce rate include checking the Above The Fold section on your site. This is because it is the very first thing that the people will see once they land on your site.

You can have your way around it by pushing the content to the top to what people first see and what they are looking for.

You can also have a table of content so that people will easily search for what they are looking for and jump the ones that they are not interested in.

The other thing to do is using charts, videos, screenshots, to name a few for your content. This may make it easy to understand and follow up.

Find Even Keywords to Target

  Having done all of the above and reaching this point, your ranking might have started rising. But you need to attract more traffic to your site and secure an even better ranking on Google . 

The way to do this is optimizing your page around several Keywords.  And how how do you go about this? The steps are easy. Go to Google Search Console’s”  performance on Search Results” report.

When you do this, you can now scan the queries that you rank for.  It will be easier for you How to get Ranked on Google as you may have optimized other Keywords to your page before.

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When you are scanning, you might come across a keyword that you have not yet optimized and this is what you ought to try ought.

If you are getting ranking for a keyword that you have not yet optimized, how about when you optimize it? Higher ranking will accrue, of course.

You can create a new page that will be optimized around the Keyword, or you can add it up to your ready content but make sure it fits in smoothly expounding on it using examples if applicable.

Publish High-Quality content

There’s not a soul in the works that does not like quality things. This also applies to Google ranking. For you to land yourself a rank with Google, your content must be of high quality.

It is upon you to decipher what high-quality content means. For example, the things people share or list on social media ,but do not forget to add the links to the same.

To create backlinks, you need to publish content that people will link to, and easily at that.

This simply means becoming a data source that what you publish can be used by other people in their blogs too.  Great content is also ideal for you to get links, so do not be shallow in your publications.

Visual contents like videos, charts, graphics pictures etc. will also be a great deal when it comes to link creations do put them into consideration.

Build backlinks to your site

The content you publish will determine if people will be willing to link with you. For what you publish to get links, the people must be able to visualize it.

Why is this so? Remember you are not the only blogger with that kind of content. People have a variety to choose from as the supply is sufficient. So it’s upto you to make  sure your site content is appealing to people to chose your site.

You will need to promote your content constantly.

There are other ways you can create links. One is getting the links you want via dead links.  It is referred to as a broken link building.

You will first install the CheckMyLinks Chrome extension you get to scan a page and spot a dead link. When you get one, you need to send an e-mail to the person who is running the page.

The second way is guest posting. This should not be made the primary way to create backlinks for your site as it may backfire on you. Google does not recommend extensive use of this method.

You can also use resource pages. This is a good way to create links for your sure. This is because the pages are created by people to link to the best deals when a certain topic applies.

Keep a record of your results

You will never know how far you have gone if you do not keep an account of the steps you have taken. At this point, having done all of the above, your site might have started bringing in some positive change as far as Google ranking is concerned.

But then are the rankings doing any good to you? This is how you can easily track your results that have accrued over time without much of a hustle.

Organic traffic is ideal and the best deal when it comes to tracking and measuring results of SEO marketing. This is the traffic that you will get directly from the search engines.

This is because the rankings might not give accurate information, and it would just be fair to know your performance without any deceiving information on the same.

You may find that the highest site that has been ranked on google does not have the most traffic when you turn to the search engines. This is why it is essential to gauge your performance using the data from search engines.

The higher the click-through rate there is on your site, the more traffic you got.

Also, one page may rank for more than one Keyword. Sites that rank for more Keywords will have more Google traffic that those who rank for fewer Keywords.

The Google console “Impression and ” clicks” shows you the number of people who saw your site as well as the number who clicked on it. The more people that see and continue to click on your site, the better position you put yourself in.

The other way is using leads and sales. How many people see, click to your website and the go-ahead to be actual customers to the products or services that you are trading in? With this, you may have an actual record of the results.


Having given you the various steps to follow to improve your ranking on Google, I would only wish you the very best and hope they work just right for you.

Again carefully consider each step and how you may apply it to your business depending on the kind of business that you got. This being just but a guideline towards your ranking as number one on Google.

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