Top 5 Best Tesla Model 3 Roof Box Buyers’ Guide

Tesla Model 3 Roof Box

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Top 5 Best Tesla Model 3 Roof Box Buyers’ Guide

Nicola Tesla made very significant and distinguished discoveries and inventions that redefined and significantly transformed the scientific, industrial, engineering, and production world in unparalleled proportions.

One of his landmark works includes coming up with this incredible car model dubbed Tesla model 3, whose features are overwhelming.

Unlike other cars that have a roof that is similar to the rest of the body, Tesla Model 3 Roof Box has a glass roof, which makes it hard to install ordinary luggage and roof racks.

For one year, it hampered the installation of cargo boxes, not to mention preventing this car from carrying anything on the roof, making it one of its disadvantages.

However, that complaint reached the manufacturer, and they developed a roof rack for the Tesla Model 3 car model one year after the car’s production.

This rack enabled the owners to install roof boxes on their cars. With Tesla Model 3 Roof Box, you can carry bicycles and install cargo boxes to have extra space on your car’s roof.

Fortunately, the racks do not risk the glass roof of this car.

Tesla Model 3 Roof Box rack opened spectacular channels for the sale of roof boxes, bicycle roof racks, and skis because all these can be mounted and carried safely and comfortably.

The racks and roof boxes have been bought in large numbers because they can now be installed on this car’s roof.

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Features of Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack

This sleek Tesla Model 3 Roof Box is compatible with the car’s roof, and it merges with it seamlessly.

Moreover, it is also easy to install, not to mention that you can adjust it effortlessly. The rack’s adjustment makes it possible for you to use it to carry whatever you want.

For instance, you can install cargo boxes and bicycles because the racks integrate T slots on its Aluminium crossbars.

Categorically, this Tesla Model 3 Roof Box was designed to ensure that the aerodynamics, interior noise, and car’s range are kept intact.

It does not negatively affect or compromise them in any way. Moreover, it is also universal in that it fits all Tesla Model 3 cars.

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Therefore, apart from the two applications, as mentioned earlier, you can also use the roof in any other way without fear.

Installation of the Roof Box

Installation of this Tesla Model 3 Roof Box is not a big deal because the manufacturer had in mind all the fine details when coming up with this rack.

First of all, you have to read and painstakingly study the labels of all the parts.

After that, you should find the arrows which the manufacturer has strategically drawn on the car’s roof near the joints.

However, if they are not transparent or visible, shine a light at an angle, and you will be able to see them.

Secondly, install the abrasive pads and clips that accompany the roof rack.

Thirdly, continue installing the side pads and ensure that they are correctly facing up and installed on the right spots.

Fourthly, remove the covers of the crossbar being instructed by the manufacturer’s guide.

Fifthly, tighten the nut to 8 centimeters to avoid over-tightening, which would cause the roof to crack.

Finally, install the Tesla Model 3 Roof Box.

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What Else Do You Need to Know About Tesla Model 3?

The car’s manufacturer has installed an integrated locking system on this rack, which secures all the towers that you would install on the roof.

Moreover, it has a load capacity of a whopping 150 lbs. When installing the roof box or anything else, you must install it with the pointed end facing forward.

The manufacturer recommends this style of installation because it facilitates a lot in the car’s movement and performance.

For instance, it significantly reduces the turbulence, noise generation, and aerodynamic performance of the car when you are driving.

However, some drivers disagree with the manufacturer, and they prefer installing it with the larger side facing forward.

They claim that it improves the car’s performance, but that is a bit contentious because aerodynamics can argue with it.

Tesla Model 3 Cargo Box Buyer’s Guide

These are the factors that you need to consider when buying a roof box for your Tesla Model 3 Roof Box.

When the manufacturer made a roof rack for this car, it greatly simplified things because you can install any roof box that you want as long as it is compatible with the roof racks.

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However, you should not carry a heavier weight than what the glass roof can withstand. The following are the features that you should look for in cargo box before you buy it:-

Material – There are many kinds, models, and brands of Tesla Model 3 Roof Box that you will find on the market.

The best cargo box is made of ABS, PC, or HPDE plastic because this material is of indisputably high quality.

You will have a lot to smile about and nothing to regret if the cargo box you have bought is made of any of the plastics mentioned above.

Material matters a lot because it is directly proportional to durability and performance.

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The Tesla Model 3 Roof Box remains exposed to all factors that predispose it to wear and tear.

For instance, wind pressure, shock, storm, sun, being pressed by the luggage, etc. Therefore, if it is made of low-quality material, it will weaken, break, and wear out soon.

Ensure that you buy a box that is made of the mentioned material.

Aerodynamic Design – Buy a cargo box that has an aerodynamic design that is scientifically proved.

All objects that move in the air must integrate this design to easily move, minimize wind friction, overcome the wind pressure, and maneuver the resistance.

When the cargo box is mounted on the roof of Tesla Model 3, its trajectory will be in the air.

Thus, it should be streamlined to facilitate movement without resistance and without the wind forcing the box to open.

To top it all, this kind of Tesla Model 3 Roof Box does not make noise when driving because it cuts its way through the air. You should choose an aerodynamic cargo box.

Installation – The Tesla Model 3 Roof Box installation should be easy and so effortless.

You should be able to lift and mount it on the car’s roof very easily, not to mention installing it within minutes.

A good one does not require assembling or any installation tools. It is just a quick fix thing, and you get going.

Furthermore, some boxes integrate PowerClick System that enables you to install the cargo box on the roof rack, and the system confirms that you have correctly and firmly fixed it rightly.

Right boxes have installation U-bolts, knobs, and installation hardware that do not require any tools.

All you have to do is fix the box in the right place, tie the knobs and other hardware, and you will be good to go.

When you install the box correctly, the PowerClick System clicks, and you will know that the box is in the right position and correctly installed.

That enables you to drive confidently, knowing that you cannot lose anything.

Removal – Likewise to installation, removal should also be done efficiently.

Go for a Tesla Model 3 Roof Box that integrates a Quick Release System to be quick and easy for you to uninstall it from your car’s roof.

You should not use any tools or skills to do it. Instead, it ought to be a simple thing that can be done within a short time and also done effortlessly.

Locking System – The box requires a firm and guaranteed secure installation.

When you install it on the roof rack, you should be sure that the roof box will not detach and fall off.

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It should not even loosen how you installed it, but it should retain a tight grip on the roof’s bars.

With such a firm and sure installation, chances of occurrence of an accident are minimal.

The cargo box will not disengage and fall from the roof rack. Some of the systems that use technology to secure your cargo box include SecureLock and SlideLock System.

Furthermore, the Tesla Model 3 Roof Box also has to be firmly shut: both the box and the lid should merge with a tenacious grip.

This closing intercourse is also facilitated by the locking system to ensure that the lid remains tightly in position.

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With this, your cargo box cannot open on its own and cause you to lose your baggage, and it cannot detach from the roof and fall off.

Locks – Apart from having a secure locking technology that prevents the cargo box from opening, the cargo box should also have locks that you open and close with keys.

The locks depend on the design of the box. However, some have two locks, and the best ones are the SKS locks that come together with their keys.

Although the Tesla Model 3 Roof Box is secured using technology, it should be backed up by locks.

Thickness – The cargo box should be a heavy-duty one. This proves to you that it is durable, safe, and secure, and not prone to breakages.

However, if you buy a cargo box with thin walls, it can easily break or crack. Therefore, its service life is short, and it can easily make you incur losses.

However, if it is a heavy-duty one, you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Durability – The cargo box should be durable, and its quality determines this. Furthermore, the higher the quality of the box reflects its service life.

Therefore, you should buy a high-quality box because it withstands all the destructive forces that it is predisposed to.

Moreover, such a product has value for your money because it does not wear out anytime soon.

Hence it won’t force you to buy another one. As long as you buy a higher quality cargo box, you will not encounter any other hiccups.

Load Capacity – The amount of cargo that you can comfortably carry in your box is paramount.

To have the freedom of comfortably carrying a large number of goods, you should go for a cargo box that has a high load capacity.

However, you should ensure that that weight does not exceed the one that the Tesla Model 3 glass roof can withstand.

It is wise to go for a box within the weight that the car’s roof can hold comfortably without risking its safety.

If that weight is exceeded, the glass roof will break and cause you to incur huge losses of replacement.

Reliability – The cargo box should be reliable in that you should install and uninstall it easily and at any time.

Secondly, you should open and close it down easily and at any time without encountering any hiccups.

There should be no difficulties whatsoever when you want to do anything with or in the box.

That is what reliability is all about: smoothness, ease, and convenience.

Compatibility – Ensure that the cargo box is compatible with the Tesla Model 3 roof rack, even though the roof rack that the manufacturer designed for this car is compatible with almost all roof boxes.

This is a very important point to consider because if you buy a cargo box that cannot fit this car, you have to return it to the manufacturer and have it changed for you.

All-Weather – The cargo box should be an all-weather product resistant to all factors that bring about wear and tear.

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It should withstand the heat of the sun, dust, snow, rain, storm, shock, and mechanical pressure like being hit.

With these qualities, you will be sure that your cargo box is reliable. Your baggage remains clean, and the cargo box is not affected by the weather.

Warranty – This is one of the defining trademarks of every quality product.

Whenever you see a product having a warranty, you cannot doubt its quality because you know that if any unfortunate thing happens, the damage is repaired or the entire cargo box replaced by the manufacturer for free.

Check whether the box has a warranty, and also confirm the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Accessibility – Cargo boxes have one-sided, dual-sided, or rear access. The dual-sided one is the best because you can put or remove your luggage from any side.

If it is large and heavy, another person can be helped because they will hold it from the other side. It is also quite convenient because there is not an access limit.

Ultra-Violet Radiation Resistance – This refers to the resistance of the sun’s heat and radiation by the cargo box.

The radiation is destructive because it weakens the material that the cargo box is made of with time.

Eventually, you will realize that the cargo box has weakened when it starts cracking and wearing out, hence destroyed.

However, when it is resistant, it remains intact and in good condition for long: it will be durable and have a long service life.

Some of these boxes are glossy, which prevents them from absorbing the heat to prevent them from getting destroyed.

Shipping – Some boxes have restrictions: they cannot be shipped to some countries. Wherefore before procuring one for your Tesla Model 3 Roof Box, ensure that it can be shipped to your country of residence to avoid running at a loss.

Price – Price is equally important to consider because you may choose a cargo box that you cannot afford.

To avoid such embarrassment, ensure that it is within what you can afford. Some are very expensive, and they go for over $1000 while others are as low as 200 dollars.

If all the other features, qualities, specs, tastes, and preferences are okay for you, check the price.

Versatility – A reliable cargo box should not have any carrying limits.

Regardless of whatever you want to carry, it should be comfortably accommodated in the cargo box.

This gives you the freedom to transport whatever you want. It could be sports gear, weapons, baggage, fishing tools and equipment, and many more.

This is an aspect of reliability: knowing that anything and everything can be carried in the box.

Security and Safety – The paramount thing that makes everyone want to buy a cargo box is not only because of extra parking space but also because of the safety and security of their baggage.

The box should not have any weakness or looseness when securing what you have put in it.

It should integrate all security features like locks, keys, pushbuttons, and a locking system, which guarantees that nothing can be lost from the box.

A thief or any unauthorized person cannot come and access your box without your permission.

Furthermore, this involves how the lid gets attached to the remaining part of the box and gets a firm grip on each other.

With such intercourse, not only does the box remain shut, but water and dust can also not find their way in.

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However, this also depends on the design of the box.

LED Lighting – This feature facilitates nighttime access to the cargo box. With it, you do not need an external source of light like a lamp or a torch.

When you open the box, the light automatically switches on to illuminate the cargo box for you to see.

It is convenient for you to load or unload whatever you want from the box at night or in a dark or poorly lit place.

You should go for a box that has this feature.

Centralized Locking System – The best cargo boxes are ones that do not have exposed hinges.

Instead, they should be centrally located for safety, not to mention that they also make it possible to access the cargo box from both sides.

What happens is that the lid lifts and gets suspended by support bars. Consequently, the box is left wide open for access without any problems or limits.

Tested and Proved – Having the necessary information about the box that you are buying is crucial.

The best Tesla Model 3 Roof Box are tested and proved to have met all the necessary quality tests and have all the requirements.

To clear all doubts, check whether the box is tested and proved because they are indicated.

Though they have a warranty and you can return them to the manufacturer, it is better to have the right box right from the word go.

Car Model and Size – Before buying a Tesla Model 3 Roof Box, check whether it can fit the Tesla Model 3 roof racks.

You may buy and then get disappointed to realize that the cargo box and the roof rack are not compatible.

That will require you to return it to the manufacturer and have it exchanged.

To avoid such setbacks, ensure that you have checked for compatibility right from the word go.

Moreover, also check whether the box exceeds the weight limit that Tesla Model 3’s roof can withstand.

If it is more than that, do not buy that box because it will cause damage, hence losses.

You may forget about the weight limit and load the box with heavier luggage whose weight shall break the roof.

Noise – Ensure that the box integrates an aerodynamic design because it does not disturb or make unnecessary noise.

Poorly designed cargo boxes can disturb you a lot because of their features and design.

They resist the wind and affect the movement of the car.

Consequently, they make noise, which disturbs the occupants of the vehicle and everyone else who is near where the car passes.

Cargo Box’s Purpose – It is equally important to consider the purpose of buying the cargo box.

What do you want to carry in the box? If it is for skis, snowboards, weapons, fishing paraphernalia, etc. You will be able to choose accordingly.


These are some of the factors that you should consider to ensure that you can choose the cargo box of your choice for your Tesla Model 3 correctly.

When you countercheck and find out that everything in your preferred box fits your car, you can confidently buy it without a second thought.

Tesla Model 3 is a stylish car that is among the many fascinating works of Nicola Tesla.

Fortunately, its roof rack is compatible with most cargo boxes as long as they do not breach the weight limit of its glass roof.

Besides cargo boxes, you can also install bicycle racks and comfortably carry your bicycle on the roof of your car.






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