Top 30 Software Affiliate Programs to Drive Up Your Earnings

software affiliate programs

Top 30 Software Affiliate Programs to Drive Up Your Earnings

Software Affiliate programs offer tracking, giving reports on commissions (sales and clicks).

They also enhance the progress of affiliate’s referral programs; they track activities of new affiliates as well as pays affiliates commissions.

Below is a list of Top 30 Best Software Affiliate Programs you can Sign-up to.


Wrike software affiliate programs is a global program used by high-performing groups to manage work as well as collaborate with other businesses.

This platform simplifies, enhances transparency, and creates efficiency of daily activities for over 2000 firms and businesses.

This program is used in over 120 nations and they have ensured the effectiveness of communication by translating their program into about ten different languages.

Wrike software offers its affiliates a commission rate ranging from 100 dollars to 200dollars per each sales made.

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery software is a premier IT (information technology) platform that has a digitalized data recovery concept with creative, more straightforward software and services.

The platform assists individuals by retrieving the lost data from catastrophic situations .

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The main aim of this software affiliate program is to increase the possibilities of recovering data successfully, giving their clients a 100% satisfaction.

To achieve their goal, they deliver high-quality products, services as well as solutions to help their customers recover their data.

This software affiliate programs offers affiliate marketers a commission of up to 239 dollars on each sale made.


Spotmau software affiliate program offers products for software utilities that help affiliate marketers to configure, repair, and optimize their systems.

The products they provide are affordable and of high quality, thus being advantageous to all computer users, including companies, individuals, among others.

Spotmau offers its affiliate marketers a commission of 30% of each sale made on the first tier, while for the second tier, a commission of 5% is earned.


Bill4Time software affiliate programs provides its users with advanced, more straightforward ways to have access to their track time and their account.

You can access your account by; get online with either your smartphone or computer widget. Then enter and do a time record, and fortunately, it will be organized and ready to use on the invoice.

However, this strong platform provides tracking, accounting as well as sales analysis solutions to its target customers such as assistant litigation officers, accountants, consultants, bloggers, and organizations, among others.

This platform offers affiliates a three-year recurring commission of 40% of the month’s subscription fee.


NetSuite software is the premier solution provider of cloud-based business management programs.

This platform has an entirely integrated system (covering finance, eCommerce, CRM, and among others) that enables firms to manage essential processes of various businesses.

The NetSuite provides mainly industry solutions for expert services, manufacturing, software, and eCommerce as well as product distribution.

NetSuite is globally used by over 15, 000 companies (both medium and big) as well as high-end enterprises to market their business at affordable costs and efficient on-premise systems that are more effective.

Businesses have had a successful breakthrough by using this platform to streamline procedures, automate actions, and access instant business data anytime and anyplace.

Moreover, NetSuite provides solutions to international, multi-company organizations in subsidiary management in an advanced way than multi-currency support and multinational robust.

NetSuite affiliate program offers affiliates a commission of 10% of the license price of their 1st year.

This platform’s license costs from around 999 dollars to 2, 499 dollars paid every month, and additional payments of 79 dollars to 99 dollars per user.


Autodesk is the premier software provider of 3D design, engineering, as well as entertainment program worldwide.

This platform provides software for manufactures. This includes manufacturers of powerful cars, skyscraper towers, smartphones, and 3D effect films.

This software offers affiliate marketers a commission rate of 9% on every sale.

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Veeqo software affiliate programs provides internet orders, shipments as well as inventories for retailers. However, this platform is like a stop mall that manages the retail marketing office.

Veeqo provides its affiliates a recurring commission of 20% per every sale, and orders value is approximately 100 dollars to 500 dollars monthly.

In addition, they also offer super affiliates a recurring commission of 5% each month per every sale after they refer a new affiliate.


Macphun software provides solutions to all levels of skilled artists by making high-quality photography tools.  

In five consecutive years, this platform has been named to be among the premier Mac App Store since many people from all over the globe have been using Macphun applications.

The platform has won awards being the best Editors’ Choice as well as being the Best Apps having millions of users globally.

 Macphun Affiliate Program has features like their average cart worth is 84 dollars; they offer conversion rates up to 10% on landing pages; they provide PPL, CPL, and Revenue shares.

Its affiliate commission ranges from 20% to 50% per each sale made while for free trial, installing a USD 0.35 is paid through pay per lead.


Builderall software affiliate platform is a popular to artistic solutions on their websites as well as products for marketing to their clients.

This platform helps individuals to run their businesses at affordable prices, half of what other affiliate programs would charge through .

The Builderall offers valuable, fully digitalized marketing products such as social Proof, webinars, website Builders, app Builders, and email Automatic-responder, among others.

Their affiliate commission is up to 49.90 dollars and an additional recurring commission.


Backlog software affiliate programs that provides collaborative solutions to developers on tasking, sharing project updates as well as giving requests to other groups.

This affiliate software is used by over 800 thousands of people and thousands of businesses such as TransferWise and SoftBank Robotics.

Moreover, it provides excellent and easy to use features such as version control, wikis, bug, Gantt charts, as well as tracking issues.

They attract users, groups, businesses, and individuals that want development.

This platform offers an affiliate commission of up to 150 dollars per every successful order made.


Commerce or Sovrn offers solutions that enable merchants and publishers to enjoy the advantage of money earning hyperlinks.

This former VigLink scans a variety of websites in search of likely valuable links and optimizes the links to earn money from clicks and webpage views but focusing on commerce content-driven.

Moreover, the Commerce affiliate program uses resources such as video tutorials, troubleshooting tips that help users use to make most applications, so it’s just like a help Centre.

The commerce/Sovrn provides designed and an extensive array that is used explicitly by publishers as well as advertisers.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is a cloud-based program that is accessible across many social media platforms. This software provides solutions on cross-device unparalleled, which make way for pay-for-performance options.

This platform provides different features, including; instant payments monitoring, deep automated links, has widgets that assist affiliates in streamlining one’s procedure, reaches untapped industries as well optimizes the affiliate’s program.

In 2017, they won the Industry Network of the Year during the International Performance Marketing Awards.

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CJ Affiliates offers affordable variable pricing on every sale. In addition, this platform does not display their pricing in public, but you can get details from their vendors.


ClickBank affiliate program is a cloud-based offer solution on a large network of marketing professionals to assist in the expansion of their businesses.

This platform is available for use through desktop and is well optimized on a mobile phone to enable the affiliate to work .

The platform has over 200 million users from all over the world, including; small companies, medium-sized, and large businesses.

They also ensure good users experience through their support team and experts who are always available to give assistance

This affordable software solution provides affiliates a subscription fee of 49.45 dollars, which is just paid once, and it also has a pricing of 2.50 dollars charged as a processing fee for an individuals’ affiliate payments.


ShareASale software is one of the premier solution providers of marketing solutions.

This platform offers digitized technologies such as developing ads and information feed and structuring campaigns.

The ShareASale also provides various affiliate and program diagnostics that assist companies in identifying ways of optimizing their marketing efforts.

The software’s online access pricings start at 500 dollars, and an addition of a minimum deposit of 100 dollars.they also charge a recurring price per every monthly sale.

 Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro software helps in tracking affiliates’ network on online marketing as well as eCommerce websites. The platform has an available feature that allows tracking ;  automation options for campaigns and tools .

The Post Affiliate Pro can integrate with several software that manages content, payment gateway, and APIs as their business develops.

The platform also provides a variety of revenue support, anti-fraud detection, as well as promo products.

This platform offers an affordable price of 97dollars per month. Moreover, they offer free long-term updates and support their customers all year.


Tipalti affiliate program software helps affiliates automate their payments procedure from making tracking of money they owe every customer to paying out the payments.

However, it is designed to automate payments and manage systems. This software has intelligence automating systems that improve onboarding and reduces the probabilities of errors.  

This program has a payment system that is very beneficial for affiliate businesses worldwide as it can manage over a hundred currencies as well as six methods of payments in about 200 countries. 

Moreover, it supports global taxation standards to make compliance efforts easier.

The Tipalti software can also integrate easily with other platforms, including Everflow, cake, Tune, Hitpath as well as LinkTrust to enable the affiliate marketer to get details about their marketing websites.


Everflow software affiliate, hosted by the cloud provides solutions on simple management of affiliates and ad campaigns to help users such as promoters, publishers, ad networks, online marketers, and business, among others.

This tracking platform has great features that allow users to track, automate, analyze, and manage affiliate marketing campaigns from one dashboard giving the affiliates a simple and wonderful experience.

This platform offers affiliates instant analytics that helps them determine how their campaigns are faring.

It also provides marketers with reports that help them to weigh their marketing strategies or even improve them to have successful results in online businesses.

Everflow uses SmartSwitch to automate optimization to enable scaling and speeding.


PayKickstart affiliate program is a solution provider of management of shopping cart that delivers outstanding management tools to affiliates.

This platform gives affiliates a chance to create various commission programs and display content where other affiliate marketers can access.

PayKickstart has a feature that allows tracking of the pending payouts, payments rates as well as gives a fast report of affiliates account.

The program allows affiliates to manage their payments just from their affiliate accounts.

This instant currency exchange program makes transactions in about 32 currencies and supports translations of 12 languages used around the world.

PayKickstart charges a subscription fee of 29 dollars per month.          

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate software is a solution provider to businesses that want to manage their publisher interactions efficiently.

This platform allows people to achieve their marketing strategies by providing affiliate screening and monitoring of performance to ensure that affiliates businesses are progressing well.

Rakuten also allows affiliates to improve campaigns through their advanced tools that help in the protection of the brand and optimizations of the program.

The platform has robust affiliate tools that enable fast and accurate calculation of commissions.

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It also has processing permissions that allow the affiliate to make payments from within the program.

Rakuten can process payments to over 202 nations and 25 currencies, making it a good option for international businesses. 

In recent years, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate provides quote-hosted enterprise pricing plans to its clients, and it offers a free trial when one signs up.      


The tune affiliate program provides affiliate solutions on how to measure, optimize, and analyze their affiliate program.

This cloud-hosted performance affiliate program integrates phone or computer data to help the affiliate seamlessly manage their campaigns on the same platform.

It also detects fraud and tracks links that enable the campaigns to be efficient.

Tune’s system has an instant reporting tool that simplifies the work of affiliates when they want a report with metrics of their marketing.

In addition, it has API functions that are limited and provides customized pricing to businesses.

Tune platform supports millions of users, a hundred offers, as well as three hundred thousand gross of click monthly.

The pricing of this software start from 279 dollars per month.


ClickBank is an online retailer that provides solutions to all sizes of business. This platform is very popular, with over 200 million users around the globe, helping them expand their access to a huge network of professional digital marketing.

This cloud-based platform is mobile optimized to allow users to make progress in their businesses with the help of their support team and expertise who are always available in case affiliates want consultations or other services.

ClickBank is one of the most affordable affiliate platforms that provide pricing of 49.45dollars, which is paid once you activate the account. In addition, they also charge a processing fee for affiliate payments of 2.50 dollars.


Voluum is a tracking affiliate program software that provides solutions on easy analyzing, advertising as well as optimizing of affiliate marketing.

This platform enables users to purchase various types of media, effectively make analytics on investments, change marketing strategies when there is need, as well as get quality buying trend insights in the same program.

The software has authentic and encrypted formulas that maintain affiliates’ confidential data safe from being altered.

Voluum has pricing that starts from 69 dollars when paid monthly and for affiliates that pay per year- 49 dollars. 


Affise affiliate program software provides services to online marketers and advertisers who want to start independent networks.

This traffic tracking software has tools that can help in detecting fraud, intelligent targeting, optimizing conversion rates, as well as AL smart links that optimize affiliate programs.

  This platform can be accessed through Windows and Mac. Moreover, it helps affiliates manage tabs via its dashboards and its analytic tools.

Affise also has an API that allows it to support many other social media platforms such as Facebook.

 This software can allow thousands of conversions and a million impressions. It has low pricings as affiliates pay a subscription of 299 dollars per month.


FlexOffers denoting affiliate program was founded to unite publishers and advertisers .

This platform has an interface with several functionalities, including; delivering data, processing payments, and combining marketing, enabling companies to grow profitable relations with affiliates and increase conversions.

This platform also has digitized tools that allow tracking metrics, managing sales or referrals, business data management, and one can monitor compliance’s to run affiliate programs thoroughly without irritating inconveniences.

The FlexOffers pricing is 500 dollars, which is paid once and an additional escrow deposit of 100 dollars. After joining the platform, you are allowed to have access to all the affiliate networks as well as the management program.

Referral Candy

ReferralCandy affiliate program was founded as a referral program management. This platform concerns sharing information as affiliate rewards their customers for creating awareness to their friends about your products and services. 

However, this platform allows marketers to offer incentives for sales in the form of a store, cash, discounts, and promotional products. This eCommerce plugin also has analytic tools and integrated single clicks.

ReferralCandy has pricing on subscription as low as 49 dollars per month.


AvantLink software offers solutions to affiliate marketers by offering transparency, reporting, better data, as well as support to make creative tools to improve their businesses.

This platform allows users to access reports, create ad campaigns, analyze payments as well as create track links in the same platform.


Freedom is one of the premier multi-level programs that allow companies to run affiliate commissions, recover campaign reports, and marketing procedure automation.

Freedom, ByDesign Technologies program has portals that make workload running for marketers easy.  It also has API functions that simplify scaling and configuring.


PeerFly software is a popular software affiliate platform that provides services to the online marketer as well as advertisers to multiply business sales and increase affiliates’ earnings.

This platform has a very rare pricing system; they pay their experts when only a transaction (sales, lead) occurs. However, this platform has received several service awards in different events.

They have more than 8 million successful sales and leads with about 170 countries using it.


Admitad software affiliate program is a mobile-ready CPA that provides services to advertisers and publishers globally.

This software helps users to run website traffic, monitor client relationships, and put tabs on the development of their publishers through UI and advanced tools.

Admitad affiliates can use codes to secure referral links. In addition, Admitad has anti-fraud services, cookie checkers, as well as broken link checkers that make your platforms to be efficient.

This program does not offer its pricing plan publicly.


Tracker affiliate marketing software offers services to all sizes of businesses. This platform provides a powerful infrastructure and features that cover a large scope that can strengthen all affiliate programs.

Tracker offers digitalized capable reporting that enables you to look at your campaigns instantly. This platform also helps in managing networks and enables one to monitor the performance of your customers.

It has excellent features that detect fraud, recover data, as well as SmartLinking that assists in optimizing campaigns.

Tracker’s pricing: 299dollars every month is paid for Pro plans, and there is an extra $0.018conversion  

In conclusion, software affiliate programs vary from one to the other. Thus, as a marketer, you need to take your time when choosing a platform to work with.

With all the above different software brands, you can pick a program that matches your business to help it grow.


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