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Top 30 CyberSecurity Affiliate Programs 2020

In today’s world, a cyber security affiliate programs are one of the biggest markets that has grown to an estimated worth to over $170 ‘US Dollars’ as per the year 2020.

With the advancing technology, there is a need to provide measures to protect people from illegal and other criminal activities online.

The following are some of the cybersecurity affiliate programs:

BrickHouse Security

BrickHouse Security is an outstanding solution and consulting service provider of security and surveillance to customers from all over the globe.

They provide their products to local and national government agencies such as NYPD , FBI and to over 35,000 small businesses globally.

An affiliate can earn by referring individuals from their weblogs to purchase the software’s and other products online.

For every referral one is offered a $45 commission. The affiliate’s payout commission rate provided is 4%

CyberSecurity Affiliate Programs

They also receive orders and make shipments to their customers from which an affiliate make good money through their website by purchasing their platform’s products such as hidden cameras and spy gears.

The affiliates are provided buttons, banners, pictures, and text links as well as search boxes for their websites.


Avantage offers a commission of 75% to its affiliates.

Avantage supplies electronic software systems. They have an advanced version, the Avantage Affiliate board v4.0 that has developed business communication between them and their affiliates.

It provides solution to online commerce, billing of subscription, and software global payments, SaaS as well as Company’s online Services.

This platform is backed up by Cloud program and modern commerce services.

The affiliate board supervises their client’s affiliate system publishers within their network to choose the leading right partners and create opportunities for revenue.

They plan commission to their affiliates based on revenues share and pay them after they renew their subscription.

The Avantage cybersecurity affiliate programs provides various facilitate managed affiliate services by professionally securing one’s program operation, including programs arrangement and clients success to support, revenue and develop the strategy.

Updated detailed reports provide offer all indicators needed to overlook your program’s health. The normal reports show one’s exposure, money to conversion and refunds.

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An affiliate can make custom reports and send them to his/her email for the last oversight. Moreover, one can also email their partners the software directly.

In the program, there are chances to get half in promo campaigns that are led by Avantage.


Heimdahl is one of the rapidly developing companies in cybersecurity programs. It is mainly based on user knowledge through the platform’s website: free topics and various resources.

In 2016, this firm won the leading academic Security website award.

This company was developed by the best hackers in the world including; winners and amp as well as Defcon CTF several time finalists.

You can easily be Heimdal affiliate by signing up through ShareASale.

When approved, you can now start to use their banners and links from your account that will help you incorporate on your blog.

A new affiliate may be offered Associate in a nursing email that provides all ways you want to get started with.

When your customer buys their products through your affiliate links at 180 days interval, Heimdahl offers you a commission of the purchasing price.

That is a payout of 75% over the 60 days from when you signed up for each sale as well as a 50% bonus commissions. The payments are made via your ShareASale.

Heimdahl require you to;

  1.  Own a domain
  2. Create the content on your blog that is related to web security or computers.
  3. Ensure that your log is free from spam and malware

Besides, Heimdahl offers; long-term discounts and promotions, commissions via ShareASale account every month.

 Free professional Heimdahl license as well as gives a 24/7 response from Heimdahl in-house affiliate program manager.


The Trend micro platform is one of the leading IT Security affiliate programs in the world.

The platform provides solutions based on information security/digital threats of their customers and companies such as the World Health Organization.

The security expertise is actually top in the market in cloud security (ends new threats quickly), the security of server as well as security of confidential information owned by small companies.

However, the firm ensure that the security of the digital data centre, device users and networks from cyber attacks

Advantages of using Trend micro software:

  1. An affiliate is offered commissions on referrals made to
  2. Banners provide antivirus software package at high discounts
  3. TrendMicro protects software package for additional sold Macintosh devices
  4. The platform provides partners-sales
  5. They make offers that allow small business to grow
  6. Protects the readers’ system from being attacked by malware.

The TrendMicro offers its affiliates a commission of up to 20% commission per every referral made and its Cookie has a life duration of 45 days.

This software provides the best anti-virus, security for Internet content, and management software for outbreaks as well as perfect tools used for product promotions.

Perimeter 81 Affiliate Program

Perimeter81 Affiliate Program is a VPN and Zero Trust Network business that deals with Cyber Security.

This software provides a simpler secure network, cloud as well as software access for digital and shared office work.

This software is one of the first cybersecurity problem solvers offering automatic internet in-house deployment.

These cybersecurity affiliate programs puts up instructions on device basis, details and area, to ensure that access is only granted to authorized Persons.

Perimeter 81 provides services to various small and big companies, including technology and SaaS, financial institutions as well as non-governmental and governmental Organizations.

This platform offers the best payout rates to affiliates of Perimeter 81. An affiliate earns an estimated range of $400 – $1000 CPA per every sale made.

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Besides, the commission payment is done every 5th day of the month after the month which the sales were made.

 They provide Cookie in their affiliate’s browser that helps in tracking, which has a life duration of 45 days.

An approved customer is allowed to use their tools (landing pages and banners) from their affiliate account. These tools implement on any online platform to attract clients.

This affiliate program offers high Commissions; their products are highly demanded due to the quality, they add new marketing products every week and pay affiliates on time

Astra Web Security

Astra Web Security affiliate program offers all-round security solutions such as Web Application Firewall, OneClick Malware scanner, Penancing and Audit Security.

This platform is popular with its quality services as it provides customers such as Gillette, African Union, Ford, Carrier and Oman Airways, among other big companies.

Astra offers a recurring commission of 25% as long as you are their client and also a 5% discount is offered to the referred customers on sales that are paid through PayPal.

They provide a Cookie life of 60 days

Affiliates are given Readymade Astra banners, brand names, and sales reviews and video that helps them attract customers. They also have a dashboard that makes tracking easy and reporting of cyber threats.


Panda Affiliate program is the premier Antivirus provider with over 30 million users protected. The platform is known to have over 25-year experience in the cybersecurity sector.

You can join Panda by signing up at Commission Junction then register to the Panda Security program. Immediately you will get a welcome text, and then you can access Panda links and products.

The Panda software provides a commission of $500 per every sale


IT Governance sells (manuals and books) and offer high value coaching to the public and business sector worldwide.

These products and services entail cybersecurity, GDPR, ISO 27001, IT GRC as well as business development.

They offer a 100% commission on sales made . If an affiliate’s customer buys products of over $200, he/she will earn above $20 on each order made.

Moreover, they assure affiliates of availability of products at all times, most of which don’t need shipping because they can be easily installed instantly.

ESET Affiliate Program

 ESET Affiliate Program can be reached by the use of Commission Junction, an online advertising and net promoting company with expertise on affiliate and media services.

This platform offers high payouts that enable affiliates to pocket some good amount of cash.

A member of Nursing mission (in-house program manage) is approved and sent an email giving instructions on how to make money through affiliate links. The platform offers an affiliate a commission of $200 of sales made and

ESET offers a conversion window for life, promotions, vacation discount and Cookie life of 45 days


Avast is a popular cybersecurity program, with over 100 million users from all over the globe. With over 28 years of expertise, Avast Security offers solutions on security to both the public and businesses.

Features of Avast include:

They protect over 400 million people globally.

About 186 nations use this program

The software supports 43 languages.

In a month, they can block up to 174 million threats.

An affiliate of Avast can use Avast links and banners which can be implemented on his/her website or other platforms like email. They are also provided promotions, newsletters on their websites, campaigns as well as commissions.

CyberSecurity Affiliate Programs

An affiliate is offered a commission of 25% per referral, and the payout is received after 90 days.


SpiderVPN is a VPN hosting company situated in the United Kingdom which offers security solutions to over17 nations worldwide.

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This is the 1st platform to provide a hardware router with the leading plans in offering security to customers.

SpiderVPN offers its affiliate commission of 20% for pro & classic plans while for their services only plans they give a commission of 30%. Moreover, they also provide a 10% and 15% commission for the 2nd tier or extra respectively.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The VPN enables one to use online services without third parties intruding/interfering with your traffic.

The platform also improves its customers browsing experience by redirecting one connection via encrypted, safe tunnels. This cybersecurity affiliate programs is one of the best security solution providers in the industry.

It offers its affiliates a high commission of up to 200%

Privatoria Secure VPN is an internet service that provides web surfing protection as well as web traffic encryption. This platform offers large profits and high commissions.

This free program offers its cybersecurity affiliate programs a commission of 40% for every successful sale made and a full payout on every renewal.

DMCA Sender (Anti-piracy solution for software & apps developers )

DMCA Sender is an internet tool that offers protection of author’s software as well as applications from illegal sharing.

This platform has a variety of Features including; it identifies illegal shared links to ones purchased product, it deletes shared links from Google Automatic search for unauthorized download, in a single click URLs shows illegal links.

Jetico Affiliate

Jetico offers data protection through two software:

  1. Best Crypt – encrypts the data you need
  2. BCWipe – removes the data you no longer need

One becomes a Jetico affiliate by signing up to the program via their tracking platform. This platform offers up to 20% payout commission per every successful sale made.

Jetico’s products are authorized by the government. They are also used by ten military agencies in the United States, national laboratories, public, as well as a small business from all over the globe.


NoMoreCaptchas program is one of the cybersecurity firms playing its part in stopping bots from registering and illegally logging into websites, giving spam comments on blogs and sites and send spam message email via contact. 

However, NoMoreCaptchas is a premier plugin which stops bots in the contact form. There are seven plugins, namely WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, .Net, ASP, PHP, as well as JSP.

This platform offers its affiliates a commission of 50% for each successful referral.

Encrypt and License your PHP script

PHPLicengine is a PHP license script, PHP manager, control PHP, license PHP. It encrypts PHP (full system) used by PHP developers to license their programs and manages their internet sales, licensing, customer management and making report analysis.

This affiliate program provides a lifetime commission of 20% on 1st tier and a 10% payout on 2nd tier per every referral made. The affiliates are paid commissions above $100.

mSpy Affiliate Program

mSpy cybersecurity affiliate programs is a popular platform that monitors mobile/computers applications. They provide high commissions to their Affiliates.

They offer the commission’s rate ranging from 50 to 70% per mSpy license sales made via affiliate id.

  1. Their average sale is $95.5
  2.  They offer a Cookie life of 120 days;
  3. They offer over 200 promo tools;
  4. Real-time statistics
  5. They do payments every week and offer 24/7 support.
  6. Protect Yourself Safely
  7. They provide a payout of 10% (LLC)

Lost Wallet

The Lost Wallet Service is a yearly subscription that provide user’s safe way to keep their wallet’s content and give those Resolution Experts that fastens recovery and re-reinstatement of their cards and personal identification documents.

Being an in-house offer, they can accommodate several requests of their clients for special linking and innovations.

 Lost Wallet provides a commission of $10 on a successful credit card transaction for a yearly subscription.

Unique aggression prevention device

This program offers its promoters a recurring commission of 25% per every referral made and also they offer bonuses according to the volume as well as promo items.

The platforms can be joined by easily placing their links on your website from there you can make money.

FightBack247 (Stun Gun Taser Affiliate Distributor)

FightBack247 reseller software is popular provides several tracking methods and offers affiliates products to their sites for reselling.

The platform allows its customers to place their link on their sites for free for them to begin making sales.

The Stun Gun Taser offer a commission of 20% per every order made and also gives a bonus of 10% commission for any 2nd tier. Their Cookie life has a duration of 3 good years.

Buy Pepper Spray

BPS-Safety offers products such as pepper spray, Tasers, Sabre Red products, cheap stun guns, home protection, self-defence and Mace products, among other security solutions.

The Buy Pepper Spray offers their affiliate a 15% commission per every sale made, and they also pay you 10% payout on any extra tier. They pay their promoters every month without considering minimum balances in the account.


StealthCamZone software provides products on surveillance as well as security. They also track customers by their first and last Name, Cookie, location (IP Address) and the last five digits of his/her credit card for three years.

The software provides a commission rate of 15% per every referral that you have made and also for each 2nd tier one is paid a bonus commission of 10% Affiliate Program

This software provides web live video surveillance service. They offer their clients an opportunity to experience affordable video surveillance services at their homes and companies where one can monitor their property, children remotely.

HomeMonEasy offers a commission of 30% per successful sale in which an affiliate mostly earns over $100 on each sale.

They also provide Cookie with a life duration of 90 days and sell packages for service membership cheaply which you can sell later at a profit.

VPN4ALL Affiliate Program

 VPN4ALL software is a VPN customer that uses safe server locations to encrypt all its affiliates data and communication done online over the internet.

It also hides one’s visibility from the global IP address to protect their customers from online stalkers.

VPN4ALL Affiliate Program provides a recurring payout commission rate of 25% on easy referrals starting at $5.95. The platform also:

 Gives their affiliate a $9.95 bonus once they sign up.

            Payments are received through Bank-wire and Alert-Pay.

They offer higher Commission to affiliates with many referrals

They give their customers a chance to have custom promotions on discount.

PC Tattletale Parental Control Software

PC Tattletale Parental Control is an online monitoring cybersecurity affiliate programs that offers services to parents or guardians.

This program enables parents to monitor their children online from anywhere and at any time to prevent them from engaging in bad behavior when using the internet.

This cybersecurity affiliate programs offers a commission of 50% per successful referral, which is about $24.98 per orders. The users also get to enjoy the use of promo tools.

Data Rescue PC3-ProSoft Engineering Inc

This company is situated in California (Northern). ProSoft platform majors on software for recovering software, managing and offering security to their customer’s data.

 A ProSoft Engineering affiliate is paid the least payout commission at 20% per every referral they make while for every recovery of Windows and product line backup they are offered a payout of 40%.

The one who makes the biggest referrals are given bonuses.

 This platform provides promos, internet data, as well as code discounts all over the globe.

Moreover, if you want to purchase their products, it is easy since you can download their software using smartphones/computer without shipments.   


The imView program offers a high commission rate of 32% annually as well as a payout of $12.00 per monthly. It also provides Cookie with a life duration of 45 days.

This software is mostly used by parents/guardian as it gives them a chance to see if their children are maintaining disciple by not engaging in bad behavior when online.


The Clickbank software offers a variety of products as well as protects many industries (health to digital services).

An affiliate is offering a high commission rate that ranges between 50% to 75%

WP Engine

WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting to over 50,000 customers worldwide, a program led by ShareASale network.

CyberSecurity Affiliate Programs

The platform provides huge commissions of 200 dollars per referral or 100% of the first customer’s sales and also offers a bonus of $50 per sale.

In conclusion, all these cybersecurity affiliate programs ensure the safety of intellectual property and confidential information of their users (individuals and companies) from cyber offenders.

The platforms are new security problem solvers to the modern technology that is rapidly developing.


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