Top 30 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

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Below is a list of top 30 Best web Hosting Affiliate Programs and their reviews

Bluehost Affiliates

Bluehost is a super popular with bloggers as well as one of the Best web Hosting Affiliate Programs. Intelligent affiliate business people make good money in their commissions monthly through Bluehost.

This program pays 65 dollar commission per every signup that one refers successfully. An individual receives an affiliate commission after a period of 45 days from the end month in which the sales are recorded.

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For instance, if you make a successful order in May you will get paid from July 16th – July 30th

  • Bluehost affiliate program has no limits to earning however the more sales you make the more your commissions become. 
  •  Bluehost gives the users instant signup to their account and there are no payments made to join.
  • The program has advanced technology that tracks all commissions thus one gets paid for every successful order.

HostGator Affiliate Program

You will find that HostGator has similar features and pricing with Bluehost. Notably, they are owned by the same company known as the Endurance International Group (EIG).  

However, HostGator is also used by millions of individuals globally and it is easy to make sales on their hosting plans to your new customers.

HostGator provides Best web Hosting Affiliate Programs high commissions based on the number of referrals. For example, if you refer 1 to 5 referrals you earn $50 for each sign up while for 21 and above referrals you pocket up to $125 for per every successful sale.

HostGator’s commissions are verified at the end of 2 months from which the order was recorded.

An individual receives the payment on the first week after the two months only if you have a minimum balance of $100.

Moreover, this program sends you commissions monthly through PayPal for every successful order you have made. The monthly payments encourage more individuals to start promoting their software.

HostGator does not limit people on how much to earn since you will receive for each sale you make.

WPX Hosting Affiliate

WPX program is one of the highly managed software. The WPX provides the best hosting features as well as high rates of commissions to all its customers.

The payout commission rates of WPX affiliates program are satisfying for 1 – 25 referrals you earn $70 commission for each referral, 25 – 100 referrals you receive $85 per referral while for 100 and above referral one pockets $ 100 per successful sales.

One gets a commission 35 days after the sales have been recorded while the minimum balance is $ 70. However, WPX is a game-changer.

WPX hosting gives direct Skype access to WPX affiliate managers every day excluding weekends. Another added benefits is that this program provides audience for your website by installing WordPress installed on the site for free after one signs up for the software (WPX)

SiteGround Affiliate Program

In 2004, SiteGround was founded, and it has managed to host over 1 million domains and provide the Best web Hosting Affiliate Programs plans to its customers all around the globe. SiteGround is among the best paying and has great hosting affiliate program options to its customers (bloggers, marketers).

SiteGround affiliates are offered commission payouts depending on the sales made. For example, if you make 1-5 sales each month, you’ll get $50 per order; for 6-10 referrals you will earn $75 per purchase while for 11-20 referrals you get $100 per successful sales. Moreover if you make above 21 referrals you are paid $125 per every purchase.

SiteGround is outstanding in that you don’t need to have minimum sales so that you can earn your Best web Hosting Affiliate Programs affiliate commission meaning that you get a commission with any number of referral. One receives a sales commission just after 30 days.

iPage Affiliate

iPage was launched in 1998 under the leadership of EIG group. It provides one of the best commission payouts to all its affiliate customers; every shared and VPS hosting accounts receive a $105 commission, WordPress hosting gets a $120 commission, while Dedicated accounts are paid a $150 commission per sale.

The commission is received in about 15 – 30 days after the end of month through either check, PayPal or by credit to your iPage hosting plan.

Just Host Affiliate

Just Host provides the Best web Hosting Affiliate Programs choice to WordPress users. They also offer excellent features such as domains for free, cPanel that is easy to use, unlimited sites to host among others.

Just Host offers a payout commission of $65 for every successful sales. The commission is determined in about 45 days after the end of the month after the order is made. For instance if one made sales in January the payments are sent to you between 16th to 31st March.

DreamHost Affiliates: Popular hosting with high commissions

DreamHost was founded in 1996. And has became popular web hosting industry and is used by millions of people from all over the globe.  It provides all types of shared hosting plans which include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and so on.

DreamHost offers $120 payout per every successful sale. If one purchases a hosting plan from this program and has an active paid account, you receive your commission after 97 days.

DreamHost provides banners and fraud protection

There are no caps on your earnings.

Widely used hosting choice with over 400, 000 people (bloggers, marketers, companies) and host over 1 million sites on the globe.  

WP Engine

WP Engine provides one of the generous commission payouts to all its affiliate customers with a commission rate of $200 for every successful sale.

The commission payout offered by WP Engine affiliate program;

For every referral, one earns $200 or 100% of the payment of that first month.

“You’ll earn $ 200 for every new client or 100% of the first month’s payment, whichever is higher.”

 When you promote WP Engine hosting with even just five referrals per month, there is a bonus commissions earned.

For example with five successful referrals, you get $ 1,000 and a $100 bonus so the total making becomes 1,100 dollars while for ten referrals you get $2100commission and $250 commission bonus and the total received is $2,350.

WP Engine industry has the number one ultimate cookie duration of 180 days after signup; therefore, the program gives your commission time to be credited.

A2 Hosting Affiliates

A2 Hosting is the top hosting solution provider for optimized WordPress hosting. They offer one of the best commission; if you make 1 – 10 referrals, you earn $ 55 per signup, 10 -20 referrals you get $75 while above 21 referrals you get a $125 commission.

The sales are approved after about 45 days with a minimum limit of $100.

A2 hosting provides a 90 days cookie life, and this gives you best chances of making money from customers who purchase products using your links.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting provides hosting such as dedicated WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, as well as reseller hosting. This program enables one to get unlimited commissions by promoting their web hosting products.


One gets a $50 minimum commission per referral that is for 1-10 sales. You get $50 per referral, 11-20 referrals you earn  $80 for every sale while for 21-30 sales one earns up to $120 per each sale on which the commission is paid through PayPal.


HostMonster is one of the best hosting software that provides high affiliate commissions rates to their promoters and affiliates.

HostMonster affiliate program provides a commission of $65.00 per every successful order, which is paid through one’s PayPal account.

They also provide banners and links containing one’s affiliate referral code to ensure effectiveness in your website as well as other social media applications and also offer tracking to monitor the affiliate’s sales.


FatCow is the best hosting provider that provides hosting solutions to people with small businesses with high commissions to all its web customers.

FatCow offers a standard commission of $100 for every successful sale. Besides, one gets a payout of $150 for each sale if it’s a dedicated hosting plans as well as a commission of $25 for each sale.

If it is a starters plan and for every referred customer who purchases their product you earn $9.00 However, you will get payment (commission) in a period of 15 to 30 days through your PayPal account.

Web Hosting Hub: Incredible hosting plans

Web Hosting Hub is used by over 40000 people worldwide, which offers reliable and affordable hosting plans along with decent commission payouts to its affiliate promoters.

An affiliate gets $50 commission per every sale which is processed through a PayPal account with a minimum of 100 dollars balance.

If the sale is made between Jan 21st to Feb 20th, then the commission is received on 20th April.

Kinsta Affiliates

Kinsta is a game-changer in online businesses leaving many bloggers and companies joining the platform due to its well-managed WordPress hosting as well as giving affiliates high commissions.

Kinsta provides commission earning that vary from $50 for each successful sale to $500 for every sale and also gives a 10% recurring commission to its customers whenever they purchase a hosting plan from the platform using an affiliate’s link.

The commissions earned per every successful sale:

Starter plan- $50

Pro plan-$100

Business plan- $150

Enterprise plan- $500

Kinsta Cookies with a life of 60 days, this a long duration cookie window that helps affiliates make more sales.

Flywheel Affiliate Program: Dedicated hosting choice

Flywheel provides dedicated WordPress hosting solutions and earns affiliates high commissions

Flywheel offers a 300% commission of affiliates first month’s payment, and one can also earn up to $500 per sales.

The affiliate gets payments after 90 days if the plan is monthly and for an annual plan you will get payments after 30 days on the first month through PayPal account.

The platform also does not have a threshold limit so one gets paid with one referral.

Pressidium Affiliate

Pressidium is one of the fast-growing web hosting company that provides managed WordPress hosting at low prices as well as gives the best affiliates payouts to their promoters.

The platform pays a commission of 50 dollars on micro plans, while in other plans an affiliate can earn up to $100 per signup depending on one’s performance.

They also give bonus if one makes more sales such as 60 sales in a month will earn you above $1000. It takes 60 days for a client to receive payments that are made through PayPal.

HostPapa Affiliates

HostPapa has won various awards as a web hosting provider. The platform offer web hosting services such as shared hosting and reseller services from which affiliates earn up to $200 commission on every successful sale made.

In web hosting services, an affiliate earns 75 dollars per every referral that has succeeded while reseller services one gets a commission of up to $200 per order.

A successful referral remains active for over 30 days, and the least threshold is limited to 100 dollars. To receive the commission, one must have a balance of over $100.

 The affiliates are sent payments through PayPal account.

HostPapa has unlimited earning since the payments are determined by each referral made. The platform also offers customized products such as banner ads, text links, email newsletter copies, landing pages to affiliates.

HostPapa affiliates get payments after 30 days after the order is recorded through the PayPal account.


GreenGeeks provides high commission payouts and also gives real-time statistics and promotion materials ( banner ads, text links).

The payout for GreenGeeks web hosting affiliates is so attracting can you imagine if you make one referral you get $50 per every sale, 2 referrals you earn $ 60 per sale while above six referrals on gets $100 per successful sale.


Cloudway provides a Payout Commissions rate of up to $125 per successful signup.

The Cloudway platform is one of the best technology industry with leading in-house providers that form well-managed cloud hosting experiences.

They also ensure high-quality performances and give affiliates freedom to enjoy their simplified services and products.

Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting is technologically independent with one of the highest affiliate commissions and affordable managed cloud. They mostly develop software such as cPanel and SShield for cybersecurity.

The highest commission earned is $200, while lowest payment is at $10.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion affiliate provides a Commission rate of $50 to $100 per successful sales.

This program was established in 2003 offers good traffic, customized landing pages, net 30 payouts, no chargebacks, and a dedicated affiliate team to help optimize.


DreamHost offers a commission of $97 per every successful referral made and an extra $5 for each sub- referral.

 DreamHost was founded in April 1997. This affiliate program offers quality and reliable services.

ClickMeeting Affiliated Program

ClickMeeting offers a great Commission rate of 30% and Up to $515.

Cookie life duration is 120 days

This platform provides Best web Hosting Affiliate Programs for online meetings that can have up to 500 attendees on which Live plan services start from $25 each month while for Automated plan, the services cost $40.

Besides, they also offer enterprise plans and a free trial of 7 days. The affiliates are also provided on event statistics and customer feedback.

This platform integrates with other platforms such as YouTube, Google, Linkedln, among others


The Affiliate program provides a maximum of 35 dollars for each sale which depends on the service level. For every extra or 2nd tier one acquire a commission rate of 10%

This affiliate program offers uninterrupted purchases as well as a support service to its users. EUkhost is one of the first companies to provide complete automated web hosting (reliable and affordable) solutions in Europe.

Lunar Pages

Lunar Pages offers a payout Commissions of up to 300 dollars per referral, according to the volume and extra 5 dollars for every sub- referral or the second customer.

The affiliate program provides Best web Hosting Affiliate Programs conferencing such as basic web hosting,  private cloud hosting, disaster recovery, business continuity solutions with the utilization of the most modernized virtualization technologies such as VMware.


MidPhase offers a commission of $ 100 per sale

MidPhase web hosting program was founded in 2003. The affiliate program provides affordable services as well as excellent payout commissions.


Interserver is a web hosting provider from New Jersey that offers provide cheap, high-quality services and reliable equipment.

This program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on shared hosting, 99.5% uptime guarantee as well as 100% power guarantee.

It offers a commission of $100 per successful sign-up.

I/O Zoom

The affiliates Commissions offered is Up to $160 per referrals.

IO Zoom was founded in 2015and is situated in Texas. This program offers 100% network uptime and in case any affiliate faces online issues they credit him/her according to the SLA agreement.

Support Data Inc

This platform offers a commission of $40 to $659, which is determined by the package.

Support Data Inc. offers premium services on web hosting as well as registration of domains to both small and big companies.


Kamatera affiliate programs provide Commissions of about $20 to $250 CPA depending on the number of referrals you make and the payments are received on the 10th day of the following month.

Kamatera is a new hosting company that has become the Best web Hosting Affiliate Programs over a short period in the online industry.

The affiliate program offers Cloud Services mostly on VPS Hosting, with over 13 centers all over the globe in which its affiliates earn a minimum of $4 per month.

They offer customers a 30 Day Free Trial as well as all-time Technical Support that enables high Conversion Rate.

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