Top 30 Best Shopping Cart Affiliate Program

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Top 30 Best Shopping Cart Affiliate Program

Shopping cart affiliate program is an e-Commerce software solution that allows online buyers to make purchases as well as online marketers to sell their products.

This software helps in the growth of online businesses as business owners can create an online market or store for their products.

At the time when orders are made the shopping cart software makes calculations for the total sales from transport, packaging to the labeling fee.


3Dcart affiliate program is one of the premier SEO eCommerce software with great features that provides solutions to both small and large businesses.

The software was founded in 1997, and since then, it has been a B2B eCommerce solution provider.

Their pricing is excellent, starting from as low as USD19 every month. However, since the pricings are low, it means that the conversion rate will be high, thus being an added advantage to the affiliate marketer.

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The 3Dcart offers a high commission of 300%, which is paid once or a lifetime recurring commission of 25% per order. Their Cookie length is unknown.


WooCommerce is a WordPress shopping cart that is simply free, enabling its users to install an eCommerce website with the best functionalities to a WP install of the users’ choice.

The plugin is installed via WP to enable the set up of goods, and also add-ons are installed to allow full functionality.

They can be found on the WooCommerce website while others are sold to other media platforms.

The add-ons on the website include; PayPal, Stripe, and SagePay, as well as integration numbers and a large choice of add-ons that can add levels of functionality to your website.

Add-ons are mostly affordable either bought once or having a subscription fee for upgrading.

However, this software is easy and affordable to set up; thus, if you are a new online business retailer, you can join WooCommerce to sell your products either online or physical.


DirectPay is a cart affiliate program that gives solutions on credit cards by offering processing services.

The software provides services on payments through mobile, shopping carts as well as business building.

DirectPay also offers a website, email, and social media marketing tools.

They provide a great lifetime commission of 30% as long as the account is active, and they offer a Cookie that length is not publicly displayed.


Shopify is a very popular affiliate software used for managing online markets and also drop shipping companies doing online marketing.

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This eCommerce software provides affiliates high payouts as well as excellent conversion rates, mostly when the affiliates target customers in need of the shopping cart platforms.

They have promoters and partners such as web developers who develop markets on eCommerce for customers.

Shopify offers a commission of USD58 for every paid plan, while for Shopify 2nd Tier, the affiliates receive USD2000 per every sale made. They offer a 30-day cookie length.


BigCommerce is one of the best-known shopping cart affiliate program. This software is beneficial to online businesses as they can use it to develop WordPress stores for those who prefer or opt to use the WP for their online marketing.

This platform helps its users to market products on other social media platforms like Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram through the cross channel commerce that they offer.

Commissions are great, and they offer a dedicated account manager.

The BigCommerce provides an account manager that is dedicated and also offers great commissions rates of 200% for every order made.

At the same time, for an enterprise plan, they pay affiliates a commission of 1,500dollars per order. Their cookie length is unknown.


Shopaccino shopping cart software provides a variety of different functionalities. This platform makes payments by either VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, Cash on Delivery as well as through banks.

It has an excellent interface that can automate the calculation of taxes on sales made.

Shopaccino software runs shipping via a module that is integrated; this helps affiliates to arrange places where their store can receive and run postage pricings.

The store interface helps marketers to upload pictures and goods data easily. Affiliates can also handle items on the fly through the help of iOS and Android.

The shopping cart software offers a 14-day free trial, and later you can subscribe to one of their plans, which depends on the number of resources and users.


Ecwid software is the easiest shopping cart to add solutions built to allow an addition to other third-party platforms such as WP, Instagram, and Facebook platforms.

This program is used by over a million marketers from about 170 nations allowing translation of different languages

The Ecwid provides great security, and it is A PCI DSS valid Level one Service Provider known to be the gold standard all over the globe for eCommerce solutions.

This software is built to allow optimization for smartphones.

The programs help new affiliates to build eCommerce markets by providing a free tier based on up to 10 products. Moreover, it can provide several priced tiers that can increase access to Facebook Shop, offer digital SEO tools, purchase of online goods as well as provide smartphone point of orders.


ThriveCart shopping cart software offers solutions to both online businesses as well as other businesses marketing physical products.

You can join this platform if you want to experience multiple features, integrated with several other various tools

They offer a high affiliate commission rate of 50% and a Cookie with an unknown life duration.


Volusion shopping cart software helps online marketers from both small and large businesses to sell their products and also enables dropshipping.

This software allows the use of other social media platforms (third-parties). Also, you can as well use Volusion with other recommended programs or use it alone.

The Volusion offers affiliates awesome and high commissions rate of 200% for every order made with unknown cookie duration.


In 2007, Magento was founded as a Free and Open Source program that offers solutions on management of every aspect of virtual shopping carts.

In recent years, Magento is used by about 250, 000 marketers such as Nike and Ford. 

The Adobe owned platform has many features, and it is customizable to an affiliate marketer’s needs.

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This platform allows manual payments such as checks and also works with PayPal, SagePay as well as

Magento is unique as it allows hosting on an individual’s server; thus, one does not need to depend on other media platforms for help in the shopping cart.

In addition, it gives you the duty to keep your server secure, for example, by installing and registering SSL Certifications.


Kartra shopping cart software helps its users to build sales funnels. This platform owns an in-house email marketing system, and it is integrated into several tools of other social media platforms.

Karta software supports both marketings of online products and physical products. The platform entails of software for membership, marketing through videos as well as the running of affiliates.

The Karta affiliate program provides a lifetime (recurring) commission of 40% with an unknown Cookie length.


AbanteCart is the leading open-source shopping cart that is used by both small and medium-sized companies. The platform is free to users and is also highly customizable.

AbanteCart has key features such as; it requires less developer maintenance, and it has over 300 integrations on which some are paid.

The cost of buying its support is a little bit expensive, but depending on the plan that you want. For full-time daily support usually starts from 99dollars per month.

AbanteCart users should plan their budget on integration costs to ensure affordable ownership, knowing that the program is free to download as well as installing.

However, this platform is user-friendly thus affordable, and that’s why it is good for developing small businesses.


CS-Cart is a user-friendly shopping cart that provides easy access to international retail/ managing several stores for medium-sized businesses.

In addition, also small companies can use the CS-Cart after planning their budget. They also offer simple to understand pricing that helps in developing businesses.

This program does not offer monthly plans, but it offers two plans.

The first plan is that on signing up for the program, you pay 385dollars once, and secondly, you can pay 865 dollars to get the freedom to manage multiple stores from a single admin.

In addition, an affiliate who wants to get annual updates can pay a yearly subscription of 99 dollars. The annual plan is less than that of the affiliate’s average shopping cart plan paid per month.


PinnacleCart is one of the best shopping carts for growing medium-sized businesses.

The program aims to enable users without any technical knowledge to manage eCommerce websites with effectiveness.

Therefore, it has features such as; unique custom, direct navigation, and business management as well as excellent support.

PinnacleCart might have little investment for small companies, although it provides great value in the large managements.

Their affiliate pricings are an average of USD79.95 per month.


PrestaShop is also another open-source that offers shopping cart affiliate solutions to both medium and large companies. 

This program requires coding knowledge to use and has expensive support. It requires expert developers to do maintenance often.

However, to make awesome shopping cart returns by justifying the price of apps, theme, and running fee.


X-Cart is a developed and high-quality shopping cart software. This program is best for large businesses and enterprise stores.

Some features of X-Cart include; it needs technical knowledge to use, has extensive integrations, and its support has pricing.

The X-Cart provides a commission of 49.95dollars per month.


CoreCommerce is one of the leading programs for online marketing worldwide.

This hosted platform allows integration in the individual’s website.

It has great features such as; extensive integrations, has decent support, and requires technical knowledge on use.

USD19 per month.


OpenCart is an open-source eCommerce shopping cart software that provides simple and highly extensive, infinite customizability.

The users of these programs mostly have PHP skills. Moreover, it needs time to time expert maintenance.

Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce is a shopping cart but most likely to be a group of modules authored by Ruby on Rails.

This platform is perfect for Ruby developers and companies in need of building a robust and fully customized eCommerce website.

Features of Spree Commerce include; excellent for fast customized growth, and users should have coding skills.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart provides all the needed materials to build an effective marketing store, mostly used by medium-sized customized shops.

The program has extensive integrations, and the users should have coding knowledge to ensure effective management.


UltraCart allows easy connectivity of the solution and arranges every product for selling that is preferably used when one has a plugging into an existing website.

This program a bit expensive, but it is good if an affiliate already has the target audience. Unlike most software, UltraCart has only eight integration, with full-time support, and it is user-friendly.

UltraCart affiliate Pricings:

  1. In a Small Plan one, you receive USD49.95 per month and a revenue cap of USD 50,000 per month. This plan is a disadvantage because it doesn’t have integrations and affiliate systems therefore, you cannot sell via eBay nor Amazon.
  2. Medium Plan -USD 79.95every month, and the monthly revenue is USD 100.
  3. Large Plan- USD229.95 per month, and revenue is 250dollars every month.


The nopCommerce is another eCommerce open-source platform. This shopping cart software is based on ASP.NET that provides great features, scales, and add-ons.

The platform has a high-value deal, although there are some changes made. Feature; it is mostly used by Windows servers, has over 1500 integrated plugins, and is easy to use.


PrestaShop is one of the most popular shopping cart solutions. It supports more than ¼ million of websites with over 60 language translations.

PrestaShop has multiple (600) dedicated features such as; SEO tool, automated revenue calculations, report data, automated emailing, as well as it supports a variety of languages and currencies, this is available for many countries from all over the globe.

However, this platform has great features and has additional thousands of apps.

The platform has a dashboard that is easy to use, although it has a few technical skills to learn. The software affordable being free to download and install but requires the creation of a database as well as an FTP customer.

The platform has a variety of selection of themes from the 3000 offered, but only the default theme is free while the rest can cost over 50dollars.

The payments are done through either wire transfer or checks; over USD250 pricings are done on integrations while 7-payment is for free, including Stripes, PayPal, and Skrill.

PrestaShop does not provide any support through default. If you want to buy this software, you can get it from the company from as low as USD399 per each year, giving you a support duration of 6 hours in the entire year.


e-Junkie is a primary shopping cart provider, and it also has an online shop for selling unique advanced products. In addition, this program assists online marketers to run their online markets.

To become an e-Junkie affiliate, you can just sign up or register for the program.

An affiliate earns a commission of 20% of his/her customer’s per month subscription.


Site123 Shopping cart affiliate program helps merchants to develop and manage their businesses without the need for having any professional skills on management as well as having an assurance that they cannot be priced out of the industry as they grow their companies.

This eCommerce program has a very logical with great features, including the sidebar- built website builder that simplifies laying out of pages.

This software deals with about 80 currencies worldwide, and they enable payment through wire transfer, including PayPal. Site123 features; has a 24/7 hour support, it has receptive templates with digital aesthetics, it allows robust shipping and has a unique page builder.

Their pricing starts from as low as USD9.80 every month, and the affiliate can be offered free annual domain, ample storage of 10GB as well as a bandwidth of 5GB.


 Wix is an eCommerce provider that is rapidly gaining its popularity that helps merchants in building and managing their affiliate markets.

This program has an excellent graphic project interface that helps in positioning each element of the website in the color of an individual’s choice.

They have affiliate pricings starting from USD120 annually.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is a shopping cart that aims at small businesses and artists. This software has a high-speed system and integrations that the affiliate marketer sells personally.

The prices of this software lower end with a free plan, which they offer five products that have infinite features. Big Cartel also has plans with pricings ranging from as low as USD9.99 per month to USD29.99 every month.


The Squarespace shopping cart was opened in 2004, which has managed to gain over a million affiliates due to its robust and aim on offering satisfactory solutions.

This eCommerce solution is the best for businesses that want appealing and design templates as well as goods listing. This program is beneficial to most marketers since it provides unlimited products.

Squarespace pricings are a basic plan of USD26 per month, while their Pro plan price is USD40 every month.


LemonStand is one of the recently founded shopping cart software, and surprisingly it is more customizable compared to Shopify.

This platform allows online marketers to improve every aspect of their businesses to form a unique shopping knowledge.

LemonStand has plans ranging from USD19 to USD399 for the Premium plans.


Esty simplifies listing of certain products in an attractive way to get attention from the target audience.

The software enables an online marketer both be connected this program automatically due to its high traffic as well as have its own site within the website.

Esty offers affiliates good ways to build to create their domains in the future. The program has over 20 million users, with many chances to establish one’s brand.

Esty has simple payments: 3.5% is paid per deal made plus a 0.20dollar is paid once for every product ordered.

From the above Shopping cart affiliate program, you wouldn’t miss one that fits your business in particular.

Some of the things you should consider are the size and type of your business; if you have a small business and it starts growing, you can change the shopping cart later because if your business grows by increasing of products, it might fail when you are using a cart that supports only small-sized businesses. 


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