Top 30 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

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Top 30 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs 

In affiliate marketing, you can either get paid a commission once or receive a recurring commission for making sales for the affiliate programs.

Therefore, the payments differ from one platform to another, and that’s how some pay their affiliates in onetime while others pay their affiliates as far as their accounts are active.

Below is a list of top 30 Best paying Recurring Affiliate Programs:

1. SEMRush

SEMRush a popular search engine optimization platform that is used by merchants all over the world.

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The platform provides keyword research, search analysis, competitors analyses and allows SEO reviews on the website.

This affiliate software is simple to sell irrespective of the affiliate’s power in marketing, and an affiliate can make even more money quickly by signing up into BeRush

Recurring Affiliate Programs 

The affiliate receives a recurring commission rate of 40% as long as your account is active.

2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit provides solutions to both marketers and bloggers to help them increase leads and make additional sales through real email marketing.

This software is simple to manage and it offers affiliates the required resources to target the right customers.

Moreover, they can group and divide their supporters easily and send attracting emails through making a few clicks.

`ConvertKit offers its affiliates a life recurring commission of 30%

3. AWeber

AWeber is an extremely popular email marketing platform that one can use and generate sales rapidly.

This affiliate program has excellent features that enable affiliates to send emails to RSS and track emails quickly.

This program also makes it fast and straightforward to create an original marketing email. It has 700 customizable templates that affiliates can use to build an appealing email in a few minutes.

In addition, AWeber is suitable for bloggers and merchants who establish their content to increase profits.

The software offers a life recurring commission rate of 30%.

4. GetResponse

GetResponse recurring affiliate programs  provides a readily usable marketing campaign. The program has predesigned landing pages and sales pages, making it simple to open a new marketing campaign.

This software has stellar traffic production features, including eCommerce options and super real email marketing features that add more value to daily marketers’s business making it easy to sell.

GetResponse pays affiliates either a recurring commission of 33% as long as their customer’s account is active or 100 dollar reward for each sale made.

5. Stencil

A stencil is an appearance creation platform that has a variety of users, including online marketers, bloggers, and businesses every day.

The recurring affiliate programs  can make rapid attracting images from scratch and improve engagement, which can be a priceless instrument for innovation that is always developing.

The Stencil has a simple-to-pilot dashboard and a variety of loaded editor that enhances ease to market as well as great payouts that make this software a highly profitable option.

Stencil provides a life recurring commission of 30%

6. NinjaOutreach

The NinjaOutreach provides affiliate solutions by making it simple for online influencers as well as bloggers to connect by assisting them in building links.

The platform uses numerous channels to keep affiliates connected with the well-liked individuals in the niche.

This platform also helps in email marketing by allowing merchants to entice influences as well as the audiences as they please.

Their commission offered depends on the price of the product’s price; thus, if the price is high, it means you can pocket some clean cash with just a few sales.

The recurring affiliate program  offers a life commission rate of 20% per sales made.

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7. InstaPage

InstaPage affiliate program is a skilled creator that provides affiliate solutions to businesses or merchants looking to use the least amount possible.

The software allows easy planning, appealing landing pages by the use of easy drag and drop interface. Therefore the user doesn’t need to have technical skills.

The InstaPage offers a commission of 50% on the payments made, the first time and a recurring commission of 30% for the 2nd tier or any extra payment.

8. SocialPilot

SocialPilot provides advanced ways to improve engagement to online marketers and businesses.

The platform helps in creating the schedule for posts on social media, running numerous social media accounts as well as investigating results.

In addition, this software allows its users to create reports with details in a single click. It has an excellent UI and digital features which will enable affiliates to market on it with simplicity.

SocialPilot provides a life recurring commission of 30%.

9. Shopify

The Shopify affiliate program is an eCommerce solution provider.

This platform helps internet marketers start awesome, user-friendly, and consumer-targeted online businesses at highly affordable costs.

They have marketing tools such as builders of websites, shopping carts, web hosting, as well as management tools for stores, analytic features, among others.

Recurring Affiliate Programs

This program enables business owners to develop their marketing from nothing to being able to make sales of products from all around the world.

Affiliates are offered high recurring commission rates of 200% of a customer’s subscription fee each time you refer someone to Shopify.

You get paid a large amount: up to $358 per sale.

They also offer greater payouts to volume affiliates such as when the customer referred registers for Shopify account, the affiliates receives an excellent payment of USD2, 000.

10. Kinsta

Kinsta affiliate program was established in 2013 under WordPress developers to build the premier WP hosting program on the globe.

This premium software gives merchants the insights needed to advance on the dashboard.

It also runs the website for the affiliate by increasing speed to attract customers as well as offers it security.

In addition, the recurring affiliate program is backed up after every 24hours to prevent it from breaking.

The Kinsta offers affiliates an initial payout and a lifetime recurring commission of 10%  (initially 500 dollars).

This varies with the plan of the order, including for a starter plan, one receives 30 dollars, Pro plan- 100 dollars and for the business plan one receives 150dollars.

11. Teachable

This recurring affiliate program is suitable for entrepreneurs who are aiming to create or own a successful internet course.

This software is one of the highly demanded online, creating tools for most affiliate market starters.

It is an added benefit as the users don’t need any technical professionalism to use it, and it also has appealing pricing that attracts more customers.

This platform offers a lifetime recurring affiliate commission of 30% as well as a cookie life duration of 90 days.

12. LiveChat

Livechat is a solutions provider that is favorable for small businesses by offering to scale up solutions without the use of much cash.

This program is on high demand because it allows small business owners to monetize their brands on limited finances. 

LiveChat provides its users an excellent cookie length with a life of 120 days, which gives the affiliates a good time to convince many target customers, meaning that one can make meaningful earnings each month in this program.

They provide a recurring life affiliate commission of 20% per referral.

13. Post Affiliate Pro

The Post Affiliate Pro helps merchants and bloggers in keeping track of their marketing platforms.

However, this software is easy to sell since many people wish to manage their programs effectively.

It has an excellent interface that provides online marketers the track of their payouts, campaigns as well as reports in the same website.

The affiliate program has hundreds of CMS and earning ways to its users who are mostly small business marketers as well as large businesses .

14. Depositphotos

Depositphotos is an affiliate solution provider to mostly bloggers and graphic designers.

This is because they offer their users retrieve to over a million royalty-allowed path images, product pictures, and videos.

It also provides many collections of files and plans with flexibility, which enables ease for any individual who wants to gain purchase on the internet.

Depositphotos makes a 40% cut from the affiliate’s first earnings on each order made.

They also offer a recurring commission of 20% per month if their customer joins the Depositphotos platform.

15. Mangools

Mangools is a popular SEO tool in affiliate marketing. In recent years SEO tools are in high demand due to the rapid additional competition on the best SERP.

The Mangools enables users to find difficult keywords by making a few clicks.

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Moreover, its affiliates can target as well as analyze the keywords in specific locations with the utmost effectiveness.

The platform also has features that enable the user to track the SEO metrics of their competitors which helps them get knowledge of the trends.

Mangools affiliates receive around USD487, and this is earned by every affiliate. They also provide a recurring Commission of 30% per sales made.

16. Cloudways

Cloudways is a web hosting affiliate program that is SSD-based that offers website solutions, by improving the speed of website loads.

This platform has digital caches that are in high demand in recent days.

The Cloudways software provides cheaper website hosting plans . This platform has a dedicated interface; the firewalls have the ability for every hosted weblog.

It also has great features, including the authentication that is 2-factored, that helps the website’s security .

An affiliate can easily sell Cloudways no matter how you market either through social media or via your blog’s content. However, the affiliate pricings start from as low as 10dollars.

They offer an affiliates recurring commission of over 30dollars per referral.

17. HideMyAss

HideMyAss provides its affiliates the permission to use military-grade encryption. It also offers users security to themselves by a single click.

This platform has a big percentage of likeliness to make big profits.

The good thing about this affiliate marketing program is that it has a wide range of customers because every online user needs good protection from internet viruses and hackers too.

This platform offers its affiliates the total amount of their own customer’s subscription fee when they make a successful referral through a new customer.

They provide an affiliate commission of 100% for each first-time made sale and also pays a commission rate of 65% for every renewal.  

18. PureVPN

PureVPN is an affiliate program that offers customers a 256-bit AES encryption which uniquely provides each of its affiliates an IP Address that is simple to users.

This program has great features, including; a VPN kill switch & advanced DDoS security that provide ultimate security from hacking activities daily.

They offer affiliates a recurring commission of 35%.

19. Ontraport

Ontraport assists users in running all their marketing strategies, including; email marketing, as well as earning full membership in the websites.

This program allows users to be able to track each click and grip through campaigns that enhancing ease to capture the target customers at any time via the in-house CRM.

The user’s data is stored in the same place, so it’s easy to acquire.

Ontraport also assists in designing appealing landing Pages, and it also delivers emails and texts for the user at the needed time.

Ontraport offers its affiliates a recurring commission of 25% plus a VIP income entitlement.

20. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a digital employee management platform that helps managers to track progress and output, arrange meetings as well as allocate the task to each employee.

Companies are using Hubstaff affiliate program to manage their employee more effectively.

They have plans starting from as low as 7dollars, and the affiliate earns a recurring life commission of 30%

21. ClickMagick

ClickMagick allows affiliates provides solutions to ensure slow down marketing attempts by using various tools to track orders, split-test, geo-target, link monitor as well as promoting products.

This platform also improves the reporting,optimizes the campaign on the user’s device.

The plans for this software are cheap as they start from as low as 20dollars per month. They also provide a life recurring of Commission: 35%.

22. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is one of the marketer’s choice in all industries .

It allows users to make sales pages and landing pages that increases conversions, this makes it easier for marketers to sell any product even faster.

Although ClickFunnels can be expensive, it sells out greatly since it has excellent features that are very effective for marketing.

You start by earning a 20% cut for every sale you make. But as you bring in more customers, your commission rates will be upgraded to 40% lifetime recurring.

At first, affiliates receive a commission of 20% per every referral made, and later you are offered a recurring life commission of 40% after you gain customers and an additional 100 dollars on some specified products as well as a dream car contest eligibility.

23. LeadPages

LeadPages affiliate programs create landing pages that are simple to customize that help in collecting contact data as well as improves conversions.

The LeadPages affiliate program helps an online marketer in designing a landing page to enable them to convert shoppers or customers.

For you to become a LeadPages member, you pay pricing ranging from $25 to $200 per month.

This platform pays its affiliates a life recurring commission rate of 30% on each referral made.

They also give special offers to affiliates who create over 10 referrals in a certain duration; for instance, they can be offered a bonus of 5,000 dollars.

24. MailerLite

MailerLite is an outstanding and affordable email marketing attracting tool.

All the platform’s budget allows marketers to take advantage of the program’s excellent emailing features.

The software will enable affiliates to design landing pages as well as design email sequences that are automated to make quicker leads.

They offer affiliates a recurring lifetime Commission of 30%

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25. Tailwind

Tailwind helps Pinterest and Instagram merchants to increase engagements meaning that they will also increase the conversion rates.

The affiliate marketers can time posts (videos and pictures) and combine them with some of the most popular hashtags, which are easy because the Tailwind makes suggestions for you.

This platform’s features help users to post at the best period while the features of analytics enable them to gain an understanding of what content is perfect for them.

They provide a recurring life commission of 15%

26. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is the best Recurring Affiliate Programs for affiliate marketers who have a target or have a niche on YouTube.

This program increases viewers of videos by making them search attractive. It has beautiful and attractive templates that help fasten the publishing.

Recurring Affiliate Programs

It has a vigorous feature that allows users to understand what they need to major on.

TubeBuddy offers affiliates a life recurring commission of up to 50%

27. Serpstat

Serpstat allows its users to track and transform the location of their website.

The SEO tool has a variety of features that enhance quick site auditing, keyword research, location tracking, and backlink analysis and opponent research.

This program is unique as the affiliates are paid if the customer that they referred upgrades from the free account and signs in for the subscription account.

They provide a commission of 30% for a lifetime.

28. Linkody

Linkody enables easy tracking of the website’s backlinks. This affiliate software helps merchants and bloggers to make their website’s analytics.

With the help of link profiles that have multiple metrics, marketers can identify fast and dispose of bad links.

If you want to be a Linkboy’s affiliate, you should first email them at

They offer a recurring Affiliate Programs commission of 30%

29. SamCart

SamCart is a tool that helps business owners and marketers to increase their sales rapidly by turning customers to lifetime valuables with ease through their websites.

They increase the sales rise feature to increase the mean sales value by allowing their customers to make an addition of products counter. 

This single-click upsells can lead a marketer to earn the triple times of the order’s original value.

The SamCart single-click integrations lead to easy automation marketing and organizing emails as well as giving coupons, and extending trial proposals is very simple.

SamCart offers high Recurring Affiliate Programs of 40% for life

30. Podia

Podia enables all users to develop, explore and host a website simply. The affiliates can as well mix their site with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, among others.

This website is easily customizable. Users can also decide how they want their website to appear due to the presence of an adaptable layout.

It has all the devices that need to be integrated into the dashboard. However, uploading and making sales on an online product such as eBook is very easy.

Podia’s affiliates can as well host webinars, create membership sites, develop email lists and authorize products, pack them, and make sales from the same program.

Podia offers a recurring commission of 30%

However, making a selection for the payment you want is not hard, but the real determiner of if you will pocket some good cash is if you will find customers for your products consistently.

This means that if you sell a highly demanded product is the more you succeed in online marketing.


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