Top 30 Best Loan Affiliate Programs

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Top 30 Best Loan affiliate programs

In today’s world, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn some extra cash for yourself.

Moreover, if you specialize in the Loan affiliate programs market, you might end up making a tremendous primary income from the niche of your choice.

The loan affiliate program is one of the leading niches in the industry due to its highly-demanded funds needed by various individuals to keep their businesses running.

This means that if you become an Loan affiliate programs to these platforms, you are assured of getting customers for referrals from which you are as well paid massive commissions.

Education Affiliate Programs

Below is a list of the best 30 Loan affiliate programs to consider signing up to.

OppLoans Affiliate Program

OppLoans is a premier loan affiliate program with an excellent status in providing personal loans.

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The platform enables its user’s traffic to convert easily having a star rate of 4.9 on Google, 4.8-star rating on Lending Tree from customers as well as a BBA rating above A. 

If you want to be an OppLoans affiliate, you simply register through FlexOffers and get to design customized links, browse banners, and achieve great solutions.

The OppLoans offers a commission of USD108 for every loan that is funded and a cookie life length of up to 15 days.

Loan Exchange

Loan Exchange Affiliate Program is a huge loan provider that gives perfect selections at various levels; be it personal loans, small business loans, or home loans, this platform got you covered.

This is a healthy loan affiliate program having all the essential marketing resources, reporting tools, and tracking supplies.

The Loan Exchange platform has a management group that is online 24/7 to respond to their affiliates when they need consultation and mostly to attend to their new promoters trying to understand how the market works.

The software also has its payout program easily accessible on CJ (Commission Junction).

They offer affiliates a commission of USD50 for personal loan applications, while for business loan applications, they give a commission of USD250.

Their Cookie has a life duration of 30 days.


Upstart is a decent loan affiliate program for potential investors and marketers in need of a loan.

This affiliate network integrates with Commission Junction to help in handling and simplifying the steady character of income. 

Upstart Software provides loans ranging from 1, 000 dollars to 50, 000 dollars.

This Loan affiliate programs provides affiliates monthly commissions and allow them to use tracking tools and banners.

They also have a great group of affiliate executives who offer 24/7 services to new affiliates to attend to their program needs.

The team also helps in optimizing campaigns on websites.

The Upstart platform offers affiliates a commission of USD 100 per funded loan and a 45-day Cookie life.

Leads Market Affiliate Network Program

LeadsMarket is an active loan publisher network on which an affiliate can benefit Pay per Lead, Pat per Call as well as Pay per Click.

They also have a diversity of publisher advantages such as help in assimilating affiliate resources with a platform that the affiliate chooses to host.

LeadsMarket provides complete custom HTML templates to help affiliates to reach and attract more clients to their site and its associates.

Their users are allowed to benefit from the professional SEO advice, which is offered by the LeadsMarket to advance their search skills.

Personal Loans Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, Personal Loans is a suitable and straightforward loan software for clients to acquire loans via a network of investors and associates.

This platform offers customers a loan ranging from USD 1, 000 to USD35, 000 at any time, online.

They also provide high rates of conversion and payments per clicks partnering with Commission Junction to ensure that their customers receive the best of revenues.

The Personal loans network also has a devoted group of affiliate managers that offer solutions to new affiliates trying to navigate the website for their first time.

They offer affiliates a payout of 110 dollars for every lead and a Cookie with a life of 45 days. 

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They also offer affiliates with more than 100 leads greater payouts of 120 dollars for every lead.

Purefly Affiliate Program

Purefly is an affiliate network that performs as the solitary provider of student loan request services on behalf of PenFed Credit Union.

PenFed Credit Union is one of the huge credit unions in the US.

This union has exclusive programs besides student loans, such as the spouse loans that enable couples to harvest their debts into a solitary loan.

Purefly platform partners with Commission Junction attract new customers.

Their Loan affiliate programs promote the platform’s Find My Rate tools, which enables clients to make their terms as well as life savings estimated before they request for a loan.

The Purefly offers publishers accessibility of text links, tracking, banners ads, and reporting tools.

Loan affiliate programs

The Purefly offers an affiliate commission of 250 dollars for every funded loan and a 30-day Cookie life.

100 Day Loans

100 Day Loans offers personal loan services in an easy process without facing any harassment.

If you are interested in making loan applications from the program, you can simply make a request online to get linked to more than a hundred lenders who fit their principles.

The 100 Day Loans software enables publishers to endorse the affiliate network on their blogs, sites, and online campaigns.

Pepperjam manages this platform. It also offers publishers tracking tools, banner ads, and text links as well as a list of keywords to make their SEO rank better.

The Loan affiliate programs offers affiliates a commission of 82 dollars for every funded loan and Cookie with a life duration of 30 days.

Upgrade Loan Affiliate Program

Upgrade affiliate network provides personal loans on least set rates and inexpensive EMI.

Upgrade has a single-page application procedure that is fast on letting a client know if they qualify in real-time. This does not affect the customer’s credit score.

The Upgrade Loan affiliate programs provides loans ranging from USD1, 000 to USD50, 000 with an agreed period of between 36 to 60 months without increasing the rate of interest.

They provide a diversity of unique tools that enable its promoters to optimize their website as well as to enlarge the rate of conversions.

The Upgrade offers an affiliate commission of 75 dollars per funded loan and Cookie with a life of 30 days

Lead Network Loan Affiliate Program

Lead Network platform possesses a digital industry for publishers to help them achieve great business opportunities.

The platform has limited liability and allows publishers to market their customer applications.

The Loan affiliate programs pay a total price for the click, call, or lead in terms of who the promoter is.

Joining or registering to Lead Network is easy as it is a single-page form.

They posses highly technical support and offers weekly commissions.

The software also offers publishers custom website procedures and templates.

In addition, the Loan affiliate programs prizes referrals made by publishers and affiliates receive a 3% bonus on the total payout earned by the referred publisher.

They offer an affiliate commission of up to 230 dollars for every submitted application.

Excel Credit Affiliate Program

Excel Credit is an alarming name in 2 businesses, namely; Boat financing and Yacht financing.

The platform provides both new and expended boat loans, which are very viable and have the least profit rates that can be allowed in the market.

The process of joining Excel Credit is quite easy as you just give a few personal details to be approved.

The Excel Credit platform offers an affiliate commission of 50 dollars.

Kabbage Loan Affiliate Program

Kabbage provides clients real-time access to funds.

The clients are allowed to have constant access to their link as well as take essential funds at any time.

The Loan affiliate programs offers loans to small businesses and enable affiliates to earn any amount of money without limits.

Affiliates are also able to track their referrals on the platform’s Share dashboard, simplifying the ability to access resources.

These tools help in making the promoter’s website more favorable to increase the rate of conversions.

 Kabbage provides its affiliates a commission ranging from 75dollars to 150dollars for each funded loan. They also offer a Cookie with a length of 30 days.

Max Cash Title Loans

Ma Cash Title Loans is the most significant title loan affiliate program operating with title loan lenders countrywide.

This platform finds lenders with huge interest rates and small monthly installments for clients who need loans but have a paid-off car.

They provide services to any individual living in any part of the nation through helping with title loans.

The affiliate network provides its customers with numerous selections to give a fitting solution, unlike lenders.

This is because lenders offer clients just a single product, and that’s what makes them outstanding.

In addition, the platform provides full-time services (every day of the year).

They provide affiliates huge commissions of up to 5, 000 dollars for every qualified application.


LeadsGate Affiliate program provides loan services mainly in the United States, applying the Pay per Lead method of payment.

The platform offers high equalized parcel solutions in the loan niche as well as offer multiple options to allow the customers to earn huge commissions.

LeadsGate offers an affiliate commission ranging from 1 dollar to 220 dollars, depending on the quality of the lead.

 Zero Parallel

Zero Parallel affiliate program offers loans for short-terms, partnering with affiliates and creditors.

They have numerous resources; and provide more to both their promoters and the creditors.

The platform also offers robust commissions, wide analytics, and links of the premier lenders to make sure their customers receive the best.

Zero Parallel offers an affiliate commission between 1dollar and 220dollars as per the lead quality.


Prosper enables individuals to invest among themselves in a financially and social worthwhile way.

The Prosper affiliate program offers debtors loans ranging from 2, 000 dollars to 35, 000 dollars while the lenders invest as low as 25 dollars from every loan list they choose.

Moreover, lenders can get personal loan details about their customers from friends and neighbors relations apart from credit score and ratings.

The platform manages services related to loans for both debtors and creditors with a loan fund agreement.

They offer affiliate a commission between USD100 and USD150 for the leads.

Fundia Capital

Fundia Capital network is focused on satisfying funding needs, as well as help people flourish in the future.

The platform provides a systematic, professionally planned illustration through their financial knowledge.

This affiliate network provides a commission of USD1, 000 for every funded loan worth 50, 000 dollars and above while for deals below 50, 000 dollars earns an affiliate a payout of USD 500.

Payday Mansion

Payday Mansion provides a variety of promo resources, utmost flexibility, and optimization technology of lead, consistent support as well as huge payouts to ensure quality leads.

They also offer high rates of conversions and secure means of payments. The Payday Mansion is focused on providing solutions to the main webmasters, and you can only join the program via an invitation.

Payday Mansion affiliates earn a commission of up to 180 dollars for every lead.

National Business Capital

National Business Capital is a leading business financing platform reputable countrywide for its services over many years in the position of business financing market.

This platform offers loans to businesses without being limited by strict and tiresome regulations like traditional lending institutions.

They offer a quick loan review procedure, and when the person qualifies, he/she is offered loan funds instantly.

Moreover, the platform is endowed to their customer’s business prosperity; therefore, they ensure that the business does not only get funded but also secure the business’ future performance.

They offer an affiliate commission of 1% for all loan funds.

Round Sky, Inc

Round Sky is a premier advertising company situated in the United States focused on personal loans and installment loan resources.

The platform provides the best net interface, which enables instant transfer attainment and deals.

Round Sky partner with various teams of direct personal loans, installment loans and best loan creditors from all over the United States and bring them particular leads that satisfy their selective criteria.

They offer affiliates varying commissions.

 Fresh Funding

Fresh Funding was founded in 2017, as a platform to provide fast solutions on loans to both small and medium-sized businesses countrywide.

The platform maintains a good reputation by guaranteeing and helping building customers’ success through offering the best Funding them.

They offer affiliate commissions of 3% for the successful loan application.

Their sales size is around USD35, 000 on which affiliates earn a commission of up to USD1, 050.


Fundbox offers revolution lines of credit to small businesses that are user-friendly. The affiliate network provides fast credit selections and loans and can apply at any time .

Their price of sales funds for small business owners’ marketing is confidential.

Max Cash

Max Cash offer all loan funding according to every individual’s needs.

This loan referral platform listens to their customer’s wants and gives them an opinion of the most suitable lender to fit their needs.

The good news is that the borrowers are not charged, but the lenders are the ones who are charged a fee.

They offer an inclusive selection procedure and only work with the leading lenders in the finance industry.

Max Cash provides the affiliates a commission ranging from 5% to 10% of the funded loan.

In addition, their commission can go up to $100; thus, affiliates earn some good cash.

The Funding Company

The Funding Company affiliate program provides an unsecured loan with high rates of approval.

They analyze their customer’s personal info and help them get the best lenders giving them access of up to ¼ million dollars.

They have professionals who advise customers on how to go about loans without suffering losses in the future.

They offer affiliates high commissions of up to 10, 000dollars as per the loan funded the referred customers in real-time.

Quicken Loans

Quicken loans basically provide loans for the acquisition of a home, as well as refinancing guides.

The platform also offers knowledgeable content (on taxes, insurance, home possessing and loans) from their learning complex that has editorials on a variety of topics

Quicken Loans allow their affiliates to use links, banners, calculators, and graphs to make their websites appealing to customers.

 Private Loan Shop

Private Loan Shop is one of the most accessible and fastest online loan service providers.

They offer personal loans, installments, and payday loans; therefore, to benefit from their solutions, you can join the platform online using a computer or mobile to fill the registration form.

Private Loan Shop fund loans starting from $500 to $35, 000 and affiliates earn a payout of 0.50 dollars for every lead


Avant provides little, comprehensible personal loans of about 35, 000dollars.

The platform is very reliable as you can acquire a loan the same day you apply.

An affiliate can quickly check their suitability without tampering with their credit score.

Moreover, Avant also provides credit cards on little limits to individuals trying had to get approval and want to develop their credit.

With a limit ranging from USD300 to 1000, Avant provides viable payout rates every month.

Nationwide Loan Consultants

The Nationwide Loan Consultants platform indirectly provide loans.

They offer their customers assistance and advise to give them knowledge on loans.

The platform has consultant expertise who provides inclusive analytics of a financial summary on a 24/7 basis to ensure customers acquire the needed knowledge.

This is but enabling people to get loans but preventing them from suffering bankruptcy in the future.

However, the affiliate network is so profitable; therefore, you can promote the NLC to earn some good cash.

Dr. Credit

Dr. Credit offers excellent solutions to people who want to repair a bad credit through a variety of services and selections.

They provide loans for credit scores of all states and also secured and unsecured loans.

The program owns a personal loan blog with resources and info that help users find the best fitful loan.

In addition, Dr. Credit manages debt consolidation and credit cards.

They provide their affiliates with two types of payouts:

  1. Affiliates are offered Pay per Lead commission on every qualified loan fund.
  2. The affiliates also earn a 15% commission for every successful referral they do.


Boro is an affiliate network focused on offering inexpensive and favorable loans to individuals in need but mostly aiming the college student.

Being more than creditors, their services did not end even after lending money.

The Boro platform works closely with its clients through the financial journey and offers options, help, and advice.

Loan affiliate programs

They do their best to satisfy their customers considering their upbringing, schooling, investment as well as their earning ability.

Boro provides its services to college students who want to purchase cars and other costly items, as well as the ones who need financial advice and selections.

Lend Up

Lend Up is devoted to offering Americans who need credit, inexpensive, and simple solutions to achieve growth in terms of finance.

This platform provides borrowers with reliable and affordable loan solutions to all people, even the ones disapproved by other agencies.

They enable people to develop credit standby by giving them access to low limit credit cards.

Lend Up has unfixed payout rates in accordance with volume and superiority of one’s traffic, although they have competitive commissions and offer a tracking Cookie life of 30days.

To wrap it up:

The loan industry is vast and active, and indeed it’s a good niche to earn income from.

However, Loan affiliate programs are always robust as people will always need loan solutions.

Using digital technology, people look for more straightforward ways to acquire loans online.

From the list above, you can see that every loan affiliate network has something unique to offer, possessing a variety of loan solutions that fit the different needs of borrowers.

In addition, by joining the loan platforms, you can also earn some cash through commissions offered, as well as get access to tracking tools, banners, and text links.


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