Top 30 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs 2020

Insurance affiliate

Top 30 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs 2020

Insurance affiliate marketing is an online means of making money where an insurance agent or an insurance blogger earns a commission anytime a client asks for a quote or buys insurance through their referral link.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Affiliate

Liberty Mutual has been in business since 1912 and has developed into a leading global insurer with operations in 30 countries. They help people build, cherish, and protect what they own.

They provide different Insurance affiliate marketing products like general liability, life, auto, homeowners, renters, and more. Liberty Mutual offers a commission of $3-$17 based on the insurance type. 

Their cookie life is 120 days. Liberty Mutual is the leading global insurer, offers affiliate promotions, and have a long cookie life.

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eHealthInsurance was started in the mid-1980s by Vip Patel. It is the only site that allows you to compare plans side by side, view quotes, and apply for health insurance.

It offers more than 10,000 health Insurance affiliate marketing products and has partnered with over 180 different health insurance carriers.

The commissions start at $10 with the potential to earn up to $75 for small business group plans. Commissions for eHealth insurance have different fees.

$35 for qualified health plans in federal exchange states. $10 for dental plans. $10 for short term medical plans. $50 for individual and family plans.

$75 for small business group plans. $20 for student plans. Information about the cookie is acquired after enrolling.

True Blue Insurance Affiliate

True Blue is a self-governing life insurance agency that represents over 50 of the best life insurance companies nationwide. One has to sign up through their website, where they will perform a manual approval of all applicants.

They partner with social media influencers, bloggers, and vloggers. In True, Blue commissions can vary from $5 to $25. Information about the cookie is given after you sign up.

They offer high commissions and also pay even if the leads convert or not.

USAA Insurance Affiliate

USAA has been serving the military and their families since 1922. They have offered guidance and assistance ranging from financial independence, raising a family to enjoy retirement. They offer Insurance affiliate marketing products like floods, rental, condo, and so much more.

The commissions range from $3 to $20 based on the insurance type. The cookie life in USAA is 30 days. As a partner, you will earn a commission on a pay per lead basis.

There are various opportunities to earn with this program, and the commissions make it worth the effort.

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NetQuote Insurance Affiliate

NetQuote offers health, life, auto, and business insurance quotes. It is a great way to monetize your content if it suits your intended audience. It offers robust but straightforward affiliate reports and tracking.

If a consumer submits multiple quotes, you will receive credit for both of their requests. They pay a base commission of $3.50 to $20.

Payouts are paid like clockwork before the 15th of the following month. Cookie information is shared through email after your request.

The NetQuote Insurance affiliate marketing program provides all the tools to assist you to increase your conversions, making it the ideal program for you.

Pets Best Insurance Affiliate

Pets Best was founded in the year 2005. Their goal is to end economic euthanasia by providing pet owners with affordable pet insurance to help them when those unexpected veterinary costs arise.

It provides all the promotional material and tools you will need to start making money. Pets Best offers a commission of $35 whenever someone applies through your unique link.

The cookie life is 90 days. They offer 24/7 access to real-time traffic, earnings, and reporting; hence you will not have a hard time earning money.

Esurance Insurance Affiliate

The Esurance program is managed through Commission Junction. Esurance pays its online partners on a cost per basis quote. They pay their affiliates on the 20th of every month.

Their online associates get access to a variety of banners, logos, and zip code boxes. They offer a commission of $10. Cookie information is given once you have signed up.

The program pays on a cost per quote basis, which can be a passive income stream for your blog.

Avia Insurance Affiliate

Avia is one of the fastest-growing and affordable discount dental plans in the United States. It was started in 1993 and worked with a large network of dental providers throughout the United States.

Avia offers affordable discount dental plans starting at $8.25 per month. Their motto is to provide affordable dental plans for families, individuals, seniors, and groups.

The commission earned is $35 for every dental plan that gets purchased through your website. Cookie information is obtained once you sign up.  They offer banners and text links that you can place on your website.

Travelex Insurance Affiliate

Since 1996, Travelex has been providing travel insurance and travel-related Insurance affiliate marketing . They offer products like travel insurance, cruise insurance, international insurance, and more.

If you blog about travel, finance, family, and lifestyle, this program can earn you profits. They are a leading provider in travel space since they can provide innovative insurance products and services at a competitive price.

 The plans cover travel interruptions, emergency medical expenses, trip cancellations, bankruptcy, lost luggage, and terrorism coverage. Their commission is $17 and cookie life of 45 days.

Top affiliates receive bonuses, and you can get access to an affiliate management team that can help you increase your commissions. You will also get access to several banners and text links that will help you increase your conversions.

Allstate Insurance Affiliate

Allstate is a famous and large insurance company, so you can be sure and confident that you are promoting a trustworthy company.

It is run through impact media and provides $5, $10, or $20 commission for getting people to sign up for a quote with Allstate.

It also has a section for leads; however, no details about the amount per lead are provided at the moment. Cookie information is not available. You can also earn commissions from customers who receive free quotes.

PetFirst Insurance Affiliate

PetFirst has the shortest wait periods for accident and illness coverage for cats and dogs. A client has to send in a claim with their vet records and invoice.

The claims are processed in less than 14 days. They provide their affiliates with banners and text links that they can use on their emails, blogs, and website.

They offer a commission of 8% and have a cookie life of 30 days. PetFirst is the fastest growing pet health insurance, has customized plans and generous commission rates.

Electric Insurance Company

It was started in the early 1960s when General Electric employees were looking for programs to cover their homes and healthcare. They offer home, condo, world-class auto, and renters insurance on their cutting edge website.

They offer a commission of $4 for home, condo, or renters quotes and $9 for auto quotes. Their cookie life if 45 days. They offer increased commissions based on sales.

Affiliates with 25 to 150 completed auto insurance quotes per month can earn between $11 to $14 per action.

Allianz Travel Insurance

They help travelers stay protected with travelers’ insurance. Their cutting edge technology allows them to deliver customized solutions for travel agents, airlines, credit card companies, resorts, and more.

Affiliates receive a $ 20 first sale bonus on top of the commission earned as a thank you token. They offer a commission of $12 per lead and $25 for annual plans.

Allianz Travel Insurance has a cookie duration of 45 days. Affiliates with 10 to 26+ leads per month can earn a commission of $16 to 20 per lead.

Hiscox Small Business Insurance

They offer tailored business insurance for general liability, professional liability, and errors/omissions coverage. Their services cover business owner’s policies and workers’ compensation.

 It offers businesses a new way to buy small business insurance online, starting at $22.50 per month. It specializes in protecting marketing, consulting, IT technology, and other professional services.

They offer a commission of $25 per quote and have a cookie duration of 7 days. The program has exceptionally high conversion rates and also special affiliates incentives.

Affiliates can earn great commission from the very high conversion rate on small business insurance quotes.

Ladder Life Insurance Affiliate

They grant a client the liberty to decrease your coverage whenever you want without any charges or stressful complications. They also offer a unique and modern way to apply for life insurance.

Ladder Life Insurance pays a commission of $75 for every verified lead you bring them.

Their cookies last for 60 days, meaning you will still have a chance to earn from every lead you generate for them within 90 days that a client clicks and signs up using your ladder life affiliate link.

Aviva Car Insurance

It is one of the leading providers of life, pension, and general insurance products in Europe.

The Aviva affiliate program includes Car insurance, Home Insurance, Life insurance, Pet Insurance, single trip, and multiple trips insurance.

They offer a commission of $35 per car insurance sale and also $35 for a van insurance sale. They also have a cookie duration of 30 days. They give you access to create banners.

GEICO Insurance Affiliate Program

GEICO insurance has taken the lead in insuring automobile drivers since 1936. GEICO Affiliate program is on the Commission Justice Network.

For each visitor from your site that gets a car insurance quote, you will earn $6. They have a referral period of up to 30 days.

 For several actions equal to or greater than 15, there is an increase in commission to USD 7 per action. For a number of actions equal to or greater than 51, there is an increase in commission to USD 8 per action.

For a number of actions equal to or greater than 151, there is an increase in commission to USD 9 per action. For a number of actions equal to or greater than 501, there is an increase in commission to USD 10 per action.

For a number of actions equal to or greater than 2001, there is an increase in commission to USD 11 per action.

SmartFinancial Insurance Affiliate Program

It was founded by a team of insurance and technology experts. It focuses on providing actionable advice, valuable content, and rich tools to help compare and find the best insurance coverage.

It has a big record of building insurance products that have helped millions of clients save time and also money. It covers all major lines of insurance, including Auto, Home, Life Commercial, and Health Insurance.

Commission payouts vary by campaign.

Health Care Market Exchange

They work and aim at taking the stress out of finding the right healthcare plan for families and individuals. They simplify the healthcare buying process by connecting people to the right agents for their specific situation.

Clients only have to make a phone call or fill out a short form to easily compare all the options and choose the right health plan.

They offer Insurance affiliate marketing commissions of $40 for pay per call lead and $5 for qualified short form lead. They offer an affordable health plan that meets the needs and budget of their clients.

HCC Medical Insurance

HCC Medical Insurance offers international travel medical insurance that is useful for groups or individuals leaving their home country and includes 24-hour travel services.

They also offer Insurance affiliate marketing commissions that range from 8% to 13% per sale. They provide excellent communication, increasing commission opportunities, and custom ad content for your site.

Nationwide Travel Insurance

They offer travel insurance underwritten by Nationwide Insurance Company through the Protection Brands Network.

They provide travelers with protection against unforeseen events that could put nonrefundable travel expenses at risk, coverage against trip cancellation, or interruptions from events such as sickness, death, natural disasters, job changes, and accidents.

The affiliate commission offered is $15.00 referral for every travel protection policy purchased. They offer one of the broadest coverage in the entire global travel industry.

Cargocet Insurance Affiliate Program

Cargocet Insurance provides the highest quality instant online cargo insurance available all from world-leading insurers. They empower you with the tools to choose your coverage and insurers.

They also give you the ability to buy your insurance instantly, and their online claim portal is user friendly, fast, and intuitive.


RoamRight provides its customers with competitively priced travel insurance, claims administration, and excellent customer service.

Their policies are designed for every type of traveler, and their platform makes purchasing and managing your coverage easy and quick. For a limited time, affiliates receive a $10 bonus on their first sale.

They offer a 15% commission and have a cookie period of 365 days. Affiliates have access to creatives, newsletters, monthly commission checks, and real-time reporting.


MetroMile is a unique insurance company providing its clients with insurance paid by the mile. Their motto is to drive less pay less.

The service is ideal for business travelers and city dwellers who do not need full coverage for their limited time on the road.

MetroMile pays a base commission of $10 on all valid quotes. The commissions increase with performance.

The program is managed through the Impact Radius platform, where you will find plenty of tools and resources for launching your insurance campaign.

Embrace pet insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance deal with pet-related content. They cover the overall health of your pets. You can earn Cash for recommending Embrace Pet Insurance.

They offer commissions of $36 per sign up. Affiliates receive monthly updates, shareable pet health content, and newsletters.

Go health

Go Health is a brand new personal insurance affiliate program that is on Click Junction, which pays $4 per quote. This means that you do not need to get people to buy the insurance to get paid.

Their cookie duration is 45 days. They even offer support to assist with explaining the different types of plans for potential clients.

Word Nomads

They offer incredibly flexible insurance for modern travelers. You even get to edit your plan in the middle of a trip. They offer a 10% commission with a 30-day cookie, which is mostly standard but respectable.


Coverwallet offers small-business insurance from leading commercial insurance carriers in a transparent, digital, and efficient way.

Since every small business needs insurance, Coverwallet fits the vibe of modern digital businesses much. Coverwallet offers a commission of $30 per verified quote request. Coverwallet has a cookie duration of 30 days.

It is beneficial and an excellent fit for bloggers in the health forte. This platform’s key feature is that it allows users to search for the best dental insurance in their area. offers a commission of $50 for each new client. It has a cookie duration lasting up to 30 days.

APH Affiliate Program

APH insurance provides services to travelers departing from the UK. They have a wide range of airport lounges along with other travel extras, including travel insurance, car hire, holiday transfers travel cash, and attraction tickets.

This program offers a 30-day cookie duration.


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