Top 30 Best Golf Affiliate Programs 

Golf affiliate Programs

Top 30 Best Golf Affiliate Programs 

Golf is the 8th most popular sport in the world and characterized as a luxurious sport. Statistics have proven that golf fans are so many in the world as a whole.

Interestingly, most individuals, after retiring, tend to spend their time playing Golf while others even retire early to live a lucrative dream life of playing the sport.

However, Golf requires specialized equipment to start.

Golf Affiliate Programs are great market gap anyone would choose to invest in. This is because most golf equipment and apparel are hard to acquire in the market.

Golf Affiliate Programs 

So as an affiliate marketer, you have to guide them on how to find the perfect brand.

Furthermore, the golf affiliate programs are  ideal way to make good money in a short time.

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Other reasons to be a golf affiliate member include; The sport has low competition as compared to other affiliate programs; thus, you will end up facing lower risk.

An affiliate marketer can get additional links from other business opportunities. Before becoming a golf affiliate program one should be aware of the following;

1. Know your audience; what they are looking for in the programs. It would be an equipment or golf clothing.

It is best to have a large number of golf lovers that you can sell the programs’ products to.

2. Run a reputable and trusted program because most golf lovers would not risk purchasing something they are not happy or don’t trust.

As a golf affiliate, you can promote golf products on your website by adding some guidelines on how, when, where, why one should acquire the golf products you are promoting.

Here are some popular golf affiliate programs you can join and make a good amount of money.   

1. Austad’s Golf Program

Since 1963, Austad’s Golf has been in the golf affiliate programs and is run by a dedicated family.

Affiliates  earn a commission of 7.5%, which increases up to  9% with sales over 5000 from this program.

You can sell products such as golf clubs, golf balls, clothing, golf towels, and braces, among others. Austad Golf’s average order amount is 145 dollars, and cookie life is 60 days.

Promoting Austad Golf guarantees you a 20/20 playability guarantee. Marketing materials include informative banners, text links, and promotional tools.

2. Golf Warehouse Affiliate Program

Golf Warehouse is the first online golf retailer in the world since April 1998. The program has close to 40,000k items on sale.

The golf affiliate programs receive a 6.5% commission on all sales and cookie duration of 30 days. To apply, one is required to sign up through VigLink or commission junction.

The last one offers a 3% commission rate on sales.

3. Golf Shoes Plus Affiliate

Golf shoes plus program mainly deals with manufacturers catalogs. The catalogs have golf shoes and other golf equipment.

The golf affiliate programs  receive a 5% commission amount on sale with a cookie duration of 10 days.

Application is through the sign up on commission junction so that one can access the marketing materials.

4. Swing Man Golf Affiliate Program

Swing Man Golf is one of the best programs, especially for golf lovers, and just as the name suggests, it is well known for swing speed programs.

It mainly deals with the sale of golf instructional programs and golf products.

It has less than 1% return rate and conversions rate of over 5%.

Affiliates earn a commission of up to 75% with a cookie duration of 30 days, which you receive through direct deposit, real-time reporting, or affiliate pay-out.

For application, one sign via infusions of which hosts the program.

5. Golf Outlets USA Program

Golf Outlets USA mostly deals with selling golf equipment in the United States. It is suitable for its fair pricing and great commission rate.

This makes the program maintain loyal customers.

For its golf affiliate programs , the plan pays off 10% commissions on all sales. Has an average order of 100 dollars. The cookie’s life is 30 days.

Marketing materials are mostly via text links.

Applications are through signing up with commission junction or Affiliate future.

6. Rain or Shine Golf Affiliate Program

Just as the name suggests, Rain or Shine Golf is an indoor golf store that operates whether it rains or shines.

Mainly deals with the sale of products such as golf nets, golf stimulators, hitting mats, among others.

It is a good affiliate program for You tubers, bloggers, website owners to earn a commission of 5-10% with a cookie life of 30 days.

Sales can be based on how many sales you make their referrals and posts.

7. Taylor Made Affiliate Program

Taylor Made has been in existence since 1979 and has been providing the best golf products.

Affiliates of this program earn a generous commission of 6% on every golf product sold through their website or text links.

Golf Affiliate Programs 

It has a long cookie duration of 30 days. Furthermore, the program has sister brand affiliate programs, which include Adidas, Golf worth, Ash, and Adams.

Signing up could be via the sister brands or through commission junction, which gives you access to their Canadian program.

During signing up, you should ensure your website does not have illegal content as you could be denied the access to being an affiliate to the program.

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8. Trendy Golf Program

Trendy Golf mainly deals with golf clothing that is associated with world trusted and renowned brands. The brands include Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, RLX, Polo Golf and Lacoste.

Affiliates receive a commission of 6% with a cookie life of 30 days. The average value of an order is 250 dollars, with an average conversion rate of 2% .

The company is hosted on commission junction.

9. Adam’s Golf Program

Adam’s Golf was founded in 1979 by Gary Adams that offers great golfing products.

The program ensures that their customers have a good and enjoyable time while playing Golf as an affiliate one earns a variable commission from this program.

Apart from the commission, one can earn a fair amount of money from this program. Adam’s Golf is hosted on Flex Offers.

10. Global Golf Affiliate Program

Global Golf is a trusted online retailer for golf products. Joining the affiliate program is free, no charges are required.

Affiliates are required to promote their websites by using Global Golf links and banners.

Through the link, when anyone purchases any Global golf product, you earn a variable commission.

11. Fairway Golf USA

Fairway Golf USA has been selling golf equipment, golf clubs, and golf clothing for over two years. They mostly sell brands from the Japanese Market like Fijikira, Minra, and EPON.

Affiliates receive a 4-10% commission for a cookie duration of 60 days.

After joining the affiliate program, you are eligible for a full 10% for the first 60 days as compared to another affiliate program Fairway Golf USA where one get a 5 dollar bonus for each sale over 200 dollars.

The program offers affiliates great promotions, thus increment their commissions.

12. Proozy Golf Affiliate Program

Proozy Golf affiliate program is a golf program that allows one to join free and easily via shareasale affiliate platform.

Affiliates access official text links and content that help them market several brands for them to earn a commission of 6.75%.

It offers brands such as Oakley, Reebok, Adidas, and Puma.

Responding to questions concerning products and the market brands make Proozy Golf affiliate program are one of the best programs.

13. Sweet Spot Shot Videos Affiliate Program

The Sweet Spot Shot videos are created by Geoff Grieg with a purpose to promote Geoff Grieg Evolving Golf.

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Through video samples and a lot of promotional materials on the affiliate’s website, one earns 75% commission.

Marketing materials include email swipe files, video samples, banners, and testimonials.

Sweet spot shot videos program has been discontinued though.

14. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

The Callaway golf affiliate program can also be referred to as Callaway Golf pre-owned on the outlet affiliate program. It mostly deals with the sale of golf equipment.

Affiliates earn a commission of 6-9% for every sale made. Marketing material is mostly text links.

Application is via commission junction that gives you a unique HTML that identifies your sale and exacts commissioned earned.

15. Nike Golf Affiliate Program

Nike Golf Affiliate Program offers an 11% commission for its affiliate marketers with a cookie duration of 30 days.

It is one of the best affiliate programs because they have a wide range of great banners to promote the products on your website.

Furthermore, the program communicates about how products it offers; this makes it easy for promoting their products.

16.ProTee Golf Affiliate Program

ProTee Golf Affiliate Program is based in the UK and does not restrict any type of user to sign up to the platform.

It majorly deals with the sale of golf simulators affiliate programs to both beginners and veteran self-players.

Affiliate marketers earn up to 5% commission for the sale of both software and hardware products.

The commission can seem small, but still, you can earn great as proTee simulators cost as much as 35000 dollars. Payments are done made every month, which is paid via pay pal.

17. Golf Pad Affiliate Program

Golf Pad program is a free smartphone app that tracks scorings putts, penalties, and fairways for golf players.

It also tracks distance, finds the range, and outlines the course. In terms of affiliate marketing, Golf pad offers commission at the following rates;

-Par: 8% in the first three sales

-Birdie: 10% on the next 4-10 sales

-Albatross: 12% on purchase 11-17

-Ace-15% on units 18+

Golf pad also offers an 8% discount to affiliates, a 5% discount to buyers, and a bonus commissions promotion—for example, 10% for a couple of months.

Payment is always made monthly with a cookie duration of 21 days.To apply, one needs to enter personal and website information.

18. GForce Affiliate Program

GForce is an affiliate program that works to improve any golfer, either a beginner or a veteran, to improve their golf swing.

It does this by offering training through videos. This program pays out a commission of 20% to its affiliates on all risks made.

The cookie duration is 30 days. Marketing materials are text links and videos.

19. Buggies Unlimited Program

 Buggies unlimited mostly deal with self-products and cast parts. Products offered are audio systems, cargo boxes, new tyres, and wheels, among others.

Affiliates of this program have an opportunity to access over 9000 items that make them earn up to 10% commission.

Buggies’ unlimited cookie duration is 30 days. Material for promotion is mostly the use of text links.

20. Golf Now Affiliate Program

Golf Now is the world’s leading tee time market place. It offers services such as; booking for golfing trips online at over 6000 golf courses worldwide.

Moreover, the VIP program offers exclusive benefits such as worry-free tee tires, waived.

For affiliates and partners, the pay-out commission of Golf Now is 3 dollars per round, booked through the website.

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Golf Now cookie duration is 30 days.

21. Shot by Shot Program

Shot by Shot is one of the best affiliate programs to help determine a player’s weakness and strength to improve their game.

Shot by Shot is managed through share a sale network and is rated 1000+ on the power rank system in shareasale.

Golf Affiliate Programs

The commission is earned at 10 dollars as an affiliate. For application, one signs up with Shot by Shot. Its cookie duration is 60 days.

22. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs, especially for new affiliate marketer.

It mostly deals with golf equipment, apparel, accessories that are of renowned brands, and affordable.

However the difference that Amazon Associates have with other self-affiliates programs is that it has a short cookie duration of only 24 hours. The commission is paid at 3% per sale.

23. American Golf Affiliate Program

American Golf mostly deals with sales of golf equipment based in the UK and Ireland. Marketing pounded is via update of latest products, banners, and links.

Commissions are always enjoyed at 6% per sale with a cookie duration of 30 days. 

24. Ben Hogan Affiliate Program

Ben Hogan is an affiliate program that has 65 years’ experience in the golf industry. It gives one an opportunity to purchase Ben Hogan Golf Equipment.

It has maintained a working relationship with its customers over the years.Affiliates to this program join free, and they earn a commission of 6%-8% from sales that they refer to.

Cookie duration is 45 days. Marketing tools include; banners, text links, and data feed.

25. Golf 18 Network Affiliate Program

Golf 18 Network is one of the most profitable affiliate programs. It offers affordable tee times, such as booking online.

For example, you a book six tee times this year and get an 18 dollars credit for your next round of golf.

Golf 18 operates via Commission Junction that assists in the management of the program.

Marketers earn a commission of 6% net revenue per order placed.

Cookie duration is 21 days. Marketing tools are informative banners and custom tee time booking widget.

26. Galaxy Affiliate Program

The Golf Galaxy Affiliate Programs mostly promotes golf equipment, clothes, footwear, and accessories from trusted brands.

Commissions are at 3% of the sales with a cookie duration of 14 days. Marketing materials include; text links, coupons, and deals.


With the golf affiliate programs reviewed above, it is now up to you to invest in this lucrative sport.

Check the commissions offered, cookie duration, and how one registers as an affiliate and house the one you prefer.

This is a market gap that anyone would be interested with for good and huge income


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