Top 30 Best Education Affiliate Programs

Education Affiliate Programs

Top 30 Best Education Affiliate Programs 

Education has become a basic need among people in different countries.

Even when people complete their studies, they still strive to expound their knowledge on different niches, and this has called for advancement in the sector.

 E-learning and digital education has created opportunities for people to access education easily at the comfort of their homes or whenever they are at the specific time that they need to study.

 It is easier and more affordable. Through affiliate education programs, people have been able to access different education programs and materials to advance their skills.

People are quickly venturing into education affiliate programs, and this has enabled them to earn extra capital through attending to the needs of their clients.

Education Affiliate Programs 

Choosing an Education Affiliate Programs is however, not easy, and this article we focus on the tips for selecting an affiliate program and the different education affiliate programs that you can select.

Tips to Discover and Choose the Best Affiliate Program

There are many education affiliate programs to choose from, and if one is indecisive about the specific one that they want, it may turn out to be a daunting task.

There are many tips that you can follow when choosing your ideal Education Affiliate Programs to make the process easier for you.

Fits Within Your Niche

This is an important issue worth stressing about even though it sounds pretty obvious. It is essential that you find products that are related to the nature of your blog.

Creativity is the key, and you should be sure to think outside the box. Do not limit yourself to the type of products that you want to purchase.

If your blog focuses on education subjects, you can also diversify it by selling education materials and training programs that can help people develop their professions.

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Be Your Own Client

When it comes to education affiliate programs, it is essential that you settle for programs that you are passionate about, and if you do so, you do not see it as a job anymore.

Your hobbies are likely to motivate you to work and give your best in making your blog highly successful.

If you decide to settle for a product that you do not have many clues about, you can consider studying and asking around about it so that you can familiarize yourself with the basics about it.

At times, you may not feel passionate about many products, but when you gain some knowledge about them, you can have the motivation to try them out.

Program Competitors

If your education affiliate program is already existing and doing well, you might want to research on your competitors so that you can have more clues on how they run their programs.

If you want to curb high competition in your programs, you should be sure to check out the programs that your competitors offer and try to offer similar, better, or differed programs that they have.

By doing so, you bring your clients closer as you have everything that they need.

You can gain conversions by doing so.

Even when you have all the products that your clients need, they may seem to be inclined to choose items to buy form a category that you feature in your blog.

Education Affiliate Programs 

Be sure to learn and feature categories form people that you sell in the same chain.

Feature products that your specific audience prefers

Before starting your blog, you should be sure of the audience that you target. By knowing that, you can easily choose your education affiliate programs.

 Ensure that the programs that you promote are desired by your target audience.

To make this easy, you can set up a customer profile that allows you to monitor the progress of your clients and their response towards your products.

If you already have an existing customer base, you should always stay alert on their actions and follow up on those that seem to be active and determined to purchase your products.

Research is also important in following up on the progress of your clients. Ensure that you show interest in their advocacies.

Through emails, surveys, and blog posts, you can get to know if the clients are happy with your products, and they can also share the changes that they would like you to make in your posts for them to have an easier experience while visiting your site.

If you lack a big following, you should consider studying how your competitors are working and try to incorporate whatever products and features they have on their sites.

Social media is also a great way of learning, and you can gain vast knowledge about your clients through posting questions for commentary.

Diversity in Product Prices

Many affiliate marketers are tempted to fully market products that are highly-priced.

Unfortunately, this limits the number of clients that may be willing to visit such sites and make a purchase.

When selecting your products, you should focus on all types of products with both low and high prices, as this gives everybody a chance to get what they are looking for on your site.

Besides, try to strike deals with merchants who offer commission for recurrent goods if a client comes back to purchase a good for the second time.

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You should at least strive to earn a little bonus whenever you have the opportunity.

Earning Clicks and Commission Levels

When you already know the type of education affiliate programs that you want to settle for, you should strive to check out on the returns that you are likely to gain from them.

Check out on the commission that you can earn from each click the higher sales that you make, the higher your chances of earning more commission.

Quality Products

Your products must be good if you want to make high sales.

For a long term successful education affiliate programs, you should always strive to make your customers happy.

 If you notice that the return rate is high, the quality of your products may be low.

If you focus on quality, you can quickly gain a high reputation and get more clients to purchase more products from your site.

Top 30 Education Affiliate Programs that pays well

Tree House

Tree house has helped many of its students transform their lives through launching new careers and developing their current ones.

The online technology school helps students that enrol in their programs gain practical skills in coding, web development, developing a mobile app, and many more courses that are related to technology.

Their courses are well detailed, and they offer study materials that enable you to develop your career and add up to your initial earnings from your main job.

The program also offers you a convenient and flexible way to manage your study time. You can study according to your pace at a reasonable cost.

With this program, those involved are sure to acquire creativity skills and knowledge on marketing with the help of the tools provided in the platform.

With the management team of tree house, students can receive support on any issues that may be bothering them.

The design of the program allows everyone to receive free tutorials on request. It has high reliability that can be encouraging to those involved.

The major reasons that you should try out this education affiliate program include:

  • Free tutorials
  • State of the art tools to help you in your specific field of study
  • Digital school

Microsoft Education Affiliate Program

Microsoft education affiliate program is one of the most popular education affiliate programs today.

The program offers learners a chance to grow and advance in various aspects like PCs, office, mobile applications, Xbox, and many more.

In this program, you get to gain 10%commission on every sale.

Besides, you get to gain commissions for any downloads that you get on your site for applications, TV shows, motion pictures, and many more.

The programs also offer resources that enable your clients to enjoy a vast number of options

Innovation is the key when it comes to this affiliate program, and there is a wide range of resources in the instruction circle that is availed for your clients to access and build their knowledge.

The instructions and resources suit people of all ages, and you can be sure to achieve diversity through your site.

 The affiliate program also offers you a free and easy way to sign up and get to create and avail your resources, depending on your niche of choice.

Udemy Education Affiliate Program

This is the best site for tutors, educators or understudies people that want to sell materials and content.

It has also proven to be a highly successful site that people can rely on for quality content.

Due to the fast growth of the site, it has been featuring about 80 posts that receive traffic from about millions of understudies. 

As an affiliate, you get to choose the various topics that you want to market and sell their studies, and thus, you can earn form that depending on the number of people that are willing to buy them.

The site has become a perfect opportunity for people to earn money and grow their careers.

As an affiliate, you can earn from the site by posting ads and also links on your blog post or site, and with sales, you can be sure to monetize your efforts.

It is not difficult to earn from this site, especially if you have a good site with many clients.

 It even gets easier because the site posts high-quality content that is admirable and helpful to many clients. You can contact them at


Even after completing the right studies in schools through the traditional method of study, many students are finding it difficult to get jobs in the outside world.

Due to these difficulties, they have turned to media for help on the extra skills that they require to be sharp and more competitive in the market.

Udacity offers the most essential resources for students to develop their skills and achieve the right expertise that is needed in the tech industry.

As noted, these skills may not be availed in the traditional context of education.

Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for such students to learn more and familiarize themselves with the skills that are essential in helping them to cope in this industry.

There are vast resources in this site, and students get to enrol in various fields ranging from artificial intelligence, data science, and cloud computing.

Through your affiliate website, you get a commission of $100 for every client that you refer to Udacity.

The high affiliate commissions are a great opportunity for you to encourage more people to join the program.


This is the perfect program for engineers that want to further their studies in the field.

As a continuing school for engineers, the program offers study materials, webinars, online courses, and all the resources that the engineers need to perfect their skills in the industry.

The program was founded by Edward, who experienced problems accessing programs for study at the PhD level while he was living abroad.

Through the website, he offers high-quality PHD programs and study resources for clients. Through live and interactive webinars, clients get to sharpen their knowledge.

The venture has grown. It has a team of 180 instructors, experts, and subject matters.

For every successful client that they gain through your affiliate link, you get to receive rewards in terms of tokens.

They also have an extra lucrative program that offers 14% pay for every successful sale of webinars and courses.

EDX Courses

This affiliate program was founded by MIT and Harvard.

 The program avails high-quality study courses for university and college students, and their content is top-notch and incomparable to any other in the globe.

Affiliates get to access banners, text links, and all types of resources that are essential in making the whole process successful.

Education Affiliate Programs

With this program, students from any part of the entire world can access the various resources offered.

The courses range from psychology, biology, languages, science, writing, among many other courses that a student needs to successfully complete their university education.

Regardless of where you reside, you can be sure to promote this program as it has over 130 partners.

Visual Thesaurus

This affiliate program is ideal for studying languages.

The program makes e-learning exiting by enabling students to interact with new words that can help them improve their language skills.

Learners can explore different nouns, pronouns, and repositions in English and their meanings to make learning earlier.

The program offers a commission of 10% for every client that you refer to them.

Lynda From LinkedIn

This online program enables people to learn a vast number of skills to grow their businesses and advance their careers.

It is an interactive program that has proven to be beneficial to people that use it.

It has a wide range of programs, including business, technology, creative skills, and many more.

Over 10000 organizations have been benefiting from this program, and it offers the tutorial in over five languages.

As an affiliate, you can earn big form this program for every individual that signs up to the program through your link.

You do not have to convince anyone to buy anything as long as they sign up.


This is a fast-growing program that focuses on helping entrepreneurs and organizations grow their sales.

The program also offers companies the resources that require to manage the customer experiences and offer immediate help to clients on all the claims that they may have to pertain to their goods.

Through the program, you can access demo videos and banners to teach you on the best entrepreneurship steps to take in building your career.

The Scholastic Store Online

This is program that is designed to offer children’s content.

 It is an essential tool in helping children develop their skills and make the best out of the resources available on the web.

It offers a 7% commission on each sale.

As an already established program, it has been able to attract a larger number of users thanks to the reputation that the site has already built for itself.

Rosetta Stone

This is a language learning program, and it is the only one that allows learners to know the correct ways to pronounce different types of words.

 This program is famous for its easy to use interface and high success in its advocations.

Besides, the program offers people a free trial with 30 languages. It has a wide range of products and programs for one to perfect their language skills.

It offers healthy affiliate commissions, and its brand is already well established and known by many people.

Amazon Associate Program

This is among the most popular education affiliate programs. It offers clients a diverse range of textbooks and other educational resources to develop their knowledge.

Through the web, you can choose the various ebooks, electronics, and resources that can be useful to your readers.


This program enables affiliates to incorporate a vast number of study institutors in their programs.

It is ideal for college students that need to develop their knowledge through further studies.


This affiliate program is ideal for people that are targeting students. It offers study courses for college students that are aspiring to pursue their education.

Through the platform, a student can access study materials and services on editing.

 It is reliable, and affiliates can earn up to 20% commision for every sale that they make successfully.

This affiliate program targets people that are looking for jobs in the education sector.

It has professional materials and guidelines on how one can successfully attain a job in the industry and the skills that one requires for them to be competent in their career.

As an affiliate, you can be sure to earn about fifteen to twenty percent of commission for every successful sale

This program also focuses on students, and it seeks to offer them textbooks at affordable prices.

One can access a wide range of textbooks to study and expound their knowledge on various issues that matter in their course of study.

There are more products that a student can access from this site, and depending on the resources that they need; they can always get whatever they are looking for in the program.


This is a language learning program that focuses on teaching people a new language.

Clients that enrol in this program can access test-prep services. Those on higher education are recommended to join this program.

There are vast educational programs that one can access from this program, depending on their needs.

One can earn $2 to $39 for every successful sale. You also get a chance to promote books and other resources through this program.

Academic Superstore

In this place, one gets to purchase electronics and software. It is a diverse field, as one does not necessarily need to be a student.

There are many ways that an affiliate can benefit from this site. The site offers a 5 % commission for each sale.

You should try to be diverse on the links and banners that you place so that clients can easily use the site to help you develop.


This is the right place for ne to learn ways that they can become creative.

It encourages students to embrace the art of innovativeness through the vast resources that it offers.

Through the site, one can access materials and courses from top universities in the world like Michigan, John Hopkins, among many.

There are more than 1600 courses for students to choose from the site.

The program also offers vast options to its affiliates.

Affiliates also have access to the newsletter that is released monthly to guide them on the tips that can be beneficial to them.

The marketing materials on this site are also designed professionally.

Rocket Languages

In this site, students and non-students can learn a new language of their preference.

The program offers a wide range of languages that students can benefit form as long as they choose the right study resources and keep practising.

Among the languages that the program offers include German, Spanish, Russian, Sign language, among others.

 The study materials may take up to 100 hours, and it is up to the student to choose their preferred study hours.

$145 is the average value of the items. Through promotional coupons and other tools, affiliates have an easier time handling their activities online.

They also get to receive commissions for the sales that they make through their platforms.

The awards winning language program offers a commission of 40 to 45% to affiliates for each sale of 500 and above.


This program helps in addressing the needs of IT professionals and students.

It brings a new way of learning to students, and they can earn new knowledge to continue perfecting their careers.

It is also a famous platform that helps in bringing a revolution to the world through innovation.

It also adopts AI-based learning to incorporate IT skills to its learners.

It focuses on nine domains, and it comes with over 1900 courses that are bound to widen the knowledge of the students.

Through its advanced level, the program is also ideal for IT professionals and investors that want to train their team on new techniques to handle things in the industry.

The resources and tools that the program offers to learners enable them to quickly master content and have more advancement in their careers and plans.

Affiliates also have access to a wide range of resources, including landing pages, coupons, reporting, among many others that make their work much easier.

They also earn a commission of 50%.

Legacy Learning Systems

Through this program, people get to learn a variety of skills to develop their careers. It offers video-based courses that enable people to learn quickly.

Their online-based master courses include the learning of piano, photography, painting, and many activities that make the entire learning experience fun for the learners.

The company partners with ShareASale’s to make their affiliate program successful.

Through the affiliate program, there are vast resources that make the venture successful, like banners, tracking tools, and promotions that encourage learners to enrol in the programs.

Affiliates also get to earn commissions for the phone sales that they promote, and this makes it easier for them to earn money.

They offer an average commission of $43 per sale.


This program targets kids, and it has proven to be an effective way for kids to discover new talents through relying on the vast creative videos that the venture posts.

 Through it, kids get to be active in their daily lives, and they get to improve their critical thinking skills.

Through the videos, your kids get to spend more time practices the various things that they discover.

Affiliates of this venture get to earn commissions through promoting these gifts and encouraging the community to view them and gain more concepts through the videos.

Besides, the product catalogues that affiliates get to access make it easier for them to use the platforms.

The company offers commissions for the sales that you make and the views they receive through your affiliate links.

Besides, they also offer a user-friendly support system through which you get to access help for any questions that you may have about the platform.

Here are vast things that you can enjoy form this platform and thus have an easy time as you continue to handle the marketing work.


This is a leading platform that helps in improving the workforce and promoting an industrious society.

The platform has achieved a breakthrough for a long time, and it continues to offer state of the art training to upcoming professionals.

 It has so far offered training to over 4 million people, and it continues to gain more fame with time.

The high success rate of the company has seen many people want to try out their services.

They offer coupons and discounts to their affiliates.

They also have a support affiliate that helps the learners to progress and advance in their studies.

Alpha Omega Publications

This platform has served over a million learners. It is a Christian program that offers learners with various study options for them to sharpen their skills in education.

 It has proven to be beneficial to many learners, and they have showed more concentration and improved their performance in school.

The award-winning Program offers K-12 grade learning options. It is suitable for remedial assistance, distance learning, and summer options enrichment.

Affiliates that want to sign up to this program can do so by searching for the Alpha Omega Publications on the section of advertisers, and they can get to access the various resources of the company.

 Affiliates get to access various resources like banner ads, content, and text links, among others, that make their experience easy and more accessible.

This is a great choice for anyone that wants to improve their studies and school work. It helps students keep sharpening their skills in various subjects even during holidays.

As an award-winning affiliate program, you can be sure to home school and stay ahead of the curriculum to upgrade your grades back in school.

Besides, affiliates get to earn a commission for sales.


This program has been helping many students at various levels of study to write essays.

Through it, students get to access essay writers with exceptional skills to offer them guidance on the best ways to handle essays.

It has become a major platform for students to access various skills and learn from experts.


This affiliate program is ideal for math lovers.

 It aims at bringing tutors and students together to generate questions that later lead to topics worth discussion to find out the problem areas and solve them.

Affiliates get to earn by the commission through references by teachers to the students.


This affiliate program helps to nurture passion among people.

It offers courses on multimedia, hobbies, music instructions, among others, and it aims at helping people learn new skills.


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