Top 30 Best ADs Tracking Affiliate Programs

Ads Affiliate Programs

Top 30 Best ADs Tracking Affiliate Programs 

In today’s world, individuals are taking advantage of advanced technology by engaging in online businesses to boost their income or earn a living through affiliate marketing.

To ensure that your affiliate marketing is growing big, you need to keep track of your campaigns and do statistical analysis to ensure that your platform is growing.

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An affiliate marketer has to ensure that they are thoroughly active online, which helps them interact with customers and to make conversions.

ADs Tracking Affiliate Programs are tools that help in planning your campaigns, tracking your actions, makes testing simpler for a business owner, among many others.

However, we are going to look at various ad tracking programs that give a measure of your use of social media platforms, showing how effective your online business is and how you can ensure that you have quality content.


Everflow is said to be the premier tracking program in the market, having an excellent UI as well as an advanced set of features.

This platform has one of the best-digitalized management of campaigns and feedback functionality.

 Everflow pays its affiliates a commission of over 200 USD per month, which makes it cost-effectiveness than most affiliate programs.

 Everflow platform has several features, including:

  1.   Simplifies online data into graphs & reports.
  2.  It has improved notification system
  3.  It gives feedbacks immediately.
  4.  It has online purchasing tools
  5.  Handles devices (mobile or computer) traffic with a fully exposed API 100% time.
  6.  Has the ability to simplify traffic across social media platforms.
  7. Has an excellent reporting and analytics system.


LinkTrust tracking software helps its affiliates use a successful campaign by optimizing and tracking the actions of one’s online marketing effectively.

However, this affiliate software tracks ads, shopper’s conversions, leads, online calls (video/audio), and networks.

These ADs Tracking Affiliate Programs allows users to track both internet and offline advertisements through cookies, CPA, phone traffic, server posts, pay per call as well as pixels since it has a customized interface.

Moreover, this platform has other features that help in; detecting fraud, gives fast reports, tracking mobile phones, and customized lead validation; it has one of the best sharing and management as well as controls traffic remotely having a LinkTrust Remote Traffic Agent.


AffTrack affiliate program is a globally used SaaS solution provider that was started in 2009.

This platform is user friendly and enhances ease in tracking.

AffTrack also provides its affiliate marketers generous clicks.

 The platform has excellent features including detection services which they offer for free,  24/7 full analytics, interfaces that can be branded, file storage management, Invoice, and payment tools.

Give affiliates access to a granular level,  File manager, can accommodate many affiliates and promoters without limits, has a device targeted, has the power to track new customers.

The platform also show an individual’s geographical location, offers affiliates great commissions when they make referrals to customers.


Hitpath tracking program gives its affiliate online marketers the best digital marketing experience.

This user-friendly tracking software provides quick and useful tracking solutions in real-time with a 24/7 support system.

The Hitpath has features including; management of affiliates, tracking campaigns in real-time, and a user-friendly interface.

 Impact Radius

Impact Radius is a tracking affiliate program that was established in 2008 by the founders of and CJ.

This platform has excellent features such as;  onboarding automation, report analysis, track new affiliates, track calls,  checking on promotion codes, allow tracking options through FTP upload, pixel, real-time analysis, and REST API, among others.

 Click Inc

Click Inc. has its intuitive interface that is great for those who aren’t entirely comfortable with HTML.

In contrast, the Trulink format is a wonderful tool for boosting SEO as it will directly link to your sales page rather than using a coded link.

Other key features include Insightful reports providing traffic status commissions, graphs, and sales. Click Inc.

It includes popular management tools that provide you with power of creating coupons and following up with merchants.

The starter-plan is available for $25 per month, and you can also opt for the $69 or a $149 monthly plan.


HasOffers Tracking Software is the preferred choice of over 12,500 online businesses.

Accommodating global brands such as Living SocialSocial and Zynga, among many others, you can rest assured that this HasOffers is replete with all the features you’ll need to operate and maintain a profitable affiliate marketing program.

Some unique features include Fraud protections, unlimited affiliates, 99% tracking up-time, comprehensive API, great tracking metrics,superior measurement, and devices, and an option for dedicated solution.

You can also leverage as an ad-agency for advertising your e-commerce store.

You can try HasOffers for free for 30days and can also test the software yourself. 


Voluum is one of the premier ADs Tracking Affiliate Programs that control track and access for affiliate marketing campaigns, for which it tracks real-time updates as well as observes data insights.

This platform is popular for its excellent user-friendly interface.

The Voluum has features that allow affiliates to; make money from campaigns by purchasing an effective traffic conversion.

Make white and blacklists on their CPA dashboard; they can track all their customers/clients, new campaign adding, create landing pages, ability to check what can improve your funnel as well as manage traffic by mobile.

Features of the Voluum platform:

  1. Helps in Real-Time tracking that shows the target customers and the rate of conversions.
  2. Voluum has traffic that offers unlimited data to all users.
  3. This platform got device independence that works on devices when one logs into his/her account and also allows analyzing campaigns.
  4. This program has an interface that enables the campaign to stay online through the security of data and authentic formulas.
  5. Voluum offers a pricings ranging from $99 (which covers several clicks and 0.00004 for every click) up to $999.


CAKE is a tracking program that is cloud-based that optimizes and checks affiliate networks.

It allows one to monitor all network behavior and control contacts when re-checking analysis.

The CAKE affiliate program has advanced features such as Fraud security, Pixel management, Campaign targeted by mobile phone, Real-time tracking.

Personal accounts for both affiliates and customers, Full-time support, and commissions on sales made by affiliates. 

This platform makes payments depending on the business needs as well as the usage, which are made in levels, namely, Enterprise and Choose.

 Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro platform is one of the best tracking programs used by above 2000 businesses worldwide.

 Features of Post Affiliate Pro software; user-friendly interface, themes, multiple support, track links directly, design affiliate link, fraud security, pictures, and message link banners as well as reports.


LinkTrackr is a cloud and fee-based tracking software that provides solutions for monitoring and tracking.

This platform creates ease for marketers with continuous links and clicks by just signing up for an account at no cost.

The platform’s pricing depends on the plans; for the basic plan, it goes for 9dollars monthly, the pro plan is 19dollars, Hyper at 39dollars while Extreme for 69dollars. In addition, it offers a free trial for 30 days.

Features of the program:

  1. The platform shows click stats in real-time on the user’s dashboard.
  2. Enables the use of customized domains to track and cloak affiliate links.
  3. Optimizes links of affiliates.
  4. Conversion of keywords to tracking links.


Bitly is a tracking affiliate program that is hosted by a cloud that tracks links and clicks.

This free online platform added advantage to businesses promo sites since one can store websites or useful links as an online bookmark.

Bitly has excellent features, including:

  1. It provides unlimited storage in groups of affiliate’s choice.
  2. Helps in monitoring links when you want to know if they have been shared through tracking code.
  3. The user can add useful notes on the links stored in the program.
  4. The network allows affiliates to share links by logging into their accounts quickly.
  5.  Ad Trackz Gold.

After the free trial expires, expect to pay up to $27 a month for a subscription. 

Ad Trackz Gold is a tracking affiliate program with useful functionality that tracks clicks, links, actions as well as referrals.

This platform reports on taxes, profits, among others. Unlike other ad tracking programs, AdTrackz Gold is not time able although it divides test, customizes links as well as manage a campaign set up.

This platform provides a free trial, but on expiry, the user pays a subscription of USD27 per month.

 Pretty Link Pro

Pretty Link Pro is an ad tracking paid program that reports clicks and conversions regularly.

The platform automatically allows scheduling as well as splits tests, simplifies links, and setting up campaigns. Moreover, this program is based on WordPress Plugins with pricings ranging from 37dollars to 97dolllar and has no offers for free trials.


AdWatcher’s affiliate platform provides tracking solutions on ads, clicks, and fraud.

The platforms give reports on sales and profits as well as provides schedule, split testing, setting up campaigns, and customized links.

Adwatcher has different pricing, but for a year’s subscription, the user pays USD449.55 and also provide a free trial.


AdMinder is a cloud-based affiliate program that provides tracking solutions on sales, clicks, downloads, as well as its affiliates.

This platform reports on CPC & ROI on a regular basis and can set up campaigns and sub-campaigns. AdMinder tracker has pricing of USD19.95 monthly, and it does not offer a free trial.

This platform does not allow scheduling, shortening of links as well a split testing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics affiliate program was founded in 2005 as a web analytics world free service provider. This platform offers website solutions in detailed reports to all sizes of sites to online marketers.

Google Analytics has excellent features such as: manages website sales, capable of unlimited data analysis, an advanced integration of eCommerce, provide helpful demographic data on the user page, as well as has an AL system for tracking report issues.


ClickMeter tracking affiliate program is a tracking solution provider that makes count and tracks website actions by monitoring channel activities and afterward gives a detailed report.

ClickMeter has excellent features, including:

  1. User-friendly interface that one can use to monitor their sales, profits.
  2. Ability to monitor campaigns.
  3.  Protects users from fraud by only monetizing and recording legal clicks.
  4. Has an API that allows users to connect multiple media platforms.
  5. It allows instant sharing of information (real-time).

The pricing in the ClickMeter platform is different depending on level—29dollars monthly for the medium plan and 99dollars monthly for Pro plan.


RedTrack is an ADs Tracking Affiliate Programs that is used in tracking campaign performance that was established in 2015 in Lithuania.

It uses the technology of machine learning, allowing uses to make optimized and automated campaigns as well as provide solutions to its users and online buyers to obtain better ROL world-widely.

This platform has pricing starting at 29dollars monthly.

RedTrack has great features, including:

  1. It has customized dashboards that improve tracks and reports.
  2. This platform allows several cost model of affiliates
  3. It has diverse data point analytics- by tracking source, networks, promo, campaign, IP address, click time, each click referral, among others.
  4. Custom domains are used for making tracks.
  5. Has a visitor cap that helps affiliate to control the times an offer is displayed to the same client.
  6. It has excellent streams as there is A/B testing depending on custom parameters.


Tracking Deck is a cloud-based ADs Tracking Affiliate Programs that provides accurate track and ad campaign optimization that was established by Laurent Malka.

This platform enables ease in monitoring traffic networks, phones, and sources, thus making it beneficial for its affiliates as they make large profits.

The software’s pricing starts from 50dollars per month per user.

Features of TrackingDesk:

  1. It has an easy set up through less clicks
  2. It allows automatically resends traffic to the right sites via one-click that can run several campaigns.
  3. Affiliate marketers can land page rotate and test them by A/B to know the best performer.
  4. They provide tracking that can be afforded by starters and small businesses.
  5. This platform provides simple analytics data.

 HyperTracker 2.0

HyperTracker 2.0 is one of the recently launched tracking affiliate programs. It is the high end in improving the potential of campaigns used to advertise.

This platform also provides high commissions with a 14-day free trial, 14.95dollars annually for the Gold plan, and 17.95dollars per six months for a silver plan as well as 19.95dollars monthly for the Bronze plan.

The features of HyperTracker:

  1. It enhances the success of ads.
  2. It shows affiliate data on how effective their campaigns are by showing how many clients per ad campaign are there.
  3. Tracking of clicks, activities, and referrals given by affiliate’s ads.
  4. They show locations of ads that create more traffic, referrals, and actions.
  5. It shows analyzed data of ads depending on the time they were used.
  6. Provide a way for you to take a look at your previous, current, and new ads.
  7. ClickMagick

The ClickMagick affiliate program is a cloud-based firm that monetizes advertisement campaigns by use of tools such as rotator, click tracker, and manager.

This platform manages link and also provides quality traffic.

This platform has great features including; affiliate link masking, has a Geo-targeted, it blocks bad clicks, protects links from third parties, users can track organic traffic through a code provided their site.

Presence of rotators & timers, as well as has MagickBars that allows adding images & videos. In addition, it has A/B split testing that allows random splitting of traffic.

Their pricing starts from a basic plan of $29, then $33 for Standard plans and $66 for big plans.

 Abhishek Dey 

This affiliate program provides solutions to publishers by adding their ad revenue in ad arrangements with high impact, videos as well as display.

This platform has Ad optimized strategies that allow publishers to experience positive progress in all their ad revenue ranging from 50% to 100%.


Trackier tracking affiliate program provides beneficial solutions to advance their interaction with their customers or promoters.

This platform allows its affiliates to make and track their business plans as well as manage campaign; they also offer affiliates access to the system, payments as well as resources giving them the ability to manage their business campaigns fully.

Trackier platform protects its affiliates from losing data, thus assuring them of that their information is secure.

It has digitalized features that help one to manage clicks, and its campaigns are managed on target rule (ISP) basis, thus allowing affiliates to convert shoppers.

This customized affiliate program offers traffic analyses that enable detection of fraud before it happens. They sign in customers on IP, ISP, and location of cursor as well as click time basis

 Mobidea Tracker

Mobidea platform is one of the leading tracking affiliates in the market that offers help in tracking campaigns, giving users access to useful and specific information.

In addition, it is unique as it gives access to rich data analysis as well as provides its promoters a free tracker.

This platform enables affiliates to make profits in their business since they are sure that there are no extra charges or payouts that might decrease their earnings.

The Mobidea Tracker is easy to join since you just sign up for the program, and you can start making cash instantly as they have several CPA offers that an affiliate can sell.

The platform’s tracker uses default to integrate traffic with more than a hundred sources of traffic. On the dashboard, it has online feed offer offers on CPA, signups, and earnings.

However, the platform has several centers of data, links, high commissions, Mobidea can do A/B test, enables users to monitor every action and enhance optimization by use of their analyzed data.

Affiliates enjoy the freedom of using Mobedea’s APL as well as provides affiliate services worldwide.


BeMob, tracking affiliate program, is a cloud-based platform that offers tracking solutions. Its associates are mainly affiliates, online purchasers, and groups.

The platform has an interface that affiliates can use, site networks, and great traffic, as well as specific reports and access to the API that helps users to run their ad campaigns.

The following are features of the BeMob:

  1. They provide security on affiliates landing page to keep Ad spy programs from tracking the user.
  2. They provide SSL immediately after one’s domain is signed into the tracker.
  3. They offer continuous campaigns per the affiliate’s plan on pricing.
  4. They have digital traffic distribution.
  5. Their support team responds quickly to users giving them solutions online.
  6. It allows multiple access for business-partners for group accounts.


Binom is also one of the best tracking software known to have professional tracking solutions.

This platform was established as a non-governmental beta popularly used by internal affiliate groups; thus, since its establishment, it has been providing CPA marketing with functionalities.

The Binom affiliate program is known to offer efficient report generating as well as redirecting of clicks.

This platform is integrated and is capable of enabling the user to link through API and access entire reports and functions using the JSON format for affiliates and customers to communicate.

The API enables recognized traffic sources using templates as well as enables the user to set up a new network through affiliate networks from templates by just clicking.

Binom reports are great for affiliate marketers that want optimization and grow their business; these reports also get generated within no time due to the platform’s functionality.

The program allows its users to get feedback on the traffic that enables you to analyze the earnings.

This expertise has the best quality and fast support that reacts to traffic problems instantly, which offers solutions at all-time regardless of the license you use. 

However, they provide tracker installing, host installing, recruiting new domains, and landing pages.

They have affordable and appealing to the clients offering traffic, support, and domains for free in the first year on signing up a pack while you make payments yearly you earn a commission of 69dollars per every month and 99 dollars each month on monthly payments.


ThriveTracker ad tracking software offers the most favorable solutions through the Cloud Service linked with Amazon cloud infrastructure.

This platform is popular and trusted by many affiliate marketers since it offers fast solutions allowing affiliates to give another software campaign links.

This platform gives access to several domains on installing once, as well as offers both scales and reduction domains without putting limits.

ThriveTracker offers a bot filter in the package once you join; thus, an affiliate gets access to several accesses as a user on which they have the choice of controlling and putting restrictive measures for every sub-user or client.

This affiliate program has a Landing Page Pixel that is used click tracking, which can be used to arrange an affiliate landing page as a URL last destination in other social media platforms such as Twitter, Google Ads as well as Facebook.

Moreover, you can use it well with CDN to lower the latency, which will help to increase your device’s performance.

ThriveTracker affiliate program has several capabilities. Firstly, it is user friendly and simple to use since it is optimized to have the least latency on phone traffic.

However, having a particular country’s data, Operating System, browser, carrier, among other tools, you can make rules on your own to change the traffic’s direction to various providers. 

Other features include: an affiliate can make split tests, use the same landing page to test various offers, and create various landing pages for one of the offers without editing any line of code.

In addition, you can do a test and retest innovatively, making the right reports.

ThriveTracker being one of the leading tracking solution providers, offers quality information that an affiliate can combine and analyze hence grouping the created campaigns, page landing, among others.

The reports help in analyzing traffic, thus allowing better campaigns. The cost paid by clients is 99dollars per month, but there can be more expenses due to the increase in the database.

In conclusion, it is right to say that every ADs Tracking Affiliate Programs has its specialty.

Therefore it is up to you to choose one program that fits your online marketing plan, has the freedom to try out another platform that satisfies the business strategy.

This is because each platform has a solution that might be unique from others, the same way business and individual needs vary from one to another.

As an affiliate marketer, it is, however, important to choose a platform that offers the best solution provider that suites your needs.


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