Top 30 Best Accounting Affiliate Programs

Accounting software

The Accounting Affiliate Programs are currently in high demand due to the rapid advancements of technology. Accounting has had significant changes in today’s era, however small businesses or developing businesses are now able to focus more on their core business.

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Financial training programs and software platforms as well as accounting service businesses are the best accounting affiliate programs so far in the market.

Affiliate marketers can earn high commissions from accounting niche by providing the best solutions to small businesses.  Below are the Top 30 Best Accounting Affiliate Programs.


FreshBooks Affiliate Program is a solution solver that majors in invoices and accounts. This user-friendly platform provides services to over 10 million small business owners by helping them avoid doing paperwork which can be very time-consuming.

The software has features such as; tracking time, organizing expenses as well as automating invoices.

Being an all-round solution to owners of small businesses, FreshBooks Affiliate program offers a Commissions of 5 USD for every trial when one sign up (for regular plans) as well as 55 USD for each paid subscription sign-up.

During the trial period, one can get conversions which are something good to affiliates as they start earning early. However, an affiliate can pocket from as low as $15 to over 50 dollars monthly.

They also provide an excellent length of Cookie that has life duration of 120 days.

Administered through ShareASale, this platform is based on Cloud; thus business owners get customers quite first.



The screenshot of the home page for Webgility has a dark blue background with white text announcing Webgility as the #1 automation software for professionals using QuickBooks and NetSuite, along with logos of several companies that use Webgility.

Webgility affiliate program provides services to small businesses by automating bookkeeping, inventory as well as accounting systems because it is an e-commerce accounting platform.

Webgility is the leading automation software that provides services to several businesses as well as experts that use QuickBooks and NetSuite.

Nevertheless, this platform has useful features including integration ability to put QuickBooks into fifty various accounting programs, sync data in all directions, sync and predict inventory among others.

Webgility provides a Commission rate ranging from 5% to 10%, free trials for both pro and Lite plans (help in conversion), and a Cookie period of 90 days.

Every month an affiliate can make sales of 39 dollars to 249 dollars (prices). They give bonuses for work, such us employing accounting advisors.

If an Affiliate makes below 10,000 dollar per every month, there is an offer of 5% commission and the one who will make from USD10, 000 to USD20, 000 each month, is given a payout of 7%.

In addition, some affiliates make more than USD32, 000 and also paid higher commissions after they communicate directly with the Webgility firm.

 The Accountant Beside You

The Accountant Beside You provides a variety of coaching and teaching products and services for churches, non-profitable forums, small companies, among other institutions for various needs of accounting.

Some of the resources provided by this platform include internet courses for learning QuickBooks, which is taught by accountants and spreadsheet templates to make bookkeeping simpler.

This platform offers its affiliates a decent Payout Commission rate of 15% per every successful sale made, and they also provide a Cookie with life duration of 365 days (great length) as well as a conversion rate of 8%.

The software shows charts and checklists at no cost under the freebies tab. However, customers can buy as many books as they want knowing that you will get a discount and free shipment by buying bulk sales.

Bean Counter

Bean Counter is one of the best bookkeeping tutorial store that has both eBooks and video tutorials.

Tests and games are two of the six various friendly eBooks while there are CDs or online downloadable video tutorials available in the tutorial store.

This affiliate program is unique and still enjoyable as it provides a field course to accounting learners to help them practice on mock entrepreneurship without having to take risks with their investments.

Bean Counter affiliate program provides high commissions of 50% per each sale to its affiliate marketers as well as a Cookie with a life period of 6 months.

Moreover, this platform gives a variety of products that are free on their website, and this is just one right way for attracting and conversion of shoppers.

However, Bean Counter Software is an accounting, educational bookkeeping, and a site that trains how to bookkeep.

They offer products for teaching such as bookkeeping & accounting tutorials and videos, courses, exams, tests, quizzes, lectures, and fun games to ensure relaxing between learning.

Bench Accounting

Bench Accounting provides software that is easy to learn as well as expert bookkeeper services to small business owners.

Therefore, small businesses are covered when it comes to the program’s support and intuitive reports that give a record of how their business is growing day by day.

Although their commission and cookie is not listed, Bench Accounting Affiliate Programs prices range from USD119 to USD299 per every month. They also offer free trials for all the plans.

The software also has a variety of add-on services, including payroll, tax preparation among others.

You should think about joining or promoting the Bench Accounting because it provides free trials, and they can have selling points through a personal bookkeeper.

 However, not having an idea of their commission rates it is hard to make estimations of how much their affiliate marketers make every month.

 TruPoint Accounting And Tax

TruPoint Accounting and Tax provides services such as accounting services setups through free consultations, business development plans, and preparation of taxes, QuickBooks coaching, rights and royalties, market specialization.

They offer free consultations for starting and managing accounting, projects for businesses among others.

 TruPoint Accounting and Tax little plans according to spending. A good example being their business plans approximately sell from USD875 to USD3, 500, but this is determined by what the customer wants.

The advantages of being a TruPoint Accounting and Tax promoter are:

  1. They have a high price of products and services meaning that the affiliate marketers make more money.
  2. The services that they offer are mostly provided with the use of bookkeeping and this is the right way that can attract customers leading to conversion of shoppers or purchasers.


Quaderno is an accounting affiliate programs that majors in tax accounting services remotely from Germany, US (United States) as well as Spain.  It provides these services to a hundred of businesses worldwide.

 The Quaderno platform provides automated calculations and collects sales taxes reducing work for small businesses which also allows small business owners to focus more on their projects.

Quaderno is a unique platform with its team working for a maximum of 5 hours a day. Their website brings out a message that they want their promoters to enjoy equality or fairness despite different working environment and background.

Quaderno offers a payout commission rate of 30% to its affiliate marketers and also offers Cookie but is length is not known. Their payout commission is high, considering that they have awesomely unique working environment.

This platform gives its promoters a refund period of 30 days. However, Quaderno affiliates receive their commission through their accounts after 30 days from which a successful referral is made.

An author known as Luca Pacioli wrote a book in 1494 talking about digital accounting in which he explains techniques of accounting that were existing during that era. Moreover, he mentioned Quaderno, the premier ledger that surrounds the whole accounting.

Now it has been over six centuries where the accounting world is far much advanced offering easy managing tax tools. Nevertheless, Quaderno provides enjoyable accounting solutions that are not time-consuming on paperwork.


ZarMoney is an accounting software program. Features include the ability to access accounts from mobile devices.

Users can also collaborate in teams, utilize an in-app to-do calendar, and use custom statuses to work more closely with customers when something about their order changes.

ZarMoney offers its affiliate marketers a commission rate of 10 dollars when one signs up for free trial sign-up as well as a payout commission of 60 dollars per every month of the full subscription money used to sign-up (this is an excellent earning for the affiliates).

Its Cookie life duration is Unknown

This platform gives a payment of 29 dollars per month for a small business plan as well as over 350 dollars per month for an enterprise plan.

ZarMoney also offers one free plan and a free trial for duration of 30 days; these offers reduce the risks for new entrepreneur users.


QuickBooks accounting affiliate program is popular worldwide, allowing its affiliates to promote their products on their websites directly.

The software has a variety of features including; bookkeeping program for small business owners, larger enterprises, and professional accountants.

QuickBooks offers a payout Commission rate of 10% and unknown cookie life duration.

The platform provides plans ranging from $5 per month for entrepreneurs with their businesses to $75 per month for all advanced plans. Advanced methods are mostly targeted to the developing businesses that need special attention.

Besides the monthly plans, there are desktop versions of the software. These packages range from around $300 to $1,155.

Affiliate marketers opt to subscribe to QuickBooks due to its reputation in offering solutions based on accounting. Also the software has decent payout rates, friendly subscriptions as well as their desktops.


Illumeo Accounting Affiliate training programs is one of the premier companies in the world having been founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley (CA).

This strategic expert development associate for Accounting and Corporate Finance Companies, specializes in auditing, accounting, as well as corporate finance for organizations.

This platform provides services such as courses that are highly demanded at the time, webinars, and full certification programs.

The course that they offer training covers professional growth and online customized training classes on different topics (advantageous to clients) and each certification learner pays personally.

Illumeo provides individuals free trials when they are signing up. The platform has plans; for full subscription plan, individuals pay $299 annually while for enterprise subscription the price is $ 349 per every year for each promoter.

The Accounting Affiliate Programs also offers free products such as webinars and development planners. Illumeo promoters and affiliate marketers enjoy a nice discount of 25%.

The plans also provide their affiliate marketers a Commissions rate of 20% per every successful order made. Their cookie life period is unknown.

The Illumeo Accounting Software provides a Full-Time Expert Development that determines every affiliate’s skills and competence, to identify those with organization benchmarks and compensate with both online and training that is on-demand from the most extensive content library available to these functions globally.

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ZarMoney accounting software provides services to both small and large businesses.

This affiliate program enables easier management of cash with modernized tools, secure integrations, and customized features that are made to increase innovation to online business owners a well as developing concern with several geographical locations.

The cloud-based accounting software offers its Affiliate marketers a Commissions rate of $10 per every free sign up referral and a payout of $60 per every successful order sign-ups.


PushEngage Accounting Software provides help on browser push notifications. It is very fast as it is life in more than 3600 websites in over 115 countries from all over the world. It manages to push out over 35million notifications in one month.

The PushEngage Accounting Affiliate Programs offers affiliates a Commissions rate of 50%


Bench Affiliate is designed to motivate the development of businesses as well as to offers mutual advantage to all Bench Co promoters and customers.

They provide unique services depending on the business since both small and large companies grow or develop differently.

 TruPoint Accounting and Taxes

TruPoint Accounting and Tax offer Firm finalizes financial intelligence for business owners on matters such as accounting, tax filing, growing of the business, specialization of the market, payroll as well as royalties & rights services.

The TruPoint & Tax Software provides its affiliate marketers a Commissions rate of 10% per every successful order made.

 More Than Accounting

More Than Accounting Programs provides affiliate marketers access to their accounts without setting any limits and counting the duration you use your gadget (phone or computer) at a fixed price that is paid every month.

 The fee paid per month includes; bookkeeping per month, management accounts review per month, email and telephone support that is not limited, VAT returns, business accounts, individual assessment as well as an affiliates program.

More Than Accounting Software offers affiliates high Commissions of up to £600 or $792. These payments are similar to what an affiliate in some other programs can earn in two months that makes it two times the monthly earnings.

However, they offer an average commission of £380 or 500 dollars.


This affiliate software provides preparations of tax. The Turbo tax platform offers its affiliate marketers a commission rate of 15% per every referral, and it has a cookie life period of 21days.

Bank Credit Card

Bank credit card affiliate program offers its promoters or customers a chance to make money from their relative credit card weblog traffic.

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Personal Capital

This software provides training services to people worldwide on wealth management as well as unbiased knowledge.

They offer affiliates commissions of up to 50% per month and a Cookie life duration of 30 days.


The 3dcart program provides e-commerce solutions to both small, medium, and large businesses from all over the globe.

This software offers affiliate marketers a high commission of 300% per every sale/referral made.


The WIX affiliate program is a website solution provider. They offer affiliates a commission of USD100 for every sale they make, as well as provide tracking of leads through an intuitive dashboard.


SITE123 program offers editing intuitive web site solutions. This affiliate program offers its affiliate a commission of up to $182 per referral made on a paid plan subscription.


Proof software provides business owners with more convert shoppers by use of power of social proof. This subscription program offers a recurring commission of 30% and Cookie life period of 90-days.

Also, an affiliate receives payments after a period of 2 months from with the order was recorded.


This accounting affiliate programs provides hosting product resolutions for a variety of businesses such as Premium Business Email Hosting, Managed WordPress and Virtual Private Server through an individually designed product portfolio.

LiquidWeb offers affiliate marketers a great commission of up to $7,000 per every referral made and has a great length cookie life of 90 days.


This software has expertise in personalized post-click landing page to assist businesses in optimizing digital ad use.

 The platform offers affiliates a commission rate of 50% of the first earning and a life commission of 30% per every personal plan.


This Accounting Affiliate Programs provides solutions on email marketing by customizing forms into business’ websites that help in the conversion of shoppers.

They also offer their promoters training courses, dashboard that tracks ones website progress as well as providing videos to market their products.

They pay affiliates a commission of 30% per every successful sale made and has a Cookie life of a period of 30 days.


This software creates online courses that offer accounting services. Teachable platform offers its affiliates a commission of 30% per every referral and has a Cookie life of 90 days.


This platform provides online marketing solutions to businesses and individuals as well. They offer their affiliates a recurring commission of 30% per every referral made.


Agonda Accounting Affiliate Programs offers booking services for vacation renting, hotels, as well as airport transportations for the customers who want to travel.

 Its offers affiliate a commission from as low as 4% but increases with the second or extra tiers. For example, one can earn a 7% commission.

Social Report

The Social Report program provides management solutions to all social media platforms helping accounting simpler. They offer their affiliates a commission of 20% per every referral every month in a period of 2 years.


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