Top 26 Best Camping Affiliate Programs

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Top 26 Best Camping Affiliate Programs

Camping and outdoor activities are a great opportunity to get closer to nature, have some relaxation away from the stressful daily routine, or even explore.

There are lots of different types of camping experiences you can have, ranging from backpacking, dry camping, canoe camping, car camping, motorcycle camping, snow camping, beach camping, camping with kids, or even with the elderly.

For all these different camping activities, anyone would wish to make them happen and have a great stay outside.

Camping Affiliate Programs

Camping equipment is necessary to make any camping experience the best and without disappointments. You could opt to stay in a tent, Rental Vehicle or a vacation vehicle

Joining the camping affiliate programs is a great idea and requires a specific discipline to maximize your earnings.

When it comes to camping affiliate marketing, there are no tough barriers, but you should be aware of the following tips

  • Know your audience well. Are they in search of camping equipment or clothing? Are they camping beginners or veterans? By knowing this, it would be easier to choose the best camping affiliate program.
  • Always choose the affiliate program that promotes safe products. Camping can be fun and, at the same time, risky. No camper would want to put themselves and the family unsafe.
  • Give the benefits and features of every product you promote.

Here is one of the best camping affiliate programs that offer great services and fair commission rates for their affiliates:

1. Camp Chef Affiliate Program

Just as the name suggests, the camp chef offers outdoor kitchen services during camping.

They have been in the outdoor kitchen for over 20 years, and this makes them more experienced. Their equipment includes; grillers and smokers, camp stoves, fire pits, stove accessories, cast iron ovens, among others.

On their website, they also state how one can use their products and recipes of different dishes.

Commission Junction manages this affiliate program.

Camp Chef has an average value size of $88; this makes conversion rates higher.

Affiliates receive a 10% commission monthly for every sale they make.

Cookie duration is 30 days.

Banner ads, text links, and RSS feeds are used as promotional materials.

2. Ramsey Outdoor Affiliate Program

Ramsey Outdoor deals majorly with camping and outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, backpacking, hunting, among others.     

They sell great apparel and gears for these activities.

Their products are up to date, and they offer great customer service.

The affiliate program promotes more than 450 brands such as Columbia Sportswear, Carhartt, Patagonia, and PolarMax, among others.

Avant link manages the affiliate program.

The average value size is over $80; affiliates earn an 8% commission rate within a cookie duration of 120 days. 

The camping affiliate programs also offers free ground shipping on orders over $74.

This, therefore, increases the order value. As a result, the affiliates earn a higher commission.

3. Paragon Sports                                                                                                                                                                                                      Camping Affiliate Programs                                                        

Paragon Sports has been in the camping and outdoor industry since 1908.

Their products are innovative and very unique. Their product inventory has over 30,000 products and promotes over 300 brands.

Commission Junction manages this affiliate program.

The average order size is $170.Affiliates earn a commission of 6% per sale within a cookie life of 2 years.

Marketing materials include customized banners and text links.

Affiliates are also allowed to access real-time performance reporting, full product feed, and third party tracking.

This helps increase sales.

4. Oregon Mountain Community Program

Oregon Mountain Community offers great apparel and gears for outdoor and camping activities.

It has been in the industry for over 30 years. it is well trusted and popular among a lot of people.

The store promotes brands for renowned brands such as Canada goose, The North Face, Patagonia, and Marmot, among others.

However, the camping affiliate programs mostly focuses on building the community. 

Avant link manages the affiliate program.

The average order size is $ 200 and free shipping on orders of $ 35 and above.

Affiliates earn a commission of 8% on sales made through their affiliate link.

The cookie duration is 60 days.

5. REI Affiliate Program

Since the 1930s, REI has been one of the largest outdoor equipment and apparel stores on the internet.

The affiliate program promotes not only camping equipment but also activities such as water and snow sports, cycling, and even yoga.

Avant link manages the Affiliate program.

Affiliates earn a 5% commission rate for sales made through their affiliate link, and payment is made monthly.

The cookie duration is 30 days.

REI camping affiliate programs provides marketing materials such as banner ads, text links, and product data feed.

6. Trekr Tech Affiliate Program

Trekr Tech Affiliate program promotes products such as 2-way radios, lighting, camping cookware, and survival safety, among other tools.

These are great accessories and gear for outdoor and camping activities.

Affiliates earn a commission rate of 7%, and the cookie duration is 60 days

7. Sherpa Adventure Gear Affiliate Program

Sherpa Adventure Gear Company mostly deals with camping and outdoor apparels.

Their products include scarfs, Hats, Hike and Trek apparel, bags, and water bottles.

ShareAsale manages the affiliate program.

The cookie duration is 30 days, gives affiliates enough time to make a sale for them to earn a commission.

They receive a commission rate of 10 %. Marketing material used includes banners and text links.

8. Mons Peak IX Affiliate Program

Mons Peak IX mostly sells its products online, and they also retail a wide variety of camping equipment.

Their products include tents, sleeping bags, trekking poles,cooking, and lighting equipment, among others.

For the camping affiliate programs, Affiliates earn a commission rate of 10% within a cooking duration of 30 days.

9. Affiliate Program store not only deals with camping related equipment and accessories but also stocks outdoor-related and adventure related products.

For camping, it offers products such as tents, camp stoves, sleeping bags, backpacks, hammocks, hiking shoes, and socks.

Avant link affiliate network works in partnership with the affiliate program.

Affiliates earn a commission rate of 8%, and the cookie duration is 60 days.

10. The Ozark Source Affiliate Program

The Ozark Source Affiliate program promotes products such as sleeping bags, lighting, and outerwear to camping hygiene and camping equipment.

It is one largest, renowned outdoor and camping affiliate program.

The Affiliate program has a longer cookie duration of 60 days, thus offers better conversion rates.

Affiliates receive a commission rate of 4% for any sale through their website.

11. Affiliate Program

Just as the name suggests, camp mostly deals with camping equipment and accessories.

The products include camping tents, sleeping gear, backpacks, among other outdoor accessories and clothing.

The affiliate’s commission rates range from 4 to 8% depending on the type of website, and they have a premium option of up to 12% for high earning affiliates.

The cookie’s life is for 30 days.

12. Outdoorsy Affiliate Program

Outdoorsy mostly deals with rental of campers, SUVs, RVs, and Caravans.

The affiliate program is managed by Has offers, but it is also available on Avant link and Commission Junction.

Affiliates receive a commission rate of $50-$100 per referral. Moreover, commissions can be earned in two ways:

  • When a referral vehicle booking is confirmed (first rental only)
  • When a referred owner completes the listing process for their vehicle.

Referral commissions can be paid on both renters booking vehicles and owners listing vehicles.

The cookie duration is within 30 days. Marketing material provided includes Banners and text links.

13. Rock Creek Affiliate Program

  Rock Creek offers outdoor equipment in its physical and online store.

The company offers great customer service and high-quality camping equipment and apparel from top brands. Avant link manages this affiliate program.

Affiliates receive an 8% commission on any sale made through their URL link.

The cookie duration is 30 days. They have access to marketing materials, raw data and dynamic solutions data feeds, one-on-one affiliate technical support, and dedicated program management.

Performance incentives are also available to affiliates with high sales volumes.

14. Coleman Affiliate Program

Coleman store is a well-known and trusted camping related store that offers great customer service and good quality products at an excellent price.

Their products include Tents and shelters, grills, coolers, lanterns and lights, gear, and sleep furniture.

Avant link manages the Coleman Affiliate program.

A commission of 5% is paid to their affiliates within a cookie duration of 14 days.

Marketing materials provided by the affiliate program include Ready-to-use banners, text links, product ads, and data feed.

15. Affiliate Program

Camping offers mostly products for survival purposes.

It specializes in camping and hiking gear, scout gear, emergency gears, and camping apparels for all gender.

Affiliates earn a commission rate of 10% on sales made through their website.

The Cookie Duration is not stated. Marketing materials for promotion are text links and banners.

16. Cotopaxi Affiliate program

Cotopaxi is an online retailer of outdoor clothing and accessories. They also do sell camping clothing for men and women.

Interestingly, the program also is at the forefront of alleviating poverty by donating 2% of their revenue to those who lack.

Not only do they work to do away with poverty, but they also work with organizations to provide health and education to students.

Their products include sleeping bags, water bottles, among others.

Cotopaxi offers free shipping for products over $99, and all products come with a lifetime warranty.

Avant link manages the affiliate program.

Cotopaxi pays out a commission rate of 10% to its affiliates and has a cookie duration of 30 days.

They also have a wide range of marketing materials. For example, text links, banners, and product feed.

The dedicated management also offers help on how to increase sales

17. Bushbuck Outdoors Affiliate Program

Bushbuck most deals with the sale of tents, camping equipment, clothing, hunting gear, and many more accessories from top brands.

They sell their products online at the best price; they also eliminate middlemen.

They do offer affordable international shipping services.

Refersion manages the affiliate program.

The average value size is over $130, with high conversion rates of 10%.

Commission rate is at 16% for their affiliates within a cookie duration of 30 days. 

Affiliates have access to exclusive coupon codes, static banners, promotions, and other marketing materials to help increase sales.

18. Affiliate Program specializes in outdoor and camping equipment and clothing.

The products suit outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, navigation.

There are also camping equipment such as backpacks, tents, kitchen accessories, among others.

The commission rate for is fair. They pay 8% for any sale made.

The cookie duration is 30days.

19. Unigear Affiliate Program

Unigear is an online retailer that offers camping related equipment and clothing. They include Camp and hiking gear, backpacks, tactical gear, among others.

You can only join the affiliate program if only you are part of the ShareASale Affiliate Network as it runs the program.

Unigear Camping Affiliate Programs offers a 30-day cookie duration and a commission rate of 15% for any sales made.

20. Life Straw Affiliate Program

Life Straw removes harmful bacteria and protozoa from water without any chemicals or batteries.

They are interested in partnering with websites focusing on camping, hiking, backpacking, emergency preparedness, and other relevant communities.

It also donates clean drinking water to school after every sale.

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Avant link manages the affiliate program.

The average order size is $75, with a conversion rate of 2%. Affiliates receive a 10% commission on sales made.

The cookie duration is 30 days. The Camping Affiliate Programs gives its affiliates access to tracking tools and creativity.

21. Insta fire Affiliate Program

Instafire products are flexible, portable, and easy to use.

They start a fire fast even in the presence of water and windup to 30-49 mph.

ShareAsale manages the affiliate program, featured, and backed on Shark Tank.

For affiliates to sign up into the affiliate program, they should have a certain amount of visitors or followers on their website, blog, email list, or social media platforms.

The average conversion rate is 2.7%, and affiliates earn a commission of 20% for any sales made through their affiliate program.

The cookie duration is of 90 days. They also have access to creative and tracking tools.

22. Gear Co-op Affiliate program

Gear Co-op is the first national outdoor retail store that offers a lifetime guarantee, free two-day shipping, and free return shipping.

They promote products such as tents, sleeping bags, camping stuff, backpacks, just to mention a few.

The unique thing about their products its that they are small, portable and flexible.

They stock well-known brands such as Marmot, The North Face, Mountain Hardware, Patagonia, and Adidas Outdoor.

Avant link manages this affiliate program.

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The average order value is $120+. Affiliates earn 7% commissions on sales & clearance items, 8% on gear, and 9% on clothing and footwear.

Top performing affiliates can earn commission rates of 11% or higher.

Cookie duration is 120 days. Marketing materials provided include text links, banners, and product feed.

23. Outdoor Vitals Affiliate Program

Outdoor Vitals offers a range of products such as sleeping bags, pads pillows, backpacks, hammocks, hiking food, shelter & tents, among other products.

They mostly use premium ultra-light products to allow faster activities and also the elimination of waste.

Outdoor Vitals offer free shipping of products and a limited lifetime warranty.

They also donate 1% of revenue to sustainable poverty projects all over the world. Avant link manages the affiliate program.

Outdoors Vital affiliate program optimizes their site for high conversion rates,and high sales commissions for affiliates.

Affiliates enjoy a commission rate of 30% within 30 days cookie duration.

Marketing material provided for promoting includes text links, banners, follower discounts, and pricing

24. Camping world Affiliate Program

Most Camping Affiliate Programs offer tents as shelter during camping and outdoor activities.

However, this is different from Camping World. It specializes mostly with Rental Vehicles. It not only hires rental vehicles for camping but also sells the RVs.

Ratuken Marketing manages the affiliate program.

Six %commission rates for an affiliate may seem small, but the advantage is that the RVs are not of low prices.

The cookie duration is ten days. Promotional materials include exclusive newsletters, coupons, banner ads, and text links.

25. Out of the Box Camping Program

Out of the box is a quarterly subscription-based box delivery service majorly for people who love camping or RV enthusiast.

The Camping Affiliate Programs helps provide subscribers with an efficient way of discovering camping products.

The boxes contain 6 to eight items. They include: Snacks, clothing, Rental Vehicles accessories, checklists & planners, lifestyle products among others

Affiliates earn 10% commission rate on the first sale only.

The cookie duration is one week. Marketing material provided for promotion include banners, Ads, and copy and text Links.

26. Ikamper Affiliate Program

IKamper mainly deals with camping equipment such as rooftop tents, portable complete camp kitchens, and other cat storage accessories.

It specializes in sport utility vehicles or rental vehicles.

Avant link manages the affiliate program.

Ikamper Camping Affiliate Programs pays its affiliates a monthly commission of 10%.

This is a huge earning because most of the Ikamper products are at $2000+.However, the cookie duration is not stated.

Promotional tools provided are: banners, ads and copy and text links


As camping and outdoor activities are growing, it is paving the way for more opportunities to earn.

Those are just a few camping affiliate programs that offer great commission rates and which can help monetize your traffic.

It is upon you to select the best one and get started.


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