Top 23 Best Mobile Application Affiliate Program

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Top 23 Best Mobile Application Affiliate Program

Nowadays, mobile phones have become part of our life. They form the basis of communication between people.

They have become so noticeable in society today, and the services provided by these devices are a lot. Furthermore, they have made various transactions easier and saves on time too.

Mobile Application Affiliate Programs make phones enjoyable and fun.

The mobile phone applications are many ranging from areas such as cooking, communication, shopping, business, banking, games, education, cooking, among others.

Individuals with mobile phones will always choose those apps that are updated; therefore, app developers and app developing companies are always working to keep this demand.

Such companies have entrusted this role to affiliate marketers to help them in promoting the application to mobile phone users.

Mobile Application Affiliate Programs guide people better about the various app, its importance, and how to use them:

The following are some of the best mobile app affiliate programs.

1. Personal Capital Affiliate Program

Everyone would wish to live a good life just after retirement. The personal Capital platform gives one that opportunity.

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It is a platform that allows one to manage their finances . They allow one to monitor all their bank accounts, watch their net worth, plan for education or retirement, and to avoid hidden fees.

Furthermore, the app can assist the user in planning and budgeting. The app has other Offers that acts as the third party in this affiliate program.

Mobile Application Affiliate Programs commission rate is not stated. However, the top most affiliate can earn up to $50,000 in a month.

They also offer an occasional bonus of $50 for every three users you refer to.

The cookie duration is of 30 days. Personal Capital gives affiliates marketing materials such as customized graphics and banners to maximize their profits.

2. Ebates Affiliate Program

Ebates is one of the most popular mobile apps and cashback sites in the world.

It offers services that help people save money. Their goal is to turn those people who spend a lot in a day into smart shoppers by getting most out of their money.

Ratuken manages the affiliate program.

Mobile Application Affiliate Programs marketers earn 25 dollars for any successful referral. The cookie duration is 1year.

There are also bonus giveaways. Marketing materials used include text links.

You could promote the program through your website or social media platforms.

3. Google’s G Suite Affiliate Program

Google app is one of the most popular apps on an individual’s phone.

Many of google’s apps are already installed on purchase of a new smartphone.

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Google’s G Suite offers services similar to goggle. They include Google Docs, Calendar, and Google Drive suite that provides the opportunity to access other services such as an administrative panel for managing different apps and vault.

Commission Junction manages the affiliate program.

Affiliate commissions and the cookie duration are not clearly stated.

While promoting the services, affiliates could target mostly computer and smartphone users.

4. Apple App Store Affiliate Program

Apple is another popular company that gives you the chance to earn by promoting its products and apps.

The program is known to have a large selection of apps. Before becoming an affiliate, you need to prove that you can drive traffic for the program or maximize their sales.

Commission and the cookie duration are not clearly stated.

The commission varies depending on the sale made. For example, the commission rate after an app purchase is different from that of songs, videos, and games.

5. My Apps Development Program

My Apps Development Affiliate Program abbreviated as MAD mostly deals with app development, as the name suggests.

The company is based in India. However, the application is not well known as compared to other apps such as Google or Apple.

Their commission rates are quite fair for their affiliates—the payout commission is 5%to 10% on any referral made.

6. Invoice Ninja Affiliate Program

Invoice Ninja has a wide variety of features and apps, as it is a free open source invoicing service.

Some of these features include the ability to send unlimited invoices and quotes.

Their services are flexible as the services offered could be completed using a computer.

Affiliates earn a 50% commission rate on all referrals.

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The cookie duration is not listed. This is a great commission rate as compared to other affiliate programs.

7. Swiftic Affiliate Program

Swiftic is an app that helps most businesses create their loyalty app.

They have features such as loyalty cards, mobile stores, push notification, in-app coupons, and even scratch cards.

Interestingly, it could make customized apps for a certain company.

This makes the Swiftic highly demanded by businesses.

The affiliate program pays a commission rate of up to $150per customers to their affiliates.

The cookie duration is not stated.

8. Microsoft 365 Affiliate Program

Microsoft 365 is a platform that covers some Microsoft Office Programs and related services.

Microsoft programs are mainly designed for desktop, computers, or laptops. Apps in these programs are powerful and easy to work on.

The program is highly demanded.

Microsoft 365 mostly pays per seat. It ranges from $5 up yo $20 per seat.

For example, if someone purchases Microsoft 365 Business Premium for one user, you would get $20 in commission.

If they purchased for ten users instead, your commission would be $200.  The cookie duration is 30 days.

9. Instamobile Affiliate Program

Instamobile mostly deals with providing app templates, starter kits, themes, and more.

The products are accessible enough to appeal to many companies and are also powerful.

The templates start at $99, while more comprehensive apps are anywhere from $149 to $499.

There are bundles too. These range from $599.99 to $1,999.99

The affiliate program offers a 30% commission rate, with a 30-day cookie length. The commission rate means that you could quickly get $30 or more for a single sale.

10. Inbox Dollars Affiliate Program

Inbox Dollars is a great mobile app to be associated with. It is an app that gives you cash for the daily activities you conduct online.

These include watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, shopping, among others.

This is an easy and convenient way of earning some extra cash.

Commissions are in two structures. Affiliates can $1 for the first five sign-ups and 30% on every referral made.

The affiliate program offers a lifetime cookie duration.

Affiliates are given a calculator to estimate their earnings and a calendar too to track down their earning.

11. Microsoft Affiliate Program

Microsoft is one of the common and trusted software companies in the world.

Affiliates can earn commissions on specific Microsoft products, including Office, Surface, Xbox, and PCs.

They can link to any of the products listed in the Microsoft store or Windows store. All products do have a 30-day return period, so affiliates have to wait until that time is up before they receive their commissions.

Most of the products that affiliates can link to provide a commission of 1-2%, although Xbox games, movies, and TV products bring in a 7% commission.

12. Cash App Affiliate Program

Cash App is a convenient and free money app that allows users to send and receive money instantly.

One can receive balance notifications and also make use of a free debit card to cover expenses.

It does not charge any fee to send money using the app. Users can also directly deposit their paychecks into their accounts using Cash App.

Users can also avail a variety of discounts at different merchants who have a tie-up with the service.

The affiliate program operates on a referral basis. To earn a $ 5 commission, you are required to refer friends or anyone else to join the platform.

You do this by sharing with them your unique code.

The cookie duration is 14 days.

13. Apple iTunes Affiliate Program

Apple iTunes is popular for purchasing, downloading, and playing various media content.

It can be used to organize personal media libraries on computers, and there’s a mobile app for use on cell phones and other hand-held devices.

Affiliate marketers can link to millions of individual songs, albums, books, audiobooks, movies, and TV shows.

They can also link directly to the stores, including Apple Music Toolbox, The Apple Books Toolbox, and more.

The cookie duration and the commission rate is unknown.

14 Groupon Affiliate Program

Groupon is an online marketplace that connects shoppers by providing discounts and coupons for local activities, travel, goods, and services.

Customers could shop for beauty and spas products, merchandise, and hotels.

They can also search for coupons for specific brands, such as Nike, Old Navy, Microsoft, and Nordstrom.

Moreover, the platform helps one get to know people of their neighborhood and store as you could search for location too.

The affiliate program is a referral program.

When an affiliate refers someone to Groupon, and they make a purchase of at least $10, the affiliate earns $10 in Groupon Bucks.

Groupon Bucks can only be used toward Groupon Purchases.

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The referral link can be emailed, texted, or shared via other social media platforms.

The cookie duration is only 3 hours.

15. Focus Me Affiliate Program

Focus me is a productivity app that’s has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, NPR, and Entrepreneur.

The app allows customers to create a workday schedule, limit the time spent on time-wasting apps and websites, and avoid multi-tasking.

The website states that focus me can help people work 25% more efficiently and save two hours per day.

This app can also be used to block or blacklist specific websites, which can make it easier to break away from social media or other online addictions and to protect children from seeing things they shouldn’t see.

The app is around $ 120 for a one-time fee, but if you subscribe to it, it would be around $7 per month or $30 per year.

Affiliates earn 20%commission on sale of the app.

The cookie duration is not known.

16. App Themes Affiliate Program

App Themes is not only an app but also a marketplace for Premium Word Press themes and plug-ins such as Stripe, Quick Pay, and Bump Ad.

It works with 38 different developers to provide 289 various Word Press plug-ins and themes.

It offers great customer satisfaction, and the products are easy to use and set up.

Affiliates earn 30% on sales referred through their website and 10% on sales made through the websites of other affiliates they refer to the company.

17. Canva Affiliate Program

Canva is a graphic design company that provides tools for people to make their banners, flyers, logos, social media announcements, invitations, postcards, and more.

The software includes images and other design elements that can be used in the creative process. An account is free, but one can purchase premium artwork and photos.

A pro account costs around $10 per month that come with a 30-day free trial period and an enterprise account. The company has around 18 million users.

Affiliates earn a commission up to $36 on any sale made.

The cookie duration is 30days.

18. Babbel  Affiliate Program

Babbel is a language-learning app with more than 1.5 million active users that offers in 14 different languages, including Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, and more.

The language-learning software is conversation-based, and around 73% of the customers report being able to have short, simple conversations within a few hours of starting the program.

It also has speech recognition technology to help customers with pronunciation.

To acquire the app, customers costs $84 per year for customers who pay annually (around $7 per month) up to $12 per month for those who pay month-to-month.

For an affiliate, a commission rate of up to $28 is earned per subscription.

The cookie duration is 45 days.

19. Dosh-affiliate-program

Dosh offers cashback opportunities daily. Customers earn up to 10% cashback by linking their debit or credit card to the app.

This only happens if you use the app as a regular mobile payment app.

As an affiliate, you earn $10 on referrals.

The referral link can be sent to your friends or anyone else via text messages, social media platforms, or email.

The cookie duration is two days.

20.Shopkick Affiliate Program

Shop kick is an excellent app for somebody who loves to shop.

One enjoys gift cards and rewards. Customers earn points by simply scanning products at a certain store and purchase them.

The awards are denoted as ‘kicks,’ and they get added to the account automatically.

You can earn as many as 25,000 kicks for the invites you send out, meaning there is a credit to be earned for the first 100 friends who receive and accept your invitation.

The cookie duration is seven days.

21. Chime Affiliate Program

Chime app is more related to banking activities. This is a great way to ensure that people have healthier finances and spending habits.

The app has no hidden fees, service fees, or transfer fees, nor does it require any minimum balance.

It also has an automatic savings feature that encourages you to reach your financial goal quicker.

One can also get benefits like receiving their paycheck two days before their colleagues, by signing up for the direct deposit feature.

As an affiliate, you can invite friends to join Chime through the online account or even through the mobile app and earn $50 as your commission.

The cookie duration is 45 days.

22. Zanox Affiliate Program

Zanox is a performance advertising network based out in Europe. The platform prefers those who use the mobile site or app, as it allows you to choose the Zanox suite of tools and also earn a considerable sum of money using these tools.

This is a platform that provides services and tools that help businesses promote their products and publishers market the products for the company.

There are several perks of joining the Zanox affiliate program, flexibility, and great freedom to choose from a suite of tools being only some of them.

For Mobile Application Affiliate Programs, the commission and the cookie duration varies.

23. Moby Affiliates Affiliate Program

Moby Affiliates functions as a mobile ad network and is a great space to be a part of if you are looking for any opportunities related to mobile apps.

Affiliates in this program get the opportunity to know apps before even they became popular in the industry.

The commission rate varies, and the cookie duration is unknown.

Wrap up!

Those are some of the best mobile application affiliates programs that offer easiest, convenient, and flexible services.

Some of these affiliate programs are for banking purposes, shopping, and games, among other services offered.

All in all, the Mobile Application Affiliate Programs provide opportunities for affiliate marketers to at least earn something by referring others to the various platforms.


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