Top 21 Best Exotic Car Rental Affiliate Programs

Car Rental Affiliate

Top 21 Best Exotic Car Rental Affiliate Programs

Over the years, personal cars have been opening up a whole new world of possibilities. However, people nowadays have changed their attitude towards possessing a personal car.

They mostly opt for rental cars. There might be other reasons for renting cars such as transportation for business trips, family vacations, to act as a backup when your car is damaged or at the garage or just as a show-off.

The car rental market niche is growing fast and efficiently. Currently, renting a car is easier than ever before.

A detailed description of the vehicle, photos, pick up location, is included in all the car rental platforms.

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This makes them more flexible. This is a great opportunity for joining the car rental affiliate program and is great idea to maximize your profits.

Here are some great car rental affiliate programs that you can sign up for and earn hugely

1. Sixt Car Rental Affiliate program

Sixth Car Rental is one of the top class rentals and has won various awards for its excellent services.

Their services include rental of a car, sharing, and ride. Their cars include Mercedes Benz and BMW, just to mention a few.

Anyone who has not yet accessed this car rental program will probably assume it offers expensive services, but this not the case.

The sixth car offers its services at a very fair rate. Impact Radius manages this affiliate program.

Affiliates earn a commission rate of 8% for any booking made to the program through your website.

The cookie duration is 30days. Sixt Car Rental programs allows its affiliates to access frequently updated banner ads, text links, and buttons that are customized to their target group.

Monthly reports for affiliates are also provided to track progress.

2. Zipcar Affiliate Program

Zipcar specializes mostly in partial ownership of a vehicle or car rental. It is well known all over the world as it is the leading car-sharing network.

Most individuals opt for their services for college and probably business purposes. Commission Junction hosts the affiliate program.

Zipcar affiliate program offers excellent commissions rates. An affiliate could earn two high commissions fees.

They include $10 per annual application and $30 per business application.

The cookie duration is one day.

The program provides its affiliates with high performing banner ads, text links, exclusive offers, and comprehensive reporting tools.

Newsletter with latest offers and program updates, keep affiliates always updated with information.

3. Car Rental 8 Program

Car Rental 8 is a popular car rental service in over 20,000 locations in 125 countries in the world.

Over the years, they have grown to be the leading car rental company in terms of price. The affiliate program is managed by either ShareASale or Commission Junction.

The affiliate commission rate varies depending on the affiliate network program they signed up with.

ShareASale offers 5% commissions, while Commission Junction offers a 6% commission rate.

The cookie duration for both is 45 days.

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4. Affiliate Program is the leading car hire booking platform in the world.

It is popular in more than 53 000 locations around the world. This has enabled the company to earn hugely. For example, the year 2017 alone, the affiliate program received 8.3 million bookings.

Signing up to their affiliate program is through Commission Junction.

Affiliates receive a 6% commission rate on pre-paid rentals or 1% on local pay rentals.

Cookie duration is 30 days. Affiliates are provided with a variety of stylish banner ads, text links, and tracking tools.

5. Avis Car Rental Affiliate Program

Avis Car is a globally recognized travel brand. They are popular in over 2200 locations in the United States, Canada, and around the world.

Partnerize network manages the affiliate program. Affiliates earn commissions of up to 4% within a cookie duration of 90 days.

Incentives are frequently given to affiliates to help increase their earnings.

Avis Car Rental offers different types of banners, text links, and data feed to their affiliates for marketing purposes.

6. Program is one of the top discount car rental reservation websites online.

It is popular in over 19,000 global rental car locations. Entering into rental car agency or using promotional codes helps save on money.

Commission Junction manages the affiliate program.

Affiliates earn a commission of 5 %. The cookie duration is 30 days.

Marketing materials mostly used are informational banners, ads, text links, and state of the art reporting tools.

They could also track affiliate website traffic with unique mobile links.

7. Car Rentals Affiliate Program

Car Rentals has rental car options for as low as $16.95 a day and provides great cat rental choices by working with national brands and regional agencies.

Interestingly, customers are allowed to book a car without any booking fee.

Over the years, the company has gained trust and popularity among individuals.

Rakuten Marketing manages the affiliate program.

Marketing tools used by affiliates include banner ads, text links, digital storefront, search boxes, and individual product links.

They are also allowed to use their personal unique promotional tools; however, they should be approved first.

By using marketing tools, they could earn a commission rate of 3% for sales made.

Cookie duration is 7 days.

8. Hertz Affiliate Program

In 2015, Global Traveler and Business Traveler ranked Hertz Company as the Best Rental Car Company.

The company has been providing efficient services and great value to their customers for over 90 years.

They offer rental cars for sports, luxury, hybrid, and any need that suits the customer.

They also run frequent offers and deals like up to 20% off for AAA members.

Commission Junction manages the affiliate program.

Commission of 3 % is paid out to the affiliates on sales made. However, the cookie duration is less, just 1 day.

Hertz affiliate program provides affiliates with promotional materials such as banners, promotions, and updated newsletters.

A dedicated management team helps them maximize earnings by answering relatable questions and offering the best suggestions.

9. Budget Rental Car Affiliate Program

Since 1958, Budget Rental Car has been providing flexible and reliable rental cars at an affordable price.

This has made them lead as the best budget car rental company and one of the fastest-growing companies over the years.

Furthermore, budget rental cars also offer great deals for AARP members and Military / Veterans.

Partnerize network manages the affiliate program.

Affiliates earn up to 4% commission on rentals made. The cookie duration is 90days.

Affiliates are also allowed to reach out to the affiliate program to discuss affiliate strategy and how to get more involved with their program.

They are also given access to real-time tracking tools and updated marketing materials.

Apart from that, to maximize their earnings, affiliates are offered incentives on certain locations and driving dates.

 10. Travelocity Program

Travelocity is the leading travel booking platform for hotels, car rentals, and flights.

They offer great customer guarantee and support services. In the case of lower pricing, they match the price and refund the customer the difference.

Commission Junction manages the affiliate program.

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Affiliates not only earn two % commission on completed car rentals but also they could earn commissions on hotels, cruises, airline tickets, and vacation packages.

The cookie duration is 45 days. Marketing materials include:

  • Banners
  • Coupons
  • Text links
  • Logos

Individuals are also offered a $20 sign up bonus offer for driving three completed trips within the first 30 days.

 11. MyRentaCar Affiliate program

MyRentaCar is one of the Best Exotic Car Rental Affiliate Program that provides great customer service and has been growing massively over the years.

Customers are allowed to select the car they would prefer, after which they can make deposits of 15% of the rental cost.

Affiliates earn 50% revenue on every booking done through their website.

Promotional materials include affiliate links that has a conversion rates of up to 7.5%, widgets, and the White Label Tool.

12. Auto Europe affiliate program

Auto Europe is the leading Best Exotic Car Rental Affiliate Program in the world. It has 20,000 car rental pickups in more than 180 countries globally.

It has great customer service and offers the best guarantee rate.

Customers could cancel any bookings for free within 48 hours before picking up the car.

Affiliates commissions vary depending on the country where a booking is made. 5.6% commission rate is received on bookings in Europe and 2.4% commission rate on booking in the rest of the world.

The cookie duration is 7 days.

Promotional tools provided by the affiliate program include affiliate links, banners of different sizes, and customized widgets.

13. EconomyBookings affiliate program

Economy Bookings offers its car rental services in over 25000 rental locations in 150 countries worldwide.

It is an online car rental platform that has high car ratings. Their vehicles are of good condition and maintain a high level of cleanliness.

The program has gained popularity and trust among its customers.

Their services operate for 24 hours, and their website is available in many languages.

Economy bookings offer 60% of the advertiser’s revenue to their affiliates.

They also provide great customized and adaptive widgets for mobile or laptops, informational banners, and Affiliate links.

14.Discover Cars affiliate program

Discover Cars offers great car rental services in over 150 countries in the globe.

Their services are both local and international; this makes it one of the large car rental companies.

The company offers great customer service, for example an insurance cover worth $ 3000 in case a problem arises.

Fifteen languages are available on their website.

Affiliates receive a 56% revenue share on general bookings or 24% revenue share on bookings with full coverage. The cookie life is one year.

15. VIP Cars Affiliate Program

Since 2010, VIP Cars offers car rental services in more than 20,000 locations in over 150 countries.

The company is based in the United Kingdom, and it rents cars to VIP .

It offers its services for 24 hrs and all transactions are safe and secure.

Signing up is free.

Commission rates are high as compared to other car rental affiliate programs .

Affiliates earn a commission of 50% up to 70% for any booking done through their website.

VIP Cars provide their affiliates with banners, text links, and Customizable Booking Engine as marketing materials.

Their dedicated management is always at the forefront to check for any function issues or resolve other affiliate backend problems, offer monthly payouts, and shows monthly performance to the affiliates.

16. Easy Car Affiliate Program

Easy car rental is defined by a separate Easy Car Club Program.

As the owner of the car, you receive a commission on renting your car without any other fees charged.

The commissions are based on total revenue, and a 5% rental car affiliate commission is suggested by the website. You could earn up to 3000 euros in a year.

17. Holiday Autos Affiliate Program

Holiday Autos Company offers car rental for 170 countries around the globe.

The program is easy to use and access. First, you should sign up for the program for free and drive traffic to your website.

An affiliate is eligible to earn about $19 for each successful affiliate booking.

Marketing tools used include leader boards, skyscrapers, full banners, the dynamic IFrame booking engine, and vouchers.

18. Price4Limo (Nationwide) Affiliate Program

Price 4 Limo specializes mostly in fancy and Porsche cars,the limousine and party bus companies.

They offer great trips and services to their customers. Furthermore, they are flexible as they can pick you right at your doorstep.

Affiliates earn a commission rate of up to 50 % per booking made through their affiliate link.

Banners and links can be used as promotional tools.

19. Exotic Car Hacks Program

Affiliates earn a 30% commission for referring any new member to the Exotic Car Hacks Partner Program.

20. Hemingway Luxury Car Hire

Hemingway Luxury Car Hire is the Best Exotic Car Rental Affiliate Program mostly based in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East.

Just as the name suggests, it mainly specializes in luxury four by four prestigious and Porsche vehicles.

Affiliates earn a commission of 50 euros just for signing up for their program and 100 euros for each booking made.

21.Mph Affiliate Program

Mph.Com club is based in Florida and offers great customer services.

As a customer, you could enjoy chauffeur services.

Most of their cars are expensive and prestigious cars such as Lamborghini, Rolls Royce Ghost, and Ferrari, among others.

Affiliates earn a 20 % commission rate on any booking made.


Those are just a few car rental affiliate programs that offer high commission rates, and it is a great market niche anyone could invest in and earn great.


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