Top 21 Best Events Ticket Affiliate Program

Event ticket Affiliate

The Best Events Ticket Affiliate Program

Events are always there in our day to day lives. They could either be planned public or a social occasion.

Fans of sports teams, musicians, bands, and theatre-like to see their favorite players and artists live.

To get access to such events, tickets will be necessary to get yourself a right watching spot.

Since this is a fast growing industry using various affiliate programs, you could make huge profits through the sale of these event tickets.

Here are some Events Ticket Affiliate programs;

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1. Ticket Network Affiliate Program

Ticket Network is ranked as the top online ticket exchange platform that has been in the market for 18 years.

They hold 5.5 billion dollars in their ticket inventory; this means they have available tickets to thousands of events.

They have a close working relationship with individual sellers to box office promoters to the ticket agencies; this is because they strictly deal with them.

Affiliates receive a 5% commission on every new customer they refer to and with an average order value of 350 dollars.

Moreover, in your affiliate account, sales should add to 24.50 dollars.

ShareAsale runs the Ticket Network Affiliate Program.

Cookie duration is 30 days.

2. Vivid Seats Ticket Affiliate Program

Vivid seat Events Ticket Affiliate is well known for its affordable ticket inventory and offers a 100% buyer guarantee.

Furthermore, people can buy and sell tickets from other users, this makes Vivid Seat a secure market place.

Affiliates earn a commission of 4% on all purchases by new customers and 1% on all purchases made by existing customers.

They offer an average order of 400 dollars. Signing up with Vivid Seat Ticket Affiliate Program is with Commission Junction.

Marketing Materials are mostly text links, banner ads, and updated holidays and events .

Cookie duration is 30 days.

3. Ticket Liquidator Affiliate Program

Ticket Liquidator Program offer event ticket covering; sporting events, theatre, and concerts of all sizes and types.

Tickets are legible and delivered just before the event. The ticket can also be refunded in case of cancellation of the event.

The Events Ticket Affiliate claims an average order value of 350 dollars and can be higher as 1000 dollars depending on the ticket sold.

Sales could also add up to 10.07 dollars. Affiliates earn a commission of 6% per sale with a cookie duration of 30 days.

Marketing materials include search boxes,banner ads, text links, coupons, data feeds, and informative reporting tools.

Signing up to the Ticket Liquidator Program can be with an impact: radians, commission junction, Rakuten marketing or Avastlink.

4. Stub Hub Ticket Affiliate Program

Since 2000, Stub Hub has been the most important market place in the world with events.

It holds tickets for more than 10 million music, theatre, and sports events.

Affiliates earn an interest of up to 7% commission rates with a cookie duration of 30 days.

However, top-performing affiliates can receive high commission rates of 70%.

To help in the promotion of the Events Ticket Affiliate, Stub Hub allows affiliates to access updated market materials and content.

5. Seat Geek Affiliate Program

Seat Geek allows most of its fans or subscribers to discover the best deals as it is known for analyzing many tickets.

They also recommend events based on favorite artists and teams. Seat Geek has an average order of 250 dollars.

This makes the program have a high conversion rates.

Affiliates earn a commission of up to 4% per sale.

Marketing materials are deals and promotions that help increase their revenue.

Cookie duration is 45 days.

6. Select A Ticket Affiliate Program

Select A Ticket mostly deals with buying and selling event tickets in the NYC area and national events.

The Events Ticket Affiliate has a price guarantee that has no added service fees. You can also get a 25 dollar gift card if you can’t beat the price.

With an average sale of 650+ dollars, affiliates earn a commission of 7 % with a cookie duration of 60 days.

The program uses ShareASale to manage its affiliate program. Marketing materials include text links,banner ads or content to their blog website that help in marketing.

7. Ticketor Affiliate Program

Ticketor is one of the simple to use and affordable ticketing program. It can operate either online or on location or over the phone ticket sales.

Signing up to this program as an affiliate is fast, and it only takes less than a minute.

Commissions earned are mostly on setup fees, monthly fees, and a percentage of the transaction fee or from ticket sales.

Affiliates make 30% commissions each month up to 2 years for active affiliates and 10% for the life of the account.

Ticketor has a long cookie duration of 2 years. Market Materials include links on an affiliate website, blog, or email and social media platforms.

8. Tick Pick Affiliate Program

Tick Pick is an online ticket marketplace where people buy, sell, or bid on tickets.

Buyers who buy event tickets in this program save 10-15% as it doesn’t charge buyers fees.

The average order value is 275 dollars; thus, the affiliate earns a commission of 4% per sale.

Cookie duration is 45 days, and affiliates can earn commissions on repeat purchase within this duration—commission Junction and min Tick Pick affiliate program manage this program.

9. Score Big Affiliate Program

Score Big gives fans to purchase tickets for popular concerts, theatre, and sporting events.

It also offers last-minute services. However, in this case, prices might hike. Affiliates earn a commission of 13% within a cookie duration of 90 days.

Marketing tools include creative and real-time tracking tools.

The management also takes part in answering questions and suggests how the program operates.

10. Purchase Tix Program

Purchase Tix offers event tickets to concerts, theatre, sporting events, among others.

The average order side of the program is over 400 dollars; affiliates earn 90% commission within a 90 day cookie period.

To ease on promotion, they are given access to promotional materials and reporting tools.

Commission Junction manages Purchase Tix Affiliate Program.

11. City Pass Affiliate Program

City Pass has been in existence in the event ticket industry since 1997. Joining City Pass Affiliate Program is through commission junction.

Affiliates earn a 6% commission on each sale made on their affiliate URL Link.

Cookie duration is 90 days.

Marketing Materials for promoting City Pass on your website include banners ads, a variety of text links, and creativity.

12. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Program

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a beautiful program that welcomes dozens of fans.

It is managed by ShareASale that provides partners with trusted tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission pay-outs of 40% on every sale.

Cookie duration is 45 days.

Material for marketing includes monthly newsletters, promotional offers, and discounts, a variety of banners and text links, and affiliate support system.

13. Grand Crayon West Program

Grand Crayon West has been in the industry for 11 years and has been offering exceptional services.

Affiliates earn 5% commission on all sales with a 60-day cookie duration.

Marketing materials are various pre-coded ad banners, text links, among others.

 14. All Affiliate Program

Since 1989 All has been offering a lot of inventory tickets to live music, sporting events, and theatre events all around the world.

It has a high conversion rate.

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The program always wants to ensure fast, secure, and hustle free purchase of tickets.

For affiliates, they are allowed to earn up to 7% commission on all tickets on sale.

Materials for promotion include data feed and various affiliate promotions.

15. Skiddle Ticket Affiliate Program

Skiddle is one of the largest and popular guides to events. It contains over 150,000 events and has access to the latest events.

Commissions are paid to affiliates depending upon the size and popularity of your website and how you would have promoted the events.

Marketing materials are; banners, buttons,a range of graphics,and search boxes.

Cookie duration is valid for 30 days.

16. Ticket Club’s Affiliate Program

Ticket Club’s Program offers tickets for sports events, theatre, concerts, among others.

It has 100% guarantees for buying and receiving of the event tickets with no hidden service fees.

For membership commissions, the program offers 50% off membership for a cookie duration of 30 days.

For example, if a member pays the fee of 49.99 dollars you are paid a 25 dollar commission In terms of ticket sales, an affiliate earns;

-Five dollars for orders less than 200 dollars.

-Ten dollars for 200 dollar orders.

-20 dollar for 1500 + dollars orders

-40 dollars for 1000 + orders.

The cooking duration is still 30 days.

17. See Tickets Affiliate Program

See Tickets Affiliate program is a European based ticketing business.

The program distributes event tickets across music, festival, dance and clubs, consumer events, theatre, comedy, and sports categories.

Affiliates commission varies depending on the type of event, but for most events, the commission is at 1%.

Cookie duration is 30 days.

18.  Show Tickets Affiliate Program

Show Tickets site offer discounted tickets for shows and events in United States, New York, and Las Vegas. Commission Junction manages this affiliate program.

Show Tickets Affiliate Program pays their affiliates 65 Dollars for all New York tickets and 8% for Orland and Vegas tickets with a cookie duration of 45 days.

19. Head out Affiliate Program

Head out ticket site is an attractive site that is available in 22 countries, including the most loved and popular countries, which are; Paris, Amsterdam, and New York.

Affiliates earn a low commission rate of 1% within a cookie duration of 30 days.

20. Event Bright Affiliate program

Event Bright deals majorly with events such as music festivals, conventions, pop up dinners, and photography classes.

Just as the name suggests, they make one’s event to be colorful and dynamic.

Event Ticket Affiliate earn a commission that is fixed depending on the referrals that they make through the unique event link.

For example, for one event, you may earn $5 per ticket sold while another $10 per ticket sale.

Payment is made monthly via Pay pal.

21. Ticket fly Affiliate Program

Ticket fly program is a platform that helps event organizers to increase sales for events, concerts among others, since 2017.

The Event Ticket Affiliate is globally accepted—however; they pay less commission rate of 0.25% for every ticket sold.

Cookie duration is 30 days. Ticket fly has excellent promotional offers, and this helps in the increment of their sales.


Having reviewed the best event ticket affiliate programs, it’s upon you to select the best niche with favorable commission rates.

The most profitable related area is the sale of sport, music, and motivational event tickets.


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