Top 20 Online Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Top 20 Best Online Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Having a small or medium business calls for the application of online business tools that will work for you in the replacement of all the workers that the business cannot afford to hire.

Having an online business and managing it is now easy, to thanks to the various tools ranging from Web hosting, time management to invoicing, the tools do come handy and efficient for you.

Limited time, resource as well as manpower can be the reason your business is not doing so well, but having the right tools and workforce, things will run smoothly.

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In this article, I have researched and generated a specific piece to help you with the hustle of doing the research when you want to choose the best tools for your online business to succeed.

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Here are top 20 online tools that are a must-have for the success of your business.


This is one of the best online tools for business growth. It takes account of the people who are visiting your website by keeping a record of their IP and comparing it with some information sources that include Dun and Bradstreet as well as LexisNexis, just to name but a few.

Demandbase will give you information on the companies that the people who visited you’re sure might be working for and give you the contacts of the company head to enable you to market your services with the companies.

It is marketing your products and services to an interested population. This will see your business get more clients, and you might expand your business to a larger one.

Inky Bee

Reaching out to other bloggers as well as networking with them is another sure way to spread the word and market your blog. Do not be a loner when it comes to online marketing as you might not go far, or the breakthrough might take forever.

We always say that when you walk alone, You walk faster, but when you walk in a group, you go further. Networking with bloggers is something that has remained rigid since blogging was established.

The way networking is done is the only thing that might have changed over time, and this is where inky Bee comes in. It will help you quickly connect and link to bloggers who got similar interests as you, thus saving you a lot of time.

You will also help other bloggers in marketing their products and services and this way, and you help each other to grow. It is a give and take scenario.

Pivotal Tracker

Keeping your schedule as an online business person is essential, as it may be the downfall or success of your business. More often than not, you will have a hectic schedule, and the chances of having some tasks left out undone are high.

Pivotal Tracker is here to help you through. It is a project management tool that has been designated in such a way that it involves the whole team in question in the online environment.

You just need to set up a schedule when tasks ought to be done, while others are interacting with customers, uploading staff on the site, all this can be done on the same dashboard without having any mix-ups.


This is an online tool that helps you store and keep track of your documents. It is the solution to all your storage issues. Imagine having essential documents stored in your computer, and it crashes, or fire breaks out, you do not have to start from scratch when misfortune hits.

Dropbox will secure your documents and make it easy for you to retrieve anytime you need them. You can also use this tool to share files with collaborators when need be.

Appy Pie

This platform allows businesses to design their app and upload to iTunes as well as Google Play. Customers only need to download the app from either of the platforms, and you may choose to send out push notifications daily. 

It heightens the ability to see your products using apps and, in turn, gives a lift to your business.

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This platform has two benefits for small business owners. On the dashboard, you can observe the topics that are trending in your business niche. You can see what people are talking about and gauge if you have any products or services that may go in that line.

If the trending topic is the outbreak of a deadly virus, do you give any services that relate to that? This is an easy way of identifying business opportunities and presenting your trade when and where it is needed.


It might be overwhelming for you to keep up with accounts payable, payments received invoices and payrolls in your business. Wave is what you need to solve all these issues.  It is affordable to the small business owner as it does not incur any cost.

Wave is ideal for a person who is a sole proprietor and whose business does not have a lot of expenses per month. It is software whose lives are in the online environment, and though there is similar software you can go for, Wave looks out for the small man as it is free.


If your business involves meeting clients, whether in person or online, schedulicity comes in handy to give you automated scheduling. It allows the client to go to a site and see which days and periods you might be available for appointments.

You just need to input the hours that you are available for appointments and notify your clients that they can schedule an appointment on the site.

Once you have one, schedulicity will send you an email notifying you on time and go-ahead to send reminders to the client before the appointment time.


If you are looking to start a newsletter to be in touch with your visitors, Mailchimp is the way to go. A newsletter may come in handy for several purposes, including giving the word to clients on new products or exclusive sales.

For Mailchimp, you can begin with a free account, and you can upgrade later to a paid account when your subscriber base increases. It has ready-made news templates, or you can opt to create unique ones that fit your business.

Google Drive

This is an easy way to keep records of your documents assured of no loss and availability when you require them. Google Drive allows you to set files in read-only or permit others to edit the files.

You can also send files via Google drive to collaborators.  You can download templates that have already been generated by other people that got formulas already installed.  It supports word processing documents too.


This software enables you to upload your presentation and reach new clients via a format type in PowerPoint.  If you go for this tool and apply it to your business, you will improve your website ranking when it comes to search engines.

It is an easy way to get new customers for your online business.

Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools is the surest way to go if you want to improve the placement of your site in search engines. It will enable you to see how your site is being ranked by google and get demographic information on the people who are visiting your website. 

If you learn that most of your clients are visiting your site om some hour on a specific day, you can choose this period to offer sales to increase your conversion rate. 

On another more, if visitors to your site are leaving within minutes of visiting a specific page, this communicates to you that this page needs to be improved to attract more attention and keep the visitors glued.

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Most people born under the sun are visual learners. You might understand more by seeing as opposed to listening or reading. This is why infographics have been popular over the years. 

Having Infographics in your online business will make it easier for the client to view what you are offering clearly. If it is valuable, the visitors might want to pin it in pin interest/Twitter or Facebook.

This will help reach out to more potential clients who might want to try out your products too that were favorable to their friends who shared them.


Wix is one of the best website builders that are available in the market. It is an innovative software that makes it easy for you to create a website. The templates in this software are over 500.

To improve your website, you can integrate apps that are helpful and have so many apps to choose from the market, go for the best that will boost your website.


 This software is one that helps business owners, especially the small ones, to be accountable. It is hard yo keep track of your expenses, especially when you do not have the receipts with you, and all this is just solved by one software, Shoeboxes.

It is an app downloadable to your smartphone, and you only need to take a picture of your receipt and leave the app to do the rest.  It will keep track of your expenses and ensure that you do not lose any other expense deduction on your taxes.

Free conference Calling

Having a business means that you will have a lot of communications via email or on your phone.  It might be essential to have all people indulging in a project to be on a telephone call. Count on Free Conference Calling when it comes to this. 

You only need to get everyone on the phone, and the software will record and store the call in case you need to refer to it in the future.  These calls can also be used when you want to pass some information to your clients.

It can accommodate up to 1000 callers at a go, and you, as the moderator, can control who is talking and who is silent throughout the call.

When is Good

It might be tiresome to organize a meeting for more than three people as coming up with the specific day and time that they will all be free to attend to the conference might vary.  When is good is here for you.

People only need to input the time and day that is convenient for them, and the software will analyze and come up with a day and time for your online meeting or over phone meeting.

Keyword Spy

If you want to succeed in your business, take time, and learn from your competitors and those who are doing well than you. This does not mean you do things their way but have a look at how they are doing their work and learn something or two about their success.

Have a look at the Keywords that are best working for them and learn their trade.  There is commercial intent in a keyword that is widely used by people, and it would just be fair in you tried it out. Keyword Spy will help you in finding this out.

Mojo Helpdesk

Having excellent customer service is the ideal way to remain on top of the competitive online marketing platform. All the things you may do might be copied by another person, and they can do it the same way, but no one can ever copy how you relate with your clients.

Mojo Helpdesk helps you to stay in touch with your customers. It will enable them to lodge issues with you and give you a platform to make sure that they are solved to the customer’s satisfaction.


The nightmare to any online business person is the loss of files and relevant documents. CrashPlan, once installed, will run in the background of your computer continuously backing up data so that in case your computer crashes, you will not lose your files.

This may include the customer information that if lost might be a big blow to your business. It is a cloud saving solution that when your computer crashes, you only need to reinstall the data from your back up in cloud storage made by CrashPlan.


This is just but a few of the ideal online tools that you may want to try. But remember when it comes to small online businesses, the list of applicable tools is numberless, so don’t just limit yourself. Explore and see which works best for your type of trade.


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