Top 20 Best Video Conferencing Affiliate Program

Top 20 Best Video Conferencing Affiliate Program

What is Video Conferencing Software ?

Video conferencing affiliate programs enables one to introduce and do live conferencing with a group of people at many sites on smartphone or computer to exchange information using audio, video, or a text message.

 In the current world, different companies use video conferencing to stay in touch. Modernized video conferencing software makes it easier for users to have excellent communication, sharing, and enhance cooperation when working on files.

With a website or social media page such as Facebook, where you share your expertise with your subscribers you now add video conferencing affiliate programs by writing reviews on video conferencing SAAS or use videos to explain things concerning the software.

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However, you can promote such video conferencing software’s when you have a relative niche based website or blog that reveals details on top-notch software. The software companies offer appealing commissions that satisfy their customers.

Below are Video conferencing affiliate programs assist in planning, promoting, engaging, converting, and analyzing at various levels are screen sharing, conference calling, video and mobile conferencing, meeting recording & transcription.

GoTo Webinar Affiliate Program (GTW)

GoTo Webinar is one of the top 100 SAAS leading businesses in the market, being a webinar tool with advanced features.

It helps the user assists in explaining his/her story; it reaches more people as well as enhances growth of his/her business. GoTo Webinar hosts over 2 million webinars to which over 50, 000 customers submit 73% successful results.

GTW has the qualities to plan, promote, engage, convert, and determine the nature of webinars. Besides, a user of the GoToWebinar Affiliate Program can earn 100 dollars on every order; it has a referral period of 45-days as well as creates an impact on the network partner.

 GoTo Connect Affiliate Program

The GoTo Connect platform is secure and always behaves the same in a positive way used for making audio and video calls.

This platform unites Jives’ cloud VoIP phone systems power with the GoToMeeting web, voice, and video and merges them to a single solution.

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Some of the solutions made include custom call routine, team-based call sharing, call analytics, private meeting rooms, and loyal support from customers as well as sharing of screen.GoTo Connect offers 100dollars on each order, and its referral takes 45 days.

GoTo Meeting Affiliate Program

GoTo Meeting covers all critical solutions for working with any type of business to ensure there is an effective online communication.

GTM has advanced features, including In-room link; it meets diagnostic reports, admin Centre, downloadable admin reports and directory connector that is active.

Nevertheless, these features give perfect solutions to about 18 million users by use of commuter mode, cloud recording as well as cloud recording.

GoTo Meeting Affiliate Programs always offer 100 dollars on each purchase made with a referral duration of 45 days.

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 Veedeeo Affiliate Program

Veedeeo is purposely used for video conferences of exceptional quality with any individual, place, and on a variety of devices, such as browsers, smartphones, as well as SIP / H323 video conferencing systems.

The Veedeeo Affiliate has many products which include Video hosting, Cloud SIP/H323 Gatekeepers,  Events done online,  Voice Meeting, as well as Online Service Stores to mention a few.

This platform is fully cloud which does not need structure and is easy to use.

 Veedeeo Affiliate Program gives high payments and best used for VARs, System Integrators, as well as Telecom Businesses.

Zoom Affiliate Program

The zoom is an enterprise solution that is the same for all kinds of video, mobile calls, text data, conferences, and events.

This program is set and fixed to consistently work with about 1000 video active participants and 10, 000 people as audience. The Zoom platform is cheap, it is not complicated, and it has a flexible scale. However, this program is used by educational, financial, governmental as well as healthcare institutions.

Zoom Affiliate Program gives high commissions and Partners referred to include; advisors, integrators for the system with expertise or skills about video collaboration as well as A/V technology.

 Hub Spot Affiliate Program

Hub Spot program entails of software for sales, service, and marketing using CRM, and without conciliation enables any company to grow.

As a matter of fact, HubSpot software has 150+ HS user groups, a monthly 7 million HS blog visits, over 218,000 certified professional in HS academy, 26,000 attendees who are registered, above 400 integrations HS Connect, as well as functions that are outlined six different languages.

Hub Spot program has tools and full support that assist one to increase their traffic, use leads to connect, shuts down, and manages the leads.

Also, HubSpot Affiliate Program gives out approximately 250 dollars – 1000 dollars commission per order made with a big innovative inventory for promotion. Besides, it has a cookie window that lasts for a period of 90 days.

UberConference Affiliate Conference

UberConference is a user-friendly interface and rich-featured with voice intelligence, conference calls, web conferences, screen sharing, hold music, and fully integrated with HubSpot, Google calendar, Slack, HipChat, and G-Suite among others.

UC programs include; High incentives and complete support, product release, and competitive pricing every week, as well as register for UberConference software.

 TrueConf Affiliated Program

This program is has a high-quality video conferencing affiliate programs for partnership and meetings. This program is stable for easier communications and integrates with one’s Internet Technology resources.

TrueConf apps are boosted by Windows, such as Linux, Android, iOS, Browsers, and MacOs. It has a variety of products including: server free, server, enterprise, tracker, weathervane, integrIT Bridge, API & SDK, kiosk as well as online.

This program offers high revenues, current orders, marketing, and technical trainings and makes inquiries and leads to high quality.

Free Conference Affiliated Programs

This program has been providing free and promising conference calling solutions since 2000 when it was established.

“It serves over a 1 minute a year of all-digital conference calls to businesses and entities requiring top-tier implementation at little or no price”.

With hundreds of power-packed features, FC lets you manage your online meetings right from your in-call dashboard and add visual impact for a more involved audience.

Free Conference Affiliate Program provide:

  1. Partners program for reseller and private label use
  2. Creates norm web conferencing sites for big commercial, non-profitable or personal label apps (lesser than 100,000 minutes per month)

Slack Partner Affiliate Program

Slack program brings people with a common goal and information together to finish specific work. Individuals from all over the world use this platform to connect with their groups, unite their systems as well as push their companies forward.

Slack is a popular program with 12 million active users, 100,000 customers that are paid as well as over 150 countries that active every day.

Slack Partner Affiliate Program gives better opportunities, Partnership preferences such as technology, security, and services.

Cyber link

Cyber Link was founded in 1996, and it is the master of audiovisual software and the technology of AI facial detection. The company has above 200 patented technologies that provide strong foundation.

Cyber link has digital technology has a reformed experience of multimedia and also provides a state-of-the-art and interoperable solution.  Cyber link has made over 400 million products (phone apps, software, education and volume licensing) shipments globally having over thousand awards worldwide.  

Cyber link Affiliate Program gives a 20% commission per every order with a cookie duration of 90 days. It as well as seasonal incentive programs, regular update and full tracking and network partner- CJ.


Affiliate Commissions: 20% of the sign-up fees paid by a new customer to MegaMeeting for conferencing services. (The average new client pays $995 to sign-up, this would result in you receiving a one-time payment of $199).

Referrals that sign-up for MegaMeeting’s Enterprise product will result in you receiving a minimum one-time fee of $1,649.00. has advanced web and video conferencing with a 100% web-based solution that does not need downloads to have internet meetings and webinars conveniently. Since holding meetings online is common in the current world, considering the advancement of technology mostly for the companies that won’t grow and compete with other companies in the industry.

However, it would be an excellent idea to have high-speed internet connections and smartphones that are still affordable to be able to conduct their businesses from all over the world.  

Evergreen Business System Affiliate Programs

Evergreen Affiliate Program offers a commission of $200 per every successful order made.

Evergreen Business System is one of the most popular brands in the Internet Marketing as well as market champion in the webinars niche. This software has over 5,000 supporters.

PC Video Conferencing

PC Video Conferencing provides its affiliates a payout commission of 20% for each single month your customer achieves a fully funded active account.

PC Video Conferencing allows video conferencing, online meetings and events through use of iPRO Conference V3 Software.

This program has a service that is Software as a Service (SaaS) therefore the hosting video meeting should not necessarily need installation of expensive video conferencing server or audio-video conferencing hardware.

However, there is nothing much to do to make it work on just clicks the mouse on the web browser to start the online meeting.

G Suite Affiliate Programs

G Suite has a Commission of $15-$30 depending on the type of plan and has an unknown cookie.

Google’s G Suite has an advanced/improved version of Google Hangouts known as the Hangouts Meet. These google hangouts are used for brand/company video conferencing, and they provide developed features, including; live streaming, recording events, as well as it enables holding online events that have many attendants.

The affiliates are offered a commission when the customer referred to G Suite has become a paying member and he/she should have been paying for a minimum of 90 days since Hangouts Meet is a G Suite’s feature.

 Moreover, the rate of commission is $15 for a G Suite Basic plan, while for as G Suite Enterprise or business plan the commission rate is higher (30dollars).

Logitech Affiliate Programs

Logitech provides a commission rate of 4% – 8%, and it has a cookie life of 30 days.

Logitech provides computer products such as keyboards, mice, streaming and security packages, among many others.  Stream am and gaming gears products are used to keep people connected.

Logitech also has a variety of videoconferencing applications that can be used from anywhere at any time. Some of these products include web cameras, web conference cameras, desk solutions, conference room solutions, as well as accessories.

Logitech has a high order value with an approximately commission of 125dollars per every successful order. This program administers through CJ offering, product catalog, seasonal promotions, banner ads, as well as text links to its affiliates. Logitech provides its services and promote their products not only in the United States but also all over the globe thus it is popular and one of the most used technology brand.

Verizon Conferencing

Verizon Conferencing offers an estimated Commission of 5% per every successful call, and it has a cookie duration of as many as 120 days.

Verizon Conferencing online conference solution is administered by Verizon that can do voice/audio, online conferencing and videos. The software’s web has features that manage meetings, going green through video conferencing, leadership tools, and also has a tab for its business.

An individual earns a 5% commission per every successful call for about 20 requests for each linked affiliate. Although the commissions are only offered in US dollars, affiliates can use the program’s worldwide.

The Verizon Conferencing users must agree to the terms of the program or have an agreement before they are allowed to use the affiliate application page.  Why You Should Promote Verizon Conferencing:

The cookie length is excellent, and affiliates can earn repeat commissions from a single linked user for up to 20 times.


GoMeet offers a high Commission rate that is 200% of the first-month subscription rate. However this affiliate program pays their affiliate up to 100dollars. Its Cookie lifetime is Unknown.

GoMeetNow among the three programs that belong to RHub Communications, Inc. Company. This web hosting video conferencing solution (GoMeetNow), also does audio/vocal conferencing. This company has advanced technology that enables excellent use of online meetings and events.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Moreover, GoMeetNow prices are relatively low as the price for two attendees each month is 13 dollars and if there are more attendees one is added a $1 commission for per every attendee.

Any individual or affiliate conferencing meetings add attendance capacity can pay some money for additional attendees day by day if he/she wants to add the size of attendance.

The GoMeetNow affiliate program is administered by the help of ShareASale as well as RHub Communication’s having a support service for hosted remote.

Also, this affiliate program is cheap, making it affordable to most of the customers; it provides audio/vocal conferencing that is free, enables quality online meeting attendance and it is as well able to connect with other web conferencing programs.

Vast Conference

Vats conference offers a Commission rate of Up to 50% per successful order.

The Vast Conference is a calling solution center that offers services such as video conference calls, online meetings, operator-assisted calls, and international access. Customers can watch a demo online.

In Vast conferencing, payments range from about 12 dollars each month if the packages are essential to about 32 dollars per month for an expertise package, with a maximum of 250 attendees.

 There is also an enterprise package with a demo and price quote available upon request. The three basic plans come with a 14-day free trial period.

In Vast Conferencing, the affiliates are allowed to earn recurring commissions for each order. Therefore you can promote this program because it offers high commissions and recurring commissions to affiliate marketers.

 Also, it allows customers or new users to try out their services for free.


ClickMeetin offers a Commission rate of 30% and $515, and it has a Cookie duration/life of 120 days.

ClickMeetinghigh revenues which is also a webinar, as well as an online meeting platform it provides cheap attendance-based meetings with, can hold up to five hundred attendees.  

The lowest price for the services is 25dollars each month for the live meeting plan while the highest can be 40 dollars per month the automated meeting plan. Besides, one can also acquire an enterprise plan that has a free trial of 7days and this attracts more customers.

The affiliates who make successful sales on larger accounts receive extra commissions.

ClickMeeting is advantageous because it blends well with many other platforms such as YouTube, Slack, Google, LinkedIn, DropBox, Moodle as well as Instagram and also hosts provide event statistics, reports, and feedback from the participants.

ClickMeeting drives both an in-house software and an affiliate program through the CJ. Moreover, this platform provides affiliate marketers with high rates of commission, long life of cookie, and gives individuals a chance to pocket more cash by selling more significant accounts.


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