Top 20 Best Trading Affiliate Programs 2020

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Top 20 Best Trading Affiliate Programs 2020

Trading affiliate programs are a venture that can make you a lot of money if correctly done.

They come with a sign-up cost per month, but the benefits that may accrue from is not a comparison to the cost incurred.

There are quite a number of affiliate trading programs available in the market. Most of them offer decent commissions that are worth your investment.

There’s a thing or two you can learn about affiliate trading, and that might be your breakthrough to the market.

Affiliate trading is the new trend, and millions of people are now earning not only a living but lots of money from it across the globe.

 I have listed a number of them for you, the very best according to my research that you can check out and be assured of no disappointment. Feel free to search for more programs as I have not exhausted all of them in this guide.

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This is one of the top affiliate trading programs which you can trade in CFD for stocks, commodities, indices, crypto as well as forex. This program, however, is designed for short term trading and not any investing.

With it, you can have leverage for your trade for increased rewards as well as increased risks.

There are advertisements materials on the platform in many languages, and this also applies to the trading platform.

For the trading platform, you can get it in a Windows App, a Web Browser App as well as a  mobile app.

They also offer a free demo for beginners where you can create an account and learn how to use it before indulging in real money accounts.

This is one of the best paying trading affiliate platforms with high commissions that you will enjoy. 

The amount of cash that you fetch per new trader will mostly be determined by the country from which your traffic will originate as well as the number of referrals you will have.

The commission is $200-$800 CPA 10% tier commission

IQ Option

IQ option is another ideal platform that you can count on when it comes to affiliate trading. It has good CFD trading platform which you can use to trade in quite a number of instruments and giving you very high leverage.

It is a website that is popular and has millions of clients all across the globe. When you have a slight boost at the start, you can be assured of long term income from your referrals.

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It also deals with forex, options, commodities crypto as well as ETF.

Their commission are as follows,

1st month -70%

2nd month-57%

3rd month-50%

4th month-35%

5th month-20%

From here, you get15% for all other months.

If your account has not performed so well and you have less than six registrations and less than 3FTD in the last three months, the commission will be reduced to 70%,57%,45%,30%,25%,10%,5% respectively.

Lots of marketing tools including landing pages, international banners, crypto widgets videos as well as embedded registration forms.


This platform has useful charts for those who are in the stock trade. They are easy to follow, so functional and beautiful.

You can layer several charts on each other for easy comparison as well as adding technical indicators to the charts. There is enough and sufficient data for stocks, indices, futures, crypto as well as bonds.

The trading view has a free version where you got limited functionality and comes with ads. If you want full functionality, go for a pro that ranges from $9.95 per month to $39.95 per month.

For the pro, you will have a 30 days trial period.

Their commission ranges from $200- $1000  CPA or a revenue share of $40, 2tier CPA. The income is recurrent.

Lead capital

For you to get incorporated into this platform, you need to give information about your traffic GEOs and your plan as far as marketing their offers is concerned.

Documents to prove your identity, as well as the physical address, are also required. 

When you are signing up, an inquiry will be made on whether you prefer the CPA or Revenue share commission, the suggestion about the rates will be given to you by the affiliate manager.

For the CPA, you earn when you send depositing traders a commission ranging from $300-$100, making it one of the best paying affiliate trading programs that are available in the market.

The commission is negotiable but ranges from $200-$1000 for CPA, or you can have a revenue share of %40 for the 2 tier CPA.

The and are popular platforms that go hand in hand to provide an ideal platform that will cater to all your needs.

They both offer good deals in trading of commodities, forex, indices, stocks, bonds as well as for cryptocurrencies. The two platforms also got a number of languages to choose from according to your preference and your country.

They are also high paying, so you can just give it a trial.


This is a crypto trading market place with high commissions and profitable deals.  You will get a commission of 20%-40% on the revenue share once you choose to indulge in this platform.

It is a popular crypto trading platform, and as a matter of fact, their three best affiliates earn 100 Bitcoin for each one of them.

The platform offers two trading exchanges that allow you to trade, buy, or sell a variety of cryptocurrencies. The commission, as stated above, start from 30% but may rise to 40% only when you gather over 500 Binance Coin for your account.

They have some free crypto and blockchain training materials, this being an added advantage for you. This includes videos, articles as well as a huge blockchain glossary.

The crypto wallet at Binance is referred to as Trust Walker, but there are no commissions earned when you send a customer to their wallet.

AVA Partner

This is one of the best affiliate trading programs that are available and which offers excellent products as well as high leverage for those products.

All across the globe, traders may take a shot in trading with so many trading platforms offered by AVA, which include mobile and Mac platforms.

It will offer a 100% matched bonus for the new traders on their first signup. You can start with as low as $100 further refer a friend bonus you can use it to attract several customers for it appraised up to $400 for every new trader who deposits with the platform.

It has some resources for learning the trade on different products.


 This network has been around for quite some time, and they offer a lot of programs that are ideal for you. It’s among the best in the world and the most popular, having millions of customers across the globe.

It is an easy to use site that looks simple, but its system is a good-looking one that has a lot of options for you to use. ShareASale is popular with fashion clothing and accessories, as well as interior designing programs.

Let us look at their trading offers.

They have quite many affiliate programs that promote a part of the network as they deal with educational products mostly.

They also offer day trading as well as swing forex trading, not to forget their ideal stock market courses.

The True trading group has an online educational platform as well as a trading community that educates people on becoming good in their venture and how they may have huge profits accruing from what they do.

The commission from this program ranges from $250-$900 CPA and $50 CPA 3 tier commission.

It promotes trading services as well as the market’s affiliate program. It has been translated into 15 languages; hence it can be an ideal one if your target is international traffic.

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They have high commissions that start at $150 COA and goes up to $500  based on the country that your traffic originates from.

For most European countries, the commission is usually $500. When you have more than six new traders each month, you will be assured of increased commission.

Gambling Affiliation

This is one of the best programs for gambling and trading online. Once you join this program, you are allowed to sign up for the individual programs that are offered on the site.

When you want to go through the commissions of these programs, you only need to click on the little+ button that is on the left of the name of the program.

Their commissions are as follows:

UK betting affiliate pays approximately €30-45 CPA

For Casino Programs, they’ll pay up to 40% revenue share

Options trading pays €210-€250 CPA

CFD pays €500

Poker pays you €35

If you are in the UK Market, the available online options trading are three; 2bingo, 20 casinos, two fantasy football, and two poker offers.

If you would like to go through their offers to make an informed decision, click if “campaigns” on the menu display of the website.


 When you join this affiliate program, there are a lot of products for you to promote. For the top offers, they have one-page affiliate landing pages accompanied by sales copy and a big sized action buttons.

They will also indulge in product launching. Some of the available programs include video editing software, video editing guide as well as a guide to making money online.

It has a category of stock and trading that falls under the business and finance category. The category carries over 500 Trading affiliates programs that you can promote, and they are added each month.

For the commissions that they offer, you get a 35%-50% revenue share in many of their products or $0.10 per sale for the 2-tier commission.


The commissions at MaxBounty are 5% 2 tier commission per year. It has over 200 dating programs with the highest EPC being Elite Singles with $6 PPL offer, with $160 offer as well as Ashley Madison having $135PPL offer.

There are over 250 commerce offers that include popular brands like Hewlett-Packard and Alibaba. Their financial programs are close to 250 inclusive of very well paying ones.

Some of them pay close to $500 CPA. For the US market, there are kits of personal loan offers available, and they pay up to $120 CPA. For the business loan, offer you can get $280 CPA.

Estimated Global popularity

 This program offers a $75-$600 CPA commission. For quality CFD trading, IGIG is the pro in the department.

This is available for the European customers where they can speculate the prices of different products like shares, forex, Bitcoin as well as commodities.

It is an ideal program for quick traders, in and out of trades, and those yearning for high leverage for added reward and risk marketing.

For IG, you get bonuses for the affiliates that have sent over 25 new traders per month for three consecutive months valued for $25000, and when you send over 50 for three consecutive months, you will earn $30,000.

eToro Patners

eToro partners offer a commission of $100-$250 CPA.It is a top social trading online platform that enables CFD trading by just following traders that are performing well or have people follow you to earn cash.

You can share trading charts as well as commenting and discussing what you share with other traders in the market. It has two financial tiers.


Bitpanda offers up to 20% revenue share for its commission offers.  It is a leading retail broker specializing itself with the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in Europe.

If you are outside Europe and you would want to be a customer, you can join Bitpanda only to sell cryptocurrencies.

They have a tracking cookie for 30 days, and If you have a referral that will register within that period, they shall be tagged to you, and in turn, you earn a commission for as long as they continue being active customers.

The more referrals you get, the more revenue share you earn with Bitpanda.


This program offers a revenue share of 30% for all the fees on the transaction. Their Bitcoin trading has a margin of 1:2 and 1:3 leverage.

They are available in most of the countries, and in the USA you can find their services in 24 states. They are ideal dealers in cryptocurrency trade.


Awin has 1300 Trading affiliate programs and offers a commission of $30 2 tier for each offer. The commission may vary. The Advertiser directory features all those who are advertising as well as the affiliate programs available in the network.

The good thing is that you can browse without actually logging in.

For the savings and investment category,  Awin gives six offers in the YSA part of which are related to trade. This is the Motley Fool offer that pays $100 CPA.

In the same category, Europe has 16 offers, inclusive of one Udemy that is a marketplace for courses. It offers a 15% revenue share. Though Awin does not offer recurring income commission and it has 2 tier program.


Changelly has a revenue share of 50%, and it is one of the most popular networks that deal with buying and selling of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Their affiliate commission is high, and some of their marketing tools include customizable widgets, API, and links. You can easily register using your email.

FXTM Partners

This network has a commission of $50-$250 CPA, and it is an affiliate program for FXTM or Foretime. Their revenue commission comes in three steps that are $50, $100, and $250.

The amount of money that you will get paid depends on the number of active customers you will be having.

They also offer non CPA commissions if you prefer that. The services are available in most countries, save for the USA.

Pepperstone Partners

Pepperstone partners offer a commission plan of $25-$400 CPA. It is a popular affiliate program that you can use to promote the Peooerstone forex, as well as the CDF trading provider.

You will get $25-$50 when you send new traders to verify their identity even when they have not made any deposits.

They, however, have systems that hinder affiliates from exploiting this feature. If your referral goes ahead and deposits money, you get $200-$400 CPA for each trader who meets some required activity on the site.


Affiliate trading can be what you’ve been missing towards accomplishing your goal to earn more money online. Having outlined 20 of the available programs, you can go ahead and test them.

Do not limit yourself too to this as there are countless others that are not included in this guide.



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