Top 20 Best Musical Instruments Affiliate Programs

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Top 20 Best Musical Instruments Affiliate Programs

Music has been done since the dawn of human time with gadgets, and through vocal songs; thus, it is an industry that does not fade off.

Musical instruments were created to make musical sounds even though it not clearly stated when and how the first musical instrument was invented.

There have been considerable changes to music due to the digital age and technology advancements. However, musical instruments are still in existence as they play a great purpose in the world of music.

Musical Instruments Affiliate have flocked the music industry, and they offer excellent musical services. All affiliate programs not only sell musical instruments but also they are others that teach one how to play a specific musical instrument.

So you can decide the best you can focus on it could be either marketing a particular musical instrument or focus on people who are interested in knowing how to play an instrument.

In this niche, it is not necessarily you know how to play a guitar or drums, or know how to sing. Being interested in music is enough for one to be successful in this sector.

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The music industry can be competitive because everyone enjoys music. However, for an affiliate, you can choose an affiliate program that has great offers.

Here are some few affiliate programs that you can sign up for and earn yourself hugely;

1. Guitar Centre Affiliate Program

Over 50 years, the guitar center within the United States is well known for the sale of the best guitars.

It also sells basses, keyboards, drum sets, amps, DJ stuff, PA system, and microphones.

All these instruments are sold at an affordable price. Commission Junction is the affiliates’ network partner.

Guitar Centre Affiliate Program has a high average value size and three months EPC of $44.03.As an affiliate, you get to earn a commission rate of 3%-5% with a cookie duration of 14 days.

2. Woodwind and Brasswind Program

Woodwind and Brasswind started as a barbershop, but then they still had an idea of making woodwind Musical instruments for teachers, players, and schools too.

In the 1980s, they started making brass instruments also.

They make instruments such as guitars, orchestral stringed instruments, speakers, and PA systems for their products. Globally, Woodwind and Brasswind supply over 50,000 instruments.

Commission Junction manages the affiliate program

Affiliates earn a commission rate of 6% and have an EPC OF $82.52.

The cookie duration is 14 days.

3. Piano for All Affiliate Program.

Piano for all is a program that offers piano classes for piano lovers. The program has helped more than 250,000 students across the globe to learn how to play the piano.

The program features ten eBooks, over 5000 audio lessons, and 200 videos.

The Musical Instruments Affiliate is managed by Click Bank.

The commission rate for affiliates is $22.89, but no cookie duration is featured in this program.

4. SamAsh Affiliate Program

SamAsh is a family-owned musical instrument store that offers a wide range of musical instruments at an affordable price. Link share manages the affiliate program.

As an affiliate, you get to earn a 10% commission on every sale you make. The cookie duration is not stated in this program. Real deals and banners are used by most affiliates at SamAsh to attract more customers.

5. Casio Interstate Music Affiliate Program

Casio Interstate Music sells a variety of guitars, basses, live sound, woodwind devices, electronics, and other utility products. Most of their products are of up to date technology.

Link Share and Commission Junction manages this affiliate program.

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Affiliates receive a commission rate of 8%, depending on the sale. The cookie duration is 30 days.

For marketing of the affiliate program, affiliates use banners, text links, offers, and promotion and daily data feed. The management of the program offers to support its affiliates.

6. Sweet water Affiliate Program

Sweetwater is the United States’ largest dealer in musical instruments. They sell instruments such as recording workshops, churches, show sound companies, broadcasters, and schools.

VigLink manages Sweet Water Affiliate Program.

Affiliates commission rates are not revealed.

7. American Musical Supply Program

American Musial Supply abbreviated as AMS not only deals with the sale of Musial instruments but also gears and accessories.

It is well known for providing high-quality products, free extended warranty, and free shipping. Commission Junction manages the affiliate program.

The Musical Instruments Affiliate offers a 6% commission on sales.

For example, if a buyer buys an instrument worth $2000 as an affiliate, you earn $120 as the commission.

The cookie duration is 60 days. Banners, ads, links, and references are used as promotional materials.

8. Thalia capos Affiliate program

Thalia capos, just as the name suggests, are well known for designing Capos.

A capo is an instrumental device found on the neck of a guitar.

It shortens the length of all strings at the same time, creating different guitar sounds. Apart from capos, the store also offers products such as guitar picks, apparel, and phone cases.

In any music instrument store, a standard capo goes at $5, but Thalia Capos sells at $60 each but in retail.

The average order value for this program is $130; thus, affiliates earn a commission rate of 15% per sale with a cookie duration of 90 days.

Musical Instruments Affiliate[amalinkspro type=”cta-btn-css” ctabtn-id=”” asin=”” apilink=”undefined” addtocart=”false” new-window=”true” nofollow=”true” alignment=”alignnone”]CHECK CURRENT PRICE[/amalinkspro]

9.Zzsounds Affiliate Program

Zzsound is a trusted and popular online store that sells musical instruments such as guitars, bass, keyboard, live sounds, recording instruments, and DJ equipment.

Even though the Zzsound program is an in-house program, Commission Junction can manage the affiliate program.

The Musical Instruments Affiliate offers a 6% commission on regular sales, but if the customer buys an expensive and popular product from the music collection, your commission might range from $125-300. Zzounds exclusive affiliate can earn a bonus of up to 80%.

10. Musician Friends Affiliate Program

Musician Friends is one of the best descriptions of the saying from rags to riches.

It started by the current owners starting their business in a garage with a capital of $5000 from their parents. They then moved to a dairy barn as their business grows.

Currently, it is the largest music store that stocks over 85,000 unique products along with 1.7 million items. Their instruments are of high quality, and the program offers excellent customer services.

Commission Junction operates this affiliate program.

As an affiliate, you are eligible for a 4% commission rate, and  their cookie duration is 14 days on every sale.

They also access exclusive offers and deals upon signing up for the affiliate program. Promotional materials are banners, text links, and customer creative.

11. Audi mate Affiliate Program

Living with a drummer or being a neighbor to a drummer can sometimes be irritating because of the sound that drums produce.

Audi mate store got you covered because their drum sets  are soundproof.

The average order value for Audi Mute is $900, and their commission rate for affiliates is 2.50% per sale, which is equivalent to $22.62 per sale.

Furthermore, their cookie duration is 60 days.

12. Rocket Piano Affiliate Program

Rocket Piano is ranked as the 3rd most trusted affiliate program.

Its services are mostly online and are best for beginners who would like to play the piano correctly—the training helps a piano player get to know different notes and develop great piano skills.

The program features written books, video tutorials, audio files, and forms of media.

Affiliates earn a commission rate of 75% for a downloaded copy sale, and for a hard copy, an affiliate earns 25% per sale.

The cookie duration of the program is 90 days.

13. Music and Arts Affiliate Program

Music and Arts music instrument store deals with instrument training, instrument maintenance, instrument rentals, and band and orchestra instrument sales.

They assist musicians and educators find the product of their choice.

Commission Junction manages this affiliate program.

The commission rate of this affiliate program is 6%. Promotional materials include; banner ads, text links.

All these materials can run on your blog or website to track and increase sales.

14. Virtual Sheet Music Affiliate Program

Virtual Sheet Music is a trusted source for sheet music. Interestingly, the store receives up to 20,000 users per day.

The music store has been featured in classical magazines such as International Musician, Classical Musician, and Music Teacher.

They also offer audio files that can be downloaded.

Affiliates receive a 30% commission on the sales of instant downloads or membership fees.

This is one of the affiliate programs with the most extended cookie duration of 30 years.

15. Jam Play Program

Jam play industry offers training of guitar and bass on the internet.

Moreover, having discovered more new materials and new lessons, the store currently offers 5800 lessons.

Affiliates receive $40 on every sale they make. The Musical Instruments Affiliate has an adopted policy whereby the first affiliate to introduce a new customer earns extra credit.

The cookie duration is 120 days.

16. Loop masters Affiliate

Loop masters mostly aim to provide quality music and music software.

They have a partnership with, where you can earn an extra commission of 15% plus the affiliate’s commission rate of 20% on their products.

After signing up, you could also receive a bonus.

17. Sound Bridge Academy Program

Sound Bridge Academy is a music school that teaches on courses such as audio processing, sound design, composition and sketching, mixing, mastering, arrangement, and structure.

These classes are mostly online and offer 80 hours of lecture. Upon completion of the courses, you credited a diploma certificate. Furthermore, they offer one session for free.

Affiliates earn a 20% commission on sales generated from their website. Even the free course pays. The cookie duration is not stated.

18. Teaching Children Music

Teaching Children Music was started by two parents who desired to teach their children music.

They offer materials that teach children to note reading, singing, and classes for piano or ukulele. They passed the information and techniques to other parents.

The classes can be done at home and can involve fun activities and games.

The Musical Instruments Affiliate earn a generous commission of 20% up to 50% depending on the monthly sales generated.

19. Reverb Affiliate Program

For seven years now, Reverb store has been selling great musical instruments, amps, speakers, pedals, software, plugins, home studio setups, or even music itself.

It sells its products to retail stores, dealers, collectors, and musicians.

Affiliates earn a commission of 1% up to 10%. 1% commission rate is for the purchase of physical products while 10% is on digital purchases.

You can still earn a$5 bonus on the referral of a new customer.

The cookie duration is of 7 days.

20.World Music Supply

Since 1993, World Music Supply has been offering musical instruments such as guitars, drums, studio equipment, stage equipment, and DJ equipment. For those in a tight budget, they sell gear instruments. They also offer free shipping.

Affiliates are offered a 5% commission on every equipment sale.


All the affiliate programs for musical instruments given above are the highest paying and repute ones. If your niche allows including these programs, then you will surely make a significant amount of income by putting up this online music store program on your website.


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