Top 20 Best Men’s Health Affiliate Program

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Top 20 Best Men’s Health Affiliate Program

Maintaining good health is an individual’s responsibility.

Good Health comes with a lot of advantages, which include the good running of personal business, and no diseases are acquired.

People will go all the way to find good ways to maintain a better health lifestyle by looking for better health tips, health products, and supplements, among others.

In this article, we will focus more on Men’s Health.

Men’s Health affiliate program may include sexual health, hair loss, bodybuilding, and general nutrition.

However, dealing with men’s health issues can be expensive, making many people ignore it.

Men's Health Affiliate Program

All in all, the sector should be addressed after all expenses are gold.

Men’s Health Affiliate Program are there to help men find some better health options.

This market niche keeps on growing since no one will ever want to risk their lives or that of others.

Before signing up for this market niche and become an affiliate, you should realize the sensitivity of the niche because you are dealing with people’s health.

Most products are not cheap; therefore, the commissions offered by each affiliate program are pretty fair.

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Here are some Men’s Health Affiliate Program that help maintain good health:

1. Affiliate Program

Checking in our world today, Men are the ones mostly involved in gym activities. offers that great platform to maintain fit.

It does so by selling supplements as well as information in the form of blogs, posts, and training plans.

They also have a digital support program called Body Fit. The Men’s Health affiliate program offers free shipping on orders above 75 dollars.

Impact Radius manages the affiliate program.

Affiliates could either choose to promote nutritional supplements or promote the Body Fit program.

They earn a commission of 8% for new customers purchasing their products and a 3% commission rate for repeat customers. Cookie duration is seven days.

2. Silver Blade Brands Affiliate Program

 The company specializes mostly in male enhancement pills, such as Max Performer.

It has a high conversion rate of up to 8.57%. Post Affiliate Pro manages the affiliate program.

The commission rate for affiliates is at 40%for any sale of their products. It offers lifetime cookie duration.

Silver Blade Brands provides Men’s Health Affiliate Program with a direct link feature that hides their affiliate link. This helps build trust between the company and the customer.

3. Zhou Nutrition Affiliate Program

Zhou Nutrition not only specializes in women’s health but also men’s Health. It mostly deals with the selling of nutritional supplements online.

Men’s health supplements are designed to address grooming, sex and hormone issues, sports, training, keto support, mind and mood wellness, and essential wellness issues.

It also has an informative blog that educates on nutrition products such as Vitamin D. Lastly; the affiliate program guarantees money back in case of any risk.

Affiliates earn a 15%commission rate on referrals made. The cookie duration is 45 days.

4. iRestore Laser Affiliate Program

IRestore Laser is a helmet-style, drug-free, non-invasive laser system to men with thinning hair.

The company also deals with hair care products, nutritional supplements, full hair restore kits, and battery packs for the devices.

Men who use the iRestore devices can expect their hair loss to stop within 2-4 months. New hair generally begins to grow within 4-6 months.

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Restore Professional device is another device that helps cover more scalp areas to help address thinning hair around the sides of the head, lower crown area, and the temples.

This device costs around $1,195. iRestore Company offers free shipping and free returns. This guarantees 100%customer satisfaction.

Affiliates earn a 5%commission rate on any sale made through their website link. It may seem small, but the devices are quite expensive, thus making them earn hugely.

5. Crazy Mass Affiliate Program

Crazy Mass deals with dietary supplements for bodybuilding. They help in cutting, bulking, and developing Strength.

Apart from that, they also give information on how to use the supplements, when to use and why you should use them.

ShareAsale and Commission Junction are used to manage the Men’s Health Affiliate Program.

A reasonable commission rate of 20% is offered to affiliates. They are also given special promotions and opportunities to earn bonuses.

The promotional materials used are banners and text links.

6. Blue Chew Affiliate Program

Blue Chew offers male enhancement products such as Viagra and Cialis. These products are FDA approved.

The company has optimized sales funnels for young adults, middle-aged, seniors, and gay customers, which could help it fit within some niche market strategies.

The product is also affordable for customers who only pay around 20 dollars a month.

Men's Health Affiliate Program

Affiliates earn a flat commission rate of 50% for any sale made. However, the cookie duration is not known.

7. Procerin for Men Affiliate Program

Procerin for Men carries a set of hair loss formulas to help men increase their scalp health and begin to regrow hair.

The products include scalp therapy foam and a hair regrowth complex that are both intended to nourish the scalp and hair.

The products are available in combo packs, and consumers can order them in one-month, three-month, or six-month supply kits. Some products can be purchased for around $27.

The six-month combo pack, which is the most expensive product, costs about $220.In case of any risk, you are guaranteed a money refund with 90 days.

Men’s Health Affiliate Program receive 40% commission within 90 days cookie duration

8. Muscle and Strength Affiliate Program

Muscle And Strength has a store that carries more than 7,000 products, including over 250 supplement deals.

Still, the website also includes workout plans, information on different types of diet plans, articles, videos, and tools that customers can use to get fit.

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Free shipping is offered for products that costs $99 or more. Commission Junction manages the affiliate program.

Affiliates are paid a flat 10% commission rate for every sale except those that include daily deals and internal coupons.

Banners, text links, coupons are used as promotional tools.

9. Health Trader Affiliate Program

Health Trader is health-related affiliate networks that have a program that can help men to slow, stop, or reverse hair loss.

Some of the products sold here, like Propecia, which is the company’s top seller, require prescriptions.

Other products include over-the-counter serums, shampoos, supplements, and laser combs.

Affiliates earn a commission rate of 30% up to 45%on any sale made. The cookie duration is not stated.

Furthermore, The Company offers a white label program to affiliates whose referrals result in a large number of sales.

They are provided with the marketing materials they need, including hair loss infographics and other information, website templates, photos, and banners ads.

10. ProMera Sports Affiliate Program

ProMera Sports can help men gain or retain muscle mass through its brand of supplements, including CONCRET, its creatine hydrochloride formula.

Other products geared toward weight loss and building muscle mass include burn powders and capsules, whey protein shakes, recovery solutions, and more.

Affiliates with ProMera Sports sign up as Crenation Ambassadors to promote the CONCRET line, all products sold by ProMera Sports, and all products made by Vireo Systems, which owns ProMera Sports.

The Commission rate is at 20% for any sale made. As long as you are an affiliate, the affiliate program offers lifetime cookie duration.

11. Cal worth Glen ford affiliate program

Cal worth has been in the industry since 1996. They deal with men’s Health offers such as ED offers, diabetes offers prostate offers, and male enhancement offers.

The company has been entrusted by many customers to deliver quality services. Once in a while, they offer free offers and also free shipping.

Affiliates are paid 35 – 75 cents per click (CPA) every Monday.

The Men’s Health affiliate program allows only affiliate similar to their target market to sign up. The requirements include:

  • Male gender
  • 40 years and above
  • Men who  respond to offers such as financial, political, dating, survival and golf offers
  • Mostly political conservatives.
  • Men who buy health and supplement products.

12. Market Health Affiliate Program

Market Health is one of the best health affiliates especially for men.

They deal with products such as skincare products, teeth whitening products, men’s health products, and weight loss products, and sports nutrition, among others.

Affiliates are offered a good commission rate of around 50% for any sale made. They also provide even higher commissions of around 60%.

Cookie duration is 30 days. It pays twice in a month, on the 1st and 16th of a month, with a low minimum payout of 20 dollars.

13. Sell Health Affiliate Program

Sell Health was launched in 2002, and ever since, it has been one of the most popular health affiliate programs.

It offers products for men’s and women’s health, sexual health, anti-aging, Weight Loss, Skin Care, and Hair Products.

The Men’s Health affiliate program offers a generous commission’s rate of 30% for their new members, which rises to 40% and then to 50% depending on the number of sales generated by an affiliate daily.

14. Specktra Affiliate Program

Specktra Company is a great platform for targeted health benefits. Its products include tinctures and vapes to support sleep, pain, anxiety, focus, among others.

Their products guarantee 100%money back in case of any health risk, and most of the products are tested in the laboratory.

Specktra affiliate program average order value is $90 or more. Affiliates earn 30% commissions on all sales made. Discounts of 15% are also offered.

Affiliate Commissions: Earn 30% commissions on all sales made. One hundred conversions will net you $2700+ on average (our AOV is $90+).

You can also easily set up a discount code to give 15% OFF to your audience.

15. Puritans Pride Affiliate Program

Puritans Pride Affiliate program specializes in nutritional supplements. Their products have high vitamin content, affordable, and are of high quality.

It has been in the market for over 45 years.

Affiliates earn up to 7% commissions depending on the volume of the product.

16. Health Research Laboratories Program

For 25 years now, health research laboratory has been offering nutritional supplements to protect vital body organs boost metabolism and have a great love life.

It has trained and talented researchers nutritionists, doctors, and chemists who provide quality services at the laboratory.

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The Men’s Health Affiliate Program offers its affiliates a 22% commission rate for any purchase of their products.

17. Grooming Lounge Affiliate Program

The grooming lounge deals with improving men’s handsomeness and confidence.

Their products are men grooming products, products developed in the company’s barbershop made with high-quality ingredients.

Men's Health Affiliate Program

It has been in the industry for 21 years now; therefore, it has gained more experience in providing great deals.

Commission Junction is used to run the operations of the Men’s Health Affiliate Program.

Affiliates benefit from the program by:

  • I was earning a 5% standard commission guaranteed with the partnership.
  • 10-day cookie duration
  • Signing up is free.

Text links, graphics, and banners are used as marketing tools

18. Indian Herbs Affiliate Program

Indian herbs is a company based in India that deals with products for joint-related problems, for prostate are, body detoxification, for immune support, male virility, for hair, skin, and nail are among others.

It offers a money-back guarantee within 130 days in case of any risks.

Customers are offered discounts and special offers.

Affiliates are paid in two levels; 40% commission on direct sales from their website and 10% commission on sales generated from their referrals website.

It offers lifetime cookie duration. 

Marketing tools include banners, raw and unique clicks.


This is a market niche anyone would invest in. You could choose to promote;

  • product’s that concern’s hair growth and loss in men
  • men’s grooming
  • health issues; sexual Health
  • Nutritional matters include supplements.
  • Bodybuilding activities

This would offer a pretty commission as an affiliate marketer.


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