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Top 20 Best Home Security Affiliate Programs

Marketing in the modern world has changed in many ways.

People have ditched the traditional methods of advertising, and they are continually embracing the new culture of the internet of things.

The internet has offered a more convenient and flexible way for people to market things, and with the high number of people that use the internet, the strategies have been successful.

Affiliate marketing has become the heart of modern-day marketing.

People have seen the positive results of using it to promote their products.

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 It brings people from different parts of the world together, and they get to embrace similar things that they like.

Home Security Affiliate Programs

Marketing impacts almost every aspect of our lives, and home security is not an exception.

Home security affiliate programs have become an obvious part of our daily lives. It is one of the sectors that are very famous in affiliate marketing.

Everybody wants to secure their homes, and no one wants to gamble with the security of their loved ones.

As a result, home security affiliate marketing has become a lucrative deal for those that engage in it.

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People never stop purchasing products that enhance the security of their homes, and thus you can never go wrong with home security affiliate programs.

 In this article, we focus on the various home security affiliate programs and their benefits.

Pros of Home Security Affiliate Programs

Low Start-up Cost

Most Home security affiliate programs are free for you to join, and thus you do not have to worry about investing money on the site for you to start earning.

Besides, the company that you choose to market for provides all the products that you need to market, and when a client purchases them through your link, you get to earn a commission that adds up to profits.

 As long as you have the right marketing skills, you can easily make money through these home security affiliate programs.

No Product Creation

With Home security affiliate programs, you do not have to design any product or service.

You only need to entice clients and convince them to purchase the home security products, and as long as they do so through your link, you can be sure to make your profits.

Fast and Easy to Join

Most home security affiliate programs have an easy way to sign up through a form, and you can start posting ads and links immediately.

 They offer an easy to use interface that gets you earning money in a few minutes if you bring clients.

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Other platforms may be strict to use and depending on the specific program that you choose to use; you can always be sure to earn some money if you make a successful sale.

Guaranteed Money

The home security affiliate programs are never demanding, and you can be sure to make money even when you are playing or off work.

If you post ads and links, your clients can have access to the products on sale, and just like that, you get to earn.

No Licenses Required or Training

In these home security affiliate programs, you do not require any form of training or licenses to get started.

 You only need to have clients who can purchase the specific products that you are marketing, and this makes your work even easier.

You get to enjoy more as you have a chance to learn and improve your skills in marketing.

No Shipping

Your work is primarily to market the products, and you do not need to worry about how your clients will get their products.

Home Security Affiliate Programs

The companies already have a team that attends to clients that purchase goods, and they have ways to deliver the products and services that customers purchase.

Home Security Affiliate Programs

Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security is the most famous venture that deals with home and security.

It offers protection to your homes for 24 hours, and it has a team of employees that respond to customer questions whenever they arise.

The program has been able to attract millions of users, and with their mobile app, people in Puerto Rico, the US, and Canada have access to all the things and products that they need to enhance their home security.

The mobile app is patented using ASAper fast system that allows you to quickly connect with your family and friends in case of an emergency.

Reasons to Promote Brinks Home Security

The system allows every interested party to promote their products and earn a commission for each sale that they make through the links that they create on their sites.

 As an affiliate, you have an easier time promoting the products thanks to the banners, ads, and tools that help you in the entire process.

You can also use email marketing to enhance the user experience.


Brinks Home Security gives a high commission of $200 for each lead. The cookie lasts 30 days.

The Brinks Home Security website is

To sign up as an affiliate, you need to join through Pepperjam

Guardline Security

This is an established company that is also among the top providers of security and safety at homes.

Outdoor motion detector is the major product of the company.

Besides offering high-end products, the venture is also known for the exceptional customer support that it brings to its clients.

The team is always ready to offer consultation services to clients on the best security options that they can install in their homes.

It has served over 250,000 customers.

Affiliates that need to join the program get to do so through ShareASale

Reasons to Promote Guardline Security

The Guardline products are already established, and they have been making high sales over the years.

It is easy to use the user interface program of the venture thanks to the tracking, marketing tools that the venture provides.

You can also earn a commission as an affiliate.

Commission and How to Join

Guardline Security offers commissions of 25% or 45% per sale.

Their website is Guardline and affiliates that need to join the program can do so through ShareASale

Armor Concepts

Armor Concepts deals with offering home security services on windows and doors.

They have installed security devices in about 300,000 homes in the US and Canada. It is a trusted company by many people.

The company provides its clients with a lifetime warranty on all products, and this allows clients to enjoy seamless security at their homes.

The products are budget-friendly, and a client can purchase a device that they can meet the cost.

Reasons to Promote Armor Concepts

Armor Concepts offers high-quality products that have enabled them to win the trust of their clients.

 The venture offers coupons and incentives to both customers and affiliates.

In their platform, the venture offers banner ads, links, and other resources that make your experience as an affiliate easier.

Commission and How to Join Armor Concepts

The venture offers commissions of 20 %per sale.

Website: Armor Concepts

Affiliates can join the system through Commission Junction


This company has come up with an innovative way to enhance security at our homes. It deals with the manufacture and sale of innovative doorbell.

The venture has been installing doorbells in various homes across the US and other areas.

With the doorbell, you can talk to, hear and see the person at your door thanks to the Wi-Fi installed in the latter.

 With your smartphone, you can access all the features of the device.

Reason You Need to Promote SkyBell

The popularity of the SkyBell makes many people have the willingness to purchase them. Each order has an average value of 22%


For each sale that you make, you attain a commission of 12%. As an affiliate, you can join the program via ShareASale

The website of the company is


Reolink is a famous and established brand throughout the world. It offers highly competitive and high-end camera products that enhance security at home.

Their products are highly reliable and easy to use.

The venture focuses on diversity to ensure that each of their clients gets whatever products they need to maximize security at their homes.

They offer wifi cameras, wireless cameras, and smart cameras.

Why You Should Promote Reolink

Reolink is a well know brand in the globe, and due to the trust that the company has gained from its clients, it has been able to serve a customer base of millions.

Its high quality and highly efficient products make it even better and easy for clients to purchase them.

As a home security affiliate programs affiliate, you get to enjoy banner ads, tracking tools, and links to enhance your experience.

You can choose to promote them through YouTube or blogs.

Commission and website

The 4 tier commission mode of the venture allows you to earn a commission of about 6 to 19.8%, and that adds up to 0.05per lead.

Through ShareASale, you can join the affiliate program.

The company’s website is

Blink Home Video Security

Through innovation, the company has been able to offer a wireless video camera for your home.

The camera brings you convenience as you get to operate it from your smartphone.

Besides, even when you are living in an apartment, you can always be sure to shift with your device without needing disconnection services to form the company ads.

The device is wireless.

Reasons to Promote Blink Home Video Security

The company offers web-only video cameras that have proven to be highly efficient.

Sales volume determines the commission that an affiliate is likely to earn, and this increases the chances of one earning high commissions if the sales are high.

The Blink Home Video Security allows affiliates to access the web, only chances, and creative products.

Commission and promoting the company

As an affiliate, you can join the program through AJ. The website of the company is

Offers a commission of 7%

Lorex Technology

Lorex Technology has embraced innovation to manufacture its high-end products.

With their security devices, you can access the state of your home from everywhere and anywhere that you are at that particular moment.

The company manufactures and installs internet protocol devices like digital cameras, video recorders, and a system that can handle all your security needs.

Reasons to Promote Lorex Technology

The company has a wide range of products that offer you all in one security system to get all your security needs covered.

Affiliates enjoy a vast number of advantages like commissions, special promo tracking code, and a catalogue for the products.

Commission and website

The company website is, and it offers commissions of 6%to affiliates. Through the Impact Radius, affiliates can join the program.


iSmartSafe has quickly developed its products to become a leader in offering security devices that meet the demands of clients.

 The beautiful design of the company’s product is one of the key features that entice clients to purchase them.

Besides, their products are highly secure, and they offer customers an opportunity to monitor their homes and identify any issues related to insecurity.

The cameras that the venture manufacture are enabled with wifi for you to control them with your smartphone.

In the manufacture of its device, iSmartSafe avoids the long half of wire connections by making the device’s wireless for clients to enjoy flexibility.

You can use the cameras both outdoors and indoors.

The devices are installed with the alarm push technology that notifies the users whenever there is any movement around the home.

 Some are also self-controlled, and they automatically raise the alarm whenever there is movement detected around your home.

Reasons to promote iSmartSafe

Apart from offering you high-quality products, the company also focuses on bringing beauty to your home thanks to the unique design of their devices.

The devices come with a free APPA for self to monitor the condition of your home. They also offer a commission to buyers, and joining is easy.

Commissions and joining

It is easy and convenient to join the affiliate program. The platform offers 7% commission, and the website is


The company was founded in 2007 by three founders who are all experts in home security products.

It manufactures security cameras that allow you to monitor the state of your home throughout the year.

 Their products are safe to use, and you are guaranteed of security throughout the year.

With the cameras, you can be sure to have a better vision even at night due to the digital design.

Reasons to promote Frontpoint

The company has a five-star rating as a reliable security company.

It has continued to gain popularity in the globe thanks to its ability to create home awareness and trust among people.

With their security cameras, clients get to feel secure and safe at their homes.

Affiliates also enjoy a vast number of resources with this company, and this makes their experience better.

Commission and website

The venture offers a commission of $300 per activation. Affiliates can access them through their website frontpoint


This company was founded in 1992, and it has its locations in Texas.

It has been providing exceptional services and products to its clients in Texas, us, and other parts of the globe. It has an established brand, and people have gained trust in the company.

ProtectAmerica installs alarm systems to people that need them.

It has served millions of customers through which it has built strong relationships through exceptional services and the provision of high-quality products.

Reasons to promote ProtectAmerica

The company has been operating for over 25 years, and over time, it has gained customer trust thanks to its reliable and highly convenient services.

 With their GPS, home surveillance, and home automation services, the venture has continued to receive large orders and requests form clients.

As an affiliate, you can be sure to bring clients closer to the venture by convincing them to join the program.


ProtectAmerica offers a commission of $300 per customer. Their website is


This is a modern company that embraces technology to enhance security at home; it is based in North America, and it has a vast number of clients throughout the state.

It is known for its diversity in manufacturing a wide variety of home security devices that help people to live better and safely.

Vivint offers customers a wide range of options like doorbell videos, garage door controller, temperature control, smoke and fire detectors, and many small home appliances to enhance security at your home.

Reasons to Promote Vivint

The venture has a wide customer base due to the trust that it has gained from its clients over time.

 People have shown a positive response towards the products of this venture due to their smart wireless nature that allows them to control the devices and view the condition of their home even when they are far away from there.

The security devices are also equipped with modern-day technology for security control.

 The company also has an active and reliable affiliate system that enables affiliates to enroll and earn a commission.

Commissions and website to join

Through the affiliate program, affiliates get to earn a commission.

The terms of the venture are tentative, and the nature of sales and commission determines the amount that the affiliate is likely to earn.

The website of the program is

Revo Alarm & Security Affiliate Program

The company has already made a name for itself through the video surveillance that it brings to people.

The company has been serving a vast number of clients, and it also seeks to offer its affiliates a better platform to promote their products.

The major reason behind the fast success of the venture is their EZlink software.

Home Security Affiliate Programs

The software makes it possible for you to control the security of your home from any part of the globe.

 It is a rare feature in the systems of the venture that makes them unique compared to those of its competitors.

 As long as you have a smartphone or a computer, you can be sure to access the condition of your house.

Reasons to promote Revo Alarm & Security Affiliate Program

The products of the company have continued to receive high demand form people.

There is a vast range of benefits that people get to enjoy by installing them at their homes.

The security nature of the devices is similar to that installed in airports, health facilities, and big companies.

 However, it still allows one to use it at their homes to enhance security.

Due to these exceptional features, you can be sure to attract a vast number of willing buyers to help you grow in your affiliate program.

The company also offers two years warranty to buyers, and this encourages them to purchase the devices.

Besides, they enjoy a 90-day return and free shipping.


The commission rate of the company is 5%. It is, however, crucial to note that they do not increase the rates even on an average sale.

SmartHome Affiliate Program

This company has been operating since 1992. T offers a wide range of security devices to enhance your home safety.

It embraces diversity by selling additional home appliances that are necessarily based on security.

With this company, an affiliate can be sure to diversify their earning options as they are not limited to a single niche of products.

There are many devices that clients get to order form this company, including doorbell video systems security video cameras, door locks, and sensors.

Besides, clients get to enjoy the wide range of entertainment devices and bulbs, among other useful home appliances that they may need at their homes.

Reasons to Promote SmartHome Affiliate Program

The company offers you a chance to diversify your selling abilities thanks to the wide range of products that it offers.

With it, you can be sure to make sales as home appliances are usually on high demand among people.

Besides, the company is constantly innovating on the appliances that it introduces to the market, and this gives you a higher chance to achieve more commissions.


The venture offers a commission of 4% on their average sale of $220, and thus as an affiliate, you get a chance to make money.

 Besides, their user interface is friendly as you receive banner ads and other tools to make your experience unforgettable.

Tink.Us Affiliate Program

The company was founded in 2016, and it has been growing over the years through upgrading their products to ensure that they meet the demands of their clients.

 During its launch, the company had a focus on manufacturing devices that conserve the environment and reduce the costs of the user.

 In their new range of products, there have been slight changes, and they have also brought diversification through producing both home appliances and security devices.

Among the security devices that the venture offers include security cameras, motion detectors, and video doorbells, among others that are digitally designed to meet all your specific needs.

Reasons to Promote Tink.Us Affiliate Program

The high user base that the company has adds up to its clients and more trust from the high-quality levels of its products.

You can be sure to earn form the average sales that you make.

Through their affiliate programs, you get access to many tools that make your experience better.

Besides, you also get to interact with other affiliates and learn new skills on how to improve your customer searching endeavours.

Commission and website

The company offers affiliates with a commission of 10% for every refereed average sale of $237.09.

For each client that you send to their page, you can be sure to earn about $23 for all the successful sales that they order.

They also have the ShareASale site for the top-performing affiliates, and if you make to be at that position, you can increase your commission and chances of earning more for every referral.

Their website is affiliate program

LA View Security Affiliate Program

The venture was founded in 2012, and it has been serving clients in North America and other parts of the globe.

 It has already won the hearts of many clients thanks to the exceptional quality of their products.

The company sells home security devices that are essential in keeping your home safe.

Besides, the venture is also keen on innovativeness, and it has lately been offering IP and HD NVR devices that make it easier for you to have a view of your home’s security even when you are away.

Among the products that the company sells include IP cameras, HD camera systems, video doorbells.

Reasons to promote LA View Security Affiliate Program

Promoting this company guarantees you an easy way to make money and earn a living.

The venture is also a top performer at ShareASale, and with the vast number of affiliates that the venture has acquired, it is able to sell a vast number of products and win the trust of a large base of clients.

Affiliates also get to enjoy commissions for every successful sale.

Commissions and website

To become an affiliate with this company visit LaView Security affiliate program

They offer a commission of 10% and customer ted to buy whatever they are selling; hence you can earn money through the affiliate program.

Zmodo Affiliate Program

The venture was established in 211, and it has continued to be a top leader in the sale of home security devices.

The company has won various top innovation awards for the exceptional and inventive ideas that it brings in the security world.

It majorly focuses on the sale of security cameras, and it has never gone wrong in its exceptional ideas.

The cameras that the venture manufactures are specially meant for outdoor and indoor uses.

The major cameras that the venture has been producing over time include sight 180 models that are meant for outdoor and indoor purposes and the Zmodo snap PT.

The devices have been marked by high sales and trust form their users.

They also have video door bells with a price range of $100

Reasons to Promote Zmodo Affiliate Program

Despite the company being an already established brand, the prices of its products are fairly priced, and most people can afford them.

As a result, it brings more hopes to its affiliates as they can win the hearts of many clients.


The venture offers a commission of 5% per sale of an average price of $500.

The cookies of the venture are, however, only seven days, and this may not be effective in winning many affiliates.

For the affiliates that want to join the program, they can reach them out through their website Zmodo affiliate program.

Alliance Security and affiliate program

This is a reliable security company that is determined to offer you security for your home at affordable rates.

It has gained fame in the years that it has been operating. The company is known for its wide range of security devices that it avails to people.

It sells security digital cameras, smart door lock, door bells among many devices that enhance the security of your home.

Reasons to promote the program

The company has won the trust of many clients because of the vast devices that they bring to you to enhance the security of your home.

The devices are highly affordable, and they ensure that you stay safe even when you are on a budget.


This is one of the most innovative companies in the state.

 The devices of the company are equipped with AI technology that makes them more reliable and safer to use compared to those that lack that form of technology.

The good thing with the devices of the venture is that they can differentiate between cars, objects, and people, and thus you can be sure to have maximum security in your home.

Reasons to promote Kuna

The company’s devices are among the top-notch ones when it comes to offering security to their users.

They are highly reliable, and thus you can be sure to attract many clients that want to maximize security in their homes.

Besides, as an affiliate, you get to enjoy commissions for sales.


The company offers affiliates a 10% base commission and 20% commission for sales above $200


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