Top 20 Best Forex Affiliate Programs To Drive Up Your Earnings

Forex Affiliate marketing

Top 20 Best Forex Affiliate Programs To Drive Up Your Earnings

 The forex program, also known as forex exchange market is a global market through which currencies can be traded in a non-centralized method. It is mostly affiliated with International and large banks.

Choosing the right Forex affiliate program

Making the right choice on the best fitting frex affiliate program can be a mind wrecking process. This is because most of these programs are sold through middlemen or brokers, raising the chances of one being conned.

There are a few things to take into consideration and steps to take to be extra vigilant. These include but are not limited to: 

Trust– the ability to trust your broker is imperative. Do as much research as you can on the broker’s background and history. This will give you a clearer idea of how trustworthy they are with your investments. 

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The most significant rule for any kind of trading is transparency and openness, and these should be in no case ignored in this area.

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If you want to become an excellent forex affiliate, you have to have the ability to do thorough followups with no negligence.

Be up to date with all the steps and stages of the process until you have the actual account under your name. 

This step-by-step presence will prevent the occurrence of errors and or negligence and minimize the room to be deceived.

Deposit and withdrawal procedures: to ensure efficiency to your clients, always provide the deposit and withdrawal processes are running smoothly with no glitches.

This will, in turn, deliver quality services to your clients, which translates to market credibility and being able to stand out from the other brokers. 

You could also stand out by providing a variety of withdrawal options, safeguarding you and your clients against single-system failures. Below are top Best Forex Affiliate Programs you can sign up with.

Financial Partners Marketing

Affiliate Commissions: Three commission structures:

CPA By Country: Affiliates will receive a fixed commission for each qualified trader (up to 1200 USD)

Hybrid Strategy: Combination of 2 types of all available commission, CPA + revenue share

Revenue Share: Receive up to 50% of Gross Revenue (spread)

Affiliate Description

Financial Partners Marketing is a world-leading affiliate network that specializes in exclusive financial offers.

Their commitment to detail and attention to building partnerships always make their affiliates earn more.

Their specialized team made up of passionate marketers ensure that every element from the banner, to conversion, are correctly optimized and deliver optimal results for their partners.

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Affiliate Commissions: Earn CPA up to $600 per client with unlimited earning potential.

Blackbull’s central ideal is to become the best online financial technology and foreign exchange broker. 

Blackbull is considered a true ECN, specializing and dealing in CFDs, commodities, Fibre Optic Communications, and Finch solutions at a global scale and clientele.

 They pride themselves as the Best Forex Affiliate Programs in having the leadership of the best and most qualified professionals, who are also most experienced and up to date on development, data security and forex matters.

With this seasoned minds leading them, Blackbull can guarantee top-notch fin-tech services to each of their clients, with fast execution and low institutional level spreads for retail traders. 

The demand for their products has rapidly grown inconsistently, owing to the trading tools they employ as well as the skilled service they provides to their clients . 


Affiliate Commissions: Earn unlimited commissions for your referrals

Affiliate Description

They are an EU-based and trustworthy forex broker, providing quality and reliable trading platforms since 2010. 

Their platform is licensed by CySec, MiFID, CESR, FCA, and BaFin. and their platform via MetaTrader offers online trading solutions in different areas such as; Currency pairs, Futures, CFDs, Energies, Commodities, Indices, and Precious metals.

In 2019, they were recognized as the Best Forex Broker as part of Global Business Outlook’s yearly awards.

This award recognizes leading business on a global scale.  Their efforts and professionalism have also been noted, and they have been awarded as the Best Educational and Analysis providers.

They have diversity payment methods, allowing their clients the choice of what is most convenient to them. Among the available means, clients can pay via credit cards, wire transfers, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, and FasaPay.

They also offer instant withdrawals, accessible in the MYORBEX and PARTNERS areas at any time. Through their extensive library, clients can access free webinars, e-books as well as podcasts.

These can also be sent directly to a client via mobile devices and or telegrams if need be.

Orbex provides fast NDD execution of less than 1 second. Traders can choose between accounts with fixed and variable spreads and leverage up to 1:500.

Other advantages include: Hedging, Scalping, EAs, Swap-free Islamic accounts, Free VPS Service

Orbex strategizer

Orbex is designed to be accommodating and ensure that clients receive the best of services. Through this vision, they have a wide variety of partnership programs in place for both the inducers and affiliates.

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Clients have unlimited access to an essential library on forex promotional materials, which includes but is not limited to banners, newsletters, landing pages as well as trading tools widgets.

This library is continuously added to and grown through the efforts of their dedicated Arms. they are there to ensure and optimize the growth of every affiliated business.


With Orbex, you can earn up to USD1500 CPA and as high as USD24 per lot.

This will depend on the best business model you have chosen, be it a webmaster, fund manager, EA developer, or a marketing firm, you are sure to find a formula that suits your business model.  They have something for everyone!


Affiliate Commissions: Earn up to $15,000 per account referred to.

Affiliate is one of the leading FX and CFD providers worldwide—they are one of the best click-through rates as well as new contemporary campaigns in the markets.

They ensure to provide comprehensive global and multi-lingual support to their clientele to ensure that none of their clients are cut off from their services.


Affiliate Description

Income Access is a leading affiliate marketing software, birthed in 2002. The main concept behind it was to provide customized services to clients who intend to upgrade their forex affiliate programs.

Through Income Access, clients can access a franchised platform via which they can track and analyze their forex affiliate programs.

It comes with comprehensive reporting and analytical tools that assist in monitoring the forex affiliate channel in real-time.

This technology is, therefore, imperative in keeping you an up-to-the minute on the market changes, making trading decisions more crisp.

They have partnered with top-notch and well-known partners like  Gain Capital, Finsa, Swissquote, and FXCM, helping several top Forex brands get their affiliate programs off the ground and provide them with tools they need to make the most of their Forex affiliate channel.


Affiliate Commissions:   This is a CPA offer that pays geographically:

$800 – Singapore

$550 – Kuwait, Oman, UK

$500 – Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia

$450 – Italy

$400 – EU

$350 – Canada, Jordan

$300 – Malaysia

$250 – Russia, UAE, Rest of the World

$200 – Indonesia, Israel

$100 – China

Affiliate Description

HY markets pride itself in being able to provide access to foreign exchange and capital markets to retail and institutional investors with access to foreign exchange and other capital markets.  

Through their platforms, clients can trade in goods such as metals (gold and silver), energy products such as US oil and natural gas, as well as non-tangible commodities and services such as indices as well as stocks, all from a single integrated account.


Affiliate Commissions: Commissions vary by offer.

Affiliate Description:

They are an affiliate network focusing mainly on E-commerce, health, and beauty services, as well as Cryptocurrency vertices.

Their range of services is quite diverse and aims at ensuring satisfied clients. Among other things, they offer are;


  1. Their clients receive reliable, transparent platforms, enabling them to scale, optimize, and evaluate their campaign step by step
  2. A manager dedicated to your account to help and provide your daily services.
  3. Customized targeting and fragmented capabilities
  4. Worldwide high-quality traffic based on your needs
  5. Multiple ad formats – CPA / CPL / CPC / CPM / CPS / Rev-Share

Publishers / Media Partners:

– Full transparency and multiple goal levels that will provide essential data for your campaign optimization procedures.

– Solid payouts.

– Trendy and top converting worldwide offers.

– Net 5 Weekly payments only ($100 min amount).

– Multiple payment methods.

– Cutting edge tracking system.

– 30 – 90-day conversion cookie life span.

– Thoroughly professional and well-experienced account managers that will support you daily.

– Awesome referral program!

– Good Karma and unlimited positive energy.

*They take security very seriously, that’s why they handpick and verify all parties involved with Olavivo; their compliance team must thoroughly verify each partner.

United affiliates Network

Affiliate commissions: varies according to the offer

Affiliate description

This is one of the Best Forex Affiliate Programs that concerns itself with the finance and gambling industries only across the world.

This network works with traffic providers who generate traffic using Google ads and SEO, Facebook as well as ad Email campaigns

 It provides an end to end solution to the problems facing affiliates and advertisers.  Majority of People venture in this platform to receive all the tools required to run and generate traffic for the financial industry.

The advertisers will enjoy traffic of high quality that has been generated by Google ads as well as Facebook ads campaigns, Email marketing, and SEO.

Capitalist exploits

Affiliate commission: $777-$1750 per sale.

The commissions are paid monthly, and tiered commission is also offered.

Affiliate description.

This affiliate program Is run by hedge fund managers who are established and make personal trades that are there for subscribers of insiders as well as the Resource Insider.

The two services provide investment ideas or access to a private deal that has not been ventured . They have a solid track record from the money managers across the globe, so it is a trustworthy deal that you can go for.

The most successful affiliates have the following type of traffic:

  • Individual retail investors
  • Institutional investors
  • Financial investors
  • Newsletter writers
  • HNW, as well as Family offices.

Best Forex Partners

Affiliate commission: first tier 5.00% whole the second Tier is 2.50 %

Affiliate Description

The program has been running since 2011 when it was established by a group comprised of global online marketers and international financiers.

This was in dire need to see the nature of affiliate marketing evolve to something even better. They pooled their resources together to come up with this program that has taken affiliate marketing to a whole new level ever since.

Forex club

Affiliate commission: up to $300  for every unique depositor and trading customer with over $200 on your referral

Its cookies do not expire

Affiliate description

Forex club company was established back in 1997 as a group of companies that offer platforms for their clients to trade on Forex, CFDs, online trading as well as educational products.

It has been named as the first company to offer zero spread trading and commission refunds for all the trades that deemed unprofitable.


Affiliate compassion: 30% per sale

Programs range from $349-$495

Affiliate description has been offering quality training and mentoring resources to people venturing into Forex trading since 2003. 

The training is done by professional traders who have your best interest in mind. It is done through video courses as well as training services to ensure that you get a breakthrough in the dynamic market.

Top Trading Network

Affiliate commission:

CPA deals – up to $300 CPA

CPL deals- up to %40 CPL

Revenue Share Deals-  40% Revenue share

Hybrid Deal- up to $150 CPA +20% revenue share

Affiliate description

This is one of the Best Forex Affiliate Programs agency that concerns itself with financial industry affiliates. It is a popular one among the financial affiliate industries as it has good marketing tools and ideal services.

XM Forex

Affiliate commission: sub-affiliates that are 10% and no CPAs

Has a cookie duration of 2 months

Affiliate Description

This program offers its customers a variety of trading tools that include Gorex, CFDs Equity Indices as well as is a famous regulated company, so the safety of your funds is guaranteed.

You get a minimum monthly income of $50, and the regulating bodies include FCA and ASIC.

Force time Affiliate Program

Affiliate commission: CP, Lot Rebate commission well as 10% sub-affiliate commission.

The cookie duration is 30days

Affiliate Description

This program was brought into the picture to provide innovative products and services to the forex industry to revolutionize it, and this has been much achieved.

It offers 250 tools to its clients who are monitored by bodies like FCA, IFDC, among others. You can open an account and later do an upgrade with a deposit of $100.

As a client, you can access free educational materials, which include videos and ebooks. They are only available on MetaTrader.

IronFX partner Program

Affiliate commission; CPA ranging to $600 as well as lot rebate commission

The cookie period is 60 days

Affiliate description

This program supports up to 30 languages used across the globe, making it widely used in more than 180 countries in the world.

They offer over 200 trading instruments and are regulated by several regulation bodies, so your cash is safe, and you do not need to fear to be a scam.

They have high commissions as well as advanced referral tracking tools that you can always trust. The commission plans with IronFX are many.

Kingpin affiliate program

Affiliate commission: payment of $10 and withdrawal on your request

Affiliate description

Kingpin is the way to go if you like binary options. It is a user-friendly platform that can be multifunctional to your advantage as a trader.

They have been operative since 2014, and since then, it has been milestones towards service and product improvement, and now they have good deals for you.

They have a variety of trading tools that are available in seven languages. In this program also, you can have personalized promotional materials that you may like.

Expert option affiliate program

Affiliate commission: payouts of $10 and withdrawal done twice per month

Affiliate description

The expert option dates back to 2014 when it started its operations. It is a binary options broker having over 200 trading instruments that a trader may choose from.

For the new traders, you got to have a free demo account for practice and which you can upgrade with a deposit of $50.

You pocket 50-60% of the revenue share, and it does not involve CPA. It is regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission so you can trust them with your investment.

IQ Option Affiliate program

Affiliate commission: lifetime commission plans

The Cookie period is a lifetime

Affiliate program description

IQ option is an eCommerce platform that allows you to trade in Binary Options, Cryptocurrencies as well as stocks .It is a user-friendly one with a variety of marketing options that you can always choose from.

It is also regulated by CySEC and run by the IQ Option LTD. You get 50% of the revenue share, and you can make withdrawals twice in a month


Chose to invest in one of these programs and you can be assured of profits to accrue from it and huge profits at that.

Go for Best Forex Affiliate Programs that are regulated by known and legal bodies to secure the investment you are going to do and to avoid being involved in a scam.

A lot of people have turned to forex affiliate marketing, and it is not too late for you to venture. Having informed you, you can now make a knowledgeable decision on which program you would like to subscribe to and start earning.


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