Top 20 Best B2B Affiliate Programs


B2B business world is one of the most challenging affiliate programs in the market. In recent years there has been an increase in the use of social media and internet services with the advancing technology.

However, this has led to outcome of digitized features that can target the right customers through their internet behavior and their expertise data; such features include the Outbrain.

 These among others features have helped B2B affiliate entrepreneurs to do business in B2B world, taking advantage of the advanced technology. Below is a list of some of the Best B2B Affiliate Programs.


Promo affiliate marketing platform is one of the top famous and most prominent programs in the B2B that creates videos.

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 In the current decade, both international business and local businesses compete to bring out their products and services to the target customers.

This is where the need for video advertisement comes in when they are strategizing on the market method to apply. Promo program offers affordable video creations and products, making the business life of the affiliates easier while still pocketing some good cash for themselves.

 Almost a hundred percent of marketers in the current business world advise that it is essential to use video in your marketing strategies. This is one of the reasons why Promo platform is still popular in the  marketing world.


SEMrush is a premier tool that allows SEO experts, news and ecommerce website owners to have access to vital visual information on the performance of their sites and analysis on competition.

SEMrush has a variety of target customers who are mostly businesses with a digital footprint from all over the world.  As a SEMrush affiliates you target customers and it’s effortless  when making sales.

Moreover, this B2B affiliate programs provides great T&C and high commission and discount deal.


Transformify provides services such as hiring employees and freelancers as well as make payment transfers to over 150 nations from all over the globe.

However, this platform offers ATS (Applicant Tracking Acquisition), Hires predictively as well as solves diverse recruitment.

They have partnerships with a variety of companies such as ; WeWork, Pioneer, Roam, BitBond, TimeDoctor with over 200 companies and over millions of people.

This platform offers its affiliates a recurring high payout commission rate of 20% per every successful sale.

Besides, an affiliate receives payment after their referred customers’ orders a package Their program’s Cookie life duration is 180 days. That means that if one makes a sales of $3500 (monthly subscription), the payout is $700 and the total earnings will be probably $150,000

Moreover, this platform gives affiliates a week-trial for 7dollars to the new customers who want to join the program

The Transformify platform is right for recruiters such as Employer Branding, HR Software, ATS, Freelance Platform, Diversity Hiring, Billing and Payments, as well as Market Entry Pack for Startups.

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They provide the best services for:

  1. HR blogs and forums
  2. HR software directories and reviews
  3.  Companies with many customers of B2B (accounting and providers of tax software, and payment providers among others)
  4. Transformify affiliate program offers a startup pack to a new startup making it a unique brand that helps the new promoters get a targeted audience with small capital since start-up forums and blog readers find it interesting.
  5.  This affiliate program helps businesses such as Corporate Social Responsibility (the CSR) as well as different forums and blog firms to develop their finance which is a way for growing businesses in terms of accounting.
  6. Transformify offers business from all over the world with professional accounting consultants that help to monetize their online businesses.

They help in making their affiliate’s websites look more attractive by offering solutions, sharing relative tips to make it appealing when any customers clicks on their affiliates links or reviews.

This is probably because they provide banners, text links, or reviews to their promoters. However as an affiliate keep the business language friendly and make it professional as well to achieve the best results since you can easily attract customers.

One can use keywords such as gender equality, hiring all people from various ethnicity and races, give future solutions, recruiting members from all over the globe, recruitment of multiple platforms and putting up a freelance platform.

Transformify B2B Affiliate Program is a great money-making company for professional B2B companies, teamwork office providers, as well as forums and blogs.


Supermetrics is one of the best-automated marketing metric tool used in Internet marketing.

This is an appealing platform used by a variety of marketers worldwide. The Supermetrics software provides; high recurring commissions per every successful order as well as an excellent affiliate group with knowledge that ensures excellent solutions.


Bluehost is one of the best affiliate programs that offers a hosting solution for any digital marketer’s domain.

Bluehost is a premier B2B affiliate programs because; it makes referrals of great value to life user of the platform due to its high payouts.

The Bluehost affiliate program offers a Commissions rate of 65dollars per every successful sales.

In 2003, this affiliate program was founded in Utah to make an advanced hosting company.

However, they are now among the best programs all over the world that offer internet solutions based on Cloud with a pillar of open source technology and online solutions.


FreshBooks offers tracking invoices, accounting solutions to Internet SMB owners. This platform promotes its affiliates services, offers a free trial commission to their new client and promoters and also make reasonable payments to their marketers.

However, they make business and SMB owners, affiliates and customers happy since they provide useful Accounting solutions.


PicMonkey is a B2B Affiliate Programs that provides all solutions for internet graphic creations and editing, including picture and brand name or logo creation.

This platform considers the business people who want to sell online products and got to make their websites appealing to their target customers.

 This is where PicMonkey comes in, and they know that the visuals are very important factors to consider when making a marketing plan.

 The platform however, offers related and appealing services making it one of the best B2B affiliate software.


Shopify is another leading B2B affiliate programs that helps non-experienced or new e-commerce business owners by providing solutions to promote and develop their brand online.

The platform ensures that the new entrepreneurs in the e-commerce world are gaining experience and growing their business by helping them reach the target customers.


Fiverr B2B software provides relevant solutions to all customers with the help of their affiliate marketers. The platform offers various internet services such as proofreading, photo editing, translations, and reports on SEO, among others.

 They have many target customers that range from almost all various online expertises which is a great potential B2B Affiliate Marketing Program since many customers mean that it will be easier to earn a handsome pay for yourself as an affiliate.


Hootsuite is the most popular social media platform. This platform outperforms buffer and TweetDeck based on the number of promoters and how popular they are.

The software allows its users to make campaigns in most of the social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook using one dashboard from their website. This helps business owners to manage several products.

 The Hootsuite affiliate program provide their affiliates two leading software. The platform offers its affiliates a commission – junction of 100% per every sale made (if the client stays for more than six months only once) while for ones with lifetime customers are given a recurring commission of 15% per every successful referral.

Moreover, Hootsuite has a webpage that is appealing to the targeted customers with well-made designs to advertise their program in colorful lays. They also use graphics to ensure that their customers achieve better and simpler appeal.

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Treehouse is a B2B affiliate programs that educates coders, web designers, developers of technology as well as business owners.

They provide online training on various courses using; quizzes, videos as well as communication tools to share ideas that are complex to their learners ensuring that they are not boring and making it more interactive.

ShareASale manages the Treehouse affiliate program with goal of helping other ShareASale affiliate success because their customer’s happiness is their happiness too.

They offer their affiliates a commission rate of 50% for the first referral (in the 1st month) and also provide a 30% for yearly Gold membership to their affiliate marketers. They also offer a payout commission of 20% for every referral made by affiliates on silver membership.

 Besides, they pay $3 commission to their affiliate marketers when their customers sign up for free trial. Moreover, Treehouse affiliate marketers have an easy time when promoting Treehouse software since many people all over the globe trust their products.


Paychex B2B affiliate program is the premier provider of outsourcing solutions for human resources, payroll as well as business functions for both small and medium businesses.

This platform is popular worldwide, working with over 50,000 businesses with its friendly services that one can depend on.

Paychex platform offers great Commissions Junctions as well as high conversion rates. Affiliates prefer this affiliate program because it is managed professionally and offers expert placement of commission junction.

In addition, the Paychex affiliate program is managed by a group (team) known as AMWSO. affiliate program offers an online unique printing technology that helps users (promoters, business owners) to make and customize business cards. is similar to graphics, and aesthetics have similar aspects. They have made it easy to find their page by listing it at the footer that directs users to newly designed page with the company’s color scheme and simplicity putting all the pages together.

MOO platform run their program through ShareASale as well as Affiliate Window.

MOO platform offers its affiliates a commission of $8 per new sales, $2.50 per every 2nd tier as well as $300 per each customer who successfully signs up to a MOO account.

Affiliates marketers worldwide can join and make money from as it is active in the United States and Europe.


Crunch program provides solutions on invoice, recording expenses as well as other accounting functions by use of accounting software which they sell online to United Kingdom businesses.

However, the platform is only useful when you have UK clients as it is a UK product. This platform is well managed internally as an independent program (has no 3rd party)

Crunch provides high commissions of up to £120 per every referral and pays 10% of each user’s monthly fee on a ¼ basis in 2 years.


FreeUp Affiliate Program offers Commissions of $0.50 per each hour billed to any referrals you make forever.

FreeUp software is an online market for hiring that connects business owners with the leading one percent of freelancers in eCommerce, virtual assistance, web development as well as digital marketing.

This platform offers services to hundreds of online businesses with both based and non-based US freelancers from 5 dollars – 50dollars available partly or on full-time basis.

Also, before freelancers are allowed to join their network they go through an interview and communication test and they make their payments through FreeUp program.

Backup Addict

Backup Addict Software provides its affiliates recurring commissions rate of  25%  for personal and business backup plans and a commission of 5% on the 2tier or any extra.

Backup Addict B2B Affiliate Program is the leading software being unique as a backup firm. They provide services to small, medium and large businesses worldwide with their team of professionals that coach and train the upcoming backup providers.

 This platform offers solutions to all offsite backup problems. It’s also 24/7 available to customers and has a money refund guarantee.


PsPrint offers its affiliates Commissions rates of up to 8%.

This B2B software is a master online print production and Design Company that has a primary aim to help their promoters acquire printed materials unlike many other individuals.

This platform offers services such as printing brochures, business cards, postcards invitations for ones’ graduation. PsPrint affiliate program helps individuals grow business-wise, build a team, and make the right connections.


They provide an Affiliate Commission rate of up to 15% per every referral made.

Since the year 1994, Bags and Bows affiliate program has been the top-ranking wholesaler of retail-packaging supplies. This platform offers products such as paper, plastic and material-made shopping, gift bags and boxes, as well as tissue &ribbon.

These products are used to do packaging, which are selected carefully according to the fashion designers as well as retail industry professionals.

Advantages of Bags and Bows:

  1. They make excellent designs that are also of good quality- long-lasting bags that can be mentioned with ones’ company. The designs are attractive in color and has a fashionable pattern.
  2.  They do smart business- due to the limited budget for individual small business owners, they do not charge for small orders, and they also have mini-packages in various designs. I
  3. They also offer vast discount options on sales.


Monster B2B Affiliate Programs, the premier platform that has succeeded connecting individuals to job opportunities from all over the world.

The Monster platform has an aim to form successful and lifetime partnerships with affiliate marketers to ensure the promotion of their hiring side products.

The Monster Affiliate Program provides a payout Commissions rate of 10% per every signup.


The NAB EDGE B2B affiliate program made implementations on processing fees to all its clients making payment with credit while they are offering a discount to the customers who make payments with money and debit.

 However, clients who make payments with cash and no credit are not charged the service fee while the ones who pay with credit are usually charged for the processing fee.

The processing fee is added to the receipts that have the items listed. Moreover, the Nab Edge platform is all about a path of a customer or promoter to plan your credit card for paying services to process fees without adding all your rates.

A Nab Edge affiliate earns commissions of $200 per every successful referral.

However, when choosing the Affiliate Program is it wise to consider:

  1. Finding the best affiliates for ones’ Business – many B2B Affiliate programs have limited scope in targeting customers, so you have to choose one that will help you reach the right audience.
  • Let your affiliates know your sales cycle- this is because the B2B sales cycle varies with duration so that you can avoid future disappointment when sales have longer cycles.
  •  Most importantly, have someone with the knowledge of affiliate marketing to help in your B2B platform as an additional resource to your team.


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