Top 20 Best Art Affiliate Programs 2020

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Top 20 Best Art Affiliate Programs 2020

Different kinds of art intrigues different types of people. It’s mostly associated with beauty, and just like beauty, it is in the eyes of the beholder.

Art draws an ambivalent reaction in different people causing it to be quite challenging to understand it fully.

However, people may share a common interest or taste in an art with you, and so it’s up to you to draw their attention towards your blog.

In your search to support your blog with a little more income? Luckily then I’ve got it covered.

Around twenty partnering programs spreading in all forms of art like history, drawing, painting to mention just but a few.

The trick is to find an art associated program that connects to your fan base. Numbers will not matter if your audience dislikes the goods or the shop.

So look around and if you do not like what you see just remember that there are new store opening up all the time

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Getting the right affiliate partner for your blog is a substantial first step though it is just one out of many.

You will still need web hosting, domain, training, and a lot of support.

The main reasons why many fail in affiliate marketing is that they do not embark on Proper research Below is a list of top art Affiliate Programs you can try.

Brick Art Materials

Blick Art is among the most prominent retailers dealing in arts and crafts online. It has just about every product that is art-related that you would wish for.

It has great prices and has been known to get to readers, making it your greatest partner if you may choose to work with them.

It has a wide array of over 90,000 products and ranging from studio supplies and books, furniture, pencils, and paint arts among others, which makes them just the place to start if you are looking for a partner.

For all sales that go through, brick arts will award a commission of 10%. Judging from the excellent commission and decent products, it only means if you partner with Blick arts, you will make a high income.

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Company Name:  Blick Art Materials

Affiliate Network:  ShareASale

Sales Commission:  10%

Tracking Cookie:  15-days

Arteza Art Supplies

Company Name:  Arteza Art Supplies

Affiliate Network:  ShareASale

Sales Commission:  15%

Tracking Cookie:  30-days


Arteza has a vast selection of art, ranging from pencil and paper to canvas and paints to mention just but a few.

Their products are highly rated, and they have specialized in a wide range of micro-segments in the art and craft area, including quilting and sewing to painting and drawing.

An associate partner like this one is adamant for any art segment. Just like Blick art supplies, Arteza could be playing a major role in your art niche.

Commission at Arteza stands at 15%, and the tracking cookie is stable at 30 days. Both these combined go miles in assisting you in choosing your art affiliate partner.

Primarily, it is excellent for any art segment. Their wide selection of great products puts them in check with Blick art materials, but their commission and cookie tracking days put them a bit further ahead in the partner selection standings.


Company Name:  Joggles

Affiliate Network:  ShareASale

Sales Commission:  10%

Tracking Cookie:  30-days

Joggles is also a well-renowned associate based on its wide range of products in the general art world. They also have a unique selection, for example, doll hair and eyes.

They Offer a standard 30-day tracking cookie and the commission sitting at 10%, joggles has little to be differentiated from Blick Art supplies.

With proper promotion, goods from joggles could generate a high income. Differentiating joggles from Blick being that both have similar terms would mean checking to see which best suits your blog.

All About Drawings

Company Name:  All About Drawings

Affiliate Network: ClickBank

Sales Commission:  50%

Tracking Cookie:  N/A

It is a single product affiliate and teaches readers to draw and sketch. Being a great product, I decided to include it just as a wild card.

Clickbanks could be a little bit shifty and need quite some research before deciding to promote them. The trickiest products are in the online marketing and finance sections, and they need proper analysis.

The price of the e-book goes for around fifteen dollars, and although not that expensive, the commission is quite rewarding, sitting at 50% per e-book.

This Affiliate program is natural to promote, especially if your blog is drawing-based, costing a little but greatly rewarding.

Although it is easy to promote, you should choose to write a few articles around the drawings that you decide to promote.


Company Name:  Creative Live

Affiliate Network:  ShareASale

Sales Commission:  10-20%

Tracking Cookie:  30-days

This is a website offering lessons in artistic activities. It works more like udemy in that you can submit and sell your products or as well be an associate.

Their commission sits in between 10-20% and fluctuates based on certain factors and also a standard 30-day cookie tracking.

It is also a great platform to store your information to build your products even if it is not for the present.

Spray Planet

Company Name:  Spray Planet

Affiliate Network:  ShareASale

Sales Commission:  5%

Tracking Cookie:  15-days

If spray paints are your kind of art, then spray planet is one of the best platforms to be your affiliate.  They have some of the best spray paints, markers, and branded clothing.

Compared to the other affiliate programs, the commission and terms are underwhelming and sit at 5%, and the cookie tracking days are 15 days.

The terms are not stellar, but the program offers a massive array of spray products.

Handmade Arts Limited

Company Name:  Handmade Arts

Affiliate Network:  ShareASale

Sales Commission:  8%

Tracking Cookie:  30-days

Handmade art is a well-known retailer for some of the best masterpiece arts in history. They are among the very best retailers in the industry, and their products are high end and best of quality.

Handmade arts terms are fair, not the best, but worth looking at, sitting at 8% and a 30-day tracking period. There are other affiliate partners of the sort, and unfortunately, handmade fall behind in regards to the terms.

Despite all, you should give homemade a try and see if it works for you. In any case, commissions do not mean much if you do not put in the work.

Cartoon Smart

Company Name:  Cartoon Smart

Affiliate Network:  None

Sales Commission:  20-45%

Tracking Cookie:  N/A

This affiliate program has quite the selection of kits and training for developing applications and games with an artistic touch.

Being a member of this platform grants one access to 1000’s of art projects that one could use in their projects. It usually leans more in the video game department but also fits perfectly in the arts sector.

Cartoon smart terms are great though the cookie tracking information is not clear, the commission rate base is at 20% and could rise high up to around 45% depending on the number of referrals you get during your promotions.

A scaling commission system is not ideal in the art world, but it could work for you if incorporated in your blog when creating art and developing video game characters.


Company Name:  Minted

Affiliate Network:  ShareASale

Sales Commission:  15%

Tracking Cookie:  120-days

Minted focuses on a rare type of art, which is occasional and mostly used by wedding bloggers. The art ranges from murals to fine art prints.

Minted have some of the best items in the art niche offering 120 cookie tracking days and the commission sits at 15%. It might attract a smaller fan base, but if you can fit it in your art blog, then you have got yourself a great partner to earn an income with.


Company name: Arts Heaven

Affiliate Network: Link Connector

Sales Commission: 20%

Tracking cookie: 90 days

 This type of program has a little diversity as far as art partner arsenal is concerned. It sells replica paintings of oil as well as reproductions of the great pieces of art from across the globe.

Here you can buy replications of pieces of art from the most celebrated artists in the world. The replicas are not priced anywhere near the original pieces, but you may give some good money for each piece making it an ideal venture for your art blog.

Their tracking cookie is an ideal one for 90 days, and the commissions offered are among the best when it comes to partners.

This might be the venture that your blog is waiting for, you can become a household name when the art affiliate comes in to question.


The affiliate commission at Elephant Stock Is 20%, and it is a well-designed program that has a unique style. It offers a wide range of canvas ,print panels, walls arts, just to name a few.

The high-quality items attract customers, as well as the excellent commission offered.

All you need is to reach out to them, and you will have an experience of creating art in its purest form.


Zatista offers a commission of 8% for its products.  You will have the best experience with an art-buying company that will not disappoint you. 

The art presented at Zetista is of high quality and original from selected artists and galleries.

They are a company you can trust when it comes to buying original arts. Do not go for cheap replications but choose quality and originality at Zetista.

The prices are favorable and their commissions too. They are among the leading programs in art affiliate trading.


This program offers a commission of 5 %. It is a leading online gallery that allows you to interact with arts as well as artists of your liking.

It deals with paintings, drawings, sculptures as well as photography. All this comes in a range of affordable prices.

They are based in Los Angeles, but their services are available across the globe. It is the program to turn to whether you are an artist or a collector.

Artist Network

Artist Network has a commission rate of 12%. It is a program that brings together like-minded individuals whose passion is in art. These people have a standard knowledge of the informational perspective of art.

They have books and videos offering courses to enable one to tackle the need for one to improve their paintings or drawings as an artists.

It is a platform that has helped countless people across the world, and it may aid you too. The commission offered is higher than most affiliate programs in this niche.

Julius Jooste

This affiliate art program offers 15% commission per every sale made. Julius Jooste is a photographer born in South Africa, a celebrity for his entertainment works and his nightlife ground when he was in Ibiza in Spain.

He came up with an innovative idea on how he could bring art that he so loved and technology that is inevitable in the current world together.

His idea was followed by coming up with this great program that allows you to experience art in its purest form, yet having a technological notion in it.

The plan pays a higher commission than other programs, and it will serve your purpose right.

Artistic Painting studio

For this art affiliate program, you are offered a 20% commission. It began as a stencil shop and It has grownup to a new level being one of the best online trading affiliate programs we have around.

They have reasonable prices for all their products and are available to most countries in the world.

The artistic Painting studio is home for millions of clients across the world, boasting some of the best deals and high commissions than most of the art affiliate programs we have in the market.


Blueprint has several commissions on offer, and they are:

 For the first time class or DVD sale to new customers, you get 75% and a cookie period of 30 days.

15% of class or a DVD sale to an existing customer, having a five days cookie.

15% of physical products purchased by already existing customers have a thirty days cookie

For 4% of physical product purchases by an existing customer, a 5-day cookie is available.

For Blueprint sign up you sort with $5 for 15 days cookie

Premium Subscription -$45

$15 for referrals accepted to Blueprint.

Blueprint is your guide towards good and creative artworks across the globe. They are an educative lot sharing some of the inside tips and ensuring that you see the light of the day on the world of art.

Creative live

They offer a commission of 30% revenue share for sales to new customers. They have a lot of creative tools in their program, enabling them to serve all the needs that you may have in art.

It is also among the best art affiliate programs in the market, and you can attest to it that they offer a handsome commission.

Getty images

This program is a leading one in creative as well as editorial photos, videos, illustrations, vectors, stock photos music, and also art photos.

For their commission, you get up to 39% of the revenue share for the stock photos and 6% for the art photos. They have their affiliate program website that has marketing tools details as well as a variety of programs on offer.

The marketing tool in this program includes API, coupons, and promotions. The banners comes in a variety of languages. They have translated the site to more than ten languages to reach out to people across the world.


This is a marketplace for all the handmade artistic products. They offer a commission of 2%-5% revenue share. It is a place where you can sell handmade and unique products that could be ideal gifts for your beloved ones or yourself.

They have millions of active sellers and buyers all over the world, bringing in a wide variety of products that you will like. The commission though not so high, applies to each sale made.


Viglink is another large affiliate network that works with some famous brands, including Amazon, eBay ,Gap, and Nike.

They have quite a number of commissions depending on the program, but you will have 35% of network share 2 tier commission for 1st year.

There are many brands and companies integrated into this network, but you will have quite some work going through all the pages looking for the best program as they lack search pages.


These are just but apart of the so many art affiliate programs available in the market and those that you can reach out to and have your needs met.

Venture into one of them and be part of the millions of people earning From the high commissions and revenue shares offered by these networks.


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