Top 20 Best Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs

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Top 20 Best Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs

In today’s world, Skincare’s expertise has rapidly developed to revive the appearance and touch of the human skin.

People are always aging with years, and most of them try to fight with aging that comes along with wrinkles.

However, professionals have come up with solutions to help people achieve a fine skin tone, texture, and a more solid skin to attain a younger look.

This niche has a variety of potential customers, including Skincare specialists, Health stores, Natural beauty stores, Spas, Makeup Boutiques, and salons, among many others.

Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs

The following Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs help people stop or even just reduce the rate of aging.

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DermaSet Skin Care

DermaSet Skin Care is one of the leading anti-aging brands in the industry.

This affiliate program’s main focus is the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle transformation of the skin.

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However, the platform offers solutions to ensure that its customers attain a more solid and younger skin appearance in only one month.

DermaSet Skin Care is a trusted affiliate software with a good reputation.

In 2018, the platform was voted as the Best Anti-Aging Brand.

They offer their affiliates with a variety of verified banners and inclusive promo tools.

They also have a dedicated affiliate organization team that builds customized landing pages, banners, and tickets to help affiliates reach a larger audience.

In addition, DermaSet Skin is managed by ShareASale.

This Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs pays its affiliates a high commission rate of 35 dollars per successful referral without considering the least amount of sales.

They also provide a Cookie with a life length of 90 days.

pH Advantage

The pH Advantage manufactures medicinal ranked anti-aging skincare creations.

This Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs was industrialized by a well-known plastic surgeon called Dr. Barry J. Cohen.

The company applies Science of the principle pH of the skin to attain the best absorption to offer the most effective anti-aging results for younger skin.

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If interested in joining the affiliate network, you can simply sign up through ShareASale.

The program has excellent features such as regularly informed creative, great deals, tickets as well as statistic reports.

Moreover, they partner with content creators to advertise their products through videos and images.

The pH Advantage offers its affiliates a commission rate of 25% for every referral made and also provides a bonus of 100 dollars if the affiliates make more ten sales within 30 days of their first days.

In addition, the platform offers affiliates a Cookie with a life duration of 90 days.


Silk’n anti-aging provides anti-aging devices that give consumers the most effective results.

They have skin solidifying brands that improve the skin tone, touch as well as decrease wrinkled looks.

Customers can get the product from anywhere around the country at an affordable cost other than undergoing expensive professional skin treatments.

They have large sale sizes between USD300 and USD600, having the greatest conversions.

This Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs partners with Commission Junction to manage their affiliate network.

They allow affiliates to access a variety of options such as banner ads, text links, brand links, and high-class tickets.

Silk’n has designed optimized landing pages that enable the affiliates to make more conversions.

They provide an affiliate commission rate of 8.5% for each successful referral made as well as a Cookie with a 45-day life.


LIFTLAB produces medicinal rank and organic skincare brands.

They make use of patent Cell Protection Protein to foster quick cell renewal.

This platform uses organic elements to manufacture medical ranked skincare products, which they sell nationwide .

They produce clinically and lab established transformation and real anti-aging outcomes.

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ShareASale hosts the platform. It offers affiliates with all the resources and marketing items needed to promote their brands.

They also have a devoted team of affiliate management that offers assistance to affiliates on any challenges they might face on the website, including optimizing campaigns.

The LIFTLAB platform offers its affiliates a generous commission rate of 18% per referral made and also provide a Cookie with an awesome life period of 60 days.

They have pricings between 56 dollars and 250dollars per sales

Lifeline Skincare

Lifeline Skincare is an affiliate program that manufactures scientific and clinical proven anti-aging brands.

Their products help in reviving skin and are made from stem cells.

The platform mixes nanotechnology with peptides obtained from stem cells through their anti-aging formulas.

The Lifeline products help consumers to attain a youthful look leaving them with hydrated solid skin.

Lifeline has partnered with the famous Pepperjam platform, which helps in the management of their affiliate program. 

They give affiliates access to banners; data feeds, text links as well as the brand list on the dashboard.

Affiliates can promote a monthly 100% gratification and optimistic audience appraisals.

With an order size of about 240 dollars, the Lifeline program offers affiliates a commission of 10% and a Cookie length of 45days.

Tru Niagen

Tru Niagen is an outstanding procedure of Vitamin B3, systematically proven to increase the human energy production of cells.

Once the body begins to lose the cell’s energy, the human starts to age.

That’s where Tru Niagen comes in to offer innovative solutions to increase the cell’s energy as well as increase muscle revival to help the consumer become younger.  

The Tru Niagen is managed by Commission Junction.

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The platform offers its affiliates support, marketing tools, and material and sales tracking to enable them to increase their conversion rates.

In addition, they provide their customers with free samples and also discounts on their orders.

The affiliate program offers a commission of 15% per sales made and a Cookie length of 45 days.

Yon-Ka Paris

Yon-Ka Paris was founded in the year 1954 with its specialization in skincare services offered all over the globe.

The platform has been inventing scientific supplemented skincare products.

Their skincare brands help consumers to receive instant and quality results to revive their skin and finish wrinkles.

The Yon-Ka Paris is a leading platform having been highlighted in some of the best magazines such as The New York Times, In Style, Elle, Allure, Vogue, as well as Marie Claire.

The platform has great rates of conversions, and its average size of orders is over 150 dollars.

If you want to be a Yon-Ka Paris affiliate, you can simply sign up through ShareASale or AvantLink, which allow users optimized marketing tools as well as instant tracking tools.

Moreover, Yon-Ka Paris offers users a variety of deals, promotions, free trials, free shipments, as well as luxurious rewards.

They offer their affiliates a commission of 8% for every successful order, as well as a 30-day Cookie lifetime.

As We Change Affiliate Program

As We Change, the platform provides high-quality solutions to help their customers achieve youthful and healthier skin.

The platform was the chief mail catalog in the United States to focus on aging ladies with over 40 years wholly.

This affiliate program provides a wide range of anti-aging products for the best Skincare makes.

As We Change, the platform is based on Impact Radius.

The platform offers its affiliates various advanced resources and excellent marketing tools.

Their promoters are allowed to use their product set and high-class tickets to enable them to intensify conversions.

As We Can have designed free tutorials that will enable people to earn knowledge on affiliate marketing and way to monetize the programs.

They offer a commission rate of 8% per referral and a Cookie with a lifetime of 14 days


Dermelect affiliate program offers anti-aging skin care products that can cater to a variety of needs.

The platform uses technology to their benefit to create beauty products such that they established the first peptide infused anti-aging nail treatment.

The platform offers the best efficient and user-friendly (cruelty-free) products to help their consumers to achieve the best skin appearance results.

The affiliate programs is managed by Pepperjam. Having around 60-dollar sales size, they allow their affiliates to access banners, text links, customized ads, vouchers as well as brand links.

The Dermelect is worth promoting due to its multitasking products, as well as the ability to increase sale sizes through their enticement strategies to attract customers.

The platform offers free testers per sale, a guarantee of 30days, promotions as well as free shipments for sales above 25 dollars.

Their affiliates are paid a commission rate of 8% per referral and provided a 30-day cookie length.

Anti-Ageing Affiliate Program

 Anti-Ageing Affiliate Program provides some of the foremost skincare brands and products used by millions of people all over.

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Their products are of good quality since many people use their products up to date, meaning that as an affiliate, you are assured if you join, you can make high conversions.

The platform partners with some of the best health traders due to their high-quality organic skincare products, which include: creams, and moisturizers.

Their brand is aimed at clearing aging signs such as wrinkles and other skin-aging issues to ensure their customers achieve a youthful look.

Besides, they also offer additional products, including oral supplements made to fasten cell renewal as well as gain a clear skin.

Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs

The Anti-Ageing network provides its affiliates with all resources needed to build great executing campaigns such as expert images, templates, data reports, promotion codes, and banners.

They have a professional management team available to offer guidance to affiliates.

The platform is simple to join since you sign up and get approved in real-time.

They offer an affiliates’ commission ranging from 13% to 30% for every referral.

Regenere 3D – Anti-Aging Affiliate Products

Regenere 3D is established by Biofield Expert, who devised the chief active plant stem cells for anti-aging skin regeneration.

Stem cells are proficient in renewing skin cells in our bodies; thus, it can help in coming up with anti-aging solutions.

The plant stem cell growth was learned by NASA when they discovered that plant stem cells develop best in space.

However, by making use of the stem cell, the platforms make products useful to help in anti-aging. Regenere 3D has a price label of 225 dollars.

Their affiliates are paid a commission rate of 100dollars for every sale.

Skinception Instant Wrinkle Reducer Affiliate Program

The Instant Wrinkle Reducer platform is a famous up-to-date application from Skinception trusted by women to maintain or enhance their appearances in a short period.

This platform offers solutions on reducing or clearing wrinkled to beat aging skins. They also pay their affiliates handsome incomes.

Their commissions are based on Bi-monthly, and their payment is made through checks, ACH (use only in the USA), Bank Wire as well as PayPal.

They pay affiliates high commissions of up to 145 dollars Revenue Share. Anti-Aging Products is one of the premier affiliate programs that offer solutions on overall health as well as anti-aging products.

This platform offers its affiliates a high commission on all their products without putting across any limits as well as offer bonuses to their affiliates.

You can easily become a SellHealth affiliate by applying via the SellHealth website.

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The SellHealth affiliates earn high commission starting from 30% to 50%, and sometimes it can be even higher.

For each sale from referrals made by affiliates, the platform also offers a 5% payout.

 Murad Affiliate program

The Howard Murad, M.D, is one of the leading establishments in the skincare market in the United States.

The Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs provides anti-aging solutions as well as other skincare creations to cater for various skin health needs.

The platform’s products are available via, and to be an affiliate of Murad; you can register through the Commission Junction.

They have a 90-dollar average of order size, meaning the affiliates can earn up to 10 dollars per every successful order.

The Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs also offers its affiliates with active banners and text links to help them in advertising Murad brand.

Murad provides its customers with promos in terms of free shipping as well as free items to increase their sales.

Murad offers its affiliates a commission rate of 11% per sales made. They also offer a cookie life of one week (7days).

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty affiliate program provides natural beauty products as well as rich consumer experiences.

This skincare platform is situated in Northern California.

The Juice Beauty affiliate program offers its affiliates commission rates ranging from 8% to 10% per successful orders.  

Natural Anti-Aging Shortcuts Affiliate Program

The Natural Anti-Aging Shortcuts platform is one of the most recent brands in the market that provides middle-aged ladies to look more youthful and fitter.

People are getting old day by day, and they don’t want to get either wrinkled or look aged.

Meaning that it is one of the programs with high conversions rates targeting women between 35 to 60 years old to help them look ten years younger.

The platform pays its affiliates huge commission rates of 75% for every referral.


Evarad is one of the largest affiliate programs that provide solutions to health & beauty.

This platform has been in the industry for six years providing professional services. Evarad creates conversion offers to all countries interested.

Therefore, the EPC through default is always extremely high.

The Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs partners with programs with high tickets and highly profitable offers in the niche of nutrition, Skincare, health, and beauty, as well as vitamins and supplements.

The thing to know about Evarad:

  1.  Daily payment through Web Money, PayPal, Epayments, and Wire.
  2. They introduce the above five new offers in a month.
  3. It is an active program with over 5, 000 affiliates.
  4. The make payments in real-time.
  5. They offer huge commissions.
  6. It is an in-built affiliate program and provides tracking solutions.

The Art of Anti-Aging Affiliate Program

This affiliate program offers anti-aging solutions to help people achieve youthful looks and feel more confident about themselves.

They also provide expert knowledge on how to overwhelm diseases to live long, healthy lives.

Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs

When one signs up to their program, they get to promote; ‘The little Known, Life-Changing Health’ as well as receive gifts as per your hard work.

They also have a team consultant experts to help new affiliates with their needs.

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher provides a wide range of botanic beauty products.

Their products include skin and body care, makeups as well as colognes.

The Anti-Aging Affiliate Programs ensures that their customers have the best experience shopping from their platform by giving them a gift or a tester for every order.

They also allow affiliates to access banners, among other marketing resources, to help them increase conversions on their websites.

The Yves Rocher offers its affiliates a commission of 15% for each sale made.

In conclusion, this is one of the evergreen niche in the industry because people start to fight wrinkles and other aging issues before they grow too old.

That means that this is a field to consider exploring and enjoy the benefit of high commission, bonuses, high conversions, and other rewards.

The anti-aging affiliate programs may vary from each other, but definitely, each platform fits the needs of a specific person.

With such a list, you can compare and join an anti-aging affiliate programs of your choice to start pocketing a handsome pay besides your primary income.


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