Top 17 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Credit Card affiliate

Top 17 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Credit Card Affiliate Program is a rewarding selection for financial websites and blogs.

Online entrepreneurs who work in this niche-earn themselves a handsome income but definitely depending on one’s hard work.

In the recent world, people opt to use credit cards rather than dealing with physical cash, mostly when dealing with huge amounts of money.

Individuals from all over the globe are normalizing the use of credit cards to make purchases and other transactions.

However, there is a wide variety of credit card affiliate programs in the industry; below are some of the best platform to consider:

American Express Canada Affiliate Program (Amex)

American Express is one of the biggest credit card businesses besides the other two (Visa and MasterCard) companies.

The Amex is not only well-known in the US but also Canada due to their credit card solutions services.

Actually, in Canada, American Express has been active as from the year 1853 but not as a credit card provider in that era.

This means Canadian guests can benefit from all the typical bonuses that every American Express consumer enjoys, including receiving a cashback as well as adaptable rewards cards.

Not only will the customer have an advantage but also the affiliates who refer them to the Amex Express as they will earn great commissions per referral they make.

However, it is essential to note that affiliates are paid for only approved referrals or the ones received by the affiliate program to ensure that people don’t take advantage of the offer by spamming them.

American Express is one of the profitable affiliate programs on this list.

They offer a high affiliate commission rate of up to 200 Canadian dollars for every successful referral.

The huge financial inducements to its affiliates clarify their EPC of $644.89.

Amex platform also offers affiliates a 7-day Cookie length.

Bankrate Credit Card Affiliate Program

Bankrate is a decent credit card affiliate program that you can consider promoting.

The main aim of this platform is to provide direction and marketing resources to grow an individual’s niche to a lucrative one.

The in-house network was established long ago in 1976 as a finance company that begun their business journey as print publishers providing financial services.

They took their services online in 1996, introducing Bank Rate Credit to the people will full information to create awareness about their financial solutions to people’s needs.

Bankrate has a variety of reasonable offers, all the resources needed to increase conversion rates; affiliates can access the account management team for consultations, quick payouts, and auto technology.

Besides, the affiliates get an elite experience as they are provided data feeds as well as other helpful tools.

Bankrate is a smart network known function as both a card program affiliate as well as a credit card network.

However, this gives affiliate merchants the chance to use credit card services without the essence of being exactly an affiliate of their card business.

Although you should know that being a sub-affiliate means you won’t get to cash as much compared to the affiliate who deals directly with the customer.

However, the credit card normally pays its affiliates a commission between $50 and $200 for every signup, an assurance you can generate chunks of cash.

USAA Credit Cards

Since 1922, the USAA affiliate program has been a financial solution provider to both active as well as retired associates of the US military.

The platform started by providing auto insurance to offering investments, banking, real estate, loans as well as retirement products & services.

In addition, the USAA also includes credit cards through Amex and Visa to any member of the United States military.

The good thing is that there are over 24 million individuals in the armed forces; thus, an affiliate has a wide range of target customers.

 The USAA offers its affiliate a Commission rate of up to $20 per referral; However, the payout is not that huge; this niche is not as crowded as other affiliate programs meaning the competition is less.

Their EPC is worth $161.70, and they provide a Cookie lifetime of 30 days affiliate network has a significant focus on helping individuals to create fast decisions about finance through professional financial advice.

The platform was established by credit experts in 1995. They provide free professional knowledge, tools, great conversions, and real-time commissions.

This free credit scoring solution also offers automated insurance, credits cards as well as loan services.

Moreover, just like Bankrate, this is also a print publishing company.

The allows users to access credit card services from some of the famous brands like Citi, Chase, Amex, First Progress, Master Card, and Group One.

The affiliate network offers a credit card that fits a wide range of customers, such as the persons with terrible FICO counts, and their affiliate program offers its affiliates varying commission payouts.

Luxury Card

From their name, you can easily tell that Luxury Card is a characteristic credit card.

This is one of the very best cards, something evident, as you can simply tell from the first glance.

Their card is made from a blend of carbon and stainless steel, isn’t that unique? Not over with the lavishness, they also offer a gold version of the card (a 24-karat), which you can simply order from the company.

I know you are concluding that this card is for a particular market or revenue bracket, but, yeah, its target audiences are the filthy rich.

The customers are offered the premium card, which has a 2% cashback and air miles cashed at 2% without neither seizure dates nor seat limits.

They also have bonuses such as accessing airport lounges in various places.

There is also a 24/7 caretaker service accessible to the customer’s phone that he/she can use to make hotel bookings, among others.

The Luxury Card affiliates earn an enormous commission rate of $405 per successful referral.

This is the highest commission in the credit card industry. They also offer a Cookie life length of 30 days. 

Commission Soup

Commission Soup is an affiliate program that majors in providing financial services for the last 20 years to date.

This platform offers elite credit cards, having partnered with some presumed banks in the finance industry.

The tenured CPA affiliate program, however, focuses on offering credit card services; thus, they are not typical providers.

This is because, after 2008, financial crash most main credit card businesses superannuated from managing their platforms.

All the affiliate networks with a pre-accepted credit card with absurd lines brought about regretful press for their whole companies.

Thats where now Commission Soup comes in, affiliates who want to reach such affiliate networks use this platform as an intermediary.

The ‘Green Dot Primor MasterCard’ is one of the credit cards provided by Commission Soup.

This credit card is secured and gives persons awful FICO score the opportunity to make it better.

This is a niche with less contest for an affiliate’s websites having an enormous audience.

The Commission Soup affiliate program offers varying commissions and cookies.

Scotiabank Credit Cards

Scotiabank was founded in 1831 by a team of entrepreneurs who chose to establish their bank in competition with private banks of Halifax.

After 190 years of serving the Halifax people, they expanded their company to the extent of creating branches in 55 nations with more than 19 million clients.

Moreover, the platform offers a variety of credit cards to clients from North America and Canada, including travel rewards, low APR, student cards, and also cashback.

The Scotiabank offers its affiliates an everyday commission of 99 Canadian dollars for every successful referral.

This means from the commission you earn up to USD70, an amount that is still a great income.

They also provide a Cookie duration of 30 days.

Capital Bank

The capital bank is one of the most famous banks that provides a friendly and safeguarded credit card known as OpenSky.

Commission Junction hosts this affiliate network. Their customers must not have a credit check during the period of developing one’s credit card.

Moreover, clients can also simply select their limit as well as safeguard it by paying a deposit only once to allow an increase of credit count.

The platform offers its affiliates various business materials such as banners, text links, among others.

They also provide professional help continuously to ensure the smooth running of their program.

When becoming a Capital Bank affiliate, most prefer to work with them on their sphere rather than on their affiliate website.

This is most likely due to the platform being a famous bank in New York.

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The platform is perfect for bloggers who specialize in managing loans, individual finance, as well as refining their credit counts as the safeguarded credit card is the fastest and secure way to advance one’s FICO score.

The Capital Bank offers its affiliates a Commission of 25dollars for every funded credit.

They also provide a Cookie with a life length of 30 days and an EPC of USD26.93

Upgrade Credit Card

The Upgrade credit card is a unique affiliate program that offers credit card solutions.

The platform sells its customers an established Visa card that has a USD20, 000 credit line, a price that is not added interest rates like most of the cards.

This means that customers just pay a little rate of interest, which is more like a personal loan;they can quickly clear the unsettled remainder of the card fee a bit faster.

Therefore, the affiliate network enables the affiliates to pay their debt of USD14, 000 within 2years rather than paying an offer in 28 years.

The affiliates should be convincing to their target customers because of their meticulousness in registering for a financial service.

The Upgrade Card’s affiliates are paid a plain rate of USD60 per successful referral, not forgetting that the customer’s credit counts predict the scope of the credit line they are likely to receive with the card.

The Upgrade credit card affiliate program offers affiliates a commission rate of USD60 for every approved referral as well as a Cookie duration of 30 days.

Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card

Avianca LifeMiles credit card is a ‘global explorer’ or a ‘digital nomad audience.’

This affiliate network covers people interested in both air miles and touring in South America through some of the best offers in the industry.

When starting, they offer clients a zero percent rate of APR in the first year, which rates varies.

The customers are therefore not charged any foreign transaction costs because they are secured from illegal charges, insurance of traveling accident as well as covered for injury in automatic clashes beside the air miles.

The LifeMiles has one of the huge commissions (being 2nd) on this list as an affiliate can cash in about 200dollars.

In addition, working with such a niche is an assurance to make good money as the platform also provides affiliates an additional 36, 000dollars for the ones who make up to 15 referrals in one month.

The affiliate program offers an affiliate commission of USD200 for each sale made and an EPC of USD545.06. They also provide users a Cookie length of 30 days.


The TransUnion is an affiliate platform that allows its associates to monitor and safeguard their credit card.

This platform has a credit lock plus feature that gives members the ability to secure both their TransUnion as well as Equifax Reports.

Moreover, they are offered access to the store without limits and real-time credit signals.

Commission Junction hosts the TransUnion, and they offer their services in the United States, with most publishers from the nation being able to use their services.

The affiliate network also provides business resources needed to execute a successful promotion.

They offer an affiliate Commission of USD20 for every 1 dollar, a free trial of 7 days, as well as USD45 for every approved order.

They also provide users a Cookie lifetime of 45 days

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Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a dedicated affiliate network that has focus on providing its clients with credit reports, scores, and subscriptions for free without any concealed costs.

They provide customized references and management of credit thorough professional advising.

Commission Junction hosts this platform and it can also be accessed on the promoter page of the Credit Karma website.

Moreover, they also offer their affiliates bulletin every month though their management team to help them acquire fashionable information.

Credit Karma has a professional team of affiliate management that provides dedicated support to the starting affiliates or any new associates.

They offer a Commission of USD0.25 for every approved referral and a cookie life-length of 45days.


The Experian is one of the largest and most prevalent credit card known to have superiority due to their services in the market for many years.

The affiliate network offers over 3 million associates, with more than 20 million credit feeds products.

The Experian, just like most of the affiliate programs, also is managed by Commission Junction.

It provides its affiliates with many various bonuses as well as other advantages.

The Experian offers moderately appealing affiliates commission ranging from 0 to 100-dollars, depending on the sales made.

They also provide affiliates a 45-day Cookie.


Bankrate is also a credit card to consider promoting as an affiliate.

The platform provides expert help and marketing tools to enable bloggers and individuals owning a website to make their traffic sites become a lucrative one as well as monetize their niche.

This platform provides their promoters all the needed tools to increase their rates of conversions as well as data feeds to ensure the best performance.

Bankrate has a team of devoted account management team that offers modified help to all affiliates throughout.

The platform has an in-built device. In addition, they offer their affiliates high varying commission every month.

Credit Repair

Credit Repair is one of the best service suppliers on credit repair in the US.

Managed by Commission Junction, the program has experience in the credit card business for more than a decade.

This platform provides its users with meaningful chances. The affiliate network offers professional help to affiliates through their team of consultants.

Credit Repair provides its affiliates with all the needed marketing tools that affiliates may need to increase their rates of conversions.

The platform has huge chances for affiliates to cash in some heavy payouts as well as also help them manage their expenditures healthy and sensibly.

They offer an affiliate Commission of 70dollars and a Cookie lifetime of 90 days.


Barclaycard is a tremendously lively and fruitful affiliate network.

This is one of the platforms to consider promoting as an affiliate, as they have more than one card exceptional card, namely:

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard as well as CashForward World MasterCard.

However, this increases the chances of receiving great payouts. The affiliate program offers promoters with text links and ad banners.

It is also beneficial being Barclaycard’s affiliate since the company has a presume name; thus, partnering with them is an assurance of promoting the steadfastness of the individual’s website.

The Barclaycard offers a variable commission.

American Express Referral Program

The American Express Referral Program enables affiliates to earn payouts every time the company approves their leads.

The platform allows the users to make use of all types of materials needed for effective marketing as well as have experts who offer technical assistance.

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The affiliate network also provides user-friendly tools to its users. Their credit card services allow clients to expand and manage their marketing across the world.

This is because the platform organically does not have border limits meaning businesses can operate from any part of the globe.

 They offer their affiliate a variable commission

In Conclusion:

From the list above, you must have identified an affiliate program that fits your needs.

Assuming you want to generate some cash, you must have seen that the plans have appealing offers from high commissions, quality products, to high conversion rates.

However, the Credit Card affiliate network is one of the online businesses that you can earn extra cash to boast your income or even make a primary income if you specialize in the niche.

It is important to note that there is sufficient work in affiliate networks through numerous niches.

In addition, this is a viable niche; thus, you should understand it has monetizing potential, and so is the about listed platform.


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