Top 15 Best Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs

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Top 15 Best Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs

With changes in technology, new medical equipment is being made in the health care sector.

Medical Equipment plays an important role in promoting quality health care.

To serve patients efficiently, Healthcare centres should use updated equipment and devices.

Having great equipment in a hospital eases the staff workload and also keeps patients safe. Some of this equipment includes:

  • Bandages or medical tapes
  • Gauze
  • Hospital beds
  • Wheelchairs
  • Lifts, among others.

Finding the best medical equipment suppliers can be tiresome because no hospital would choose to risk a patient’s life because of using outdated equipment.

However, Medical Equipment Affiliate in this niche are at the forefront to promote programs that offer medical equipment.

So it is up to the hospital or an individual to check through the affiliate program and select one that suits their needs.

Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs

As an Medical Equipment Affiliate, you could earn significantly as you promote these affiliate programs because most of these equipment are expensive.

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Here is some few medical equipment affiliate programs:

1. Medical Supply Depot Affiliate Program

Medical Supply Depot Company is at the forefront to provide affordable medical equipment and offer discounts too.

Their products include supplies for skincare, respiratory care, skincare, bathe safety, walking aids and pain management, among others.

The commission structure is on two levels. This means affiliates who refer up to $2,500 in sales each month make 7.5%.

Those who bring in sales between $2,501 and $7,499 earn 8.5% commission, and affiliates who attract $7,500 or more in sales each month make 9.5%.

The cookie duration for all levels is 45 days.

2.  Affiliate program deals with providing basic wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters, patient lifts, walkers, beds, and lift chairs.

It also offers accessories and replacement parts for equipment in need of repair, such as wheels for wheelchairs, leg rests, or armrest pads.

The Medical Equipment affiliate programs pays out a 6% commission rate to its affiliates.

Depending on the product offered in this Company, items cost a lot of dollars so marketers can even end up earning 1000 dollars for one sale.

3. 4MDMedical Affiliate Program

4MDMedical is an online company that offers a large selection of medical supplies.

Their products include physical therapy equipment, mobility products, daily living products, IV products or laboratory tests.

Furthermore, the Company supplies great equipment for home health care.

For affiliates, they earn 6% on the sale of any equipment.

The cookie duration is 60 days, New hospital setups, or in case of an upgrade, most physicians opt to get their equipment for 4MDMedical this means more earnings for affiliates.

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Banners, text links are mostly used for promoting the products.

4.  AvaCare Medical Program

AvaCare Medical deals with medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, bathtub lifts, safety rails, IV poles, and hospital beds, as well as supplies like adult diapers and arthritis aids.

These are just a few supplies, Avacare deals with more than 20,000 medical equipment products.

The Company has a new e-pharmacy section that allows customers to purchase products such as vitamins, supplements, painkillers, and hygiene items in one store this saves one the cost of moving from one store to another.

Avacare  medical equipment affiliate programs offers a commission rate of 5% for the sale of their products on their website or blog. The cookie duration is 45 days.

5. AeroFlow Healthcare Program

Aero Flow Healthcare offers medical equipment such as breast pumps, CPAP supplies, braces and mobility equipment, items for wound care and incontinence, and pediatric medical equipment.

Most of this Company’s equipment have an insurance cover. Moreover, they respond to questions from their customers concerning their products.

This has made them have a good relationship with their customers

Medical Equipment Affiliate earn a commission of 10% on any sale made. The cookie duration is 30days.

6. The United States Medical Supplies Affiliate Program

United States medical Supplies is also referred to as American Medical Supplies Company. It mostly deals with medical mobility supplies and equipment.

Their items include bath lifts, lift chairs, stairlifts and vertical platform lifts.

Commission Junction manages this affiliate program.

The commission rate is tiered. Affiliates who bring in sales of up to $999.99 earn a 10% commission.

Medical Equipment Affiliate with referrals whose orders total $1,000 or more receive a 12% commission.

However, the cookie duration is unknown.

7. Total Diabetes Supply Program

As the name suggests, total diabetes supply deals mostly with medical equipment and supplies for diabetic patients.

Their supplies include glucose test strips, pen needles, insulin pumps, compression stockings, diabetic foot cream, and weight loss aids.

They offer great discounts on these products.

There’s also a section where customers can search for products for their diabetic pets, which is something I haven’t seen before on a medical supply website.

Medical Equipment Affiliate earn 6% commission on the sale of any product. The cookie duration is unknown.

8. CSA Medical Supply  Affiliate program

CSA Medical Supply has several categories of medical equipment and supplies that customers can search through.

Many of the items, such as the lifts, breast pumps, diabetic supplies, mobility aids, and hospital beds, can be found on other websites.

Still, CSA also has a tab for electrotherapy, which is something I haven’t seen before.

The electrotherapy section allows customers to buy their own tens units, electrodes, and ultrasound devices.

While some of the portable devices cost less than $100, many of these items are relatively big-ticket items that require more than $500.

CSA Medical Supply runs its affiliate program through Refersion.

Affiliates receive a 12% commission rate within 30 days cookie duration.

9. Online Medical Supply Affiliate Program

Online Medical Supply sells more than 15,000 different medical supply items ranging from cleaning and disinfectant items to surgical instruments.

Online Medical Supply sells more than 15,000 different medical supply items ranging from cleaning and disinfectant items to surgical instruments.

This Company focuses more on medical supplies, such as wound care products than on large pieces of medical equipment.

One nice thing about Medical Supply is that the website has some specialized categories for products to help with lymphedema, tracheostomy care, and other medical issues.

Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs

This could make it easier for customers to find the specialized items they’re looking for.

For affiliates:

Commission: 5%

Cookie: Lifetime

10. Medical Department Store Affiliate Program

Medical Department Store carries a nice selection of large medical equipment such as wheelchairs and lifts, but it also has basic medical supplies.

Medical Department Store carries a nice selection of large medical equipment such as wheelchairs and lifts, but it also has basic medical supplies.

Customers can search for the type of supplies they’re looking for or by the type of surgery they’re recovering from, such as a mastectomy or issues like deep vein thrombosis.

This Company strives for excellence in customer service, including working for a constant customer retention rate of 20%.

Customers can also sign up to receive announcements for sales and close-outs.

Free shipping is available for some orders.

11. Mountainside Medical Equipment Program

This Company sells medical equipment and supplies directly from the factory to hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, individuals at a wholesale price.

They offer excellent services to their customers, discount pricing and quick deliveries.

Ratuken Marketing manages the affiliate program.

Affiliates earn a ten %commission on sale of the equipment or even gift cards. The cookie duration is within ten days.

Mountainside Medical Equipment provides the affiliates with banner ads, text links and product links to help in promoting their products.

12. Performance Health Affiliate Program

Performance Health manufactures and sells products that make people feel good, live great and have a better performance.

It is associated with trusted brands such as Thera band, Bio freeze, Rolyan, Bon Vital among others. ShareAsale manages the affiliate program.

An eight %commission rate is earned by affiliates upon selling of the Company’s products. The cookie duration is 90 days.

Performance Health provides its affiliates with creative, monthly affiliate promotions, reporting tools and product data feed to help in promoting the products.

13.Health products for your Affiliate Program

Since 2002, Health Products for You has been offering great health care products and home medical supplies.

The medical equipment affiliate programs provides excellent customer services, affordable prices, accessible products and reward bonuses. It has 11 stores and 200000 SKUs.

ShareAsale affiliate networks help in the running of the affiliate program

Affiliates earn 5% up to 10% commission on any purchase made through their affiliate link. Payment is made 20th of every month.

14.Colonial medical Affiliate Program

Colonial Medical offers its Affiliates 10%commission on all sales within 30 days cookie duration.

Medical Equipment Affiliate Programs

However, payment is only made when your total commission reaches up to 100 dollars. Marketing materials provided include banners, text links and data feed.

The dedication of the management helps affiliates maximize their sales.

15.Healthcare Unlocked Affiliate Program

Healthcare Unlocked mostly deals with personal protective equipment such as masks, sanitizes, gloves, face shields and thermometers.

Healthcare unlocked medical equipment affiliate programs pays 7.5% of gross sales to affiliates on the purchase price of all products. Monthly Sales Revenue Share

7.5% revenue share $0-$10,000 via affiliate link

5.0% revenue share $10,001-$25000 sales via email introduction

2.5% revenue share $25,001-$100,000 sales via email introduction

1% revenue share $100,000+ via email introduction

Minimum Requirements

There are no minimum requirements to be a Healthcare Unlocked affiliate.

Anyone can join for free and publish their affiliate link. However, if an affiliate does not make a sale in the first 30 days, the affiliate program deactivates the account.

This is because they pay their platform per affiliate account they manage.


Medical equipment plays a major role, especially in the health sector; therefore, it is a market niche that never fades off.

Their affiliate programs are a great deal and help in promoting equipment in health care centres.As a result; they offer high commission rates to their affiliates.


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