Top 15 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs 2020

Insurance Affiliate Programs

Top 15 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs 2020

Insurance international company is a trillion-dollar sector that has been attracting a vast number of people for years.

 Insurances come with many benefits, and they tend to be a good choice of investment.

Paying for insurance can be costly, and it may pose a bigger challenge to people that do not have a sufficient supply of capital.

On the other side, people that have insurance enjoy more convenience as they do not have to pay thousands of money.

From their pocket because of their insurance covers for all the future damages that they incur depending on the insurance policies.

There are various types of Insurance Affiliate Programs that you can select depending on your needs.

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They include life, auto, property, and travel insurance, among many others.

 For people that need to promote various insurances, it is usually a great choice as they tend to attract a considerable number of clients.

As an affiliate, one can make high conversions through settling for Insurance Affiliate Programs that are audience-specific like car insurance, business, and health insurance.

 Here are the different insurance affiliate programs that can offer you higher conversions and ideas to make your affiliate program successful.

Ideas to Make Your Affiliate Program Successful

Insurance brokers can make huge profits from insurance affiliate marketing.

 For one to venture into this business, they should be focused on the specific they want to achieve and pay attention to the audience that they think suits them.

Here are some ideas to help you gain success in your Insurance Affiliate Programs endeavors.

The Most Affordable Meetings On The Market

Outsourced or In-house program

One of the major things that you should decide on is whether to outsource or run your insurance affiliate programs on your own.

 Each comes with its benefits and cons. In house program allows you to have direct contact with your clients and have full control of your site.

The program also consumes a lot of time, and it is never easy to recruit affiliates.

For outsourced program, you can quickly make a name for yourself and have a higher chance of recruiting clients because of the already established brand.

It is quick and easy to set up, but it is costly compared to an in house one.

Affiliate marketing comes with many options, and it is crucial to have an eye on the activities of your competitors so that you can have an idea of how they run their schemes and make yours better than theirs.

During your research, you should ensure that you gain ideas about the following things:

  • Your target audience: you should be sure of the people that you want to serve as your choice can highly impact the conversions that you are likely to make per sale, depending on the customer’s base of the choice you make.
  • The total revenues that you expect
  • The amount of commission that you are ready to pay
  • The revenue amount that you expect from each affiliate
  • Decide if you intend to pay the commissions per lead or per pay
  • Whether you pay a fixed amount or a percentage

Find Your Affiliates

There are many ways of looking for Insurance Affiliate Programs to make your platform successful.

There are many platforms where potential marketers have a presence, and through them, you can be found easily.

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There are many other ways to find affiliates, and they include:

  • Through social media and other marketing programs, you can advertise your affiliate program to attract potential clients.
  • Invite people that you think may be interested in your program
  • Talk about the affiliate program to people on different forums to make them aware of it
  • Rely on affiliate directories
  • Contact agencies that focus on affiliates and get your chance to create awareness about your program.

Be Clear With Your Affiliates

You should always be available to your Insurance Affiliate Programs as they are the key source of your revenues. Be sure to answer each question that they may ask about your program.

 Ensure that you avail of all the materials that they need as this enables you to make more sales.

Be sure to avail materials that can offer extra guidance to the affiliates like:

  • Write articles that they can reprint whenever they need them in emails
  • Promotions
  • Research and reports
  • Promotions

You should always make your reports, articles, and prevailing factors about your affiliate program available to your clients by sending them to their emails or by creating forums for them to enjoy more convenience in their services.

Get Your Affiliate Program Running

When your Insurance Affiliate Programs are successful, it can be a reliable revenue source for you.

It is crucial that you put a lot of effort into getting your program to run efficiently by staying committed to it and carrying out the right measures .

Ensure that your clients have access to the right materials that bring them more convenience whenever they need to access your program.

The commitment that you have towards your site determines the level of success that you are likely to attain from it.

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Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has been operating since 1912. It is one of the best insurance ventures in the world, and it has acquired a large customer base.

The company offers a wide range of insurance, including life insurance, auto, rent insurance, pet, tuition, and many forms of insurance for you to enjoy.

With its many years of operation, the venture continues to gain trust from clients each day.

It has established its operations in more than 30 countries, and it has remained at the top of its competitors.

The venture is an award-winning in various categories, and it has been featured in the Fortune 500 for being the best insurance company.

Reasons to Promote Liberty Mutual

It is always good to know that as an affiliate, you are supporting the largest insurance company in the world.

With this venture, you can be sure to gain vast profits and enjoy a lot of convenience and reliability.

The affiliate program of the company is fully handled by Commission Junction.

As an affiliate for this venture, you get to access a vast number of helpful tools, consistent promotions, tracking tools, and real-time reporting.

With this company, you can be sure to earn some money as an affiliate as they offer promotions that can be a significant source of capital.


The commissions of the liberty mutual insurance venture profoundly rely on the type of insurance that sells.

Their commission is usually between $3 and $17 per sale. The duration of their cookie is 120 days.


This is the largest online health and insurance providers online.

The company was founded by Patel after he fell sick as a result of food poisoning, and he could not cater to his high hospital bills.

Since its launch, the company has served over 5 million individuals by helping them to access health insurance.

The major purpose of the venture is to help people access quality, affordable, and reliable health services even at their lowest points.

 The company has highly skilled employees that help you and your family select the most appropriate insurance for yourselves.

With their help, you can access small family, business, and personal insurance plans depending on your preferences.

Reasons you need to Promote eHealth

With the Insurance Affiliate Programs of the venture, you can access banner ads and text links to help you build up traffic to your site and acquire potential sales.

Since the company is already established, you can always be sure to earn profits as an affiliate.


eHealth offers commission rates of $10 and $75. Their cookie life is 120 days.

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Ladder Life Insurance

Ladder Life Insurance offers the most modern and reliable way for people to purchase insurance.

The company does not engage any agents in its insurance issuance process, and this has been a great relieve for its clients as they do not incur extra costs.

The staff in the company embraces a dynamic manner to make the entire process easy for people to acquire insurances.

The customer liberty help that the company provides to its clients helps in decreasing the charges that they are likely to incur, and this reduces any possible stress in their customers.

Reason to Promote Ladder Life Insurance

Commission Junction manages the affiliate program of Ladder Life Insurance.

 The company creates an easy way for clients to use their platform, and this creates a higher chance of affiliates to make profits at the comfort of their homes.

As an affiliate, one can enjoy better opportunities for interacting with new people.

Besides, the exposure that the platform gives to affiliates enables them to have a higher chance of developing and perfecting their marketing skills, which can expose them to better opportunities in the future.

Any affiliates that want to join the program should visit their website in the advertisement section, and they can easily enroll for an opportunity to start earning.

Besides, affiliates get to access banner ads, reporting tools, tracking tools, and many other resources to make their experience better.


The venture offers a commission of $75 for every successful client that you bring and gets verified. Their cookie life is 60 days.


Since 1922, USAA has been operating and making the world better for its clients.

The staff is always ready to offer high-end services to clients by listening to their requests and offering the best help that they can depending on the nature of the requests that they receive.

The company is known to have been serving the military and helping them have a better life together with their families.

Currently, USAA offers various insurance products, including life, condo, auto, and life insurance, among many others.

Reasons to Promote USAA

The company already has a name for itself, thanks to the vast clients that it has served.

Besides, the venture is known for the help that it offers to families with the aim of enabling them to achieve financial independence and enjoy retirement benefits later in life.

Joining the company as an affiliate is not a complicated task, and many people can make it in the venture as long as they choose the specific niche that they want to try out.

FlexOffers manages the Insurance Affiliate Programs of the company, and this makes it easier for new affiliates to easily become part of the company.

 Additionally, affiliates get enjoy banner ads and link to make their experience better.


The company offers a commission of around $3 to $20 on pay per lead basis.

 The amount of profits that one is likely to make is highly determined by the type of insurance that they are marketing.

The cookie life of the venture is 30 days. 

Gerber Life Insurance

Gerber Life Insurance was launched in 1927. The venture initially started as a baby food company, and it has been diversifying its services over time.

The company later transformed in terms of its services, and it started offering baby accessories like toys and drinking bottles.

The company is now an insurance venture that allows parents to take care of their children without much hustle.

The insurance company offers various types of insurance products for adults, children, and tuition. It is a great saving plan for parents, and it has made life easier.

The company changed its name in 1967, and it has continued to be successful over the years.

Reasons to Promote Gerber Life Insurance

Gerber Life Insurance has been operating for many years, and with its diverse products, you can be sure to gain major profits from marketing their products.

With the large number of clients that the venture has attracted over the years, it is clear that you can easily convince a considerable number of people to be part of the company through your affiliate program.

Additionally, the Insurance Affiliate Programs has a very high conversion rate due to the established nature of the company’s brand.


The insurance company offers a high conversion rate compared to its competitors. Affiliates get a commission of $25 per sale from each referral.


This is a conscious insurance company that has been offering people support through community work and affordable insurance policies.

The company has already made a name for itself in many places. With its vast number of clients, affiliates get to enjoy vast benefits from using it.

Lemonade is rated as the unique insurance company in the globe due to its unending support to people.

Reasons to Promote Lemonade

Affiliates that join this program enjoy many benefits. The company pays 30% of the dues in seconds, and thus you can rely on it.

The company operates its Insurance Affiliate Programs through Awin, and anyone willing to be part of the affiliate team should create an account with the company to accomplish the mission.


The venture offers a commission of $25.50 for every referral that makes a successful sale.

 It does not limit you on the amount that you can earn, and this gives you a chance to enjoy vast benefits and also give your best towards convincing clients to join the venture and choose an insurance product.

The cookie’s life is 30 days.


Nobody likes to think about their pet falling sick.

It is normal for pets to fall sick, and at times they may need a surgeon to check on them and find the root cause of their problems.

It is challenging whenever your pet falls sick, as you may have to spend huge amounts of money on their treatment.

With PetPlan, you do not need to worry anymore as they got you.

 This company covers all the medical needs of your pets.

It is a convenient insurance venture that you can rely on, and many people can testify that they give quick responses, and the team is always ready to help.

Reasons to promote PetPlan

This venture is highly reliable and convenient, and it has gained the trust of most of its clients.

 It allows a pet owner not to live in panic and enjoy their good times with their pets, knowing that they do not have to make unexpected visits to their veterinary officer.

Affiliates in this program also have an opportunity to explore a different and fun niche that can enable them to earn extra coins.

Besides, affiliates have a huge audience to serve due to the huge bills that many pet owners tend to receive, and thus, they opt for insurance options.


The company offers a commission of $25 per lead, and thus, an affiliate that is hard working can earn a living from this type of affiliate program.

The reliability of the Insurance Affiliate Programs also makes it easy for people that are passionate about marketing products.

The cookie life is 30 days.

Allstate National

As far as car insurance is concerned, Allstate National is the ultimate car insurance partner that you can rely on for all your auto needs.

The company has been in the market for a long time, and it is one of the most reliable and convenient ones in the market.

With it, you need not worry about spending too much money on your car as they always got you in every need and problem that you face.

Apart from specializing in auto insurance, the venture has embraced diversity by offering other forms of insurance products.

Among the products include business insurance, roadside, home, renter, and many more.

Reasons to promote Allstate National

Allstate National insurance company is highly dependable thanks to the diverse nature of the products that it offers.

With it, you can select among many options, and with that, you can always be sure to acquire commissions to support you in expanding your affiliate program.

Besides, it is the largest insurance company that is publicly owned, and with that, you can be safe as an affiliate and keep referring more clients to purchase their products so that you can enjoy more profits.

The brand recognition of the venture opens doors for more opportunities.


The commission of the program is $28, and you can enjoy huge profits if you are a good marketer.

The cookie life is only five days, and this puts your plans at risk, and it may also be a discouraging factor to anyone that wants to try the venture`s affiliate program out.

Allianz Worldwide Care

Allianz Worldwide Care focuses on offering health insurance.

The insurance company has always been clear on its policies, and it is a leading venture that has attracted most individuals that require both travel and health insurance.

 The venture is also specific to its niche, and it has gained many clients studying abroad. Among the insurance covers that the venture offers include: digital nomads and experts. 

Due to the specific nature of this company, it may limit many affiliates as they do not have a wide range of products to select and avail to their clients.

 It is, however, crucial to note that the company is growing quickly, and the world is getting decentralized at a fast pace, and this continues to favor the company.

Many people, particularly students, have benefited from this venture, and it continues to address the diverse needs of its clients.

Reasons to Promote Allianz Worldwide Care insurance company

This Company has the highest EPC of all the insurance companies. It is quickly growing, and thus you should have some hope with it as an affiliate.


For every cline that you refer to the company and they request a call from their insurance sales, you receive a commission of $10.

Besides, you receive 25 for every application that the client you refer to pays by credit card.
The cookie life is 15 days

 Embrace Pet Insurance

For all pet owners, it is never too late to find insurance for your pet.

It is essential to find the right company to offer insurance for your pets, and Embrace Pet Insurance is the right choice that you can select.

The company has established itself over the years, and its reliability gives you a chance to protect your pet.

 You should be sure to take action towards providing your pet with the best care before it grows old as there is an age limit for the pets that you can insure.

With this company, you can enjoy vast things, and you can be sure not to spend thousands of money on the veterinary.

Reasons to promote Embrace Pet Insurance

For all affiliates, this is the best company that you can trust.

The venture has a reputation for making prompt payments to its affiliates, and thus, it can be your ideal saving plan.

 Its payment is also high, and thus, it can offer affiliates an opportunity to develop their websites and invest more in their marketing skills to ensure that they reach out effectively to their target audiences.

The convenience, affordability, and high reliability of this insurance makes it easy for you to enjoy vast things as an affiliate.

 Among its competitors, Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the best and promising ventures that you can never go wrong whenever you choose to invest in them.


The venture offers a commission of $36 per lead, and it is among the few ones that offer a reasonable rate of commission, and thus you can always be sure to invest in the latter.

Cookie life is 60days


At some point, insurance companies that cover almost each product may not be as reliable to some clients.

It is important to settle for a venture that specializes in a particular niche as it gives you a guarantee of receiving quality advice and reasonable prices in the insurance policy that you select.

With CoverWallet, you can always be sure to enjoy a diverse range of high-end business insurance products.

 Among the business, insurance covers that the company offers to include: marine cyber, workers comp, among many others that are specifically related to business.

Reasons to Promote CoverWallet

If your clients have a particle requirement from business insurance, the venture is always ready and willing to give you a quote, and thus, you acquire an opportunity to grow quickly.

 This also becomes your major resource, and convincing clients is never as difficult.


The venture offers a commission of $30 per sale, and thus if you put a lot of effort into your work, you get a chance to entice your clients and make more profits.

The cookie life is 30 days. EPC is $500


Travelling is part of our daily lives, and it is evident that we do not only travel when it is vacation time but also on normal days of your lives.

If you need to attend a business meeting or go for vacation, then there is a possibility that at some point in your life, you may face problems either with your luggage, your health, or other issues.

If you need to cancel your flight or attend to other problems that you may while traveling, RoamRight always got you covered.

Reasons to promote RoamRight

The niche of this insurance company makes it easy for you to find potential clients and earn some money.

Everyone ravels, and safety is always the first preference of anybody that takes a trip.

It is not difficult to win customers with this type of insurance due to its lucrative deals and yearn to offer immediate help to its clients.

 The venture is also established, and thus you can be sure to help people enjoy their trips through the travel insurance company.


RoamRight 15% per sale. Their cookie life is 365 days, and the company offers you a chance to earn $10 per sale as long as you bring the right volume of clients.

Electric Insurance Company

This venture has been operating since 1960, and it was launched by GE employees as they needed an insurance cover to protect their households.

The venture has evolved, and it currently offers a wide range of insurance products, and though it still serves the initial employee founders, it also serves the general public.

Among the insurance covers that this venture provides include condo, renters, home, auto, among others.

Reasons to Promote Electric Insurance Company

With this insurance venture, you can earn increases commissions per sale, and thus you can make your life better.

 Besides, the venture uses cutting edge technology to offer extraordinary and top-notch insurance products.

Additionally, affiliates also get to enhance their experiences by using the text links, banner ads, and many other resources that the company offers.

The bonuses that the company offers on increased leads.


Any affiliate that has 20 – 150 auto insurance quotes that are completed can always enjoy $11-14 per action.

Hiscox Small Business Insurance

This venture has brought a revolution in the business industry. It offers businesses an easy way to purchase small business insurance products online.

Their insurance products start from $22.50. Most businesses can afford the policies, and thus, they get to continue their operations without fear and to take unnecessary risks.

The insurance company covers various things including, production, marketing, technology, among many other things that may be useful to businesses.

The company focuses on the risk factors that a business is likely to face, and thus, it has continued to attract a vast number of clients from various parts of the globe.

The insurance company is also well known for the reliable services that it offers to its clients with clear advice on the best products that a venture should choose.

Reasons to promote Hiscox Small Business Insurance

The venture offers affiliates with incentives to encourage them to continue marketing their products.

Besides, their conversion rates are high, and they allow an affiliate to enjoy higher profits that can enable them to upgrade their platforms.


The venture offers a conversion rate of $25 per year and $12 per lead.

The cookie life is 30 days

When choosing an insurance affiliate program, you should always research the commission, cookie life, and policies of the latter.

By engaging in the factors that your competitors bring to their companies, you can come up with the most appropriate strategy to make your affiliate program work better than heirs.

Commitment is essential when it comes to upgrading your affiliate program. Be sure to learn the niche that is likely to bring you the highest commissions.


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