Top 10 Best Winter Bike Helmets and Guide 2021

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Top 10 Best Winter Bike Helmets and Guide 2021

Cycling helmets have a design that allows them to protect the heads of cyclists.

They have, however, been changing constantly over time due to the high demands that users have been raising.

Companies have striven to add more features in these helmets to enhance their usability by making them waterproof, windproof and breathable.

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Majority of people can use them and acquire maximum protection during winter and other weather conditions that may not be favorable.

Due to user demand, there are vast companies that have been reviewing their helmet, and today there are a large number of helmets that you can buy.

Winter helmets are among the latest designs that companies have been manufacturing. They are essential in protecting people against wind and rain during winter.

Since there are many brands in the market, beginners in cycling may not be able to select one that best suits their needs quickly.

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Here, we review some of the high-end winter helmets to keep your head safe and warm.

What You Should Know Before Buying Winter Bike Helmets 

There are many things that one should consider before they can decide on the specific winter bike helmet to buy.

There are many in the market, and for beginner cyclists, it may never be easy to purchase them.

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In this guide, we give you an outline of the high-end features to consider before settling for winter head helmets.


Fit is a crucial feature to look at when selecting a helmet. You should ensure that it is the right fit for your head.

Everyone has a different size of the head, and thus one should know the size that is right to fit in their head and give them the protection that they need during winter.

When the helmet is not the right size, it may fail to deliver the purpose that one wants; hence one may end up freezing in the cold winter weather.

If the helmet is not the right size, its comfort and safety may be compromised.


Many companies that manufacture helmets do not seem to use the same shape for all helmets.

Based on the country of origin of these companies, you may realize that the helmet’s shapes vary.

Most Italian companies manufacture their helmets with a bit narrower shape while American ones design their helmets with a rounded shape.

For you to know the right helmet that correctly fits your head, you may probably want to try them on your head before purchasing them.


The prices of helmets vary depending on many factors. They range from a price of $ 30 to $200.

Expensive models tend to be more complex and lightweight compared to cheaper ones.

The type of features that you need in your ideal helmet determines the money that you are likely to spend purchasing it.

Expensive models also have ventilation that is the better and aerodynamic performance that is high.

If you want to purchase a helmet for cycling, it is advisable to select a more basic model.

Ultralight road bike helmets are also high quality, and they feature better aspects compared to normal helmets.


As a rider, your head needs ventilation for it not to overheat.

Many manufactures of helmets have taken this into note, and as a result, they strive to use polystyrene as it is one of the best insulators that they can incorporate in the helmets.

Unlike today, ancient helmets were designed with holes that were designed for ventilation.

The modern ones have a mechanism with a unique design that allows warm air to flow upwards over the users head.


Helmets must have a mechanism that allows the user to adjust them according to the size and shape of their head so that they can be fitting.

Each type of helmet has a different way in which you can fit it in your head, but many feature an occipital cradle that you get to fit on it.

Internal Reinforcement

Internal reinforcements are important in cutting the weight of helmets. They entail reinforcing elements like skeletons, which give room for larger air channels and vents.

Such helmets are more expensive compared to normal ones that do not have reinforcement boosts.

The combination of these mechanisms makes the helmets more expensive compared to other types, but they tend to be more comfortable and safe to use even during winter.

Visors and Peaks

These features are majorly found in mountain bikes. They both allow for a better degree of shade for riders that intend to ride in such areas.

They are also crucial for road rides.

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The two features are also essential for you during winter as they prevent raindrops from hitting your face, and you can enjoy better warmth and protection from a helmet with such advanced features.

Types of Winter Bike Helmets to Keep Your Head Safe

Giro Vanquish MIPS Adult Aero Cycling Helmet


The design and looks of this helmet are enough to make you want to purchase it.

It is one of the rear winter helmets that allow you to enjoy a state of the art technology to give you the best and comfortable experiences in your ride.

The technology that the company uses to make the helmet is top-notch, and it gives you the energy to ride even faster.

Additionally, it is lightweight, and you do not feel a lot of weight in your head, and thus you get to control it accordingly.

The vast features that the helmet brings you are exceptional, and they allow you to enjoy a better ride thanks to the safety and comfort of this device.

Winter Bike Helmets Check This Product On Amazon


  • The helmet has a make using the latest TransformAir technology that enables it to create an aerodynamic for a faster ride.
  • With such creativity, you can always have a smooth ride and enjoy a quick and comfortable experience with your helmet.
  • It has a Roc Loc air mechanism that enables it to stay suspended on top of the head for better circulation of air out of the ahead and entry of fresh air through the rear.
  • This helmet is one that has engineering with the latest high tech procedures in the Giro`s company test lab for full protection of the user.
  • With its integrated MIPS, it redirects energy that generates in the time of a crash.
  • The helmet`s shield is fully magnetic for easy on and off.
  • This helmet is breathtaking, and it is split into two to form almost a TT shape like in the traditional times.
  • It has four vents that face forwards, and they pull cold air towards your head for better ventilation and prevent you from soaking in your sweat.
  • The six rear vents also regulate head temperature, and they create breathability in the helmet.
  • The lower vents in the front of the helmet are essential in protecting your eyewear whenever you are not wearing them thanks to their silicone coating.
  • The anti-microbial pads of this wear are essential in bringing you comfort.
  • It is easy to adjust with the magnetic mechanism that allows you to flip it on and off whenever you need to use it
  • Lightweight
  • Removing and reinstalling the lens is easy and fast.
  • It is a comfortable helmet that you can have.
  • It has ventilation for better experience and breathability.
  • Fits well
  • Mica corrida plays a significant role in enhancing your vision.
  • The visor gets cracked easily, and thus you may need a replacement or to be cautious whenever using this helmet
  • The design and appearance of the helmet are not as good.

 BERN – Women’s Winter Lenox EPS Snow Helmet


This winter helmet has a unique design for women that like and enjoy cycling.

The helmet has a superior design with features that are bound to attract your attention and meet most of your needs.

These helmets are also high quality, and they feature a technology that enables them to fit well in your head and offer you the protection that you require.

The broad range of colors that they use to manufacture these helmets allows you to choose your favorite.

You can also use them for snowboarding and having other fun activities apart from cycling in winter. They are also sturdy and designed to keep you warm in the season.

Winter Bike Helmets Check This Product On Amazon


  • The helmet is lightweight, and it weighs about 450g
  • It has a chin strap that is adjustable for you to fix it well in your head and around the chins and have a smooth ride.
  • It has an inner liner that controls moisture hence promoting the breathability of the helmet.
  • It fits well, and it gives you a comfortable feel.
  • It has liners for cold weather and a thin shell for warm weather that you can replace any time that you need to do so
  • ABS/EPS construction that is sturdy
  • It has air channels that promote better ventilation by pulling cold air through the front vents and bringing out warm air through the back vents.
  • The helmet allows room for versatility as you can use it in many places, and with its sleek design, you can always fit in the specific activity that you want to carry out.
  • Comfortable
  • It fits well
  • The colors and design of this helmet are unique, and you can be sure to get compliments wherever you go.
  • The helmet is well ventilated, and you can be sure not to get too hot or too cold when using it.
  • Whenever you order this item, you can be sure to have it quickly.
  • High quality due to the high tech materials used in its making
  • Customer service is poor
  • It isn’t easy to purchase the summer in a layer of this item, and thus you may have only to use it during winter.

Lumos Matrix Smart Urban Bike Helmet


The first thing that you want to create for your family and yourself is making your living environment secure.

As a cyclist, you never know what to expect on the road.  A stone or a fallen tree or an animal in the middle of the road can cause an ugly fall.

Therefore this protective equipment is of great importance for a safe ride with accessories that you need.

This safety device is great for both men and women. It is not only suitable for cyclists but for all sports and outdoor activities that you want to carry out.

In case of a fall when you have this helmet on, you can always save yourself from a hard blow to your head that can have very ugly and painful consequences.

This sturdy and efficient helmet reduces damage to your head by far.

Winter Bike Helmets Check This Product On Amazon


  • To increase your safety, the manufacturer has also thought about night riders!.
  • With processing of 250-lumen lights with an eye-level of 360 degrees and ten white LED lights at the front, this helmet that makes your view complete on the road.
  • Sixteen red lights at the back with three different flashing modes increase your visibility at a very high level.  The battery is rechargeable and has a battery life of 6 hours.
  • The waterproof and well-ventilated (22 ventilation holes) helmet is equipped with a rotary knob that you can adjust your helmet to the correct adjustable size of your head.
  • It is very light and dynamically dissipates the wind.
  • The most important thing about this helmet is that it features an EPS foam core, impact resistant polycarbonate shell on a safety certified helmet: CPSC, F1492, EN1078, AS2063.
  • You can easily adjust your head to appropriate size with a rotary knob.
  • Very professional foam layer protects you against every blow.
  • With beautiful white and red LED lights at the front and back, you increase visibility for yourself and others at night.
  • Rechargeable batteries with a battery life of 6 hours.
  • Good visibility due to the lights at the front and rear
  • Safe
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable
  • Well ventilated through 22 ventilation holes
  • Not cheap
  • Small in size

Bolle Backline Visor Premium with 1 Grey Blue


This company has used the latest technology to introduce one of the most innovative helmets.

Their item is full of amendable features that are bound to save you from the cold winter weather.

Since your goal is to stay protected against harsh weather and protect your head.

The venture has been keen to give you this device to save you from the troubles that you may experience when cycling during winter.

Winter Bike Helmets Check This Product On Amazon


  • Equipped with EPS technology that enables it to be lightweight and easy on your head. The mechanism also enhances its ventilation
  • It has a click to fit 360 degrees technology that allows it to be ideal for all shapes of heads
  • It has a full strap that allows you to fix it in your head with ease
  • It has space where you can store your sunglasses and enjoy more safety
  • The visor of this helmet is adjustable in three positions
  • Since it is designed for the winter season, you enjoy having a kit for the cold weather that entails cloth liner which is usually attached directly to the device
  • It has loops that are sewn into the liner for the straps to slide in for a better snug fit
  • You get a free winter kit after purchasing the MIPS version of the helmet
  • The hole inserts entail rubber vents that enable them to retain heat and reduce the effects of infiltration from snow
  • Special design
  • Secure
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Proper airflow
  • Fits well and does not sit too high on the head
  • Exceptional design
  • At times the price is exaggerated

LIVALL BH60SE Smart Helmet with Auto Sensor LED


This helmet is a well-manufactured one with the best credentials that make it a powerful device to use during winter and in normal days.

It is bound to give you the exact protection you need for your cycling. Besides, it is incorporated with the latest technology that makes it highly reliable and easy to use.

You can be sure to stay safe even in the case of an accident as this helmet has a mechanism that allows it to absorb the impact of an accident.

It is, however, always advisable to replace it immediately you have an accident as it loses its ability to protect your head.

Here are the features that you can enjoy by using this type of helmet for your cycling.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • The smart light mechanism that is vital in giving warnings to other motorist of your presence.
  • They enhance your visibility and safety by protecting you from any collisions. The lights are also clear and easy for other motorists to identify you.
  • The Advanced Bluetooth speaker of this device is one of the high-end features that you should look up to as it allows you to enjoy music even when you are cycling.
  • You get to connect the speaker to your phone music, and it picks up every music that you need it to play
  • The microphone of this device is windproof, and it allows you to answer all your calls without experiencing trouble with the speaker.
  • Besides, you can answer through the help of the remote of this helmet without having to stop with your journey necessarily
  • The SOS intelligence rescue app allows you to stay safe in your ride as you can record the place that you are at and let the emergency team locate you in case you experience any troubles.
  • The helmet is carefully designed to have a lightweight that allows you to cycle at your normal and preferred speed
  • The helmet is easy to adjust with its great features
  • Lightweight, hence it does not slow you down
  • High quality and thus it lasts long
  • It fits well in your head
  • It is comfortable
  • The battery of this helmet does not last long, and thus you may want to recharge it many times
  • The speakers are also not high quality, and you may not enjoy using them until the company can upgrade to those with a higher quality

TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet 


If you are looking to have a reliable and powerful helmet for the winter, look no further as this one suits you. It is a unisex helmet that comes in sizes that fit your head.

The adjustable nature of this helmet makes it one of the best ones you can purchase.

It is also not overpriced, and even when you may be on a tight budget, you can always have a reason to buy it.

With this helmet, you get to enjoy many advantages, and you do not risk spending your money on something undesirable.

The helmet also has features that are vital in allowing you to enjoy better flexibility and comfort.

Winter Bike Helmets Check This Product On Amazon


  • It has pads that are washable for you to keep your helmet clean all the time
  • It is patented in a way that you can easily adjust it for it t fit the exact shape of your head
  • It is shaped in a skeleton that allows it to hold the impact of the crash in case you have one
  • It has 22 vents, unlike other helmets, and this enables it to continue regulating the airflow through your head for an excellent breathable experience.
  • With it, you cannot sweat unnecessarily or catch a cold due to moisture at the time of winter
  • Molded Reinforcing Skeleton for Added Protection
  • The visor is detachable, and it serves the purpose of protecting you from all elements
  • Adult Size, CPSC Safety Certified – Comfortable, Lightweight, Breathable
  • For durability, the manufacturer places the exterior shell of the helmet in a mold before reinforcing it in the skeleton and adding foam, which is essential in holding all the elements together for sturdiness.
  • The large size of this helmet weighs 0.65lb, and the smaller size is 0.63, and thus it is lightweight
  • Innovative design
  • Durable hence value for whatever you spend
  • Comfortable due to its well-designed form
  • Lightweight for better bike control
  • Affordable
  • Stable due to the skeleton used in its design
  • Fit as you adjust it to your head shape
  • Lacks reflective material that is important for others to notice you and keep you safe

Sweet Protection Grimnir II TE MIPS Ski and Snowboard Helmet


If you like to conserve the environment, this helmet can make an excellent choice for you as it allows you to stick to your goal.

The company has partnered with Climate Neutral to commit to being 100% carbon neutral so that it can also participate in the campaigns about climate change.

Your choice for this environmentally friendly helmet not only offers safety during cycling, skating, or other activities.

But you also come to a step closer to a healthy ecological system and beautiful nature by using an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

Its new shape makes it popular among young skaters and cyclists.

Since each head has a different shape and size, the company has managed to introduce a dial fit system to adjust the size for a comfortable fit.

The rotary knob of this helmet makes the work simple and easy.

This unique men’s and women’s helmet is suitable for many activities such as skating, on a scooter, mountain biking, and much more and meets all safety requirements.

It is also equipped with a locking system, and you don’t have to walk everywhere with the helmet.

You leave it on your bike.  The warranty covers this helmet in the event of theft or damage in an accident.

Winter Bike Helmets Check This Product On Amazon


  • Equipped with a dial to adjust the correct size and good fit.
  • Safe and anti-theft locking system that fits nicely on any bicycle.
  • With the sale of our products, more investments are being made to become fully carbon-neutral, and the cooperation with Climate Neutral ensures a healthy ecological system.
  • A lightweight helmet that style is not above safety.
  • Is a guarantee against theft (if the helmet is properly locked to the bicycle) and damage in the event of a fall during an accident.
  • Equipped with ventilation holes that ensure good ventilation and cooling system.
  • Available in 10 colors.
  • Sustainable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight. Not half a kilo
  • Adjustable size and fit
  • Unique shape
  • Helmet for her and him and suitable for more activities than cycling
  • Cheap
  • Well-ventilated through ventilation holes
  • The helmet is not as comfortable as one would expect, and since it is almost circular, you may want to buy it if your head is circular
  • The padding inside the helmet is never as comfortable, and it is made of fabric that may keep scratching your head

Bell Z20 MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet


This is another lightweight helmet that you can enjoy using for your daily cycling activities. It gives you a chance to enjoy safety, comfort, and affordability.

It is designed for adults, and both men and women can wear it. It has padding that is based internally that enable it to be more safe and fit in your head.

It is also affordable compared to some helmets that offer the same features like it.

The helmet is one of its kind, and with the high demand for safety wear when cycling, you can always be sure to purchase it and wear it during winter to stay fully protected against the harsh weather.

Winter Bike Helmets Check This Product On Amazon


  • It has a backlight that is rechargeable, and you can rely on the light for better visibility in case you ride in the night
  • It is lightweight and weighs 0.62lb
  • It has a system that enables you to adjust it to fit depending on the shape and size of your head
  • The padding in this helmet is essential in absorbing sweat and keep you cool each time you wear it
  • It has a charge port that enables you to charge the light
  • It is coated with the EPS foam that holds the materials of the helmet together hence ensuring your safety and comfort whenever you choose to ride
  • The snap button in this wear is special and allows you to keep the pads save for more comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Fits well thanks to its straps and design
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean due to its matte finish
  • You also get an extra bag for storage
  • High quality and value for your money
  • The pads are all the same size, and thus you cannot be able to change them at all

Exclusky Adult Bike Helmet with USB Rear Light, CPSC Certified Bicycle Cycling Helmets


This helmet has a sturdy construction that gives it the ability to serve you for a long time. It is also equipped with 12 vents that are essential when it comes to ventilation.

Your breathability is well taken care of with the paddings and vents. It is also comfortable to wear that always protects your head in case you have a crash.

It is a great choice that you can make due to its affordability.

Winter Bike Helmets Check This Product On Amazon


  • 12 vents for breathability
  • The EPS foam is multi-density and is great in absorbing the effects of an impact
  • The paddings are made of soft material for better comfort and fit
  • USB lighting that gives room for stable lighting whenever you ride in the dark
  • The dual fit system of this helmet allows you to adjust it whenever you want to fit it into your head
  • High quality
  • Adjustable and well-fitting
  • Very durable
  • Well ventilated
  • You may have to keep recharging the battery of the backlight

Bell Super Air Spherical + MIPS Adult Bike Helmet


If you own a mountain bike, this helmet can be the perfect fit for you. It fits in your head just the way you like it.

It is also equipped with many features that allow you to enjoy your ride with safety and comfort. It is a rare kind of helmet that everyone can like.

Besides, it has a design with foams hold it together for that durable feel.

Winter Bike Helmets Check This Product On Amazon


  • It has a chin strap that enables you to tighten it and fit it well
  • You get to adjust it with its padding and straps to have a comfortable feel and fit
  • The chin is padded for comfort
  • It has a design that gives it versatility as you can use it for mountain biking or the road by detaching the visor
  • The visor is easy to install and remove
  • It has 16 vents that allow for better ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Fits perfectly
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • It may feel loose at times

You should buy a helmet that is comfortable and well-fitting in your head to avoid distractions when you are riding.

The helmet should be the shape of your head so that you do not struggle to fit it. Ventilated ones are the best for cooling.

The price should also be realistic, depending on the features of the helmet hat you decide to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the right helmet? Depends on how often you ride and the purpose of the helmet. If you like to ride many times, you may want a lightweight helmet.

If you are a racer, you want one with aerodynamics. If you are a mountain biker, you want a helmet that is a little rugged and with extra protection due to the adversity of these roads.

Why should I wear a bike helmet? Helmets are important in offering you protection in case of a crush as they absorb the impact and prevent your skull from cracking.

During winter, they prevent you from soaking in water and snow frost.

How to measure for a helmet size? There are many brands in the market that offer different sizes of helmets.

For you to be sure that you purchase the right size, be sure to dig out a tape measure and get to know your size, then compare it with the sizes that the manufacturers outline on their websites.



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