Top 10 Best Turtle Food Reviews and Guide

Turtle Food

 Top 10 Best Turtle Food Reviews and Guide

Turtles are prone to most diseases that affect animals, and you need to handle them with care for them to survive.

 The animals have a long life if you take care of them according to the recommendations given.

The animals should be fed with a balanced diet for their bodies to remain healthy and resistant to diseases that may shorten their life. 

Baby turtles require a special diet, and since they excrete a lot when they are feeding, you must feed them separately from the rest.

There is a wide range of foods that you can give to turtles, as explained in this review. 

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Things to consider when selecting turtle food

You should not feed your turtle, just any food. Various foods vary depending on how they are made and the effects they have on your turtle’s body.

There are many factors that should consider when selecting the turtle food that you give to your pet.

 Here are the few factors to watch out for before purchasing turtle food. 

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  • Vitamin enrichment

While raising your baby turtles, you must be careful about the kind of food that you choose for them.

Baby turtles require foods rich in vitamins as their bodies are still vulnerable to diseases.

When selecting the food, ensure that it is rich in vitamin A and calcium.

Calcium is vital for their bodies as it enables the shell to grow quickly and make it strong.

Besides, vitamin D is essential for the animals. By choosing food rich in vitamin D, you help the turtle have stronger bones and better skin.

If you cannot find that is rich in the vitamin, you should be sure to put your turtle outside sometimes so that it can absorb the vitamins naturally from the sun. 

Lack of vitamin A can lead to adverse effects in the turtle-like lack of interest in all types of foods, swollen eyelids, and many more.

  • Quantity of food

When feeding your turtles, you should first research on their feeding habits.

You should be sure of the types of foods that are good and the amount of food that you should feed them.

It is crucial not t overfeed the animals as this may cause them stress.

Besides, overfeeding leads to high food wastage as there is a lot of food left floating on the water, and this makes the tank dirtier. 

You should feed your turtles at least two times a day and measure the quantity of the food depending on the age of your turtles.

Baby turtles do not seem to consume a lot; hence you should be careful about the amounts that you place in the tank to avoid food wastage.

When there is a lot of debris builds in the turtle tank, there is a high risk of the animals to fall sick due to ammonia accumulation in the tank.

  • The food`s formula

Turtles are different, and the food they consume is also different.

When selecting food for your turtles, be sure to know about the type of food that they like to consume.

If you offer the wrong food to your turtles, they may end up starving as they fail to eat it. 

Additionally, be sure to include a variety of foods in the diet as turtles are omnivorous.

You can serve them vegetables of different varieties with a combination of meat.

You can never go wrong by adding supplements to the food that you give them as they nourish their bodies.

There is a wide range of turtle feed supplements in the market. 

  • Adult and baby turtles

Adult and baby turtles do not consume the same amount of food.

When purchasing their food, you should be careful not to offer similar foods as baby turtles are vulnerable, and they do not consume most foods like vegetables. 

After 18 months of feeding, you can introduce new food to the turtles as by then, they are already adults, and they can adapt to many environments and different types of foods. 

Types of turtle foods

 Tetra Reptomin Floating Food Sticks for Aquatic Turtles

Description of the Tetra Reptomin Floating Food Sticks for Aquatic Turtles

This type of food is rich in many vitamins that nourish the body of your turtle. Besides, t is ideal for frogs and newts.

You can place it in the water tank and let your animals enjoy their meal. 

The meal is rich in Vitamin C and calcium that is important in nourishing the bones of your turtles.

The product has been trusted by fish, turtle, and frog keepers for over 50 years.

It offers diversity in terms of what the animals can consume, and it continues to be the number one choice for most people that have these animals as their pets. 

Besides, the type of food does not seem to have excessive nutrients, and it is well balanced due to the high technology in manufacturing it. 

Pros of the Tetra Reptomin Floating Food Sticks for Aquatic Turtles

The product has low solidity: the food does not dissolve easily in water, and with that, you can be assured that your pets get to consume large amounts of it.

Most clients have been amending it for its ability to remain solid even after leaving it in the aquarium tank for a long time and the low wastage that they get to collect form their tanks.

Large storage in purchase: the product is usually packaged in big buckets that allow it to last longer.

Afterpurchasing it, you do not have to worry anymore about providing sufficient nutrients to your turtles as they have enough food to serve them for a long time.

Highly developed formulae: this type of food is usually manufactured with a high technology that ensures that it incorporates all types of essential nutrients to keep nourishing your turtle.

Through the research that the company owners do about the animals, they know the type of vitamins that they need to include in the food.

Since the food is rich in calcium, vitamin A and C, you can only enjoy more peace as you need to serve your turtles enough amount of food in the aquarium and give them time to eat.

You are assured that the food is enough to nourish them and strengthen in their bodies. 

Lasts long: the food comes packed in large buckets, but this should not worry you as it does not have a short expiry date.

The food has a long life, and it does not lose its nutrients even after having it in your house for a long time. 

Cons of the Tetra Reptomin Floating Food Sticks for Aquatic Turtles

The food is hard, and it gets difficult for baby turtles to chew it. If you serve them to the small turtles, they may end up making a lot of mess in the aquarium tank, and these calls for more expenditure on proper filtration for the tank. Failure to filter the tank can lead to debris accumulation hence diseases and ill health for your turtles. 

Fluker Labs SFK72020 Aquatic Turtle Medley Treat Food

Description of the Fluker Labs SFK72020 Aquatic Turtle Medley Treat Food

This type of product is manufactured in the USA. It brings your turtle a wide variety of nutrients.

It is rich in fats that are essential in building the body of your turtles. Besides, it has vitamins that help to strengthen the immune system of your pet.

Its wide variety of diets enables your turtle to stay nourished with a robust and healthy body.

Despite its high value, the product comes at a price that most turtle owners can afford, and this makes it ideal for everyone that rears turtles to include in the diets. 

Pros of the Fluker Labs SFK72020 Aquatic Turtle Medley Treat Food

This product is rich in almost all the nutrients that your turtle needs to live efficiently.

It is an insect flake that is dried, and it also features crickets, proteins, shrimps, mealworms, and many other sea organisms that are essential in all the nutrients that are vital for the better health of your turtle.

Highly affordable: the product price is unbeatable, and you can enjoy purchasing a wide range of nutritious food for your turtle and treat it whenever it behaves right.

It is crucial to know that the product is not meant to be offered as a meal to your turtles as it cannot meet all the turtle needs due to their large size.

You should be sure to use it as a treat for your turtle whenever you need to do so. 

Does not cloud your water: if you purchase this type of product, you are assured for a cleaner aquarium tank as it is dehydrated, and it does not form a lot of waste in your tank.

The product encourages a cleaner environment for your turtle, and as a tasty treat for them, you also get to enjoy more free time as you need not keep cleaning the tank. 

High quality and excellent customer support: whenever you purchase the product, you get guidance on how much you should feed your turtle.

You must open up about the age of your turtle to the seller as he can help you with the best amount that suits your turtle.

Besides, its high quality is impressionable, and it makes you want to buy more as you get assured of a better life for your pet due to the high nutrients and vitamins that the product has in it. 

Cons of the Fluker Labs SFK72020 Aquatic Turtle Medley Treat Food

This product is only ideal for large turtles due to the hard and large crickets that turn out difficult for small turtles to break and chew

The insects tend to cause a lot of dirt in the aquarium water tank .

If you feed your turtles and here are leftovers, they decompose quickly in the water, and they give an odor that may be interfere with the freshness of your house.

Whenever you feed your turtle with this product, you should be sure to filter it after the process to prevent the smell from the decomposing insects filling your room.

 Zoo Med ReptiStick Floating Aquatic Turtle Food

Description of the Zoo Med ReptiStick Floating Aquatic Turtle Food

The product has been winning the trust of most people that rear turtles and other aquatic animals.

The product has a great reputation, thanks to the manufacturer that designed it.

The individual is known to have been rearing reptiles for over 20 years, and his experience with the animals has enabled him to have more knowledge in the foods that are more ideal for their bodies. 

The product has formulae that nourish your pet to create a better and healthy body for it.

The product brings a big choice of vitamin options for you to select, depending on what you like to feed to your turtles. 

Pros of the Zoo Med ReptiStick Floating Aquatic Turtle Food

Tasty and nutritious: this is among the few products that offer your turtles a meal that is tasty yet nutritious.

The nature of the ingredients that the company uses to manufacture the products makes it ideal for your pets to enjoy eating it. 

The turtle food is a number enjoy choice for many turtle keepers as they feel save serving it to their turtles due to the reputation of the company.

Since the venture food designer knows what turtles like, he brings his 25 years of experience with the pets closer to you hence offering you guidance on how you can keep your turtle successfully even when you are a beginner.

Comes with additional plant matter: the product offers more nourishment to your pets due to the plant matter that is incorporated in it.

Besides, it comes with more animal supplements, including kale, fish, and shrimp, which add more nutrients like proteins to your fish. 

With this type of food, you do not have to feed your animals frequently. With them, you can feed your turtle two times in a day and be sure of better nourishment of your pets. 

Cons of the Zoo Med ReptiStick Floating Aquatic Turtle Food

This type of food tends to cloud your water quickly. After feeding your turtles, you must filter the aquarium at least half an hour after the process as failure to do so clouds the water quickly, making it messy for you to enjoy quality time with your turtle. 

The product lacks good amounts of calcium supplements. Whenever you choose to purchase it, it is essential that you also buy an extra calcium supplement to enable your turtle to have a balanced diet.

There is a wide range of calcium supplements that can buy from the market.

Fluker’s Aquatic Turtle Diet

If you are looking for a nourishing food for your turtle, the product is the right choice for you.

According to the manufacturer of the product, it gives your pet a nourished body thanks to the vast high-quality supplements that are used in manufacturing it.

 The product comes with a blend of a vast number of nutrients to keep your turtle healthy.

Besides, the product is made of pellets that float on the water tank to make it easier for your turtle to eat them.

The food is also exceptional when it comes to making your turtle more energetic and healthy.

The pellets also make the turtle have a great time while feeding, and their softness makes it better for your pets. 

Pros of the Fluker’s Aquatic Turtle Diet

Ideal for little turtles: this is among the few products in the market that is specially designed for your little turtles.

With it, you do not have to worry about your pets going hungry due to their inability to consume food that is hard to chew.

 You can feed it to them at least two times a day. 

Affordable: this type of food is not expensive, and every turtle keeper can enjoy fair prices in the market.

Even with the fair price, the product is always readily available in the market; it ensures that the buyer saves costs.

 Despite the fair price of the product, your turtles get to enjoy major nutrients that supplement their needs. 

High in protein: the product is a special remedy for your young growing turtles. Since it is rich in proteins, it gets to build the body of your pets and thus makes them grow quickly.

 Besides, it is also a combination of a vast number of vitamins and other nutrients that makes it easy for your turtle to keep enjoying a more nourishing diet for better survival. 

Highly palatable: the product is made of pellets that are easy for the turtle to consume as they are soft and highly edible.

As a result, the type of food becomes the best that you can offer to your small turtles as they get to have an easy time while consuming it.

With its floating mechanism, the turtles can easily catch and eat them from the water surface. 

Cons of the Fluker’s Aquatic Turtle Diet

Mostly ideal for young growing turtles: due to the fact that the product is highly rich in proteins, you may not like to feed it to your adult turtles.

It is ideal for your young turtle as they need a lot of proteins to help them in building their bodies and get to grow quickly with better health. 

The product only limits you too young turtles: the high proteins that the product contains make it challenging to feed to adult turtles.

If you feed your adult turtles the product, they are likely to fall ill quickly.

When turtles grow, they can barely metabolize proteins well, and the situation gets worse when it is cold like during winter. 

TetraFauna ReptoTreat Gammarus Baby Shrimp

Description of the TetraFauna ReptoTreat Gammarus Baby Shrimp

This turtle food is good to offer to turtles as a great protein supplement. The food is never enough for your turtle due to its great taste.

 The vast nutrients that it provides to your pet are enough to enable them to have better survival.

The product is also never good for routine feeding of your turtle due to its high protein contents, as well as its inability to meet all the needs of your turtle.

If you need to feed your turtle on this food, you should be sure to purchase more ideal meals for it that have a better nutrition supplement to ensure that your pets stay nourished and healthy. 

Pros of the TetraFauna ReptoTreat Gammarus Baby Shrimp

Made of baby shrimps that are dehydrated, and this makes it the ideal protein source for your turtles.

If you feed it to your young turtles, you can get them growing quickly. 

Great design and packaging: the product comes in a packaging that has four layers.

The layers ensure that they offer full protection to your food even after you open it. 

The exceptional packaging of this product makes it easy for you to make the right measures of the amount of supplements that you offer to your turtle hence avoiding overfeeding, which may be harmful to your turtle.

Besides, it saves you cost as you can have good monitoring of how the pet responds to it and decide whether to purchase more or not depending on the number of packages you have left in the store. 

Great supplement for your fish: the product is a great choice for anyone that wants to supplement their fish.

It offers nourishment, and thus, you must not overfeed it to your turtles as it may cause illnesses and malnutrition if you fail to offer it better meals. 

Cons of the TetraFauna ReptoTreat Gammarus Baby Shrimp

If you overfeed it to your turtles, there may be a lot of leftovers that cause cloudy water in a few minutes after the feeding process.

If not cleaned, the cloudy water may be dangerous to your pets due to ammonia accumulation. 

Due to its great taste, the turtles may want to consume it a lot, and this causes them to dislike food and lose the urge to eat.

 If they fail to eat better food, they may end up having bad health. It is realistic always to measure the amount that you offer t your turtles so that they may get used to the initial amounts. 

 Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Sun Dried Large Red Shrimp

Description of the Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Sun Dried Large Red Shrimp

This type of product is made up of pure red shrimp. It is a special supplement that you offer to your pets, and they will love you for it.

 It is an excellent source of protein supply too.

Pros of the Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Sun Dried Large Red Shrimp

Affordable: theproduct has an attractive price that most people can afford, and this makes it easy for you to get your pet a sufficient supplement to keep them in good health. 

Great protein supplement: the type of food is ideal for giving to your turtles due to its high protein supplements that ensure that your pets have a continuous supply of bodybuilding food. 

Helps your turtles gain weight due to the vast number of vitamins that it contains. 

Cons of the Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Sun Dried Large Red Shrimp

The shrimps that the product contains are hard and large. They are, therefore, ideal for fully grown turtles.

If you feed them to your baby turtles, they may have a difficult time trying to break them into smaller pieces, and thus they stay hungry. 

If you fail to lock the container in an airtight cloth or area, the shrimps tend to get stale quickly, and they may also give a strong odor that interferes with your living conditions in the house. 

Fluker’s Freeze-Dried River Shrimp

This type of product is made up of river shrimp that is dried in the sun. It is a great supplement for your fish, and it offers a great protein supplement for them.

Besides, the food is affordable, and you can always treat your turtle whenever you need to.

Pros of the Fluker’s Freeze-Dried River Shrimp

Great protein supplement: the high protein levels of the product makes it a great choice for you to give to your turtle.

Brings diversity as you can also feed it to other aquatic pets that you have at your home. 

Affordable: the supplement comes at a cheap price that saves you money that you can use in purchasing more nutritious food for your turtles. 

Cons of the Fluker’s Freeze-Dried River Shrimp

The shrimps have a strong smell that may cause you to discomfort at home. 

Be sure not to overfeed the turtle and as it feds, always keep watch and get rid of the leftovers from the tank and later dispose them to prevent odor from accumulating both in the tank and in your house. 

If you rear baby turtles, you may have a harsh time if you feed them with this supplement as they cannot break them due to their small mouths.

 It is realistic to break the shrimps down into smaller pieces before feeding them.

 Zilla Reptile Munchies Mix Treat

Description of the Zilla Reptile Munchies Mix Treat

This turtle food product offers your turtle a fruity taste for it to enjoy a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

It is an essential part of your turtles feeding routine because of its high vitamin supplements. 

Pros of the Zilla Reptile Munchies Mix Treat

Easy to prepare: the product is not complicated to make for your turtles 

The packaging of the food comes in an easy way. You can quickly seal the package to prevent the food product from going stale before your turtle consumes it all. 

Highly nutritious: the turtle food is a great deal for your pet as you can supplement their health by supplying them with tasty fruity food.

Cons of the Zilla Reptile Munchies Mix Treat

Strong smell: when the food supplement is left in the aquarium for long hours, it ends up having a bad odor that is not pleasing.

You should always clean the leftovers after feeding your turtles.

Zoo Med Block Aquatic Turtle

Description of the Zoo Med Block Aquatic Turtle

This type of food is ideal for people that are often away from home, and they lack enough time to feed their turtles.

It entails a block of food with various supplements and real food that you can drop in the aquarium tank and let your turtles enjoy their meal even when you are not at home

Pros of the Zoo Med Block Aquatic Turtle

You can have extra time to have fun when you purchase this block of food as you only need to drop and leave it in the aquarium.

Great supplements of calcium that most foods lack

Strengthens the beak of your turtle due to its hardness

Cons of the Zoo Med Block Aquatic Turtle

This product is not a good choice for people that rear baby turtles as it entails a block of food that is too hard for the baby turtles to eat

You cannot feed the latter to your turtles without adding other foods to the daily meals of your turtle

Tetra ReptoTreat Suprema Sticks

Description of the Tetra ReptoTreat Suprema Sticks

The produce contains shrimp and krill, which are a great supplement to your turtles.

The food is a great idea to feed other amphibians that you may be having in your aquarium at home.

 Pros of the Tetra ReptoTreat Suprema Sticks

Highly palatable: the product is highly palatable for your turtles, and you can feed it to young turtles. 

Affordable: the supplement comes at a better price that allows you to save more for other foods.

Highly nutritious with its supplements of omega 3, fats, and proteins

Cons of Tetra ReptoTreat Suprema Sticks

The food does not last long in the tank, and it starts to smell a few minutes after dropping it inside.

You should take it out quickly if your turtles fail to consume it

There is a wide range of turtle food that you can select from the market.

 Before purchasing the food, you should ensure that you know what your turtles like to eat and what they do not like.

For young turtles, you should only choose food that is highly palatable and mostly rich in protein. 


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