Top 10 Best Suspension Seatposts for Comfort and Guide 2021

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Top 10 Best Suspension Seatposts for Comfort and Guide 2021

When it comes to bike riding, nothing beats comfort. Without comfort, it is almost impossible to control the wheel in the right way.

Those who ride bikes with small thin wheels would agree that most bike weight is usually directed to the wheel. As a result, suspension seatposts prove to be vital for every rider.

Though suspension are the most overlooked bike components, they play a considerable role in commuters, bike packers and touring.

When the road vibrations are of high frequency, only a suspension seatposts can play the role of reducing it.

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Besides, they also play a significant role in case of a big impact, especially on a rough road.

Experts have proven the vital part of using these tires, and thus, if you enjoy cycling, you should always consider your comfort and safety every time.

In this text, we guide you on the suspension seatposts to purchase and the specific factors you should look up to before settling for one.

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What to Consider When Purchasing Suspension SeatPosts 

You should never take suspension seatposts for granted as they can be the key to saving your life in case of an impact.

However, you may get confused about the exact type that is right for you as there are many in the market.

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For you to be sure of the item you purchase, you can be sure to gain insights from this guide on the factors that you should value in your ideal seat.


Sizing is essential when it comes to choosing your set.

The item`s diameter must correspond with that of the internal tube as they work together to hold and respond to impacts.

The most common and realistic diameters of seats include 27.2 mm for the standard ones and the large 31.6 mm.

Thin tires tend to be better when it comes to reacting to impacts and rough roads. They tend to be more comfortable compared to thick and fat ones.

An oversize seatpost seems to add more power to your bike, stiffness and strength, but the bring resistance when it comes to rough roads; hence you may not be comfortable and enjoying your ride may become impossible.


Length is also an essential factor to consider when buying suspension seatposts.

Longer posts offer more comfort to the rider, but they may become dangerous and uncomfortable when they have excess material sticking out.

You should always ensure that the amount of post that remains inside the frame is minimal and almost unnoticeable.

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When a large part of it is left outside, it may be too high, exposing you to the risk of cracking the post.

You can also use carbon-based saws to cut out your seatposts excess material to bring more comfort whenever you are bike packing or touring.


Seat posts are made of different materials, but aluminum and carbon fiber are the most common ones.

Aluminum is the most commonly used by many manufactures due to its affordability and sturdiness.

In various low-cost bikes and mid-range ones, you are likely to notice that most people use the material.

Carbon fibre is, however, considered to be the best for seat post as it has impact absorbing mechanisms that make it the best choice for everyone.

Besides, its also lightweight compared to aluminium and more comfortable.


The layback of the bike is essential, but the choice that one makes depends on their preference.

Some can be inline and lack no bends or kinks, but they are straight while others are bent with a shallow angle putting the saddles slightly further from the inline post.

If you cannot achieve the comfort you need with an inline post saddle positioning, you may want to settle for a layback one.

Clamp Type

Many clamps are manufactured in a way that they can easily match with twin rail saddles.

Most also have bolts that secure the upper part of the clamp, and this allows you to adjust them and shape the clamp according to how you want it for the comfort you desire.

Types of Suspension Seat Posts

Cane Creek Thudbuster ST Seatpost


This seat suspension is high quality and well known in the market. The company that manufactures this item focuses on offering the exact preferences of its clients.

The high technology that they use to make this item is exceptional and meets all the certified standards.

The keenness they use to make these suspension seatposts allows them to give the device the state of the art features that target to enhance the user`s comfort.

Even with its price, the set post has been highly selling and from the feedback that clients give about it, it is evident that it is one of the best ones that one can purchase to achieve comfort in each ride they take.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • The seat post diameter of this device is 27.2.
  • The maximum rider weight is 150 kg.
  • It is made of aluminum that gives it a longer life.
  • The pivots of this device are stainless steel axles, and they are coated with Teflon and bronze.
  • The elastomer inserts of this device are interchangeable and allow you to adjust them according to what you prefer.
  • Modern design that offers riders a plush of about 55 mm and absorbs shocks if you pass through a terrain
  • Solid and sturdy design to last long
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Reliable
  • You can change the seat post whenever you want to as it is easy.
  • Pricey
  • Installing this seat post is not easy and may take time unless you seek professional help.
  • The user instructions are not clear hence unreliable.

Redshift Dual-Position Seatposts Aluminum (27.2mm x 350mm)


This type of suspension seat post is unique compared to some of its prices. It is a dual-seat that enables you to adjust your sit to suit your preference.

With it, you get to switch your seat from the regular road mechanism to an aero position.

It has features that enable it to be highly versatile, and with it, you can enjoy a lot of positions depending on the nature of the road you are using.

Additionally, this type of seat suspension features aluminium construction that makes it last longer.

Even with its price, you need not worry about incurring any losses as it is bound to be highly reliable and meet most of the needs that other devices cannot meet.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • Part of this seat is an aero system for versatility
  • It has a length of 350 mm and a diameter of 27.2
  • The seat post has a design that enables it to maintain the same length of the pedal and saddle in every position that you adjust it.
  • It comes along with an additional adjustment that allows you to tilt the saddle by about 5 degrees whenever you want to move from the road`s position.
  • You get to enjoy more diversity by purchasing the separate quick-release aero bars of this device that allow you to dual-position the seat in a real aerodynamic position without interfering with your average road position.
  • It has a stop loaded with springs to holds it in the right position until you decide to change.
  • If your bike has a larger seat diameter, you can purchase shims that come separately with this device to adopt it.
  • Comfortable
  • Has a good design
  • Even with back problems, you can still use your bike without hurting as you change positions any time you need to do so
  • Heavy
  • If you drive this seat posts in aluminium material, you may experience a lot of discomfort due to its stiffness.

FOMTOR Bicycle Seat Post


If you are looking to upgrade your seat post and want to try out a cheaper option, this seat post is perfect for you.

It offers you the exact features that you need to address all your needs. It is also a heavily reliable seat post that can support your weight depending on your weight.

You can also fix it in your kid’s bikes and let them have comfortable and better control of their bikes.

You can transition your rides with this seat post and enjoy vast things. With this device`s thick pipe, you can be sure to enjoy more durability on your bike.

Besides, your rides become smoother and more enjoyable with this device.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • This seat post is designed with a maximum weight of 580 lbs.
  • You can adjust the seat angle and get to protect yourself from the impacts of the rough road.
  • It is manufactured using aluminum that gives it high qualities feel and ability to last for a longer time. Besides, the aluminum allows it to be resistant against rust for a clean new look.
  • The head of the seat post is adjustable for a comfortable and better fit.
  • It is only ideal to use in seat posts with a diameter of 25.44 mm
  • Before purchasing this device, you should ensure that you measure your frame tube`s diameter and ensure it matches with it.
  • It is lightweight due to the light and high-quality aluminum that the company uses to manufacture
  • The suspension seat post is affordable and reliable.
  • Easily adjustable and flexible
  • It has a better design than the initial one from the same company, and it fits well in your seat for a better and comfortable ride.
  • Very durable and sturdy to last long and save you cost
  • The device may break easily, especially during the process of installation
  • It is clunky, and it may feel very fragile.

Satori Harmony LT2 Bike Bicycle Suspension Seatpost 31.6x350mm


Going into the woods or uneven dirt roads with a mountain bike is fun, but riding more comfortably is even more fun.

Sitting on the saddle for a long time can cause pain in your hip.

You immediately feel every shock or blow due to the impact of rough roads.

To solve this problem, physics is being considered and looking for a component that can absorb and reduce vibrations.

Just as in the car, the suspension seat posts are also the solution for a mountain bike rider. It can be a solution to attach a spring pin to the saddle.

Before you buy this Seatpost, check the thickness and length to make sure you don’t get the wrong size.

The material is high-strength aluminium alloy 6061 and also lightweight and reliable against rust.

Purchasing this Seatpost gives you a comfortable feeling to your body and improve your riding behavior.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • The material is stable and durable aluminium alloy Alu 6061
  • The suspension system absorbs vibrations for comfort
  • Before buying, check that the 31.6 mm diameter of the seat post fits your mountain bike
  • Easily installed on your saddle.
  • Easy to install
  • Durable material, so a durable product
  • Best suspension to keep your ride comfortable
  • Cheap
  • Little pricey

Ride Smoother and Happier with Suntour SP12 NCX + Protective Cover


This device has been in the market for a significantly long time. There is a wide range of review s about it from clients that have used it before.

You can confirm that it is a device that is well-engineered with consumers in mind. It is high quality and serves the exact purpose that it is meant to do.

The device also lasts long, and it is highly durable.

Even when you use it for a couple of years, you can be sure to continue enjoying the value of your money and save more on purchasing other devices that are bound to make your experience better on the road whenever you go biking.

With the seat post, you can be sure not to notice any kind of impacts on your way.

You sure can never go wrong purchasing this suspension seat post as it is the ideal one that brings you affordability and convenience as well as efficiency.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • The bushings of this device are made of stainless steel which enhances its durability by preventing it from rusting and wearing out
  • It has a parallelogram shape that gives it a unique design which is also essential in enabling it to hold the impact of small bumps.
  • The mechanisms are specialized in helping you keep your back safe from injuries and damages that may lead to complications later in life.
  • Besides, the shock-absorbing mechanism is vital in preventing you from hurting your hands and hips.
  • Has a maximum weight of 140-180 lbs of riders which is rare in most suspension seat posts and thus it favours your ability to enjoy a smooth ride even when you are heavy
  • It gives you a chance to adjust it before loading it; hence you get to know whether it is compatible with your bike seat or not.
  • Comes with two years warranty that is essential in enabling you to enjoy better service from the staff
  • It has a coil spring design internally that helps you to stay comfortable and enjoy a smooth ride
  • You get a chance to buy both hard and soft springs separately after purchasing this device based on the type of comfort that you desire
  • You get a maximum extension of 110 mm height by purchasing this seat
  • The saddle rail clamp of the seat has a diameter of 7 mm
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Efficient due to its adjustable options
  • It is the right choice for heavy people due to its smoothness
  • The user instructions of this seat are readable and clear for the guidance you need on installing it
  • You get to enjoy comfortable and firm rides
  • You cannot adjust the saddle horizontally, and this may be inconveniencing as it limits you on what you want
  • Difficult to set up at times

Choose Suspension Seat Post 27.2 x 350 mm 31.6 x 350 mm Seatposts


  Do you like a comfortable life?  Make your mountain bike part of this and enjoy the action and sport in your spare time.

Also, make your body feel comfortable during your ride.  This Seatpost offers you this comfortable feeling.

This durable product is made of aluminium alloy 6061, which is very strong.

The Cradle size is 45 x 30 and the diameter of 31.6 mm with a length of 350 mm.

The maximum suspension is 50 mm, which is an excellent length to protect your hip and back from hard impacts.

Up and down the hill, if you do that for a long time, you will suffer from your hips, but with this special pen, you do not have to worry.  It gives you 100% a comfortable and good feeling.

Have a healthy ride with the purchase of this Seatpost.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • Type of material makes it strong and durable. That is why Aluminum 6061 has been chosen.
  • Length of efficient suspension is 50 mm
  • It has spiral damping
  • The diameter of the crib is 45 X 30
  • Cross-section diameter of 31.6 mm
  • One year warranty is the assurance of this product
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable
  • One year warranty
  • Cheap
  • The seat is not stiff enough, and it may collapse even when a rider with the recommended weight limit uses it and this may make their ride uncomfortable
  • Setting up this seat is complicated, and it may annoy some users

Thomson Elite Bicycle Seatposts


This is one of the strongest suspension seatposts that you can purchase to make your ride even smoother.

The suspension seatposts has been making high sales over time, and it has good reviews from those that have been using it on their bikes.

It is also manufactured with the state of the art engineering that renders it to be durable and easily adjustable.

Despite having the best features, this item brings you comfort and reliability. You can be sure to adjust it according to the length hat you want before you hit the road.

Even when you are riding in the roughest of roads, this item is bound to make you safe and comfortable by absorbing the impacts of the roads and bumps that you end up hitting.

It is a special item that has become a friend of many riders.

The features that this item brings you to encourage you to keep riding and enjoying a good time in every place that you visit.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • The bore that lies inside the tube of this item is shaped in an ellipse shape that enables it to last for a long time and have its strong look. This feature makes it one of the strongest seat posts in the market.
  • This seat post is strong enough for use in any lace that you want to ride it thanks to its adjustability. It enables you to adjust it up to 59 degrees and -5 degrees.
  • With that, you can be sure to achieve the balance that you need for shock absorption that you need in every place that you decide to go.
  • The Thomson Elite seat post is designed in a way that it prevents any catastrophe from happening thanks to its bending fuse that reduces chances of any accidents
  • It withstands a weight of 350 lbs from its rider thanks to its head, clamp and tube that are incredibly sturdy compared to that of other items in the market that have a similar price as it
  • If you intend to use a mountain bike, you get to enjoy 330 lengths and for normal road bikes, a length of 250 is perfect.
  • The manufactures of this item have moulded it with an aluminium design of 7000 series that gives it durability and sturdiness
  • The two-bolt design of this item is excellent, and it enables you to move your saddle up and down by adjusting it according to the length that you prefer
  • Has 180 g and this lightweight feature is great in helping you ride to the speed you prefer without the item slowing you down
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Adjusting the saddle is easy
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient and effective
  • Due to its lightweight, it may get scratched

ZUKKA Bike Seat Post


Zukka is a highly professional company that offers bicycle accessories with high quality and level to the market.

The goal of Zukka is to let you relax in nature.  Zukka’s products make outdoor activities more fun and safer and offer you a sustainable product.

The high-quality suspension seatposts are made of the best aluminium alloy, a durable material that will never rust.  Its lightweight and rust-resistant material make it a hit on the market.

With an engraved scale, it is easy to adjust the length of the seatpost to reach the right height for you.

Zukka has made this possible with an adjustable clamp to create the best riding comfort.  Very easy to install.

There are several ways to determine the correct size.  One of them is that you use a calliper and if you don’t have one, you can copy the engraved size on your old Seatpost.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • Scale on the suspension seatposts makes it easy to adjust for your correct height.
  • The material is nicely polished and finished and finished with a special chemical treatment called anodizing for rust resistance.
  • Lightweight and efficient.
  • Suitable for all kinds of bicycles.
  • Sustainable
  • Rust-resistant (anodized)
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Beautiful finished product
  • At times, the clamp is not centered with the post, and this may make it impossible or difficult to use
  • The numbers that are printed in this item may corrode and interfere with its look and quality

UPANBIKE Bike Bicycle MTB Replacement Extra Long Seatpost SeatDescription


Everyone wants to enjoy their ride and have an easy time whenever they go touring and bike packing.

You may never know the condition of the roads that you are likely to go to, and as we all know, rough roads lead to discomfort and usage of a lot of energy for anyone that wants to enjoy their good time in the road.

For those with back problems, it may even get worse because you end up hurting more and causing more damage to your back due to bumpy roads.

To make your experience smoother on the road, this suspension seat post is the real deal.

The Upanbike seat has a design that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of about 220lb.

As a rider; you should first be sure of how much you weigh before purchasing this device.

It is an excellent item to use whenever you need to replace your seat post, and in many cases, it tends to be much better than the initial suspension seatposts that you may have.

Besides, it is set to give you durability and serve you according to your needs so you can save cost.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • It has a clamp that is micro-adjustable which you can use to adjust the saddle so that it takes a horizontal position for easy riding and better shock-absorbing capability
  • It has a tube thickness of 2.5 mm
  • The insertion line of this seat post is safe and convenient to use
  • This seatpots is highly compatible with most types of bikes, including mountain bikes, universal and road bikes.
  • This seat post is extra-long with 45 cm, and this is a great thing to the rider.
  • If a rider is tall, they do not have to struggle with their backs due to bending all the time whenever they are riding as the item puts them in a comfortable position
  • The number marks on this seat post are not exactly similar to those written o t about its diameter.
  • It may vary by a few points, and thus one should measure their diameter slightly higher than that marked on the seat post
  • The length of the post brings tall users and added advantage
  • It is easy to install
  • Easily adjustable
  • It is lightweight, and thus it does not slow you down
  • It is comfortable
  • High quality
  • Reasonably priced even with all the value it brings to you
  • The seat post is weak compared to others in the market
  • The seat fails to stay tight I position, and this may cause discomfort to the rider

Profile Designs Fast Forward Aluminum Seatpost Seatposts


This is another seat post that is made with high technology to suit the exact needs of the user.

You can use it to replace your initial bike seat in case it does not meet all the basic things that you require from it.

The seat post is also high quality, and with a guarantee of durability, you can enjoy using it for the longest time without thinking of extra costs.

Suspension Seatposts Check This Product On Amazon


  • It is extra-long so that it can suit all the needs of riders. It is an added advantage to tall riders
  • The seat clamp is micro-adjustable, and you can set the saddle to the right height that you want
  • It is made of aluminium which is excellent in giving it durability and strength to last for a long time
  • Suitable for almost all types of bikes including mountain bikes and regular road bikes
  • Highly durable
  • Great design
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Great length
  • Poor packaging

When buying suspension seatposts, consider their size as it is crucial in enabling you to choose one that is compatible with your type of bike.

Be sure to look at the materials used in their making as they determine whether you acquire durability from them or not.

The adjustability that the seat post offers you is vital as it determines if you can set your saddle in the exact position that you like for comfort.

Research and compare the features of many types of suspension seat posts to know which one suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the purpose of a suspension seatposts? They are meant for people that need a custom frame to it in the standard frame of their bike.

It allows a cyclist to ride more comfortably by getting their knee far behind the BB spindle.

How tight should I make my seat post? Ensure that it fits in a snug way in the seat tube. It should not be too tight or loose. If it does not fit correctly, its diameter could be small.

Is aluminum seatposts stronger than a carbon one? Carbon frames tend to have more strength compared to aluminum ones.

Aluminum is, however, a preference for many because it is cheap, lightweight and stiff enough. Its stiffness is, however, not as good as it leads to fracturing.





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