Top 10 Best Pressure Washers Machines in 2020

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Top 10 Best Pressure Washers Machines in 2020

Pressure washers are exceptional tools that help us to tidy up things at homes and in commercial buildings.

They come in different forms, and some are electric, while others are gas driven.

 Electric Pressure washers start with a switch flip, and they are ideal for medium-duty jobs, and they are not a good choice to use in cleaning large areas.

They are less powerful and less costly compared to gas devices.

 Gas Pressure washers are designed for industrial cleaning, and they handle hard tasks.

They are more powerful, and they have higher pressure to tidy up the place compared to electric ones.

They are costly, but they deliver an exceptional cleaning experience to their users.

When choosing Pressure washers, there are many factors that determine the item that you may want to settle for and state of the place that you are going to clean should be the first consideration.

Besides, Pressure washers devices vary in size, cost and shape and thus you should first research to know the features and capabilities of the device that you want to settle for before coming up with the final decision.

Here is a review of the best Pressure washers that you can buy and the factors to consider before settling for one.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Power Washers Machines

Power of the Hose

This is an important aspect to consider before buying Pressure washers machine. It is the power that the motor or engine produces.

The rating matters a lot because it determines the amount of pressure that the device produces.

The more the engines power the more pressure that you are likely to get, and thus the cleaning experience gets better.

Water Flow

This is the gallon per meter water flow through the hose.

The water volume flowing through determines the amount of debris that you can trap and get your place clean per minute.

A device that has lower GPM requires more time to get the surface while one with a higher GPM cleans the surface in a shorter time.

If you do not want to spend more time cleaning, a unit with higher GPM is the right one for you.


The unit of pressure in your device determines its ability to efficiently clean the surface.

 If the unit has lower pressure, it cannot quickly break the bond between the debris on the surface, and thus you may end up taking more time cleaning.

If the unit has higher pressure, then you spend less time cleaning as it quickly breaks the bond between the debris.

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The unit you select should reflect the number of times that you plan to use it.

If you plan to use the unit many times in a day, you should be sure to select a strong and well-known brand so that it can last long and reduce the cost of purchasing new devices.

If you need one with high durability, you should select one with OHV engine and pump with the commercial triplex feature as its performance and reliability is top-notch.


The nozzles are responsible for releasing pressure and water to the surface. There are three types of nozzles.

Adjustable top nozzles allow you to change the water pressure to wide fan spray or pinpoint.

Quick connect nozzles do not let you adjust the pressure as they are designed for quick automatic adjustments on their own their precise controls allow you to clean the surface accordingly.

The Stratton and Briggs nozzles entail a vast number of nozzles with different settings for you to adjust them depending on the nature of the surface that you are cleaning.

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 Cleaning Systems

You should be sure to settle for equipment that siphons water mixed with detergents.

Such Pressure washers tend to be more effective as they save you from the task of manually mixing the detergents.

Besides, some of the washers come with extra devices that enable you to store the detergents, and this creates efficiency while you are handling your work.

Types of Power Washers Machines

 Sun Joe

Description of Sun Joe

To avoid a painstaking cleaning experience, you can rely on the Sun Joe is the right equipment to purchase to get the work done.

The device brings you convenience and a more reliable way to clean your driveway and porch.

It is designed in a straight way position, and this enables you to carry it around easily.

 The design is also meant to save you the storage space that you would rather use while keeping your device safe.

It has high durability, and you can be sure to carry out vast activities with it.

It has high engine power that generates compelling pressure to remove stubborn stains that could cost you more time cleaning.

Features of the Sun Joe

  • Exerts power of up to 1800watts: the powerful engine is bound to get rid of stains from your pathway and garage quickly
  • Two-wheel system: to allow you to easily carry it around and enjoy a better cleaning experience
  • Stop system is automatic: with that feature, you can be sure to enjoy more convenience with the device thanks to its shut of the mechanism when you complete the work
  • Comes with two detergent tanks that allow you to store your detergent and get the device to automatically mix the water with the detergents to perfect your cleaning experience
  • The device is made of metallic parts that have high durability, and they are bound to give you longer service
  • Produces 2030 PPSI  and 1.76 GPM to enhance the amount of pressure that helps to get rid of the stains with ease
  • Versatile: with this type of cleaner, you can be sure to tackle a vast number of tasks with the device you can clean lawns, pathways, car parks among many

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Pros of the Sun Joe

  • Lightweight: the device is pleasantly lightweight, and with its straight design, you can be sure to lift it around with ease and enjoy better cleaning with it.
  • The device is quite, and it does not make noise thus you can be sure not to distract your neighbors during the cleaning endeavours
  • High water pressure proves to be enough in removing stains from the lawns
  • It has five quick-connect nozzles that allow you to connect the washer to different cleaning needs
  • The total stop system is unique in shutting the device off automatically when the motor is idle

Cons of the Sun Joe

  • The washer is not ideal for heavy-duty tasks, and thus you can only use it for medium tasks with less needs

 AR Blue Clean

Description of the AR Blue Clean

This is the perfect outdoor Pressure washers that you can buy.

It is specially designed for outdoor purposes, and with its powerful engine, you can be sure to enjoy cleaning your compound.

It comes with vast features that make it one of the reliable washers that you can have at your home.

It is easy to install and use, and even without taking a look at the user manual, and you can be sure to have an easy experience with this device.

It has a special water-saving technology that makes it to be environmentally friendly.

With its nozzles, you can adjust it to suit your cleaning needs and save time as you handle your daily cleaning.

Features of the AR Blue Clean

  • Comes with 1-year warranty to allow you to get firsthand information about the maintenance of the device and help you with any troubles that you may experience while using it
  • Manufactured using heavy-duty materials that enhance its durability and capability to serve you for a longer time hence save you money
  • The nozzles deliver pressure of up to 2000 square meters that enables you to have an easy time during the cleaning process
  • Weighs 36 pounds and this makes it easy to handle
  • The pressure hose is 30 foot high, and this enables it to reach out to surfaces that are further
  • Easy to handle compared to other heavy-duty devices

Pros of the AR Blue Clean

  • Easy to use: this type of device is easy to use thanks to its vast setting options. With it, you can set the time, and it automatically goes off when time lapses.
  • Easy to clean and move around: the unit is easy to disassemble, and you can have full control of it while cleaning it.
  • Besides, it has a trolley with wheels that allows you to move it around and handle your cleaning needs.
  • Versatility: with this device, you can handle many activities and save time through the nozzle adjustments of the device.
  • With its trolley, you can over it and reach out to the surfaces that are always difficult to handle. The long hose makes it easier to clean the surfaces
  • Powerful: the engine is powerful enough to help in handling the cleaning process

Cons of the AR Blue Clean

  • Unwinding the hose is not easy, and due to these challenges, you may have difficulties having an easy cleaning experience

AR Annovi Reverberi

Cleaning has never been easier with the AR Annovi Reverberi.

You can easily get rid of oil stains, greasy places, and debris from any surfaces with this type of cleaner.

It is durable and gives you the right amount of pressure in cleaning the places.

It is scientifically designed with new technology that eliminates the oil and grease from the surfaces with ease.

It is made of strong materials to give it longer life. The handles of the device make it easy to carry around, and with it, you can be sure to enjoy vast advantages.

Features of the AR Annovi Reverberi

  • Generates 1800 watts, and this enhances it’s the pressure of the water that cleans the surfaces.
  • It has five nozzles that are interchangeable, and this allows you to set them according to the cleaning needs that you experience in different surfaces that you clean.
  • Copper connections that join the nozzles and other parts together for easy usability of the device
  • Spray lance that makes the delivery of water to the service easy and quick.
  • It has a turbo lance that increases the pressure of the water to a desirable one for it to efficiently remove stains from the surfaces

Pros of the AR Annovi Reverberi

  • Powerful: the immense power delivered by the motor of the device gives its ability to remove tough stains from the surfaces
  • 1-year warranty to offer you seamless customer services on any questions that you may have with your device
  • The device has less noise, and thus it gives you an ample environment while operating it
  • Has a variety of nozzles that gives you vast options on how you handle and operate it. The nozzles enhance your cleaning experience
  • The unit has wheels that make it easy for you to move it around and thus you do not get easily exhausted from the cleaning experience

Cons of the AR Annovi Reverberi

  • The hose of the device is not easy to roll around due to its stiffness, and this may make your cleaning experience difficult


Description of the Greenworks

This electric wash has superior sleek quality make that enhances its usability.

 It is one of the most powerful devices in the market, and it is recommended for use in removing pesky stains from surfaces.

It delivers good cleaning experience thanks to its vast features that enable you to enjoy your tasks.

It has vast features that make it easy to use. Besides, assembling the device is easy and less complicated.

It has high reliability, and its durability prolongs its life.

Features of the Greenworks

  • Twenty feet hose: the hose is long enough to enable you to reach out to places that are not easy to reach manually.
  • Besides, the hose allows you to clean vehicles and easily get rid of stubborn stains
  • 13 amp motor that delivers high power for an easy cleaning experience and this makes it the best device for multipurpose uses like cleaning vehicles and lawns.
  • High-pressure soap applicator that allows the device to mix up the soap with ease and deliver the best results while cleaning tough surfaces and removing stains from vehicles.
  • The device comes with wheels that make it easy to drive it around and get the cleaning done
  • Sturdy body: that sits on the ground to allow you to keep the motor and engine away from water and this protects it from damage
  • The power cord of the device is 35 ft long, and this gives you convenience and ease to use the device as you can enjoy many hours of operation without having to worry about the charge.
  • Besides, the hose of the device is 20 ft, and this is long enough to allow you to reach out to laces with tough stains

Pros of the Greenworks

  • Highly flexible and this enables you to use the device either vertically or horizontally, and thus you can quicken your cleaning process
  • Lightweight: this is one of the devices that have high portability, and thus you can always rely on it when cleaning vehicles  as it offers you vast options on cleaning the cars with high efficiency
  • Easy to transport thanks to its weight and the wheels that allow for high portability
  • Has two attachments that allow for quick connections

Cons of the Greenworks

  • The device is only ideal for light cleaning endeavours thus you cannot use it for industrial purposes

Greenworks with Hose Reel

Description of the Greenworks with Hose Reel

With this type of device, you can be sure to make your daily home cleaning needs easier and fast.

It is designed for lightweight jobs, and with it; you can efficiently get your home chores done.

You can get rid of the debris and other light stains around your home. It is durable, and it brings you vast features that you can enjoy during your daily home routines.

The device also a long hose that helps you get to clean the unimaginable places.

The reassure of the device is high, and it prevents you from the hassle of spending a lot of time on a single surface due to ineffective cleaning experience.

Features of the Greenworks with Hose Reel

  • 1700 PSL that is enough pressure to quickly clean cars, porch and surfaces around your house
  • The GPM is about 1.2, and this makes the waterfowl efficient in enhancing the pressure of the water that allows you to get the cleaning done in  a short time
  • The device ha nozzles that allow you to make adjustments of 25 to 40 degrees, and thus you can enjoy versatility with this type of electric cleaner
  • Sleek design: the design of the device allows it to have a good look and gives you vast options for storing it.
  • Lightweight of the device is a great feature that enhances its portability, and it enables you to carry it around with ease
  • 20 feet hoses that make it more convenient to use thanks to its high flexibility that enables you to clean many places
  • The power cord has 35 feet, and this makes it easy for you to charge the device even when on use

Pros of the Greenworks with Hose Reel

  • Cost-effective: This is one of the cheapest electric devices in the market. It gives you a better choice as you select your ideal cleaners.
  • It saves you money and gives you a wide range of options and features to help in cleaning your house and car.
  • Quite: the device is almost noiseless, and this makes you enjoy your cleaning process without experiencing ear damages as a result of loud noise from the motor
  • Lightweight and its high portability enables you to use it in any places
  • Convenient and highly versatile: the nozzle of the device makes it easy for you to adjust the pressure of the water according to the cleaning needs that arise

Cons of the Greenworks with Hose Reel

  • You cannot clean the stains and paint with this type of device

Ivation Washer

Description of the Ivation Washer

This is both an outdoor and house cleaning device that you can rely on for your cleaning activities.

 It has a sleek design that enables it to deliver a seamless encounter as you get your cleaning done.

It is an efficient device in getting rid of stubborn stains, and you can be sure to remove all types of stains with this type of electric pressure cleaner.

It has a powerful engine that gives the device its power.

It is highly reliable in handling all your cleaning need at home. You can, at times, carry out heavy duties with this device.

It is also affordable compared to some devices of its type.

Besides, it brings you vast features that make it a device of great design it is a simple device to use, and you can enjoy broad ways of adjusting the nozzles to complete your cleaning demands on time.

Features of the Ivation Washer

  • 2200 pressure which is high enough to handle the tough stains in your garage and home
  • The motor is 14.5, and this gives it the power to deliver high efficiency seen in the machine
  • Operates at 1800 watts
  • The device has a sleek design that makes an ideal one top use at your home to conduct the daily cleaning chores
  • The device comes with different types of nozzles that allow you to choose different cleaning options to get rid of stains and paints that may make your home undesirable
  • The TSS of the device helps in turning off the pressure of the device quickly, and thus you can enjoy a wide range of options form the unit

Pros of the Ivation Pressure washers

  • Highly portable thus you can have an easy time carrying it around the home
  • It offers you multiple solutions for cleaning garages, home, and driveways
  • The high pressure of the device makes your cleaning experience better as it gets to remove the debris and stain in a simple single clean up

Cons of the Ivation Pressure washers

  • When you use the device for a longer time, it may get stiffer and adjusting it becomes difficult, and the cleaning process gets cumbersome

Karcher K5 Premium

Description of the Karcher K5 Premium

This is a highly durable device that brings you an efficient cleaning experience.

It is an expensive cleaner, but it gives you value for your money thanks to its vast features and highly durable and effective nature.

The device can clean the toughest stains and get your surface sparkling in a few minutes.

 It is a reliable unit that you can use for multiple purposes. With this electric device, you can be sure of safety at your home.

It has a vast number of nozzles that enhance its usability. Besides, assembling the device is super easy and quick.

It comes along with a user manual that simplifies the work for you. With this device, you can enjoy vast things like the removal of pants and high performance.

 It is one of the recommended electric cleaners in this article.

Features of the Karcher K5 Premium

  • 25-foot hose: the pressure pipe of the device is long enough to facilitate the cleaning of surfaces
  • Two-wheel system that allows you to easily transport the device. It makes your cleaning easier as you can push it around thanks to its high portability
  • Weighs 32 pounds
  • Vario Power spray wand that allows you to clean while spraying the surface for better cleaning experience
  • The motor is water-cooled, and this enables it to give seamless power towards the water entering in through the hose for high pressure that allows for a better cleaning experience
  • The device has a modern look, and thus you can use it at your home for the various surface cleaning needs that arise at your home
  • Strong handle that facilitates the cleaning of the area with ease
  • Has GPM of 2.4 and this gives the device power to handle any types of cleaning with ease

Pros of the Karcher K5 Premium

  • This model of washer comes with two different types of sprays that facilitate a better cleaning experience.
  •  With this feature, you can adjust the device to adapt to any cleaning needs that you have in your home
  • The washer has a hose reel on its top that creates room for more convenient storage and moving the device around
  • The detergent tank of this model is large enough to allow you to enjoy longer hours of cleaning for a sparkling surface
  • The device is reliable and durable

Cons of the Karcher K5 Premium

  • The vertical design of the device and its front safety legs make the moving of the device difficult, and thus you may not have an easy time cleaning surfaces due to its difficult portability
  • The device lacks a variety of nozzles, and thus you cannot adjust it to different cleaning needs, and this may interfere with your cleaning experience

 Stanley SHP2150

Description of the Stanley SHP2150

This machine is powerful, and it is one of the reliable Pressure washers that you can use in cleaning cement and concrete based surfaces.

It is durable, and it is made of sturdy materials to facilitate the better cleaning of the various surfaces.

It is meant for industrial use, but you can as well use it in cleaning surfaces at your home.

It is specially designed for rigorous operations, and with its powerful nature, you can be sure to achieve the results that you need in a few minutes.

It is also portable thanks to its wheels that enable you to move it around.

Features of the Stanley SHP2150

  • 25 feet hose: the hose of this device can reach up to 25 feet high, and thus you can be sure to reach out for hidden surfaces that may have tougher stains
  • 4 connect nozzles that allow you to adjust the device and this makes it easy for you to clean the surfaces with ease
  • Two years warranty and this allows you to enjoy vast customer services from the venture. whenever you face problems with our Pressure washers, you can always be sure to receive help from the customer care
  • The nozzles are leak-proof, and this gives you assurance of an easy cleaning experience
  • 43 PSI which is much larger compared to that of its competitors

Pros of the Stanley SHP2150

  • Easy to use: the device is simple and not complicated to use
  • Installing the device is easy
  • It is highly durable, and thus you can rely on it for a long time
  • The wheels allow for high portability
  • Efficient

Cons of the device

  • The hose at times gets stiff and thus moving it around may be a complicated task

Worx HydroShot

Description of the Worx HydroShot

This device is a power cleaner but not a pressure washer. It is designed for the purpose of handling your cleaning demands at your home.

It is one of the reliable ones that you can purchase t use in your home. It has a long hose to facilitate the cleaning process.

 Besides, it is powerful to make everything easy at your home

Features of the Worx HydroShot

  • Weighs 3.7 pounds
  • 20 V battery that can last for up to one hour
  • Has water pressure of about 320 PSI and you can set it at the lowest setting of 94 PSI
  • It has a sleek design that enables it to reach out in areas that most of its competitors cannot reach out

Pros of the Worx HydroShot

  • Has a battery for convenience
  • Lightweight for portability
  • The power east is fair enough to use

Cons of the Worx HydroShot

  • The battery takes a long time to charge

Westford 3000 PSI 1.85 GPM 1800W Electric Pressure Washer

Description of the WestForce 3000 PSI 1.85 GPM 1800W Electric Pressure Washers

This is a device with high pressure, and it has power beyond the average level.

You can be sure to enjoy seamless, efficient performances form this device. It is bound to clean your surfaces in a few minutes.

Its motor is highly powerful, and the Pressure washers can be regulated to the maximum.

Features of the WestForce 3000 PSI 1.85 GPM 1800W Electrical Pressure Washers

  • Measure 10 inches tall, and this allows for its portability
  • 3000PSI
  • Has a total of 5550 cleaning power
  • Has a detergent tank that is the removal
  • Has five nozzles that you can adjust depending on how you like it
  • It is 20 feet long

Pros of the WestForce 3000 PSI 1.85 GPM 1800W Electric Pressure Washers

  • With its upright design, you do not require a lot of space for storage
  • Very powerful compared to its price
  • Has a long hose for more convenience

Cons of the WestForce 3000 PSI 1.85 GPM 1800W Electric Pressure Washers

  • If you fail to use the right detergent, not may not clean stains appropriately


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