Top 10 Best Inline Fans For Your Grow Room

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Top 10 Best Inline Fans For Your Grow Room

When you choose or prefer indoor gardening, then you will build a grow room.

A grow room offers a conducive environment that can be controlled, making it suitable for the growth of your plants.

You will be required to control the humidity level and the temperature level. Now, this is when you will need an inline fans because it will help in regulating the two.

You might face a little difficulty when deciding what type of inline fan to buy, but I am here to assist you through outlining the top 10 best inline fans for you to use in your grow room.

This list below has the most recommended and purchased products in the market. The products are of good quality, and you can be assured that they will last for a long time.  

In addition to listing some of the top varieties that are obtainable from the market.

I am also going to be sharing some important opinions that will assist you to comprehend the significance of an inline fan and how to gauge the different selections.

An inline fan is also known as a duct fan or duct booster fan. It can be fixed to a ducting that already exists, or you may choose to mount as an aftermarket piece.

The inline fan has the purpose of providing aeration to a hemmed-in environment.

It is used for managing air, humidity, and temperature in the grow room, which will be vital in the growth and health of the plants.

Inline fans are also able to assist in sustaining the grow lights in cold temperature.

 They lessen the quantity of heat that is produced by the lights, and that gets to the plants.

 In some occurrences, they might also come with screens that are useful in such a way that they keep pathogens out.

The importance of Ventilation

All types of plants need a well-ventilated environment that has always been essential to the general growth and health of the plants.

 For those plants that are planted outdoors, they receive some breeze, air, sunshine, and rain, which are needed for the well-being of the plants.

 For those plants that are cultivated indoors, they do not receive as much, so the Ventilation is an important factor since it is more like the cool breeze and makes the plant environment more favourable.    

Ventilation is also significant because it lets you regulate the moisture in the grow room.

Plants release water vapour, and this results in an intensification of moisture in the room.

If this is not controlled and checked regularly, it will lead to the occurrence of pests and diseases.

They will hinder the development of the plant. When the grow room is well ventilated, it will prevent that from occurring.

On the other hand, plants can also be affected by extreme heat even though they are in an enclosed area.

 As noted earlier, this heat sometimes originates from the grow lights. Your plants might end up being burnt with too much heat, and this is where the Ventilation is needed.

Things to consider when choosing an inline fan

When you decide to buy an inline fan for your grow room, then these are some of the most important factors that you have to take into consideration:

  • The Material of the fan

The Material of the Inline fans will most probably indicate the performance and the quality of the inline fan that you will select to buy.

The ones made with Steel are the most common.

In most cases, the Steel is powder-coated, giving it the capability to repel the exterior features that could cause physical damage.

  • The size of the grow room

The width of the inline fans defines its size. The larger the size of your grow room than the larger the fan that you will be required to buy.

 This is because it will be more powerful, making sure that the entire area of the tent will be properly covered.

If the grow room is small, a 4-inch inline fan will be appropriate. If it is large, a 10-inch fan will be effective.

  • The Noise that the fan might produce

As the fan generates air, it might cause some noise, and this will be a problem.

That Noise might be too loud and end up annoying you if, for example, you live in a small house.

You might consider getting a model that makes a slight Noise a probable. The fan will be better if it can offer quiet operation.

 After all, innovative components have been presented that make fans powerful without making any noise at all.

  • The Speed of the fan

This factor should be considered since it would be best if you were able to regulate the speed of the fan to your desired choice. 

It would be a nice thing if you were not limited to just a certain level of Speed. If you need a fan like that type, then consider looking for one with a speed controller.  

  • The strength or the power of the fan 

This illustrates more about the amount of air that the fan can produce. This is articulated as CFM or cubic feet per minute.

The higher the CFM, the more powerful the fan is, and hence, it will be suitable even if you have a large grow room.

  •  Also, consider the motor of the fan

As you determine the power of the inline fans, also have a look at the motor. The motor will influence its general performance of the fan.

A motor that has high quality has to be powerful without having to produce a lot of Noise and also while it maintains energy competence.

 You might also consider selecting a motor that requires no or little maintenance.

  • The simplicity of the Installation of the fan

It would be easier for you to buy an inline fans that does not require professional help when it comes to installing the fan.

 Make sure you choose a product that comes with a user-friendly design so that installing and operating the unit will be as easy as it can be for you.

A fixing bracket should be included. It should also contain detailed instructions from the manufacturer.

  •  The Warranty of the inline fan

A question that you should ask yourself is, what will happen if the inline fan starts malfunctioning and you happen not to have a warranty?

It would be better and easier since if it was to malfunction when you have a warranty, and it is during that warranty duration period you can take it back to the manufacturer for servicing.

The manufacturer might also replace it, and this will depend on the terms and conditions.

Make sure you choose a product with warranty coverage that lasts for a year.

How to Clean and Maintain Inline Fans in Grow Rooms

With all the dirt and dust that the fan gets to extract in the grow room, cleaning and maintenance should be at the top part of your routine.

When you decide to clean them, here are some of the most significant factors that you should keep in mind.

  • Confiscate the housing and physically clean the inline fan without having to take it out of the duct or from the part that it is installed.
  • If you have not cleaned your inline fan for a long period, then it would be better to remove the entire fan from its current position.
  • Take out the removable parts and clean them.
  • Give more attention to the edges. Do not immerse in water as it contains electrical components that could end up being spoiled.
  • As a part of your routine maintenance, always ensure that you wipe the external part of the fan so that dirt and dust will not gather up.
  • Using a paintbrush will work like a magic trick when cleaning inline fans. Simply brush off the dust on the surface.
  • Depending on the type of inline fan that you are using, you can also add a sort of filtration mechanism.
  • Lubrication can also prove to be necessary. Adding a lubricant to the moving components will help to reduce friction, and hence, Noise can be eliminated.

Hydrofarm Active Air 6″ Inline Duct Fan, 400 CFM

You can buy the inline fan on Amazon for $98.91. It has features that are UL recognized.

 The fan will offer great performance and innovation at an affordable price.

It also has AC motors that are thermally protected and have bearings that are sealed permanently; hence will not require you to worry about lubrication constantly.

This model of inline fans has the following components. It has a ceramic-coated metal housing that ensures it lasts for a long time.

Has a high quality moulded impeller. It contains a low noise production.  It has mounting brackets and an eight-foot 120 V power cord that is pre-wired.

Hydrofarm is well known to produce some of the best-multifaceted hydroponics gear that is currently on the market.

This 6” diameter fan is one of the topmost multifaceted choices, as 6” is the diameter that is mostly used in our ventilation systems.

Hydrofarm has great features, and the price is also pocket friendly.

What we liked about it:

  • The Hydrofarm Active Air 6″ Inline Duct Fan, 400 CFM is manufactured by adependable andtrusted brand in the industry
  • It has high CFM for the price point
  • The inline fan comes with all components that you will need to mount
  • It also has a fan speed adjuster
  • It also has air dehumidifiers

What we did not like about it:

  •  It is louder than the premium 6” inline fan pick

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller

It is available on Amazon and has a price of $109.  The fan is constructed to aerate grow rooms.

It is intended to transfer cool air or heat the rooms. It is also designed to exhaust odours and cool down the AV racks.

Contains an 8-speed manual controller utilizing PWM. It also has an EC powered motor that ensures a quiet and effective performance. It comes with a corded AC power adapter, mounting hardware, and an installation manual. It has a duct size of 6” and has measurements of 7.9 by 12.6 by 8.4 inches. Its airflow is usually 402 CFM and the Noise produced is 32 dBA.

It is made in America. AC Infinity’s Cloudline is unquestionably a top of the line product with a price that fits its price.

Energy efficient and super quiet, as it comes as a plug-and-play unit complete with speed controller, all mounting gear, and the fan itself.

Precise humidity and temperature sensors help you to set your fully-programmable controller for ideal conditions.

But as they say, everything has its price, and AC Infinity’s price point is significantly higher than other fans.

It’s wholly worth the money spent. But if budget is an issue, this may be one to save up for.

What we liked about it

  • It is energy efficient
  • It is much quieter than the other 6” fans
  • Has a long-lasting quality

What we did not like about it

  • The Price point is higher than the average, for a 6” duct fan

AC Infinity Cloudline T6, Quite 6” inline Duct Fan with temperature humidity controller

The fan is available on Amazon and comes for $149. It is constructed to ventilate hydroponic grow rooms, cooling AV closets, and exhaust odours.

Has a controller for temperature and humidity. The fan has speed control, a timer, and an alarm system. 

In addition to the fan speed controller and other features of the S6 the fully digital controls, this adds even more customization on its fully-digital controls.

 A backup system keeps its memory sharp, so it remembers the custom speed settings you input.

A countdown system and alarm timer help you keep track of its status. There’s an eco-mode setting for when you’re trying to reduce your power usage.

And even better, the T6 can share its smart controller with the older S6 model so they can both operate on the same upgraded programming. 

But there is one problem. The newer T6 model appears to have some occasional glitches in its alarm setup and occasionally goes off for no reason.

If you’re using the alarm to notify you of an increase in heat or humidity, you may find that an annoyance.

 As amazing as the updates are, the S6 is still a better buy for your money, at least until they do a software upgrade for the T6.

What we liked about it:

  • Temperature and humidity controller included
  • Alarm system on the controller
  • Extremely quiet

What we did not like about it

  • High-priced on our list
  • The alarm can sometimes trigger mistakenly

Hydrofarm Active Air 8″ Inline Fan

A durable, ceramic-coated metal housing provides the framework upon which this sturdy fan is built.

Like all of the Active Air series from Hydrofarm, it’s built with high-quality components and made to last.

Low noise output makes this a refreshingly quiet way to keep the airflow cycling or to vent excess humidity.

None of the Hydrofarm systems has a speed controller included, but they’re available for a small additional fee.

The only downside to this particular 8” model is that, as with many of the Hydrofarm fans, they’re meant to use rigid ducting.

A flexible duct material is extremely difficult to connect.

What we liked about it

  • Quiet operation
  • Reliable manufacturer with a great reputation
  • Comes with all installation components as a plug-and-play unit

What we did not like about it

  • No speed controls are included, although available at an added cost
  • Really should be used with non-flexible ducting

AC Infinity Cloudline T8, Quiet 8” inline duct fan with temperature humidity controller

It is available on Amazon and comes for $192.28,designed to ventilate hydroponic grow rooms, cooling AV closets, and exhaust odours.

It also has an intelligent controller with humidity and temperature programming. It also has a fan speed control, an alarm system, and a timer.

Has a PWM controlled EC motor that offers efficient and quiet performance.

Comes with a corded sensor probe, two duct clamps, and an AC power plug. It also comes with the hardware needed for mounting it.

The duct size is usually 8 inches. It has dimensions of 8.5 by 11.9 by 9.2 inches. It produces less Noise.

The power cord for all of their Cloudline models is a good length, making it easy to install in grow rooms or tents.

Truly made as inline duct fans, they’re easily connected to both flexible or rigid ductwork.

 Like the other models, this one comes with all mounting equipment.

However, they’ve changed from a smart controller to a humidity controller in the box, likely due to the T6 alarm issues.

What we liked about it

  • Fan speed fully adjustable from a slight breeze to high wind conditions
  • Built-in, the United States, made to last

What we did not like about it

  • No longer comes with a smart controller – has a humidity controller instead
  • Higher price point than other inline fans

Vivosun 8″ Inline Fan Duct Fan 420 CFM, HVAC Exhaust Intake Fan, low Noise and extra-long 5.5 grounded power cord

The fan is available on Amazon for $23.94, has a maximum airflow capacity of 420 cubic feet per minute and weighs around 1.52 kilograms and has a measurement of 9.06 by 7.87 by 8.27 inches.

The Vivosun may not be one of the best inline fans on the market, but it’s a perfect starting point.

Its inexpensive price makes it a great value for low-budget grow rooms, especially if you’re just looking for an air intake fan.

The drawbacks to a low price, however, may stall the proficient user. It’s got a short cord, which makes it a bit more difficult to connect up with ease.

Carbon filtration is not an option, as it’s just not powerful enough to support it.

And every so often, users have encountered poor motor operation upon testing a new unit – although, to their credit, they’re quick to replace faulty devices.

For someone who’s just starting, this is a good way to go as you learn what works best in your growing environment.

What we liked about it

  • Very reasonably priced
  • All-metal construction
  • Works well as an intake fan

What we did not like about it

  • Not designed for use with a carbon filter
  • Short power cord
  • Some users have experienced faulty motors out of the box

Hydrofarm  ACDF10 Active Air 10″ Inline Fan 760 CFM

It is available on Amazon for $173.40, weighs around 15.08 pounds and has measurements of 14.5 by 9.5 by 14.5 inches.

Offers performance at an affordable price. Like all of the Active Air series from Hydrofarm, it’s built with high-quality components and made to last.

Low noise output makes this a refreshingly quiet way to keep the airflow cycling or to vent excess humidity.

Like the other Hydrofarm inline fans we’ve highlighted, this 10” model doesn’t come with a speed controller.

However, it’s still a very reliable inline duct fan like the rest of its class. A rating of 760 CFM makes this a good choice for a larger space.

What we liked about it

  • A reliable, respected manufacturer
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Good quality large fan for a reasonable price

What we did not like about it

  • Large diameter fan
  • Does best with rigid ducting

iPower 10″ 862 CFM Inline Duct Fan Ventilation Fan HVAC Exhaust Blower for grow tent, grounded Power Cord

It is available on Amazon for $99.99, has 862 CFM and a Noise level of less than 68db.

It is made with some quality UL features that ensure quiet operation. It has composite fan blades and a central hub that reduce vibration and Noise.

Made with durable ceramic-coated components. It is lubricated permanently to save you time and the excess work.

The iPower line of fans is a good mid-range series of inline fans. It doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles in one neat package, so if you’re looking for more than just a fan, this may disappoint.

Extremely bare-bones, you’re likely to get a corded fan in this box and little else.

But having said that, the fan tends to have a reasonably decent lifespan and maybe slightly easier for a beginner to install.

Noisier than most of the others on the list, but that may not be a drawback if you’re venting an outdoor greenhouse.

My largest complaint with this fan is the composite blades and hub, as I prefer metal, and even that’s a small quibble.

What we liked about it

  • Fluted at both ends for attaching ducting
  • Can be used with carbon filtration
  • Very reasonable price

What we did not like about it

  • Slightly noisier fan than others we’ve covered
  • Fan blade and hub are composite rather than metal

Hydrofarm Active Air ACDF12 969 CFM 12″ Inline Fan Green

It can be purchased on Amazon for $179.97. It has a maximum airflow capacity of 969 cubic feet per minute.

Has measurements of 17 by 12.5 by 17 inches. Like all of the Active Air series from Hydrofarm, it’s built with high-quality components and made to last.

Low noise output makes this a refreshingly quiet way to keep the airflow cycling or to vent excess humidity.

In essence, everything we’ve said about this series of fans applies for the 12” model except that it’s the largest and highest CFM rating of their fan line.

Reliable, sturdy, ceramic-coated, and reasonably priced, they are a good place for most people to begin.

What we liked about it

  • Properly constructed and has  good longevity
  • The manufacturer is respected and reliable
  • Great price for a large-diameter fan

What we did not like about it

  • Requires rigid ducting for best use

iPower 12″ 1060 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan HVAC Exhaust Blower for grow tent, grounded power cord

The same benefits and negatives of the 10” iPower apply to the 12” fan. A bit noisier than most of the fans on our list, it’s still a decent product.

Its bare-bones straight out of the box, so don’t expect any fancy bells or whistles.

But its fluted shape is easy to hook up to your system, and the price for this fan size is great.

What we liked about it

  • The fluted shape makes it easy to hook into your duct system
  • Carbon filters are available for this fan
  • Reasonable price for its size

What we did not like about it

  • Composite fan blade/hub instead of metal
  • Noisier than other fan models

 When selecting the right inline fan, make sure you choose the best inline fan for your CFM needs.


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