Top 10 Best Cycling Camera – Handlebar or Helmet 2021

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Top 10 Best Cycling Camera – Handlebar or Helmet 2021

There has been a growing demand for cycling cameras over time.

It is not easy to see an individual that is cycling either into the mountains or anywhere else for fun, not having a camera in their handlebar or helmet.

Since this has become a trend, people are finding themselves taking part in the haul to find the best cameras for their ride.

Cameras are fun, and they capture the most precious moments of the ride.

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You can enjoy watching the clips and photos together with your family, and together you get to share your memorable moments.

In this review, we outline the best cycling camera that you can carry along with you are you go cycling.

We also outline the crucial factors that you should put in place when purchasing a cycling camera for your helmet or handlebar.

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What you should know When Selecting a Camera for Helmet or Handlebar

There are special features that a camera should have for it to capture the best moments of your ride.

With rampant research, you can get to discover the best cameras that can meet your needs. Here the best features that you should look up to when purchasing a camera.

Weight and Size

The perfect cycling camera should be lightweight, and it does not have to be big. A big camera can cause a lot of discomfort and distractions in your cycling endeavors.

A lightweight camera is easy to use, and even when you are cycling, you can be sure to use it in case you make a quick stop.

Ease of Use

It is not easy to use your camera when you are riding. To simplify the process, be sure to purchase a camera that has an easy to use and read user interface.

A camera that enables you to operate it while you are sitting on your bike and wearing your gloves is the best as it simplifies everything for you.

Besides, all the buttons of the camera should be easy to access and control even when you are riding.

Storage Capacity

Be sure to purchase a modern cam as it works with SD cards to enhance its space. The SD card determines the available storage space for your camera.

Some have large storage space, whereas others have a small space. As a result, not all cameras can support 128 GB or 64 GB cards.

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A camera with big storage space is the right choice.

In case you do not like to take long films during your cycling endeavors.

You can be sure to purchase a camera with a smaller storage space of 32 GB or 16 GB as long as you can recall transferring them to your other devices to free up some space.

Inbuilt GPS

GPS helps you to mark new features and horizons with your camera.

You can always know where your picture was taken, and though it is not an essential feature of a camera, it is important to have it.

Besides, it adds it geotags to your photos whenever you take them. With this feature, you can easily create photo maps and enjoy taking a look at them in the comfort of your house.

Battery Life

This is an aspect that matters the most before you can buy a cycling camera.

There has been an increased demand for lighter and small-sized cameras that have power in their lens.

Battery manufactures have made it difficult to have a more lightweight camera because they lag in bringing innovations in the market.

Many high-quality cameras do not last more than 4 hours, and this has become one of the major drawbacks for people that want to purchase a cycling camera.


Connectivity features are not a mandatory requirement for a standard camera.

They, however, offer you more options in your endeavors of recording videos and taking photos, and they entail WiFi, Bluetooth, and ANT+.

With such features, you can be sure to stream your videos live and watch them with other devices whenever you need them.

Types of Cycling Cameras for Helmet or Handlebar

Vantop Moment 6S 4K/60FPS Action Camera with EIS


If you enjoy recording videos during your cycling, this camera will always work out better for you.

It has image stabilization that enables you to capture your videos smoothly with a less jerky experience.

The device also has a touch screen option with vast controls that allow you to easily control and operate the camera even when you are cycling.

The high resolution of this camera gives you unforgettable experiences.

With this feature, you can also turn the WiFi on and off and enjoy the seamless streaming of videos that you may have recorded in your camera via other devices.

The vantop Moment 6S action camera captures vivid, amazing, and clear and smooth images for your adventures and great moments.

You get to enjoy great experiences with this device as it is one of the rare ones in the market with high-end features to meet all your cycling needs.

Cycling CameraCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Fantastic 4K action camera: the camera has native 4K / 60fps, 2.7K / 60fps, 2K / 60fps, 1080P / 120fps video resolutions,
  • Set up video recording and playback with this camera very easily with the 2.33-inch IPS touch screen. The touchscreen makes it easy to use even when you are cycling.
  • With built-in advanced electronic image stabilization (EIS) with a 6-axis gyroscope, this camera has the best EIS Anti-Shake technology.
  • Even when you ride in bumpy areas, you can be sure to record high-quality videos and capture good photos.
  • A great product to record wet moments!  It is possible to swim up to 100ft underwater and record the moments you dance with the dolphins.  So 100% waterproof.
  •  You can enjoy yourself with a free microphone and digital remote control as a watch that you can operate with free hands during water sports.
  • Grab it and earn thumbs-up!  Because with various functions such as 8X Slow Motion and 8X Digital Zoom, Timelapse, and Burst Photo, this fantastic action cam is complete, and there is 5G WiFi available.
  • With this camera, you can enjoy 8* zoom feature
  • The camera weighs 16g when it is not in its waterproof case and 164g when in its case
  • It has a big storage space of up to 124gb, and thus you do not have to keep transferring the videos and photos to different devices
  • It comes along with two batteries and a cloth for cleaning it


  • Ease of use due to the small watch strap that is included. It allows you to ride a bike and place the camera on your helmet and adjust the settings from your wrist.
  • It comes with multiple connectors and adapters that you can stick on your bike. You can also stick it on a tripod. It has both a long and short connector to increase its versatility.
  • Waterproof housing ensures that your product remains safe and undamaged even when you go swimming or cycle in overly wet places.
  • The camera brings you a lasting capability because of its high-end materials.  All attachments are of high quality and so is the camera body
  • 100% waterproof
  • With its ability to stabilize the image, you can be sure to have clear and high-quality photos
  • The remote control of this camera allows you to handle it even when you are cycling or swimming deep into the waters
  • It also operates as a dash camera


  • The camera lacks night vision, and thus you may not be able to use it when it is dark
  • You cannot adjust the field of view of this camera, and thus it somehow diminishes its versatile feature.

 TEENTOK Bike Camera


This HD bicycle is a product that sets your safety higher.  It has features that meet almost all your needs.

Even at times when you are cycling in the dark, you can be sure to enjoy multiple lighting from the flashlight that you get after purchasing the camera.

The rechargeable nature of the flashlight makes things better for you.

Besides, the high-quality lens of this camera is impressionable, and they enable you to capture a variety of things that may be happening in front of your bike.

If you happen to get an accident, you can capture the images with this camera that you can present to the police for compensation.

Images and video recordings can be captured that you can only enjoy together with your family and loved ones during your free days.

Cycling CameraCheck This Product On Amazon


  • A high-quality wide-angle lens that is located in this camera clearly and visually captures everything around you with sound. The large-angle lens can fix everything in a 120 ° arc.
  • With a bright 60 lumen LED light, the road or trail is safer. In darkest roads, other road users can see you better, and the flashlight easy to mount under the steering wheel.
  • Multiple functions such as brightness levels and light mode settings, including continuous on, pulse, and flash, can be configured using the ROPRO CAM app. These remain in the device for the next trip.
  • The IPX5 is a very strong rear light that is completely waterproof in all weather conditions and, of course, very durable.
  • The battery of this camera runs for about 6 hours, and you can be sure to take some time off to recharge it
  • The rare light of this camera has 6 modes that allow you to select one that you prefer
  • With its SD Card, you can always store your photos and videos in this device and enjoy streaming them and sharing them with your friends


  • Installing this camera to your handlebar is simple and easy as long as you follow the right steps.
  • The high image stabilization of this device is amendable, and you can be sure to have a record of highly visible images and videos
  • The video quality of this camera is of high quality, and you can always enjoy the clarity that you achieve from it thanks to its high stabilization
  • Whenever you use this camera, you can always be assured of safety in your journey endeavors


  • This camera locks your videos, and this may lead to inconvenience. Since the locking prevents them from being overwritten and thus filling your SD card in a few hours.
  • To prevent this, you may have to keep manually erasing the video after transferring them to another device
  • The camera has large knobs that may keep causing you interferences whenever you are cycling.
  • The customer service is not pleasing, and you may have to wait for a long time before you can receive help regarding any prevailing issues that experience with your device

Camile R100 GPS Smart Cycling Camera


The photos and images say more than words.  The Camile R100 with a GPS bike computer can record all elements of the bike ride.

This super nice and small Camile R100 is equipped with a 1080p HD camera.

This great product can be combined with a 3D positioning bike computer, WiFi and Bluetooth, and a powerful app that can capture still images and continuous video for up to 3 hours.

The Camile R100 is easy to mount on the handlebars of the bicycle.

Cycling CameraCheck This Product On Amazon


  • With the Camile app, vivid 1080p HD video and still images can be easily edited and shared.
  • Equipped 140 wide-angle lenses can capture a lot of surrounding image
  • The Camile works excellent as a Bike Dash Cam.
  • With the GPS with a 6-axis motion sensor and altimeter, Camile R100 can fast and accurate 3D positioning, so you can drive on and stop without a doubt.
  • A hassle-free ride with massive 32 GB memory and 8 hours of shooting.
  • A rechargeable battery of 1350 mah for continuous shooting up to 3 hours or a battery life of 16 hours with the cycling computer only.
  • With the Camile app, a bicycle plan can be made with update warnings and bicycle routes and statistics.


  • The Camile app can save all recorded data on the sd card and easily share the photos with friends.
  • Easy to mount on the handlebar and manageable.
  • High-quality images and durable.
  • Time savings and short journeys.


  • The plastic hinges break very quickly when assembled.
  • The accessory that supports the handlebars does not hold properly, and the camera moves while cycling.
  • The video does not record linearly. Only in 2 min, 5 min 10 min.
  • Disconnected and reconnected after every ride is an issue.
  • The battery is discharging more quickly than indicated.

GoPro Hero7 Silver Bundle with GoPro Float Handle


This camera brings you cutting edge technology that allows you to record videos and enjoy a large storage space.

It is a high-quality cycling camera that not only meets your targeted purpose, but it also brings you a quick and easy way to install it.

With the diverse features that the cycling camera has, you can be sure to enjoy your ride and share your videos with those that you love.

It captures images and videos in HD, and you can be sure to hold memories through it.

With its touchpad, you can always control it even when you are riding. Its diverse features add more fun during your travel.

Cycling CameraCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The device offers you photos in 20 MP, and their clarity is on another level. The camera enables you to capture crucial moments like a pro.
  • You get to enjoy diversity with this device, and you can share your images and videos instantly on social media thanks to its WiFi feature. It is ideal for vloggers, sports enthusiasts and people that enjoy adventures.
  • The camera has a touch screen that is 2 inch, and it enables you to enjoy easy control.
  • With its high-end image stabilization, you can be sure to have a clear and smooth video and image.
  • Its design allows you to have a good view of images from three different angles. The angles include wide, narrow, and medium.
  • With its impeccable technology, you can be sure to zoom the videos up to 8*. Besides, you enjoy the option of recording your videos either in slow or fast motion
  • The remote control feature of this device enables you to give commands to your camera even when you are riding and acquire the exact things that you want.

Besides, you get to connect to vast devices that you have in your house through WiFi and share or transfer your images and videos quickly

  • The camera gives you a chance to explore your best adventures underwater. Since it is waterproof, you can dive in with it and get to capture your best moments with the marine animals.
  • Its diving scene mode makes your experience even better as it captures the beauty of the sea depending on the commands that you give
  • This is the best cycling camera you can get at amazon thanks to the vast accessories that it brings to you. You get three extra batteries to last you for longer hours.

The camerapro action kit is also special in enabling you to enjoy diversify during your ride. It also comes along with a dock charger.


  • You can be sure to capture high-quality photos with this camera especially when using it underwater
  • Easy the zoom camera of this device allows you to have an up-close view of your photos at a good price
  • Installing the camera on your handlebar is never difficult, and it does not cause you trouble during your journey
  • The descriptions give on this camera are the exact ones that it portrays. Besides, it is a powerful device that gives you the desired images and video quality


  • The process of downloading files from this camera is extremely complicated. One may have to contact the customer care to adapt to the exact process of doing so fully
  • The attachments of the camera break easily and one must be careful when cycling as they can damage the camera if one fails to be cautious

Vantrue T2 24/7 Recording Dash Cam Super Capacitor


Motorcycle enthusiasts are looking more for products that make their ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

We are talking about  Dash Cam with a 3 ”Ltd front.  This feature is great and compact.  This video recorder is specially designed for motorcycles.

This unique dash cam with rich and practical configuration features gives you a much more fun and more enjoyable ride.

This dash cam is also equipped with a WiFi connection and GPS module, and Wired Remote.

With a specially designed rotatable lens, it is easy to set certain angles and capture images or recordings.

Both lenses are water and dust proof.

Cycling CameraCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Equipped with a compact and beautiful 3 ”HD screen of 5 million pixels to support photography.

This dashboard recorder is confident with an advanced chip and dual Sony IMX323 lens sensor with a high video resolution of 1920 * 1080P / 30fps ensure you have clear and stable images during hard driving.

  • The F1.8 large aperture and 6-layer glass lens gives you the ability to increase image performance in low light conditions.
  • The main unit and both lens supports are waterproof. All accessories are also waterproof.
  • The dash cam provides access for an external GPS antenna module, intended for following the driving route.
  • With the road cam app, it is possible to connect your phone wirelessly to the motorcycle camera and watch direct images on your phone or share it with friends.


  • Captures beautiful images while driving with clear and stable images.
  • Records the route and drive safely to your destination.
  • Completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry when it’s raining.
  • The professional rotating lenses can be adjusted to desired angles.
  • Equipped with 5 million pixels motorcycle camera makes beautiful images


  • The instructions in the user manual are not clear, and they turn out to be cumbersome
  • The clamp of this camera is made of cheap plastic, and you can be sure only to use it for a short time
  • The screen of this device is very small, and you cannot see or read it during the day especially when it is sunny

GoPro HERO7 White – E-Commerce Packaging 


This camera offers you high-quality photos thanks to its high image stabilization.

The clarity of the videos encourages you to keep cycling and collect more images and videos so that you can enjoy a good time with your family.

You can never regret investing our money on this device. Besides, its waterproof nature allows you to dive deep into the sea and capture the best moments of your life.

The camera has a design that does not make the process of installation a hustle.

Cycling CameraCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The packaging of this device is impressionable, and you can be sure to enjoy unpacking your camera
  • The device offers you a full lifetime warranty, and thus you do not have to worry about issues to do with the manufacturer as they always get you sorted
  • The camera is fully waterproof, and you can enjoy diving into the sea to capture beautiful moments
  • The rugged nature of the camera gives it a sleek and beautiful look
  • The touch screen of this camera enables you to handle it quickly and set the commands that you like to have in the course of your cycling period. By just swiping and touching, you get to access the camera
  • The device gives you videos in full HD, and this is an added advantage to you as you enjoy clarity in your beautiful moments on the road
  • The 1 MP photos that the camera offers encourage you to keep using it due to its high-quality nature. Besides, with its burst mode, you can take 15 photos at a time


  • The camera is easy to use
  • Easy to install and thus it saves time
  • The quality of your photos is high, and you can be sure to enjoy more advantages with it.
  • With its vast features, you can be sure to enjoy the value of your money with this camera
  • The water-resistant nature of the camera saves you from frequently purchasing anew one due to water damage. It also does not limit you from the places that you can travel


  • The camera only seems to be good at up close
  • The camera freezes many times especially if you fail to get rid of the videos in the sd card

 Cycliq Fly12 CE HD Bike Camera + Front Light


This is a profoundly powerful camera that you can rely on to handle your photo taking endeavors. It has a powerful battery that is bound to last for 8 hours.

Besides, it has a sharp light that provides lighting even when it is dark. The camera gives you value for your money, and you can be sure to enjoy vast features form it.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • The bike alarm that the camera holds gives an alert to your smartphone whenever you move your bike, and this allows it to capture the very image in the surrounding
  • The home safe mode of this camera is a unique feature that enables it to automatically go off when the battery is low. It can still give light for up to 30 minutes before it goes off
  • The camera is full HD, and it shoots videos and photos with high clarity
  • The device has a small and tough feel, and this allows you to handle it with ease.


  • The camera is lightweight
  • Installing and mounting the camera is easy
  • The stabilization that it offers to the image gives it more clarity
  • The device is durable and reliable


  • The device is expensive but gives value for your money
  • Adjusting the camera either to the left or right is difficult and almost impossible

YOUANDMI 2400mAh Action Camera,IP5 Waterproof WiFi Front


For any camera, the camera’s lens is always the most important part of it.  The clarity and stability of the image has to do with the lens of a camera.

The camera offers you a chance to take high-quality photos. It has high-end features that are bound to facilitate the video capturing process in an easy and simple way.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • The 688 has a special and professional 6 G glass that is equipped with an infrared filter that will block the infrared effect and reduce glare.
  • The dash camera is entirely water-resistant, both the lenses and the screen. The recorder can easily process 1080P graphics using the V30 solution and 2G DDR.
  • Due to the presence of a G-sensor lock, the file is protected by the file locking.


  • Waterproof product, both the lens and the screen. Even when you go to the rain with this device, you can be sure to keep it safe in its original condition.
  • Automatic trigger for file protection using G-sensor lock.
  • 960 * 480 dots display provides particularly bright images at night and in the dark.
  • It comes with all mounting materials
  • Very clear English manual for everyone


  • The cable of the remote control is not fixed, and any time you want to use it while you are riding, you can experience many interference’s.

4K Wifi Full Spectrum Camcorders, Ultra HD Infrared


This is an excellent camera with a good price. It is also a perfect one for people that like hunting.

The stabilization ability of the device is important in helping you to capture clear photos. Its powerful lens is important in giving you a clear view of your image.

You can always enjoy many things in nature with this device.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • The camera has an IR night vision camera that enables you to take photos even at night. It is one of the few ones that bring clarity even in the dark.
  • The WiFi function of this camera makes it easy for you to download an app that gets you sharing videos and images easily.
  • You get to shoot videos with its wide lens that brings them up close


  • Installing the camera to your bike is easy
  • The camera is lightweight
  • It gives you high-quality photos
  • It has a long battery life


  • It gets challenging to read the screen when it is sunny

Ordro AC3 4K Camcorder Digital Video Camera


This camera is lightweight, and you can, at times, carry along with you if you want to take a hike. It is a rare camera that has a case and bag for easy portability.

It is lightweight, and you can be sure to have an easy time whenever you want to capture images and record videos. It offers you a unique way to enjoy nature.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • The device comes with a case for carrying and strong it whenever you do not need to use it
  • You can connect the device to the USB, HDMI, and WiFi
  • The lens of this camera is wide, and with its angle, you can capture high quality and clear videos
  • The screen has a display size of 3.1 inches
  • It has a resolution of 1080p, 4k
  • It is usable even in the dark, and this enables you to capture great images and videos even in the dark
  • The SD card is 32 GB


  • High-quality pictures
  • Lightweight
  • High functionality
  • With its kit of accessories, you get to enjoy the versatility


  • The device is not a 4k camera as indicated
  • The camera locks up after few hours of using it, and you have to get the battery out for it to function well
  • It is only compatible with Windows XP

When buying a cycling camera, you should always ensure that it fits the size that you prefer. Its weight is essential and should be lightweight for you to enjoy a smooth ride.

Besides, the stability of the camera matters the most if you want to capture clear photos and videos.

The battery life should also be a concern to you as it determines how long your camera can last before the battery goes off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should You Put A Camera On The Bike? – You should place your camera in front of the bike or on the helmet.

You can also set it on your handlebar and get to stream everything depending on the images that please you.

How Do You Stabilize My Camera? -To stabilize your camera, you should tighten the straps as tight as possible around your chest.

You should also place the camera at the right angle, maybe a wider one, for it to have a clear capture of the images.

By selecting a wider view, you reduce the effects of shaking; hence you capture clear photos.

Does A Cycling Camera Come With A Helmet Mount: – Most cameras have many accessories, but it depends on the type.

Usually, you get accessories to help you in mounting it on your helmet. Research helps you to know the accessories of the specific camera that you want to purchase.


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