Top 10 Best Convertible Backpack Panniers 2021!

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Top 10 Best Convertible Backpack Panniers 2021!

When you are travelling, you would like to carry some supplies or luggage with you.

For instance, those who are touring and riding long distances would like to carry food, water and other things with them.

When they get thirsty, they will drink it, and when they get hungry, they will eat. Instead of carrying the supplies and luggage with their backs, you can have the bicycle carry them for you.

All you will need is the top 10 best convertible backpack panniers because they have been designed to facilitate you carry what you want easily.

Fortunately, they are versatile because you can carry them with your bicycle or carry them on your back. This kind of diversity is good for you, and it makes things easier.

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If you have a lot to carry with your bicycle, you can opt to carry some of the supplies on your Convertible Backpack Panniers .

By so doing, you will not have to overload the bike or tire yourself for nothing.

They have been designed to facilitate you to carry some little things because they are not large. This comprehensive review covers the top 10 best convertible panniers.

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Rhinowalk Convertible Waterproof Pannier Bike Bag

This is an amazing backpack whose design is thrilling; you will marvel when you set your eyes on this bag.

The manufacturer has stylishly designed it amazingly and superbly, and it will captivate your eyes. Even its quality is good to make it reliable and durable.

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You do not want to buy a backpack that will fade soon and start wearing out too soon. The manufacturer has provided you with exactly that.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


The Rhinowalk is versatile because it serves as a backpack, luggage bag, and a bike bag.

It is a 24L large capacity that integrates inbuilt compartments that you can store your iPads, books, laptops, clothes and much more.

It features mesh bags on the right and left sides to carry more stuff that you do not necessarily have to put inside the bag.

For instance, you can use them to hold a water bottle, small umbrellas, and so much more. Surprisingly, the manufacturer has incorporated a waterproof cover and a hidden helmet cover at the bottom.

This gives you an extra storage spa. It has hidden shoulder straps that are quite good.

They integrate an S-shape, which ergonomic for compatibility with your shoulder anatomy and to reduce backpressure.

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It has metal hooks covered with rubber, which are durable, and they protect the shelves from wear.


  • Has taillights and a reflective strip for night visibility
  • In case an accident happens, the bag has a life-saving sentinel
  • With the sentinel, you can be able to locate and seek help from other people
  • Made of polyester


  • Dimensions: 27 x 15 x 42 cm
  • Weight: 1.09 kilos.
  • Colour: Grey
  • It is versatile
  • This is a 3 in one bag
  • Can be used to store and carry anything that it is compatible with
  • Its quality and design are amazing
  • Stylish and has been greatly designed
  • Waterproof
  • Safe even for night uses
  • Cannot carry heavy things
  • Fades with time

Two Wheel Gear Convertible Pannier Backpack

Style and class are the defining trademarks of this backpack. It is lovely indeed, and it exemplifies grandiosity blended with splendour.

When you set your eyes on it, you will not help to want to have more and more of it.

The manufacturer ensured that he would come up with something outstanding that will showcase glamour and entice onlookers to buy it.

After mounting the bag on your bag or your bike, you will marvel at that catchy look.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


This is an amazing backpack and pannier that has the capacity to hold 22 litres.

Instead of carrying it on your back and have all that weight lie on you, it is easier to mount it on your bicycle and have it carry the bag for you.

It is easily attached to your bike rack and easily converted into a professional backpack when you are on foot.

It integrates a Rixen & Kaul Kompakt Rail Mounting System that enables you to attach it securely to standard bike racks. The hooks slide to enable you to adjust the rack.

Moreover, the manufacturer has compartmentalized the bag to make it convenient to store whatever you want.

For instance, it has a 15.6-inch laptop sleeve, U-Lock storage, phone pocket, key leash, pen holders, and internal mesh zip pockets.

The designer also had your commuting welfare at heart, and they made this bag a waterproof one.

It incorporates a Modular Attachment System for your helmet, has a fluorescent rain cover, clips for blinky lights, unzips fully, has an adjustable sternum strap and a top handle.

All these are meant to facilitate you to use it conveniently. The bag is ideal for all-purposes that cannot damage it.


  • Has two expandable mesh pockets to hold coffee thermos and water bottles
  • Comes with a reflective, waterproof rain and a fluorescent cover
  • Has a sternum strap and a top handle
  • Has outer mesh pockets
  • Integrates inner organizational pockets
  • Made of durable TPE waterproof-coated 600D polyester
  • Has an outer pocket for your sunglasses a


  • Capacity: 22 litres
  • Has inner pockets that can fit a 15.6 inches laptop, etc.
  • It is waterproof
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Of high quality
  • Safe and reliable
  • Has a limited weight limit
  • Can be tiring to carry heavy loads on it

Banjo Brothers 01130 Waterproof Pannier Bike Bag

This is another top of the range backpack that has been designed for your convenience and ease.

It is safe to use it to travel because it is a waterproof bag with an excellent capacity to carry the normal stuff that people often put in their backpacks.

Fortunately, it is convertible, and you can both carry it on your back and your bicycle. Serious commuters will find it very reliable in whatever way they want to use it.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


The bag’s roll-top waterproof pannier is greatly designed for durability. It withstands the harsh weather elements and conditions which would impact negatively on it.

Its tapered profile is compatible with a wide range of bicycle racks. Therefore, you can use it conveniently, and the rack tubes are a whopping 12mm in thickness.

The flashy tab and reflective piping work amazingly for good visibility.

Surprisingly, the rack hardware is adjustable and simple. Moreover, the bag has an easily accessible outer flap pocket together with large outer pockets.

By unhooking the pannier flap and swinging it to the other side of the bag, it exposes the pack straps. The fans of this bag will recognize the vertical reflective straps.

It is also comfortable for commuting for long distances and also when you are walking on foot.


  • Two-layer design
  • Has a ballistic outer layer
  • Incorporates a welded-seam liner which is replaceable
  • Has side and flap pockets
  • Feature
  • Striping and piping
  • Places for backpack sides and flashing litres on the pannier


  • 1100 cubic inches
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.5 x 6.75 inches
  • Weight: 1.41 kilos
  • It is fit for both men and women
  • Comfortable
  • Has high-quality straps
  • It is convertible
  • Compatible with bicycle racks
  • Does not have a large capacity
  • Should not be overloaded

TOURBON Canvas Waterproof Laptop Pannier Bike Bag

This is another rugged-looking backpack whose qualities and features are amazing. It does not look stylish, but its quality and performance are commendable.

What the manufacturer had in mind is a reliable bag that will satisfactorily serve the purpose. The colours are not catchy, and the design is not the best, but the performance is amazing.

It is convertible, and you can mount it on your bicycle and carry it on your back.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


It is compatible with a wide range of bicycles like the mountain, road, hybrid, etc.

The bag incorporates a fashionable design and unisex colours, making it fit and suitable for both men and women.

The manufacturer has also installed it with hooks that attach the bag to your rear rack. When you are not carrying it with your bicycle, it has straps for you to carry on your back.

It is a multipurpose bag that serves as a backpack, shoulder bag, pannier bag and messenger bag.

Tourbon is ideal for carrying daily necessities when you are riding for a short distance. It can hold all essentials and other daily needs.


  • It is a backpack for both men and women
  • A shoulder carrier pack bag
  • They integrate a roll-up design
  • Has dual hooks to attach to the bicycle rack
  • They are grey


  • Dimensions: 11.81 x 5.51 x 0.79 inches
  • Weight: 0.96 kilos
  • Brand Name: TOURBON
  • Are spacious
  • Waterproof
  • It is a high-quality backpack
  • Integrates a charging port for your phone
  • The outer design is not captivating
  • Has a limited storage capacity

Two Wheel Waterproof Gear Pannier Laptop Bike Bag

Most laptop bags look very delicate, and it is not usual to see people carrying them on their bicycles.

However, there is one that the manufacturer designed as a rugged and general-purpose laptop bag.

You can conveniently use it to carry your laptop bag without fearing that it will be broken or damaged.


The backpack has been designed, integrating a very carefully thought out plan and design.

It integrates four-pocket sections, a padded 15-inch laptop pocket, a second device sleeve, expandable bottle pockets, accessory organization, internal mesh pockets, etc.

Moreover, it integrates Rixen & Kaul TWIST mounting system that attaches to standard bicycle racks 6 -12 mm. These are necessary to secure rapidly with locking hooks.

The manufacturer has designed it with a commuter mindset incorporating a rugged 600D fabric perfectly blended with a waterproof coating.

Moreover, it also has an additional fluorescent rain cover. You will be safe with it because it integrates a reflective design with outer loops for visibility.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Has briefcase handles for easy carriage
  • The shoulder strap is removable
  • Made of a rugged 600D fabric
  • Attaches to your bicycle with Rixen & Kaul TWIST Mounting System


  • Weight: 1.5 kilos
  • Dimensions: 16 x 6 x 12 inches
  • Made of 600D polyester
  • It is reflective hence easily visible at night
  • Has a padded laptop pocket
  • Has locking hooks for quick securing
  • It features a waterproof coating
  • Comfortable
  • It is versatile
  • Has a limited luggage capacity
  • Expensive to ship

Rhinowalk Waterproof Pannier Bike Bag 

Among the best and commendable bike panniers is this one. It is a stunning and captivating bike bag designed to take care of what you are carrying in it.

The material used to construct it is waterproof and cannot risk what is stored inside the bag. Even if you have your calculator, laptop, iPad, iPod, tablet or books, they will remain dry.


The bag integrates a new quick-release fastener. The material is also has a strong and stable plus quick and easy to dismantle.

Specifically, the material that the bag is made of is smooth PVC, which is soft and smooth. It also integrates high-frequency welding technology for a captivating and seamless process.

The designer made it in a very special way because it does not have any stitches. This quality makes it waterproof because water cannot find any hole to permeate into the bag.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Made of high-quality waterproof material
  • Integrates new quick-release fastener
  • The material is 1000D double-sided PVC waterproof
  • Has a side pocket where you can put your phone
  • Conveniently mounts on your bicycle


  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 6.1 x 17.7 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Colour: Black and Green
  • Brand Name: RHINOWALK
  • Waterproof
  • Made of a high-quality material
  • Integrates excellent technology
  • It is not stitched
  • Can be carried on your shoulder and bicycle
  • Cannot fit many clothes
  • Not available internationally

WATERFLY 25L Waterproof Pannier Bike Bag

This is one of the outstanding backpacks that you will find in the market. Just like its counterparts, the manufacturer is conscious of the safety of your property.

They have designed this bag to take good care of your property without any compromise. It is made of 1000D polyester, which is blended with waterproof PVC. It has an extensive capacity of 25 litres.


The bag has buckles and roll-up closure, but it does not have a zipper. This is great because it prevents water from finding its way into the bag.

The design of the bag is unique because it has a front pocket that has a waterproof zipper. You can use it to put your torch, phone, keys, wallet, and so much more.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The bag is water-resistant because it incorporates 1680D PVC material
  • WATERFLY bag has multiple compartments
  • Has small rear pocket, main pouch, double size zipper pockets
  • It features removable thick fleece division boards and velvet lining
  • The volume can be extended from 9 to 25 litres


  • Dimensions: 16.3 x 11.7 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1.16 kilos
  • Brand Name: WATERFLY
  • It is durable and wear-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Offers perfect safe and protection to your property
  • Can be used to keep delicate things like cameras very safely
  • Secure and safe
  • Shipping delays
  • Shipping costs hike the price

TOURBON Nylon Clip-On Bike Panniers Backpack 13 Inches

This is a stunning bicycle panniers bag that has been designed, integrating nice features and qualities.

You will have a lot to smile about in this bag because of its outstanding outlook and everything else that it possesses.

The good thing about it is that it is easily convertible for easy carrying.


It is easily mounted on the bicycle to carry it on the back seat, and you can also carry it on your back.

You can use it for whatever purposes that you want as long as they will not destroy it.

The bag has rear hooks that enable you to attach it to the rear rack. Its looks are nice and amazing because of how the manufacturer has designed it.

You can use the bag for a variety of reasons like hunting, road tripping, camping, picnics, etc.

The design is multi functional because of its versatility: it doubles up as a pannier bag and a backpack.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It is made of high-quality nylon
  • Has two hooks that clip to your back rack
  • Ideal for storing and carrying laptops, phones, bottles, books, etc.
  • Has a padded shoulder strap
  • Features side handles and zipper


  • Dimensions: 17.2 x 10.8 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.89 kilos
  • Brand Name: TOURBON
  • Comfortable when carrying as a backpack
  • It is compartmentalized for easy organization
  • Compact in size and good-looking
  • It a multipurpose bag
  • Has a small capacity
  • Expensive when exported

Rawlings Rugged Backpack, Cognac, One Size

This bag is one of the great and classic bags designed to have a classic, astounding and outstanding look.

Its design is austere and executive because it has not been designed to carry other stuff apart from what you would need in your place of work.

Some of the things that can fit perfectly include a laptop, tablet, phone, files, books and slim gadgets.


It resembles a briefcase though it is not made of the same material as a briefcase. It easily transforms into a backpack, and it features a 15.6 inches padded laptop compartment.

Some other internal pockets that it has included a tablet and iPad pocket.

Moreover, the backpack has a large front pocket that features an organizer alongside dual front quick-access pockets.

It has hideaway straps that enable you to carry it as a backpack. It is made of durable and high-quality materials, but they are light in weight.

You will marvel at its comfort, not to mention that it has a shoulder strap. It is ideal for executive people and students.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Easy to carry by hand, shoulder or back
  • Features a slim profile
  • Good for carrying books, files, laptops, tablets, phones, etc.
  • Transforms from a briefcase to a backpack
  • Has dual quick access pockets


  • Fits a 15.6 inches laptop
  • It is safe for carrying laptops
  • Well padded
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Superb
  • Designed as a backpack
  • Limited to carrying slim things only

Rhinowalk Bike Bag 3 in 1 Bike Pannier

This company is renowned and distinguished in making reliable and topnotch pannier bike bags.

The yellow pannier bag looks amazing, and though the colour is shouting, it is beautiful, and you would not help to want to go for one.

It fits on your bike rack perfectly and makes it look amazing.


To guarantee that the pannier is of high quality, it comes with a 12-month warranty, and within this time, you can take it back for any quality-related issues.

It is made of 840D double-sided TPU IPX5 waterproof material, wear-resistant, anti-tear, heat and cold-proof. You do not have to fear because it is waterproof.

It has a 25-27 litres capacity, and it features a quick-release system. Moreover, it is portable and can be conveniently carried on the rear rack or seat.

The pannier comes with folding instructions and has a removable shoulder strap, which is also adjustable. It integrates a quick release system, and it has easy installation.

Convertible Backpack PanniersCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Features new quick-release fastener
  • Has reflective stripes
  • Feature a taillight design
  • Integrates wear-resistant and non-slip sole
  • Made of 1000D polyester


  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 8.66 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.23 kilos
  • Brand Name: Rhinowalk
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Stable and strong
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and of high quality
  • Safe and versatile
  • Capacity: up to 27 litres
  • Some people may not like the yellow color
  • Shipping hikes the price


These are the top 10 best convertible backpack panniers that you can buy and use for any purpose.

They are compatible with your bicycle rack and rear seat when you attach them and cycle to your destination.

You can also carry them on your back using the dual back straps.

Some of the things that can be put into them include laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, and other small gadgets plus clothes.

They have value for your money because their quality and performance are great.




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