Top 10 Best Bike Packing Backpacks and Hip Packs

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Top 10 Best Bike Packing Backpacks and Hip Packs

Bike packs and hip packs are no longer reserved for tourists like in the traditional days. Nowadays, they have become mainstream among people.

People who love bike packing have become the main users of bike packing backpacks.

As much as a bike packer may want to leave the hip bags behind, it may prove challenging as they definitely need a place to put their camera, extra snacks, and other things that they may need to use during their trip.

Due to the high demand for these fanny packs, many manufacturers are quickly introducing many designs ranging from modern and traditional ones.

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Depending on the choice of the buyers, everyone is striving to ensure that they get the right bike backpack for themselves.

It is not easy for anyone to get the fanny pack that they want because of the many that are available in the market.

To prevent you from getting stressed during your fanny pack searching endeavor, we have combined many types of bike packing backpacks that you can buy for your bike packing and touring activity.

Here you also get a guide on the features that should be your ultimate consideration when buying these fanny packs.

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What to Consider When Buying Fanny Packs

Buying bike packing backpacks seems like a simple task, but when the actual time for purchasing them comes, it turns out to be difficult.

As a buyer, you should be keen on buying bike packing backpacks that has already been tested and evaluated by experts.

Do not settle for low-quality hip packs as they can disappoint you during your trip.

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Always engage people that have already bought and used the items before as they seem to have better information regarding them.

These tips guide you on how to select your ideal bike packing backpacks skillfully.


The backpack that you want to purchase should not cause you any harm.

It should be as comfortable as possible not to have to struggle or slow down during your journey.

Ensure that the fanny pack does not cause any pressure points on your body because it may bring you harm.

Besides, try testing your bag before buying it so that you can know whether it rubs against the back or how comfortable it is whenever you carry it.


Make sure that the bike packing backpacks that you decide to carry along with you secures all your items in place so that you cannot lose them.

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Besides, check whether the bag slips or bounces around when you carry it on your hips.

Check the straps of the bag to know whether they are in the right place.

The straps should not come out loose as they may cause instability and hurt your body, and this may make it difficult for you to carry it.

Layout Compartment

Check whether the bag that you want to buy has a well -organized space if the compartments of the bag are laid out in the correct manner so that you can arrange your essential items in the right way.

A versatile bag allows you to enjoy a better way of carrying it.

Besides, a spacious bag will enable you to carry many items you may need to use during your trip.


Check how warm it gets under your waist pack. When the bag you buy is high quality, it does not get too warm and cold.

Your ideal backpack should have the capability to absorb sweat so that it cannot affect you after some time.

The sweat should quickly dry in your ideal bag so that you can enjoy high levels of dryness when traveling.

User friendliness

The bag should be straight forward and not difficult to use. You should be able to attach the bum bag to your bag for safe travel.

Besides, it should be easy to fit and adjust quickly for a better journey. You should also be able to access the contents of your bag easily.


The price of the type of backpack that you decide to buy should be proportional to its performance ratio.

Never focus on the price of the item rather than its quality. Ensure that the design and specs of the bag match your expectations.

Types of Bike Packing Backpacks & Hip Packs

CamelBak Podium Flow Bike Hydration Belt


This bottle carrying bag is designed for people that like to take a short and quick travel to the park.

It is designed in a unique way to hold one water bottle in a secure and tight place.

The device entails up to 2 liters, and it gets to fit securely in an elastic sleeve. It is also highly visible for high visibility during low light moments.

It is designed in a spacious manner for you effectively for you to have extra space for other things like a tire plug tool, phone, energy bars, among other things that you may want to carry during your trip.

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The belt is designed in a great design for a quick ride so that you can enjoy more storage space. The bottle that is included in this device can hold up to 2 liters
  • The belt entails a pocket that you can store your bottle and safely access it whenever you want to quench your thirst
  • The company offers you a guarantee for all the defects that their products may have from the time of manufacturing, and it is a lifetime warranty
  • It has a self-sealing cap that is essential in maximizing the flow rate of the latter, and thus it eliminates spills and splatters.
  • It has a cage fit that is optimized for the bottles to fit securely. Besides, it is easy to squeeze so that you do not have to struggle to get the liquid out.
  • The bottle is the original design, and you can easily clean it. It features modern specs that enable you to access all the contents inside with ease.
  • It is ranked as the best of the best bottles when it comes to the cycling industry.
  • The bag and the bottle both feature sophisticated high-end graphics that allow you to enjoy vast clean designs and better match
  • The bottle of this bag has a mud cup, which is essential in trapping all the dirt from the water and preventing your water from getting dirty.
  • Besides, it also traps the debris from outside, and this keeps your water safe and clean for drinking even when you ride in the worse places.
  • The bottle that is included in this bag is easy to clean
  • It is easy to use
  • It has enough storage space
  • It brings you a free single bottle that is secure for water storage
  • The waist buckle of this item is easy to tighten form all sides
  • It has the best value
  • The capacity of the cargo is minimal
  • The bag lacks space to place your light jacket

N NEVO RHINO Hydration Pack

This is a rugged pack with plenty of storage for all your essential kits. It comes with wide hydration compatibility.

This type of backpack is compatible with hydration bladders that have a volume of up to 3 liters.

It has large rolls on top that stop water from entering into the bag. Its hard materials also aid in preventing water entry into the bag.

It is anti-abrasive. This is a super comfy pocket which you can wear all day without getting tired.

It has a large pocket which carries many essential things like helmet shoes and also bottle waters.

It has three bladders to hold you well and keep you comfortable while touring. It is good even in rain because it is a waterproof backpack and very warm to carry.

It comes in one size, and it gives you more options to customize your fit than other bikes you have ever used.

Try N NEVO RHINO Hydration Pack, and it will never let you down in any way. It is the most favorite pocket for people that enjoy bike packing and backpacking.

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Shoulder straps and perforated back panel
  • Four weatherproof exterior pockets
  • Tool rolls are included
  • Pad to carry straps and hidden helmet
  • Made in the USA
  • Shoulder straps and waist belt, which is a multiple anchors
  • Full Zippered opening on the dedicated hydration pocket
  • Waterproof: It has nylon weatherproof material for water resistance
  • Low weight that allows you to carry it everywhere for long distances
  • Large hence it fits many essential items
  • It expensive and not affordable
  • Hydration pocket is small and has no hairy structure where someone can fix the laptop

AVANTO 18L Hydration Pack Backpack

This is among the best bags for backpacking. It brings you comfort with its adjustable protective durable helmet designed for rugby, flags, football, hockey, baseball, and show board.

The good thing is that this type of bike backing has a unique shell that provides comfort and even safety.

It has 100 percent nylon, which makes it airy and soft for sweat evaporation during exercises and also during hot periods.

It has thermoformable expandable EVA foam that makes it durable. It is of right size 46 -49 cm, suitable for 3 to 8 years old children.

This fantastic bike packing pocket is comfortable while biking. It is good even in rainy seasons because it’s made of waterproof materials.

AVANTO 18L Hydration Pack Backpack, will never frustrate you when touring. It is unique and comfortable.

It has dual side pockets that offer easy access to items without unrolling the main compartment.

AVANTO 18L Hydration Pack Backpack, Logo adds extra visibility due to its reflective nature for you to see it even in dark places.

People all over the world like AVANTO 18L Hydration Pack Backpack, for backpacking because it has a bright interior lining, which helps in seeing the content.

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The front pockets are zippered
  • X-Pac VX21 and Cordura, which is  constructed at 500d c
  • Variable volume design and roll on top
  • Side stash pockets
  • Side compression straps
  • It has a bright interior lining which helps you to see the content
  • It has a reflective logo which is added for visibility
  • Mil-spec Cordura webbing and nexus
  • Color: It is made of blue and purple colors, which is admirable
  • Bright interior lining which helps you to see content
  • Pricing: It is sold at a very low price
  • It is perfectly sized
  • Comfy: It has comfortable shoulders, and you can travel for long distances without getting tired
  • No laptop sleeves, so you have to buy them separately
  • Side pockets are tricky because you can use them when the main pocket is full, which is dangerous for straps.
  • Back ventilation is poor

Osprey Talon 11

This is a lightweight backpack that is big to cater for all essential touring items.

It is great for people who like traveling with their laptops because its rack sack is large enough. It has an impressive color, which is ultramarine blue.

Talons come with a range of volume where the packs are extremely adjustable and 9 liters capacity.

It is good for all-day traveling because it has comfy straps that make you comfortable at backpacking times.

Osprey has been in the market for an extended period, and people continue loving it every day.

The shoulder harness is just a breathable nest with a bit of padding. It is very interesting because it has an external breathing strap, which is good in long-distance places.

On both sides, there are elastic straps that are attached to glasses, which you can use while touring.

Its 9kgs are not heavy for full days while bike packing. This is famous on stow on the go trekking pole attachment.

It has a thicker loop that helps you to eat and drink when you feel like taking photos. It simply the best for mountain climbing and even in sloppy and rough areas.

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Side stretch mesh pockets
  • External hydration sleeve
  • Lower inside out compression and carrying straps
  • It has stow on the go trekking pole attachment
  • Its top side has a zippered slash pocket
  • Hip belts are two, and they are zippered
  • Stretch mesh harness stash pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Inner lining is airy, and it is made of nylon materials
  • Very heavy, reliable quality tool:
  • Lightweight: It is 9kg, which is a good weight for touring
  • Several useful attachment elements
  • Pleasant suspension system
  • Easy to carry with no complications
  • Long-distance for traveling
  • Comfy: It has wide straps which fit on the shoulders
  • No rain cover
  • A bit expensive: Highly-priced

Ergon BX2 10+1.5 Litre Backpack

This is a medium-sized pocket with a zip on the front pocket under mesh pocket and easily accessed when the bag is slinged around from the front base.

It is beautifully designed for hydration while on trial.

If you are a dad and want to tour with your kids, this is a great bag because it can fit all your traveling essentials and children’s essentials.

It is an affordable pocket with low price ball in markets in the world. It is lightweight, which can give you a comfortable feeling when bike packing and backpacking.

To those who like colored pockets, this is the best pocket.  It has different colors, including black, purple, navy blue, and yellow.

This bag provides a huge gear swallowing 10 litre capacity. Ergon BX2 10+1.5 Litre Backpack is made of waterproof sailcloth, which is the best even in rainy seasons.

People like wingnut because it has a low Centre of gravity, which is allowed by its harness. It is well designed with a fantastic long term comfort and stability waist belt.

It fits the back and never shakes while climbing mountains and even backpacking on sloppy and rough places. Its bladder can fit a 3-liter bottle, which makes it more admirable.

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Carries minimal gear
  • The mps boast 26l of kit gobbling capacity
  • Has a removable compartment which can be detached to streamline
  • Made in a lightweight
  • Waterproof sailcloth material
  • Lack of an internal padded back panel
  • No bladder included
  • Waterproof
  • Super comfy: Even when loaded with many essential items
  • Heavy gear and it balances the pocket
  • Tough and versatile
  • Expensive: It is of high priced not easily affordable
  • It has no bladder

Osprey Packs Raptor 14 Men’s Bike Hydration Backpack


This is another reliable backpack that is highly reliable and easy to use.

It comes in a wide range of pockets that are spacious enough to allow you to have enough place to put your essentials.

The bag is not made of cheap fabric, and it lasts for a long time.

With this bag, you can make your bike packing unforgettable as you can enjoy great abrasion resistance.

The bag is also lightweight and weather resistant. It tends to be one of the favorite bags for most people. It is one that you can rely on for your daily needs.

As a backpacker, you can find the bag impressive due to its rugged and zippered pockets, bound to create better space for you to carry your items.

With this bag, you can carry about 2.5 liters of water or anything you want to carry.

It is also handmade, and this gives the manufacturers the right dimensions to innovate and design it in a better manner.

It is a high-end bag that gives you peace of mind due to its waterproof nature and ability to last for a long time.

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It is built designed with waterproof materials that enhance its ability to prevent water from soaking the items that you carry inside
  • It has a zipper pocket that is designed to last for a long time, and it creates a serene place for you to place many of your items like keys, phone, and wallet
  • The item brings you a lifetime warranty that enables you to enjoy vast services form the customer service
  • It weighs 8 ounces, and with its lightweight, you can be sure to carry it along with you easily
  • The bag comes in vast colors including white, grey, and black
  • It has an internal volume of 2.5l
  • It is usually handmade, and it is made in a great design. This type of bag is usually manufactured in the USA
  • It has a kissing flap-like construction that enables it to have a good water resistance
  • It is coated with nylon, and with this material, you can be sure to enjoy better water resistance features
  • The waist strap of this bag is easily adjustable, and you can hide it away for better aesthetics
  • The bag is lightweight; hence you can carry it easily
  • It is durable, and it is bound to last for a long time thanks to its sturdy fabrics that bring you the highest quality and feel
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy to clean and use
  • It does not have a water bottle that you can use to carry water along with you
  • The item is expensive compared to what you get

CamelBak Aurora Hydration Pack, 85oz


If you have been looking for a cheap hip pack for your bike packing, this one makes the right choice for you.

The hip pack brings you great features, and there is a lot that you can enjoy whenever you choose to purchase it.

It is a versatile type of device that you can rely on whenever you want to go touring.

It is one of the lightest ones you can buy, and with it, you reduce the hustle of having to carry a heavy bag during your trip.

You can be sure to enjoy vast things with this item.

It also has a great design that brings great aesthetics when you are traveling.

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It entails waist straps that you can adjust easily and enjoy a better grip when you choose to ride
  • This item is usually manufactured in the U.S.A., and it features great workmanship that allows you to enjoy great service from it
  • The strap has a size of about 26-38 inches
  • It has a robust pocket that allows you to store a vast number of your belongings
  • It comes in a broad range of colors
  • Besides, the fabric and design of this item allows you to rock it with any type of cloth that you may be wearing
  • The water-resistance nature of this item is impressionable
  • It is highly durable, and you can be sure to know that it lasts for a long time
  • Its sturdiness is admirable and in favor of the user
  • It is lightweight
  • The zipper of this item does not allow for easy accessibility; hence you may not be able to get your belongings out with ease
  • It is a little overpriced compared to its qualities

evoc FR Enduro Blackline Rucksack 16L Black


This type of bike pack is designed to cater to your daily bike packing needs. It is a sturdy type of item that is bound to last for a long time.

It comes at a reasonable price, and with it, you can be sure to carry most of the essential items you need during your bike packing endeavors.

It is a great bag to purchase due to the broad range of colors that it brings you. Besides, this item also has straps that you can easily adjust and fix it well on your back.

The fabrics of this bag have a great fabric that enhances its design.

The latter enables you to enjoy a better ride as it quickly absorbs sweat, which prevents you from sweating and soaking in your sweat.

Besides, when it rains, you can be sure not to fear that your items may get affected by water due to its waterproof nature.

The backpack comes in the form of a bag and hip bag that enables you to enjoy its versatility.

This bag also brings you a helmet that is bound to offer you full protection during your bike packing endeavors.

You also get extra space to store your helmet, and with it, you can always be sure to keep your safety at the forefront

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The bag brings you an extra pocket to store your sunglasses, and thus you do not have to worry about breaking them
  • It has shoulder straps that articulate, and they are bound to help you enjoy a better grip whenever you tie them around your shoulders and waist
  • It has a backlight clip, which is essential in allowing you to place your backlight securely and access it whenever you want to do so
  • It comes with a rain cover, which is essential in allowing your essentials to remain protected and safe from soaking in water.
  • It does not have a bladder, but with its hydration system capability, you can be sure to enjoy a lot of liter storage
  • It has a different compartment for your tools, and this enables you to enjoy better and quick access to your tools
  • It is integrated with an emergency plan
  • It has a system for the attachment of helmet an protection gear, among other things that you may require to stay safe during your bike packing endeavor
  • It is comfortable to wear and use
  • It is easily adjustable
  • It brings you a wide range of storage solutions
  • It has many pockets that enable you to carry vast things like protective staff
  • The price of this device is not reasonable considering it does not come along with a bladder

evoc Stage 18L Backpack Red, 18L

This is the best bag that is used in hiking and climbing.  It is frameless with ultra-light, and it has a gear capacity of 26 liters.

This pocket has a weight of 11 ounces, and it is not heavy to carry. It has comfortable pockets for bike packing and backpacking.

Any gender can use this bag for touring. It is made of nylon materials, which make it great for carrying any accessories while backpacking.

Some people never like bags with fits waist, so evoc Stage is good for them because it has no waist straps.

It has two zippered pockets and a water bottle. It is a large bag that can fit even your sleeping sacks when backpacking.

It is made of a waterproof material that prevents water from entering inside.

Many people like touring using evoc Stage because it is affordable and available all over markets in the USA and also in the world.

It is ranked as the best pocket across the globe. It has multiple reflective lash points and dual ice axe loops.

evoc Stage has ten different colors, so you can look for your color and enjoy your backpacking.

It has amazing straps that fit on backs and holds back fantastically and never shags even if climbing high mountains or dropping on sloppy areas.

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Most used in hiking and climbing
  • It is frameless
  • 26-liter gear capacity
  • It has a weight of 11 ounces
  • It has ultralight
  • Fits torso length of 20 inches
  • It is made of nylon
  • Number of the exterior is 3plus compartment
  • Both gender can use
  • Dimensions 20,11,6 inches
  • Number of the exterior is three-plus
  • Two zippered pockets and a water bottle pocket
  • Affordable: It is low priced compared to other types of bags
  • Waterproof: It is made of nylon material, which is good even in rainy seasons
  • Utraweight
  • No waist straps
  • It has two pockets

Ultimate direction ultra-hydration vest 4.0

This is used in trial running. It is made of silnylon material, which is more comfy while hiking and backpacking.

Many people like this vest-like bag because it is of low weight and it is used by both gender

bike packing backpacksCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Best used in trial running
  • It is made of silnylon materials
  • No dimensions
  • Weight is 8.1 ounces
  • Used by both genders
  • Gear capacity is 10.32 liters
  • It is frameless
  • Comfy cinch which provides a custom fit
  • Easy on the go adjustment
  • Stretch mesh pockets are phone compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive
  • Not waterproof

 When buying a bike packing backpacks, you should be keen to select one which suits your demands.

There are many in the market, and you should be careful not to choose low quality.

Be sure to settle for a bag that brings about stability and affordability. The bag should also be user-friendly.

It should allow you to access all your belongings easily and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Backpacks For Bike Packing? There are many types of backpacks, and you should look for features like comfort, stability, price, climate, and others before buying a backpack

What Should I Not Bring For Backpacking? – Essentials like a jeweler, hiking boots, nice shoes, too many cotton cloths, and many pairs of jeans should not be part of your backpacking.

How Heavy Should A Backpack Be? -A backpack should not be heavier than at least 20% of the weight of your body.

If it is a loaded backpack for daily bike packing, it should weigh 10 %


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