The Kona Rove Bike Family Features: The Cheap Gravel And Road Bikes

Kona Rove Bike

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The Kona Rove Bike Family Features: The Cheap Gravel And Road Bikes

 The Kona Rove family has six models in one line up. It is essential to take a look at them to determine which one suits you perfectly.

But it would be best if you also went deep into taking a review of the popular Bike amongst them all.

The Rove Kona model is a popular bike. It can easily be picked up over at the prestigious Jenson USA for just about $1,599.99 with the current sales.

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That is a perfect deal given that the retail price is approximately $2,299. You can save up to $699.

The Changes Experienced In 2020

 For 2020, Kona released a fleet of various Rove bikes. That brings us to the differences between Rove NRB DL and the current new model.

One main difference you will notice is the NRB DL 2020 has a new full carbon mount disc fork with three-pack cage mounts located at the sides.

Kona Rove Bike

The 2019 bike does not have mounting eyelets on the fork. This incorporates a new dimension of the bike packing versatility. It also makes it easier for you to carry the gear.

The new model (2020) is spec’d go out with a high GRX 800 Shimano. Last year’s model of Shimano Ultegra is still high-end.

It is also more capable than other bikes. But the two bikes are light and leisurely drives.

 The tires coupled with the rims are the same as a WTB Horizon Road Plus.

The major difference with these wheels is that 2020 comes with a Shimano of 105 hubs and 2019 comes with a Formula hub.

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However, these are still of the same sizes.

 The Kona Rove bike is among the Rove family of bikes, meaning it exhibits almost every Rove family feature, with additional aspects.

The current model comes with a stable geometry that will allow you to ride at any speed with no worries.

The Bike also has clearance for 700c and 650b wheels, the Reynolds 853 steel frame, lightweight carbon fork, 650b wheels, and a rear rack mount.

Strength, agility, and durability

The Kona Rove is among the most durable bikes, meant for almost every condition.

The 32-spoke wheels and Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus tires are just highlights of the Bike’s agility and durability.

The wheels also come with WTB alloy rims that can tackle any road. 35c tires added another dimension to the Bike’s ability to withstand the demands of gravel roads and cracked pavements.

Accordingly, the Bike features Schwalbe’s 3mm thick Puncture resistant strip to offer more protection when riding in rough terrains. At the apex of this durability are the long-lasting tires.

Improved ride impression 

The Kona Rove is designed with a terrific geometry for more stability and handling on rugged terrain.

The design also allows the Bike to jump into speed without compromising control. The shifters and brakes are also made to support the smooth, high-speed ride.

One-year warranty and life-time warranty 

The one-year warranty on the Kona Rove bike is another feature that stresses the Bike’s durability.

The materials and workmanship invested in this Bike allow the makers to trust its performance over time. Accordingly, the Bike warrants the original owners a life-time warranty on the bike frame.

Kona Cromoly

Very few materials give a bike the durability, shock absorption, and smooth ride attributes like steel.

The Kona Rove frame is designed with innovative, refined, and adaptable Cromoly original material.

This aspect gives the Bike an edge over the rest and makes it meet more demanding rids conditions.

Tapered Head Tube

The head tube is given additional girth at the bottom to redistribute the shock force and prolong the headset’s bearing life.

The tapered head tube also eradicates brake shudder and offers a confident and smooth steering performance.

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The head tube is also designed with a triangular shape to boost the steering position’s strength and enhance balance.

This feature makes gives the Bike more control even in rough terrains.

The zero-stack, tapered head tube is also made with an innovative design that adds more strength to the direction of the load and the lower tire pressure cup, thereby maximizing bike bearing’s durability as much as possible.

Tubeless Compatible Rims

Kona Rove manufacturers make the Bike with tubeless rims to make it as resistant to punctures as possible.

This characteristic also allows the Bike to run on lower tire pressure for improved grip on trails and rough terrains.

Accordingly, the tubeless compatible tube lowers the rolling resistance and helps save weight, making the Bike more lightweight compared to a traditional tube and tire design.

Internal headset

Kona Rove comes with bearing cups that are more pressed into the frame and can be removed easily.

The internal headset design also helps to cut stack height. This feature makes the stem and bars’ height shorter for better adjustability while also giving the Bike the best possible fit.

12x142mm Axle

 the Kona rove comes with three rear axle standards: 12x142mm, 12×148, and 12×157. This make gives the Bike two main advantages over the rest.

First, the 12mm rear axle diameter offers a stiff interface to the rear hub and frame.

Additionally, the 142/148/157mm hub’s outer dimension of the hub adds more speed and better positioning to the wheels. This stabilizes the frame before inserting the wheels.

650B Wheels

The 650B wheels and tires are designed with an almost similar diameter to the traditional 700c gravel and commuting tire.

The Bike also has a smaller rim diameter and a taller, wider tire.

The new generational mixed surface and urban tires offer more air volume to allow the tires to run more comfortably at reduced tire pressure while maintaining better speed on various surfaces.

Additionally, the Kona 7005 and 6061 aluminum alloy are used to make a Kona Rove bikes fleet.

These materials enhance the Bike’s durability and toughness while maintaining the lightweight for more reliable performance.

Accordingly, the Bike’s tubing is more butted and formed, allowing the thickness to be increased, reduced, or shaped, therefore to refine the frame and add more strength for various applications.

The Kona Rove bike comes with the following additional features:

  • Kona Butted Cromoly frame
  • Kona Project Two Cromoly fork
  • Sram Rival 1, 1×11-speed shifters
  • Sram Rival 1, 11-speed rear derailleur
  • Sram PG-1130, 11-42T, 11-speed cassette
  • Sram PC-1110 Chain
  • Sram S350, X-Sync, 40T Crankset
  • Sram GXP 68 mm Bottom bracket
  • TRP Spyre C, Mech. Disc Brake (160/160) brakes
  • WTB Venture TCS Dual, 650x47c tires
  • Kona road handlebars
  • Kona Road Deluxe stem
  • FSA No.1/No.Ten headset
  • WTB Volt saddle
  • Kona Deluxe Thumb, w/Offset, 27.2 mm seat post
  • Kona Cork Tape bar tape
  • WTB KOM Light Team i23 TCS 2.0 / Hubs: Formula (12×100 mm / 12×142 mm), Center lock rims

The Kona bike is significant proof that there is definitely more to a motorcycle than its weight alone.

While the weight of a bike is one of the objective metrics to look at every other time you are shopping for one, you will be shocked to find out that Kona measures just about 10 pounds over the standard road bike.

It is undeniably heavy for a gravel bike. But it does not quite feel like the heavy type of Bike when riding.

On a short climb, the Bike will feel strong as you alternate and stand through pitches.

In case you decide to downshift and stomp out of the final 12 percent grade push up to the top, the frame made of aluminum will send watts into the pavement.

You will feel that the Bike respects your effort.

Top Reasons to Buy Kona Rove Bike

Regardless of the differences between these bikes, all Roves performed well both on and off-road.

  • The ride quality has been portrayed positively as stable as well as neutral.
  • Whether it is aluminum or better yet steel, with or without the carbon fork, the Bike gave an incredibly comfortable ride.
  • Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tires have a 3mm thick puncture protection. They are also ideal on-road as well as off-road. Besides, they are grimy and comfortable.
  • Rove is an all-weather bike.
  • It performs well in mud, water, snow, as well as loose gravel.
  • The steel models are comfortable.
  • The Bike is resilient.
  • The internal cabling ensures a clean appearance.
  • The drivetrain represents an excellent value on the driver’s license.
  • The branded saddle is well-shaped, coupled with an incredible amount of padding.
  • The flared handlebar is comfortable for some testers.
  • Has a clean cut tire clearance located at the swift left room
  • It has an attractive color
  • Proven to climb well
  • Makes an excellent commuter. The tires do a perfect job when it comes to dampening the vibrations of the road. These mute the impact of rough roads on the Bike
  • The Bike comes in a high-quality Kona 6061 butted frame coupled with a carbon fork build. Besides, it ships stock with the 650b tires that happen to be 47mm wide.
  • With the excellent blue tone of the Bike, it comes with a few touches of excellent graphics as shown on the fork’s sides. It also comes with a rear rack capability in addition to the front fork fenders.
  • The aesthetics of the Bike are excellent. They are also on point.

If you are a lover of sports, then Rove is the ideal Bike to go for. It is designed to help you do it all, including light touring on the gravel road and smashing the Bike’s path.

If you need to typecast it, then the geometry is closest to the CX bike.

The Bike uses flared drop bars to help with the Rove’s versatility.

It also uses a cromoly that is butted coupled with a fork as the remaining line applies an alloy frame. The frame is a version of the Rove and is available in titanium.

Kona Rove bikes have a progressive geometry suitable for touring. They are can also shred some trail. The office favorite comes in different builds (2 to be precise).

If the Rove is something like the jack of all existing trades, Sutra LTD is a grand tourer. It is built from cromoly tubing. However, it also has an ultra-progressive geometry.

The Bike has an extremely long wheelbase and a slack head angle. It additionally comes with an incredible tire clearance at the front and rear sections.

The fork comes with an incorporated rake. The frame forks are readily available in two kits.

The base-level model is approximately $1,399. It is also ready to ship from Portland other than the fact that it comes with various bar-end shifters.

The grey color scheme is a bit misleading. You will establish that the Bike looks a bit bluer. With that said, the Rove DL comes in a subtle color scheme.

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This theme fits in as it is easy to clean when your ride becomes sloppy.


Kona Rove is a fantastic classic road bile. It is built and designed from the Reynolds 853 tubing. It comes with strong disc brakes and a thru-axle.

The axle has a fork-like design. If you take a close look at the Bike, you will notice that it has a fillet brazing.

This has been performed at over the top of the tig weld. The perfect friend for winter, this Bike is an ideal weekend explorer during the holidays.

Final Thoughts

Want to climb the mountains? Kona Rove line up has a lot to offer. It gives you more than just weight.

While a bike’s weight is a great metric to observe, you would be shocked by this Rove as it looks and definitely feels lighter than you would ever expect.

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With Rove, over a 10-minute climb, you will feel strong. You can also alternate spinning as well as standing through two pitches (5 and 8 %).

If you want to downshift and stomp out the final percentage that happens to be 12, you should push hard to the mountains’ top.

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Kona Rove is that strong gravel bike you would like to indulge in to keep fit not just on holidays but also during physical exercises.



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