The 10 Best Cycling Headphones and Buying Guide

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The 10 Best Cycling Headphones and Buying Guide

Some people may find it good to ride a bike without headphones, but others may not.

If you enjoy listening to music when cycling, you are on the right page. Listening to music has become a sign of comfort for many people.

If you listen to your favorite type of music when cycling, you can find the happiness and motivation that you need during your journey.

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If you have been wondering about the specific type of headphones you can buy for your cycling endeavor, we have outlined some of the best available ones.

Besides, if you find yourself confused when selecting the right headphones, do not worry as we guide you on the crucial features in helping you find the best.

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How to Choose Cycling Headphones

As long as you read the correct information about the specific headphones that are available in the market, you can quickly know the right one for you.

Even before thinking about buying cycling headphones, you should first ensure that you know the particular need you have in your mind.

There are vast headphones available, and it is up to you to know the exact one that can bring you the benefits you need to gain during your cycling.

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These factors will guide you on the some things that you should know when buying cycling headphones.

Headphones should not impair the safety and senses of cyclists; hence everyone wants headphones that can bring them good health and better sound quality.

Fit & Comfort

Comfort and fit are the key aspects when it comes to choosing the best cycling headphones.

You do not need to keep knowing that you are wearing headphones, and thus it is something that you should forget or notice.

With on hear headphones, you should be keen on its bone conduction and earbuds.

Wireless headphones are always the best for cycling because, in wireless headphones, you get restricted by the wires on how you can cycle.

Every type of cycling headphones that you choose to buy should fit comfortably in your helmet.

Quality of Sound

This feature is essential in your headphones. Other factors like the fit of the headphones may not be as useful if the sound quality of your headphones is not good.

Your item should be able to separate instruments and give the correct sound.

Headphones that have an app to help them in customizing settings and altering the music character are great as they enhance the sound of the specific music that you are listening to while you are cycling.

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They allow you to tune your music depending on how you like it.

Sound Ambience

The headphones that you choose to buy should not restrict you from hearing whatever is happening in the street or specific place that you are cycling to.

The item that you want to purchase should ensure that you do not suffer from wind noise at all.

Choose headphones that have an adjustment that protects you from wind noise.

Bone conduction headphones tend to be the best for cycling as they do not use your ear but instead your cheek to enhance the sound quality.

This feature allows you to enjoy listening to your music and still stay alert on any traffic hazards.


This is usually the major disadvantage of most cycling headphones, but we have featured some of the high-quality ones bound to last longer depending on the hours you plan to cycle.

Your ideal headphones should be able to last in a minimum of about 5 hours so that you can enjoy your ride.

Always ensure that you recharge your headphones before starting your journey for efficiency.

Some headphone brands can play for up to 12 hours, and it is up to you to stay careful and specific on what you want before starting your journey.

You should also consider buying headphones that have a USB charging option to be protected if you stay out longer.

A USB booster is excellent as it also allows you to recharge your phone if you are listening to your music from it.

Water and Sweat Resistance

We all have different rates of sweating, and thus this feature may not be crucial to everyone.

Purchase headphones that have a moisture absorption mechanism for sweat absorption.

Besides, the climate in your specific region determines the exact type of headphones that you should buy.

There are some of these products that you can immerse in water and still not worry about them getting damaged.

Connectivity Options

This feature matters when choosing headphones. Many of them rely on Bluetooth for them to work efficiently, while others do not.

Many wireless headphones use Bluetooth to work with efficiency. Bluetooth, however, tends to drain your battery; hence you should be careful.

Bluetooth, however, tends to be more reliable as it gives you sound and voice command in case you have a phone call when you are riding.

Types of Cycling Headphones

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones


This is a high-performance type of headphone that brings you the best connectivity and sound quality.

The wireless headphones use Bluetooth to connect to the device that you want to listen to your music quickly.

It is a great item that you can use for your daily cycling endeavors. You can rely on this device to make your cycling experience great.

This type of headphones is exceptional when it comes to compatibility, as they tend to connect with phones easily.

It is compatible with I phones and some android phones. You can rely on these headphones for your cycling due to their water-resistance nature.

They also bring you projection from wind and noise; hence you can have the best trip when using them. They are the type of items that you can rely on for your journey.

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The battery of this earphones lasts for 12 hours, and you can be sure to enjoy an incredible journey with them
  • The headphones entail a lithium-ion battery which you can recharge and keep enjoying your journey
  • The item entails a wireless connectivity mechanism that enables you to enjoy a great connection with your phone or other devices that you plan to use when cycling.
  • It entails an apple Ww1 chip, which enhances the headphones’ capability to connect to it easily.
  • It is highly compatible with the iPhone, and it has a chip that is essential in allowing for seamless switching and set among I phone devices.

The headphones also support 5 minutes of fast fuel charging.

  • High sweat resistance: this is one of the most important features that you should look for in your headphones.
  • You should ensure that they can resist water if it rains when you are traveling or if you tend to sweat a lot.
  • This type of headphones tends to work correctly, and even when they come into contact with sweat or water, they keep working perfectly.
  • High cable functionality: these headphones have high cable functionality, and there is a lot of features that you can enjoy by using them.
  • The headphones allow for easy and fast Siri connectivity, fast volume changing, receiving calls, and switching among tracks.

All these features are crucial for you whenever you are riding as they protect you from the hassle of having to tune them manually.

They also allow you to use the headphones with ease whenever you are cycling.

  • It entails a micro USB recharging pot which enables you to recharge it whenever it runs out of charge
  • It is equipped with a mechanism that enhances its noise resistance; hence you can be sure not to experience any wind disturbances whenever you are cycling.
  • Besides, you do not get interference from the noise on the outside; hence you can remain alert on any traffic alerts that may be incoming so that you can have a safe ride
  • Brings you vast colors, including red and black hence you can be sure to select one which best suits you
  • It entails an inline volume control which enables you to automatically adjust the volume of the headphones for easy, smooth music, and this protects you from experiencing any inefficiencies in terms of your side quality
  • It has stereo Bluetooth
  • This type of headphones have a better sound quality, and this allows for the best kind of entertainment when you need to keep motivated when cycling
  • The ear hooks of this item are flexible, and thus they are crucial in creating room for more comfort and stability when you are riding.
  • The sweat and water resistance mechanism of these headphones enhance their durability as they can never spoil even when they come into contact with water or sweat
  • It has a remote talk feature, which is important in enabling you to have the best out of the cable as you do not have manually control it
  • The wireless Bluetooth feature of these headphones enables you to cycle with ease as you can quickly connect it with your phone and listen to the specific music you like.
  • Besides, you do not have to experience any disturbances from the wires
  • The bass of this item may be too much; hence this may turn out to be disturbing to some users
  • The device does not support all types of android devices, and when it comes to apple, it requires pone to create an iOS 10, Watch OS3, macOS Sierra, and many more

Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds


If you need a device that gives you better sound quality and smooth music is streaming, you can never go wrong with this Bos SoundSport device.

It is one of the headphones with admirable design. It is also highly reliable, and it is not complicated when it comes to using it.

The wireless nature of this device enhances your connectivity and usability. It is the type of headphones that you can highly rely on and make your experience the best.

These headphones are exceptional due to their high quality. There are vast things that you can enjoy from them as long as you use them correctly.

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It entails smooth wireless connectivity, which enables you to connect to your iPhone quickly.
  • With it, you can have an unforgettable experience of achieving a better sound quality even form long distances.
  • When it comes to sound quality, this is the best compared to other headphones.
  • This is the best connect app as it enables you to automatically to two devices simultaneously.
  • The great feature enables you to listen to what the person on the next phone is saying, and it poses the track that is ongoing.
  • The device has high-quality sound, and it balances everything, and its bass is not annoying.
  • Its headphones are manufactured in a way that they allow noise so that you can stay alert in case of an accident or anything that happens in the course of your journey
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity that allows for better connectivity, which is exceptional with its capability to allow for voice guidance before you can connect to another device
  • It is resistant to weather and sound
  • It has a tile app which is important in helping you to find your headphones in case it gets lost
  • The Bose connect app that these headphones have enable you to connect quickly and switch between devices that you intend to use
  • It has a stay hear mechanism that brings you comfort whenever you wear it
  • The enhanced quality of sound in these headphones is exceptional
  • It is capable of resisting sound and weather
  • It is high quality
  • It is a wireless device that brings you comfort in all your endeavors
  • Easy to use and connect to your phone
  • The battery does not tend to have a long life
  • The material of this device tends not to have any connectivity

Anker soundcore sprit dot 2

This is the best traveling headphone to use when traveling long distances because its battery goes up to 5.5 hours without making going low.

It has a great external core which is waterproof, and this makes the headphones more safe and interesting even in times of rainy seasons.

This is the best earphones which make you more comfortable even in times of athletics.

It is designed with modern wireless connections, and its Bluetooth connects wirelessly. It is black, and it has a powerful bass-forward sound signature.

You can anker it at any volume of voice. The headphones always operate well, even when it is windy. It has a unique charging case design.

It is a durable type of headphones and affordable in all markets in the world. It has mini buds that fit on your ears and makes you comfortable and cannot damage your eardrums.

It has fantastic tough control and can be used many times without going out of use easily.

The earphones have sweat guard technology and regulate the sweat from entering your ears drum.

Anker has a sound regulator that prevents third parties from listening to whatever you may be listening to, and thus you can enjoy vast privacy.

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Epic bass via composite drivers with elastic bass maximizing surrounding
  • IPX7 sweat guard technology
  • 5.5 hours
  • Bluetooth 5
  • MCSync technology with left and light earbuds
  • Two microphones
  • Waterproof
  • It has Bluetooth
  • It is affordable
  • Powerful bass charging case design
  • Comfortable over long rides
  • Comfortable over long rides
  • Confusing on earphones
  • Unimpressive battery life

Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds


If you are a cyclist who finds it good to ride roughly, these earphones are great for you.

They have a great mechanism that enables you to enjoy your ride even in the most unconducive environments.

With them, you do not have to limit yourself on how you want to ride, as you can choose to cycle in any way you like.

The headphones are also designed in a high-quality manner for them to enable you still to stay alert on the exact things that are happening on the road.

The headphones are wireless, and you can always connect them to any device you need to use.

The device is exceptional in terms of its quality. They personalize your voice; hence you can enjoy vast privacy with them.

They are among the top-rated headphones in the market, and with them, you can enjoy listening to your favorite music during your cycling endeavors.

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It has a Jabra + app, which is good in enabling you to enjoy vast connectivity with both your android phone and your iPhone
  • The earbuds of this headphones act by personalizing your sound; hence you enjoy your won privacy, and you can also give voice commands without having to worry about anyone interfering with your device
  • With the no audio dropouts of sound that this device brings you, there are many things that you can enjoy, including excellent stability, which essential for you whenever you are riding.
  • Besides, the wireless nature of this device prevents you from any interferes with its wires, which may make you unable to carry out your daily workouts or cycling.
  • The battery life of these headphones is exceptional, and it lasts for 15 hours; hence you can enjoy vast service from it if you remember to charge it before you can go for your cycling endeavors
  • It has four microphone technology, which is exceptional in enabling you to enjoy vast call options, especially if you work from home.
  • You get to enjoy vast voice commands with Siri, Alexa, and Google start
  • The device is resistant to dust and sweat; hence you do not have to be worried about it getting damaged
  • Highly compatible with other devices
  • High stability thanks to its wireless mechanism which is essential in allowing you to enjoy your ride
  • It has a long battery life, and since it lasts for 15 hours, you can be sure to enjoy a smooth ride enjoying your music for long hours
  • It is pocket friendly hence you can save more
  • It is easy to use
  • The case for charging these headphones does not open easily
  • When connecting to devices, it tends to make noise

Apple Airpods pro

This is a great type of headphone that works with Qi-certified chargers or lightning connectors.

It has a comfortable and excellent sound with noise-canceling modes. It is great even during windy seasons because you cannot be interrupted by wind noises.

It is does well even in times of cycling because even if you’re listening to your music, you can also hear car noises; hence stay safe.

It has the best earbuds; hence it cannot destroy your eardrums. Besides, it has an amazing Bluetooth, which is 5.

It is not waterproof; hence it limits you if you want to use it in times of rain. Most people like it because it does good when traveling long distances and makes you comfortable.

It is lightweight, and this makes you enjoy using it.

The Airpods are fixed with IPX4 water resistance rating and transparency mode. They are grey or white, making them more attractive.

Charging goes up to 4.5 hours of listening time, and it has a single charge and wireless charging case with silicon ear tips.

With Apple Airpods, you can use USB and wireless charges. In fact, it is best designed for cycling. It is a bit priced, but its quality is amendable.

You can use Apple for a long time without it getting damaged. It has approved base sound, which is friendly to your ears. Try Apple and enjoy its vats amendable features.

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless charging case
  • Silicone ear tips.
  • More than 24 hours of listening time
  • Talk time is more than 18 hours
  • Work with Qi-certified charges or lightning connector
  • Height is 45.2
  • Width 60.6
  • Depth 21.7
  • Weight 45.6 grams
  • Transparency and canceling modes are effective
  • Comfortable fit
  • Major pitfalls for cyclists
  • Pricey
  • No waterproof

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


These types of headphones are manufactured with the highest technology to give you better sound quality.

With them, you can have the best moments whenever you want to enjoy your music. It is an exceptional type of headphones that give you a seamless encounter.

The headphones are wireless, and they use a great mechanism to remain highly usable even after many years.

Besides, the headphones tend to bring you a lot of stability and comfort whenever you are riding.

They are great to use in any condition, and they give you a lot of convenience and flexibility.

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It has a wireless Bluetooth connection
  • It has a touch control that is fingertip
  • Comes in 2 batteries that are polymer and lithium made
  • It weighs 0.64 ounces
  • It comes in a black color
  • It has an exceptional design
  • Has an in-ear fit
  • The earphones fit well whenever you wear them, and you enjoy a lot of comforts whenever you wear them
  • The headphone is reliable and easy to use
  • The transparent hearing mechanism of this device enables you always to stay alert of anything that is happening in your surroundings.
  • The touch control feature of this device is out of this world with its capability to give you high performance
  • Good quality of sound.
  • The pairing with this device tends to start immediately
  • Compared to its rivals, the price of this device is higher

Sony Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones


This is a highly compatible device that brings you the best experience whenever you want to switch from your android device to your iPhone.

You can rely on it for all your music listening needs. It also allows you to hear little noise whenever you are riding so that you can remain alert on everything that is taking place in your surroundings.

The quality of these headphones is exceptional, and it enables you to enjoy better music sound quality.

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • 3 hours of battery life
  • Brings you a wireless connection to Bluetooth
  • It is cordless and allows for a cordless, hands-free call
  • It is slash-proof, and with its sweat-proof mechanism, you can always be sure not to experience any damages due to water
  • Its sound mode is ambient and worth your investment
  • It has an inbuilt microphone which enables you to enjoy better speaking whenever you have a call
  • Comfortable because of its easy fit, which enables you to stay alert on your ride
  • It comes along with a charging case, which is essential in increasing the life of the battery for up to 8.5 hours
  • It has an inbuilt noise-canceling feature
  • You can customize the device through its app, which is available and easy to use
  • The battery life is low
  • Low microphone quality

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 On-Ear Sport Headphones


This is a high-quality device that gives you an ambient space to enjoy the better sound quality.

It also has a great feature that allows it to prevent a lot of noise and only allow low noise that allows you to protect you from unexpected accidents.

This type of headphone is equipped with a mechanism which allows you to enjoy vast features and better switching from android to I phone

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Its battery lasts for 18 hours
  • It gives you HD voice
  • It has a sleep mode, which helps the battery to stay charged
  • In-ear controls
  • Has moisture and sweat protection
  • It has a headband for memory foam
  • The earbuds allow for a discreet wearing style
  • You can connect multiple devices with this type of headphone
  • Its buss is powerful
  • It is affordable
  • The earbuds are lightweight and not bulky
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Highly compatible with other devices
  • Easy to use
  • Long battery life up to 18 hours.
  • Cheap materials hence they may not last for a long time
  • On the optional cable of this device, you do not get the inline control, and this makes the headphone not very reliable

Jaybird Vista

This is a waterproof type of headphones that can help you ride well any time you want. It has 16 hours of battery life, which makes it more admirable for cycling.

This is good enough even in dusty places because it is sealed off moisture and dust. The wireless Bluetooth buds make it more attractive.

Jaybird is affordable in all markets on the earth. It can charge in 5 minutes. It has well-designed earbuds that make your eardrum safe.

It does in windy places but not well in noisy places like in the middle of town. It is best to use during rainy seasons because it is waterproof and has no wind interruption.

It is planetary green in color, and it looks good with its color.

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • 16 hours of battery life with charging case
  • 32 hours of uninterrupted independent bud use
  • IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof
  • Capsule construction seals against elements
  • JBS1 wireless technology
  • Premium sound with custom EQ
  • Waterproof: Best in rainy seasons
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Free shipping on all headphones
  • 5 minutes quick charge yields 60 min of battery
  • Affordable: It is the cheapest headphones
  • Bluetooth interference in urban areas. And this interferes with your listening

AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Wireless

AfterShokz has a set of wireless stereo earbuds. It is best in time of rain because of its waterproof nature.

Headphones from this company are of high quality and easily compatible. You can rely on them for your riding needs.

These headphones are great due to their wireless nature, and you can rely on them as they allow you even to receive calls with their alerts.

Cycling HeadphonesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Intuitive touch control 18-hour battery life
  • In-ear detection noise isolation
  • Voice assistant support fast –charging
  • Ergonomic IPX water resistant
  • It lets in ambient sounds for bikes use
  • Waterproof
  • It has a set of wireless stereo earbuds
  • Affordable
  • Low on base

 The comfort that your headphones bring you should matter to you whenever you decide to buy them.

Riding your bike should not be filled with troublesome encounters. You headphones should be of high quality and should be highly durable.

Besides, they should have long battery life. Your headphones should be highly compatible with other devices so that you can enjoy vast versatility when using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Dangerous To Cycle With Headphones?- It is never dangerous to cycle with headphones if the rider sets a reasonable volume, allowing them to remain alert of anything that is happening in their surroundings.

Earphones with earbuds are useful as they have this mechanism.

Is Listening To Music Good When Cycling?- Depending on how you react to music, cycling with headphones can either be good or bad.

Be sure to stay alert always when listening to music.

Which Is The Best Headphone For Riding? -There are vast items in the market, and you should choose them according to your preferences.

Never choose headphones that can distract you during your journey.


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