Surly Ogre Review – Design, Specifications and Performance

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Surly Ogre Review – Design, Specifications and Performance

Are you shopping around for a simple bikepacking rig for your cycling adventures? The Ogre could be it.

Described by Surly as one of the leading steel utility rides made for full-loaded exploration, across town and country, the bike is categorized as a touring machine for all seasons.

This does not imply that you cannot take it with you around the world for tours and bikepacking trips. It can do all things!

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You may think that Surly Ogre would roll slowly over a pavement. But it has been built-therefore, it is fast on pavements and gravel alike.

It shines just fine when you love the take-the-long-way to find a beverage on your way types of commitments and errands.

Design, make, and specifications

The bike is a perfect choice for all-year-round commuters.

If you want to explore a region on say, a Friday, you could certainly cart the gear you would need to work and then quickly head straight for the weekend trip and get back home in time for your usual tasks on Monday.

Surly Ogre is also famous for the Troll and ECR in the lineup of steeling touring bikes. It would be best if you considered this bike for off-road adventures.

Surly Ogre

And if you need some guidance, this blog post shares useful insight with the hope of making it easier for you to decide which bike is ideal for your adventurous needs.

The Ogre has clearance for 29*2.5 tires with fenders. With Ogre Surly, you get the extra-terrestrial 29*2.5 tubeless tires.

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The barnacles you would ask for are also readily available for you to use in your adventurous trips.

Additional support features are such as several three-pack mounts coupled with mid-blades.

And, you also get to enjoy the Gnot-Boost rear spacing that has a Rohloff torque arm and a trailer mount.

Therefore, if you needed to cart heaps of rough terrain with a trailer, this would be possible with the rig.

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The drivetrain has a maximum speed of 1*10 Deore coupled with SRAM NX configuration.

Having an SRAM NX crank coupled with a 32T as well as the Microshift 10 speed cassette of 11-42t.

Generally, this bike is inspired by confidence, thereby making riding easier and fun altogether.

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For a budget-friendly price, you can enjoy personal upgrades depending on your preferences.

Other than that, you can also enjoy using a touring commuter rig of under $2,000.

A few owners of the bike shared their testimonials, and this is what they had to say- they did not like the Shimano groupset, so they had to change it for something else such as the NX eagle.

Besides, the rear dropouts have been an issue for other users. It is adaptable to any setup you have.

Even so, the rear wheel is daunting to keep in line with a horizontal dropout by cranking down on the skewer.

Other than that, this bike has a great base for the perfect commuter touring machine.

Surly Ogre

If you are shopping around for something to tour on and bikepack, this rig can serve you for multiple days.

Its comfortable handlebars (H Loop Bars) are highly recommended. Together with these, the bike can withstand racks.

It would therefore be nice to invest in something like the prestigious 24 Pack with a Front Rack coupled with an everything cage or a cargo cage altogether.

This would be an ultimate bike to help run all your errands and set out on tours.

The bike’s 2.5 inches tires coupled with the steel frame provide you with maximum comfort as well as comfort while riding in city streets.

Along alleys and service roads that have cracked asphalt, you will experience joy when riding.

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Generally, it is an incredible and versatile bike. Many people have used the rig from different world tours to a variety of coffee shops to run errands.

The bike works well and is potentially one of the best to use for a variety of biking experiences.

Every bike has a frame. Ogre Surly has a unique design of frame made from the 4130 CroMoly Steel.

The main triangle double-butted feature is useful for biking on rugged terrains.

Besides, it comes with a tapered coupled with a butted straight blade of the fork and has a low as well as mid-blade that is fully threaded.

The through-blade eyelets and fender mount eyelets are at a dropout of 1-1\8 * 285mm steer tube and 51 mm disc mount coupled with a line\housing guide.

It also comes with about two sets of cage mounts and adjustable heights.

The Surly Ogre allows you to get a room with a unique Rohloff OEM2 axle plate mounting slot.

Featuring the Tektro high-density hydraulic brakes, the disc mount is approximately 51mm IS.

The rear disc brake is also limited to about 160 mm in diameter and needs the application of Surly calliper adaptor.

Overall, for commuting, you could be looking at $1450.00. This is a good price for this entry-level backpacking rig which can do so much more than just taking you on a track.

You may think that such a bike will roll slowly in the pavement. The Surly Ogre is not sluggish on rugged and smooth terraces such as gravel. It shines when you admire and love

Loveable Features

Ogre’s design is a platform for trailer-pulling and riding along at all times. Surly Ogre is rich in mounts specifically for linear-pull as well as disc brakes.

The mounts on the downtube allow a lower cage placement highly dependent on your needs.

It also has an ample room between the stays for a high volume of rubber up to 2.5 coupled with various housing guides made to accommodate about three lines cleanly organize a full shift as well as brake housing.

In addition to the flexible platform of the bike, Surly Ogre has a suspension-corrected fork coupled with threaded mounts for the rack.

Consequently, it is going to run cantilever and disc brakes so that you can choose a system which best suits your needs for stopping.

The fork and frames allow for the use of disc brakes as well as the rack simultaneously. That is pretty unusual in several modern frames.

The fork can also support sports triple-boss bottle cage mounts with one set on every side.

Riders can run every cage in not just a high but low position. At the same time, you can run any oversized cage.

The frame of the bike is paced for about 135 mm hubs with a rear-loading horizontal dropout as the Troll.

The bike’s dropouts come with a derailleur hanger and threaded holes useful for mounting Surly Bill as well as the Ted trailer that connects hardware.

It also has a dedicated anchoring point for an axle plate.

Over the years, the manufacturers designed a versatile dropout that can run a single speed with an internally geared hub and a full derailleur drive train and rim brakes.

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Besides, the framesets are readily available in different sizes, including small and extra-large.

The complete parts of the bike specs are durable and sensible, making it valuable.

Overall Performance

Looking for a machine that can take you to work during the week? The Surly Ogre bike can do that. It can also take you to town over the week.

It is fast on pavement and gravel. Besides, it can hold its single track.

Surly Ogre has several similar features as Troll including a horizontal slotted dropout.

Coupled with a Gnot-Boost spacing and a tweaked suspension with beefy tire clearance. These specifications make it an efficient riding machine.

Talk about wheels. Being a lover of the plus-size wheels, you would be delighted to see the same thanks to the new yoke which accommodates up to 27.5 tires.

The wheel is becoming biker’s de facto norm. Clearances are generous too.

Cromoly Surly Steel Frame

Made of steel, Surly Ogre is an exceptionally, light, and responsive device.

Its frame makes the bike suitable for carrying various kinds of rides fast while also allowing you to take a comfortable position to manoeuvre easily.

The bike is made of steel, making it reliable for people with a passion for touring rugged terraces.

With a better edge, the frames are hardly affected by temperature.

This makes the bike ideas for different types of rides throughout the year.

Over and above, the bike is built such that it can resist the impacts of various fractures while soaking up different bumps as well as vibrations.

The frames are not prone to rust and are easy to maintain.

Hydraulic tektro brakes

The hydraulic tektro brakes are reliable with fine brakes providing the bike with the powerful braking performance, durability, rust resistance, in addition to an incredible feel.

The brakes also need a little pressure to bring good performance. Over and above the brakes are efficient. They can adjust themselves.

Tubeless-ready surly tires

Surly’s tires are impressively designed for different types of tours. They can also crush rough terrains crossed.

The thread provides ideal traction. It is also structured to help resist various piercings, including sharp objects while also exhibiting speed on different terrains while maintaining excellent grips with the beads.

When riding with these tires, you will experience a smooth, balanced, besides promoting your hand’s natural movements.

And, it makes you balanced when you are up and about taking long trips.

Plus-size tires

Racing aside, the Plus size tires are a perfect choice for exploring different landscapes, especially for people running on a rigid setup.

They play a major role in providing a practical balance between fat as well as conventional tires.

Moreover, the tires are confidence-inspiring, especially off-road.

And even though they cannot match the exact breadth of the terrain that a typical fat bike can cover, they encourage various adventures in different places overlooked by cyclists.

One major question that lingers in every cyclist’s mind is-with the several wheel diameters to select from, which is the best for exploration? .

Provided the ever-shifting landscape of wheel sizes and the availability at home as well as abroad, here are some basics of choosing the right tire for your needs:

For a world trip, especially one that takes you to Africa, there are advantages of running a 26 in wheelset.

Regardless of the prevalence of several courier agencies, nothing outdoes the convenience of purchasing parts locally to help you stay on the road.

26 in is still the favourite of different hardware stores across the world.

Because of the availability of Ranger Tough in the 3in width coupled with other options, the Surly Ogre has rekindled people’s interests in the 26 formats.

For smaller riders, about 26+ wheels provide more clearance between the tire and the post at the seat. The clearance allows more space for a slightly larger seatback.


The major upside to travelling light is the freedom to go anywhere at any time. Explore the countryside that you may have passed by grudgingly in the past.

Take interesting roads regardless of the terrain.

The reduced capacity of the bike limits you to carry essentials-this is good for your discipline as you will have less to worry about.

Covering bigger distances is pleasurable. Besides, there is a significant knock impact on your bike.

It is evident that this bike handles off-road better even if less weight implies wear and tear.

The limited cargo space needs a packing precision that does not suit everyone.

Therefore, the reduced space encroaches on the number of days and mile you will be able to ride between supplies.

And unless you can pull off large distances, it may put some pressure on getting from one place to another. Planning becomes important in this case.

Final Thoughts

The Surly Ogre review 2021 is a bike that allows you to go on and on over the year regardless of the type of season.

It has adaptable parts to help ensure that the bike is not just fit but also safe to drive and survive in various conditions.

Over and above, it keeps you safe, balanced, and comfortable given its strength and durability. 


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