Surly ECR Review: Off-Road Mountain Bike for Bikepacking 2021

Surly ECR

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Surly ECR Review: Off-Road Mountain Bike for Bikepacking 2021

Mountain biking is definitely a popular outdoor activity, also known as a recreational activity.

To others, it is a popular Olympic sport that graces different cross-country circuit races. More than 70% of the total race time is usually spent over the lactate threshold.

This high-intensity exercise demands the use of a powerful mountain bike, given the different types of terraces that bikers can encounter from time to time.

The likes of Surly ECR can only manage the several climbs that force off-road cyclists to expand their effort against gravity.

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As expert reviewers, we believe that Surly ECR is one of the best bikepacking for seasoned and novice bikers.

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The rugged bike is reliable in many ways, including accessing rough terraces and smooth pavements within your neighborhood.

The bike is built to stand dirt tracks, gravel, and technical singletracks. It is ideally perfect for commuting around when on a trip.

Surly ECR Design

Surly ECR is your quintessential bikepacking rig if you are the type of person who wants to tackle hundreds of miles in one trip.

The bike is designed to comfortably carry all the gear supplies on different kinds of terrains. From dirt to gravel, this is just what you are looking for.

The Surly ECR comes with a CroMoly frame made of steel. It also has all the mounting points you may need to customize the bikepacking setup altogether.

The ECR also comes with several mounting options that make it excel compared to other bikes in the rankings.

And if you want to pull a trailer, the machine has mounts to facilitate that too.

The ECR has a Moloko handlebar allowing for different hand placement. The option also allows you to enjoy incredible packing options compatible with the Rohloff hub.

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Speed is another factor that most cyclists obsess over. If you are one of those riders who love the adrenalin thrush that comes with speed, then Surly ECR is your type of bike.

It is designed to run to 27.5” depending on its tires and frame size. The geometry allows you to enjoy long rides coupled with incredible adventure.

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This versatility is to die for. Coupled with the quality stock components and disc brakes, the ECR definitely becomes an all-terrain touring bike.

And when it comes to tackling terrains, we got your back. The ECR is what you want for dirt-filled tours like the Baja Divide.

Although it can easily tackle just about any landscape, you may easily find that its slacked-out coupled with the gravity is really not the nimble bike for technical terrains.

If you are just about to take a ride on the gravel road for several days, this is your bike type.

And even if Surly does not clearly say what the powerful ECR stands for, in one of their blogs, you can pick that it either means Exists Cities Rapidly, or better yet, Einstein Cannot Rap.

Whatever the two mean, this machine is an excellent rig without a doubt.

Of course, by now, we know that there is no one bike brand best known to everyone. Every cyclist has a preference.

It would be best if you chose a bike that perfectly fits your biking needs. It should also be within your budget and style.

If that is you wondering which one it is, then you are in the right place. Surly ECR has the following incredible specs to get you there!

Surly ECR Performance

Designed to adapt to different surfaces altogether, the minimalist approach of Surly ECR is a high performer given its technical specifications.

Sometimes, your only way to break through the humdrum of this monotonous life is with the perfect ride it offers.

Surly ECR Frames

The frame of this bike is viewed as one of the most integral parts of the machine. Take a look at the handlebars, and you will be impressed by how strong they look.

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This is solely because they are made of steel. And steel is without a doubt strong because it is made of 4130 CroMoly steel.


Mountain bike suspension forks vary incredibly, especially when it comes to their shock damping abilities, weight, and stiffness.

This implies that it is crucial to know what to really look for when purchasing a new fork for your mountain bike.

But, before you dive into such essential details, there is something you need to know about your Surly ECR’s fork.

The bike’s fork is a TIG-welded custom made Cromoly with a non-suspension corrected and a steerer tube with a disc brake clearance.

Seatpost Clamp

Your bike’s stem clamp is an unsung hero in the list of components that make the machine. The small feature is vital in many ways.

For instance, it firmly clamps down the seat tube to hold your seatpost in the required place while preventing the bike’s saddle from rotating or sinking into the bike’s frame.

Surly ECR has a stainless seatpost clamp of 30.0mm.


The headset of a bike is usually overlooked as a component that supports its movement. However, it performs a critical function.

Subjected to any abuse, it is the one part of your bike that allows you to steer the machine while holding the fork in its place. This only means that it is worth looking after.

Surly ECR has a headset interface located between the bike’s fork and its frame. These two features hold it in place while helping to steer and rotate it.

And while the interface needs some lateral stiffness to withstand various riding loads, such as cornering, it also has to be rationally free to steer you in the right direction.

Surly ECR Shifters

The shifter of your mountain bike is a crucial mechanism for enabling all on-the-move changes in its gears.

This is crucial when riding on technical terrains. Mountain bike shifters operate by pulling various cables to move the bike’s derailleurs while forcing the chain to shift to different sprockets or cogs.

There are two major types of shifters known as the twist and electric shifters. Surly ECR has an SRAM Eagle shifter.

These are comfortable enough to take you to where you need to be at any given time.

Surly ECR Grips

Fundamentally, your mountain bike’s grips are all about the lengths of the rubber fastened to the handlebars you always hold onto.

The most common designs are known to stay in place with a single or two end clamps. Admittedly, Surly ECR has glamorous grips associated with supporting your movement.

Things you will love about Surly ECR Bikes


Every cyclist in the industry wishes to invest in a versatile product, and Surly ECR is just that.

Nearly every adventure that involves biking covers roads and trails with certain conditions. A mountain bike used for bikepacking is useful for different rides, such as commuting and riding in between.

Without a doubt, you could as well ride singletrack trails using a gravel bike while riding a mountain bike throughout the day.

But the recommended or appropriate bike would be fun if it was versatile, and that is what Surly ECR is all about.


A reliable bikepacking should have various attachment points that allow you to tailor the gear setup accordingly.

ECR is one of the bikes that greatly excel in this category. It has different barnacles that cover every location found on the fork as well as the frame.

It is also designed to efficiently haul a trailer if that happens to be a style you prefer. It would be best if you remembered that the way you decide to pack your bike matters.

That is, how you carry a sleeping bag, water, and food.


Is the bike reliable? That is another question most cyclists ask themselves when it is time to choose a bike.

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Equipment failure a few days from town can be very catastrophic. You should be looking for a bike that has high-quality components, and Surly ECR is just it!

Considering the front suspension it has, this is the ideal bike you should be looking at for several reasons.

Surly ECR Tire Clearance

Although you may not be worried about the most extensive and widest tires that your bike can easily fit, having enough room can help.

That is if you decide to go more comprehensive in the future. Go for something like a Venn diagram because of the favourable tire size, speed of the mountain bike, coupled with the comfort overlap.

That said, the fatter your tire, the comfortable your ride will be.

The compromise herein is that you can be slower with additional surface area, particularly on the pavement. You may also be slower on hard-surfaced gravel.

There is a significant balance rider attempt to find between the three elements. Usually, paying attention can help you to locate a zone.

You can also find yourself at a conclusion that roughly 2.4-inch tires are not slow, after all, significantly because they can add comfort to your rides.

Surly ECR comes with comfortable tires that you will definitely love.

Surly ECR Weight

According to our bike review, we recommend aluminum and steel frame bikes following their durability and affordability.

Complete builds coupled with frames hover around 30 lbs. you need to know that carbon fiber brakes are expensive.

There is, therefore, a significant concern that they can experience damage in a wreck. The weight savings can be worth it for some folks.

If you do not mind spending a lot of money on a bike, Surly ECR is ideal.

If you find yourself wondering whether you should run 27.5” or 29” tires for your bikepacking, then Surly ECR it is.

It can run either. There are also many options, but when it comes to personal preference for how you will ride the bike.

Wheels with smaller diameters have a way of accelerating faster than ones with a larger diameter giving your motorcycle a responsive feeling.

Eventually, your tire selection can come down to the rider size coupled with bike selection.

The wheel size plays an essential role in your bike’s geometry, and with Surly ECR, you can never quite go wrong.

If the bike has options for both, consider the costs and benefits.

Why the Surly ECR?

Long live the huge instigator! This is not your typical weak bike but a machine to take you on various rides at any time.

The frame has been redesigned, of course, when it comes to matters improvement.

The instigator is obviously home to the mountains where you would like to take rides and have fun. So just imagine that for a moment.

The bike goes big and fast to accomplish what you would like in matters of adventure. If you are a massive fan of getting rad, then this is the right bike for you.

If you are a rider who is exceptionally small already, you will enjoy the benefits of this bike.

If you are actually near peak fitness, losing additional body weight can be detrimental to the total power output. It may also be dangerous to your overall health.

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One of the options for improving power to weight when riding on a bike is to go for what fits you.

That is the Surly ECR. So, the lighter you are in the real sense, the smaller the bike weight reductions.

For everyday riders, if you happen to have an average body, it is usually more effective and affordable to cut go slow on the body weight and increase fitness altogether.

Well, Surly ECR is the ideal bike for all these body function options.

Final Thoughts

Bikepacking is definitely a significant hybrid between your bike touring escapades and backpacking.

Bikepacking is an adventure that allows you to enjoy the freedom coupled with the independence of having a self-contained journey over long distances regardless of the nature of terraces involved.

The experiences often involve covering long stretches of touring in the wild and over long ragged roads.

Occasionally, bikers can find themselves cruising over gravel, dirt, and paved roads.

For that reason, bikers need to look for a versatile bike that can handle various travel conditions. 


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