Siteground vs Namecheap web hosting Review 2020


Siteground Vs Namecheap Web hosting Review 2020

SiteGround Review

Siteground web Hosting platform has reliable customer support that you can trust to give a solution to many, if not all, of your web hosting problems.


  • Free SSL certificates with plans
  • The customers choose the server location
  • Good uptime
  • Has an excellent customers service
  • A lot of free services


  • The plans do not have a lot of storage
  • There is no month to month shared hosting plans
  •  No window server option

There are quite some factors that you may have to consider when you want to settle for a hosting web service. You might opt for one that has features that are both customer-based as well as business-focused.

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Siteground is one of these platforms that have all you may need in a web hosting platform. It is an ideal one for individuals as well as small businesses.

Shared web hosting

If you do not have enough money or you do not wish to spend much, you can go for shared hosting tier. In this, several websites pool together in one server lowering the cost they would have incurred if they were to bunk individually.

They share the computing power of the server, which might be a disadvantage to some of the websites when one or more bunk users got a lot of traffic.

It does not have the month to month shared hosting options, but the one month trial is there for you to try before purchasing it.

When it has expired, you are required to sign up for contracts with a duration of 1-3 years, depending on your preference. During the signup period, you will have discounts.

It allows you to choose the data center that you would like to host your website on, a feature not incorporated by not so may web hosts. You will select the center according to your customer locations or the privacy of your data if need be.

Siteground shared hosting plans

For the StartUp plan, you will need $11.95 per month, and it includes one website, 10GB storage, unlimited emails, web support, performance network traffic that may accommodate up to 10,000 visitors in a month as well as security service Cloudflare.

For the GrowBig plan, you will part with $29.95 per month, and your secure support for more than one site, 20Gb storage, network traffic supporting up to 35,000 visitors in a month, unlimited emails, cloud flare support, one year SSL certificate as well as a guaranteed 30 days back up for your files.

The GoGeek plan is for larger sites than the prior two. It will cost you $34.95 per month to have support for multiple locations, 30GB storage space,  network traffic suitable for up to 200,000 visitors in a month, Cloudflare support, unlimited emails, 30days back up ability as well as GIT respiratory.

It has a shared hosting plan that is solid and ideal if you’d want yo venture.

Siteground web Hosting

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Cloud web Hosting

It no longer has the VPS hosting as it has now turned to cloud hosting.  The platform that is Linux based gets its resources from a number of servers that can sustain traffic scale in the sites. The cloud hosting plans are as follows.

For $80 per month, you get 4GB RAM, 40GB storage space, 5TB monthly data transfers,

For $340 per month, you get 10 GB RAM, 220GB Storage as well as 6 TB monthly data transfers.

Dedicated web Hosting

Dedicated servers at Siteground are ideal as you can choose from several CPU, RAM, RAID as well as the storage configurations that will suit you.

The plans start from $269 for every month, but the Entry Server, you part with $739 per month.

WordPress hosting

Siteground is one of the programs that offer high-quality WordPress hosting that is ideal and shall not disappoint you.  Your website will be secured and have automatic backups to prevent loss of data.

They also offer automated content management as well as system updates. There is no longer a free domain name, but they will give you a discount when you register.

The plans on this are similar to the shared hosting outlined above, inclusive of the pricing.

When you get logged in the Siteground’s WordPress you will be able to make posts, create pages as well as galleries. You are also able to create a non managed WordPress if you would want to.

Reseller Web Hosting

This is for those who want to venture into the web Hosting business but may not want to deal with everything that comes with infrastructure.  The plans range from $42 per year, and you will enjoy offer sales, commission reports as well as credit card processing.

Accruing from it also is 20 GB of storage space monthly data transfer free back up as well as unlimited emails. You are to apply for your branding according the server your will rent, and you will be offered around the clock tech support.

Weebly is the website builder that site ground leverages as it will allow you to create an appealing web page within a short period.

Security features

When it comes to siteground, your security is guaranteed. It has a variety of options that include SG Site Scanner that will notify you if your site is being attacked, anti-spam tools are SpamAssassin, and SpamExpert.

There is hotlink protection as well as a blocklist for IP address. It goes out of the way to scan all the links and make sure no issue may accrue.

There is also Leech Protect.  It is a fantastic feature that allows administrators to hinder users from issuing or posting to the public their passwords or the portions they have for the site.

Site check is another security feature applied by siteground. It will sweep through your website to identify any malware that might be present in the site or code.

You ought to run it on regular bases to ensure the safety of those who visit your website.

 Customer service

Customer service at Siteground is ideal as they have a 24/7 telephone support, ticket based program as well as live chat if you may need any help.

Namecheap Review

This platform dates back to 2000 and has been operative since then, gathering millions of customers across the globe. It has good plans that will be of benefit to your business.

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Let’s us look at the advantages and disadvantages that accrue from settling for Namecheap web Hosting platform.


  • Free domain and migration
  • Decent load time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Value plan that is fully loaded


  • Poor uptime
  • Lackluster customer

Good Domain registration options

Namecheap is excellent when it comes to domain registration. It has nice deals, simple interface as well as countless TLDs that comes on handy as far as domain registration is concerned.

Good user area

The control panel of Name cheap is an appealing one having no clatter and displaying a lot of information in a very organized manner.

Navigation through the options on display is a smooth process that will not consume much of your precious time.

Good status page

The status page at Siteground vs. Namecheap is a very informative one having maintenance announcements, network status server migration, emails, and many more all displayed in an attractive layout.

Namecheap offers unmetered bandwidth for its cheapest plan, and you are also able to access standard features, including cPanel. For the most affordable plan also you will get a free SSL certificate for a whole year after which you are supposed to pay. 

You will be provided with a backup plan two times a week to guarantee the safety of your contents in case your machine fails you.

Also, going for the cheapest plan, you can create three websites as opposed to other web hosting platforms that will only let you create one website for their cheapest plans.

The third-party reviews for this platform are something else . The existing customers highly recommend this platform as it has served their purpose right, so do not fear to try out.

The plans and their pricing at namecheap

Stellar: this plan will cost you $1.44 per month for the first year, and it comes with unmetered bandwidth for a maximum of three websites.

Stellar Plus is their second plan. It goes for $2.44 per month in the first year and an increased disc space which is unmetered.

Stellar business:  this is the biggest plan offered at namecheap.  It costs $4.44 per month, and you enjoy 50GB storage space, which ideal for unlimited websites.

For the first year, the domain offers are free, but when the year elapses, you will incur some costs on the same.

A point to note is that the offer is only available for new hosting purchases only, and the promotion price is only applicable for the first 12 months.  

When this time elapses, the hosting service will renew the plans at the rates indicated in each package specs. The upgrades, as well as downgrades on this platform, are done when you fully pay the renewal price stipulated.

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For the unmetered disc space, it goes hand in hand with the Ultimate package from the same platform also. It is only for the storage purpose of your website and not for any other need you may have.

Comparison between namecheap and siteground platforms

Having outlined and given the details on each of the plans, you can quickly tell which is king over the other. I bet you would agree with me that the site ground takes the day.

Looking at the plans from Siteground vs. Namecheap, there are a variety of them you can choose from, and the cost does not inflate over time. How about the namecheap? They have inflation on the plans to the cost of 200%, and this is not a joke.

The starter plan for name cheap is an enticing one, and this is why many people go for this platform. But what happens after the 12 months are over?

The amount of money that the plans may cost you will be more that what you incur on siteground, which offers even better plans.

The customer service, as well as support for Siteground vs. Namecheap, is superb. Their 24/7 telephone call, as well as charts and ticket based programs, is ideal as you will get the help that you may need at any time of the day.

This is not the case with the namecheap as their customer support is wanting, as I stated in the description of the platform.

Name cheap offers free domain name for the first year, something that siteground does not do. This will save you the cost you might have incurred for the first year.

The security at Siteground vs. Namecheap is guaranteed; having a number of platforms Manning this, you can be assured of the safety of your content, files, as well as your web.

They have ideal software to scan for malware hence protecting those who visit their site. This is not the case for the namecheap that does not have so well established security plans for their clients.

You can feel free to go for either of the platforms that suit your business venture well or any other as there are quite a number of web hosting platforms in the market today.


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