Selle Anatomica And Brooks Saddles: Which is the Best

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Selle Anatomica And Brooks Saddles: Which is the Best

Getting the right saddle is important for your bike as it determines the level of comfort you need for your travel.

The old traditional type of saddle is often blamed by most cyclists for the pain they may be experiencing on their prostrate or the soreness they have on their bum.

It is crucial to know the saddle that best matches your needs, but it is clear that selecting one which fits your needs is not an easy task.

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When buying these saddles, you need to focus on some factors as they guide you on whether the saddle is likely to meet the specific needs.

First, your saddle should be well-fitting on your bike so that you can sit comfortably and ride your bike in the right posture.

Here we describe the major factors that you should consider when buying your saddles and the many great types of saddles you can use for your bike.

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What You Should Know When Buying Bike Saddles


Saddle materials are usually made using different plethora.

Every saddle is manufactured in the same way, and thus the specific need that you have should determine the material you select for your saddle.

If you tend to focus a lot on the weight of your saddle, you should choose to buy those that are made of titanium or carbon fiber.

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Such materials are designed to absorb any shocks and vibrations generated from the seat post via the frame.

Additionally, saddles are usually designed in different ways. Some are manufactured using leather, while others are made of Kevlar materials.

If you like to enjoy comfort, you should consider buying a saddle which is made of leather.

For the leather to bring you more comfort, you should take your time to groom it by sitting on it to shape it to the right level that you want.

After riding for a couple of miles, your leather saddle gets into the right size and feel.


Saddles come in many shapes. Your style of riding and your body type should determine the exact shape of the saddle that you should choose.

Slim saddles are great for people that enjoy riding when they are bent.

If you bend when riding, you put less weight on the saddle than when you ride when seated upright.

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Saddles are not designed to support the entire bum but only the seat bones.

The point at which your seat bones contact with your saddle is the most crucial aspect to look at when buying them.

Saddles come in different widths because of the varying shapes of users.

If you intend to use your saddle for long-distance touring experience, you may need a wide one.


The density and amount of padding of each bike vary depending on its purpose.

The saddles used for commuting and touring are usually designed with a lot of padding that is soft enough and dense to bring comfort to users.

If you like riding for long distances many times, you may get uncomfortable if you use a saddle that has padding that is too dense.

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To avoid getting tired and having a difficult time during your trip, you should be sure to buy one whose padding is gel-filled.

The level of comfort that you achieve by using such saddles is extraordinary as the gel tends to mold in the body with time and get an even shape as you continue riding.

The padding of your saddle is designed to wear with time, and depending on how many times you use it, it may not last for long before you experience discomfort.

The lifespan of your saddle is usually determined by your style of riding. You should be sure to replace it frequently so that you can remain comfortable.

In case you experience discomfort when riding, you should be sure to replace it.

Saddle Position

At times, you may be having the right type of saddle, but your positioning goes wrong.

You can know that you have the wrong positioning of the saddle if you happen to adjust yourself a lot on the saddle when riding.

To know the type of saddle with good positioning, you should be sure to look at the angle at which the seat is tilted.

Be keen to observe the positioning of the alt and fore of the saddle regarding the distance from the handlebars.

If your saddle has the wrong arrangement, you may end up adjusting yourself a lot on the seat.

Differences Between brooks And Selle Anatomica Saddles

About Brooks Saddles

Established in 1866, Brooks is the leading company when it comes to manufacturing bike saddles.

The items of this company did not pick up quickly during their early days in the market.

Today, they have become the top choice for riders.

The saddle is usually crafted using the state of the art craftsmanship, which attracts its users.

The selle anatomica and brooks saddles are of a high standard, and they are bound to last for the longest time.

When it comes to manufacturing these saddles, the crafters only settle for the best type of leather.

They select high-quality leather, which is hard enough to stay sturdy and durable for a long time.

About Selle Anatomica

This company was founded in 2007. Its products offer high selling points to its users.

The cut out of this saddle is designed to move independently to relieve pressure on soft tissues.

The leather of this type of saddles is waterproof hence favoring the rider.

This type of saddle also comes in vast colors for the user to choose one which suits them better.

Though this type of saddle may have many similarities with the brooks type, they may have some similarities.

Differences Between Selle Anatomica and Brooks Saddles


The leather used in manufacturing brooks is vulnerable to wet weather conditions compared to that of selle anatomical.

During summer, it may not be a big deal, but during the wet season, you might have to use nylon to cover it.

If you expose the leather to water for a long time, it may get damaged, making it difficult to operate normally.

Selle anatomica and brooks saddles are made of high-quality leather, which features a topping with dual reinforcing layers made of laminate.

Cut Out

Both the brooks and selle anatomica offer cut out in their saddles.

Cutouts are usually important to riders because they help reduce the pressure between the personal areas for sitting.

A bike that has cut-outs is excellent, especially for long-distance riders.

Selle anatomic saddles tend to offer better cut-outs compared to brooks.

Though selle anatomica and brooks saddles have some types of saddles with cut-outs, those of selle anatomica tend to be much better.

The carved C17 and B17 brooks saddles are the most popular with cut-outs, while those of selle anatomica are many compared to what brooks offers.

Cutouts also offer a plethora of benefits to the rider.

With them, you can enjoy a more natural ride as they give a different flex to your saddle so that it can move hand in hand with your riding motion and positioning on the saddle.


When it comes to the saddle dimensions, brooks takes it home. Their saddles have a good design, which enables them to fit on a wider seat bone.

With that, they can fit most people. Selle set bone width for all their items that come in a normal width of 130mm.

With the brooks saddles, you can get a width of up to 170 mm, and thus you do not need to be worried about your weight and surface.

Besides, when it comes to brooks saddles, you get to enjoy vast choices of sizes and designs.

Additionally, the brooks saddles bring you more comfort as they suspend your seat bones to a better angle so you can enjoy the ride.

The brooks saddles may be narrow at times, and this may put off some clients.

To avoid buying narrow brooks saddle, you should be keen to know its dimensions and try to find out if it fits your specific needs.

In terms of length, the selle anatomic saddles are generally longer, and they measure about 290mm, which is way longer than the measurements of brooks type of saddles.


When it comes to adjusting the saddles of the selle anatomica and brooks saddles, you require the same tools and style.

When you tighten the nut of the saddle, the entire post that is threaded is supposed to move as long as you have the tensioner nut at the nose of the saddle.

By doing so, you get to lift the sag of the leather, and this makes the saddle more comfortable for you to sit on it.

Brooks saddles are, however, the best when it comes to adjusting them as they do not require the use of any tools to adjust them.

If your bike has such a saddle, be sure not to use any tools to adjust it.


This is an important factor to consider for people that enjoy bike packing.

When it comes to bike packing, people prefer to cut weight for an easy experience when bike packing.

Most types of selle anatomic saddles are lighter compared to those of brooks.

However, good to search for something that meets all your needs and weight should not be your ultimate consideration when buying saddles.

Weight should never matter as long as the type of saddle which you buy provides you the ultimate comfort that you require.

Rails and Rivets

Brooks saddles feature better and stronger rails compared to that of selle anatomica.

Most rails of the brooks type of rails are made of steel, and they feature a chrome plate finishing.

Selle anatomic types of rails are usually made of different materials, and though they may be made of steel, they tend to bend whenever you are using them.

Selle anatomica rails are also generally short; hence they may not be the most comfortable for tall people as they have to bend often when riding.

Side Edges

When it comes to this feature, brooks side edges tend to bring the rider more comfort.

They are longer, and this enables them to prevent chaffing on the inner thighs.

Selle anatomica has a larger cut out which prevents the company from designing a larger side edge.

With that, the edges may flare out, and this brings discomfort to the rider. The brooks saddles take over the selle anatomica when it comes to this factor.

Types of Selle Anatomica And Brooks Saddles

Brooks England Cambium All-weather Bicycle Saddle


This is the best saddle for bike packing and also awesome for long day’s tours.

It is made of a combination of vulcanized natural rubber, organic cotton, and the thin layer of structure textiles to make it more resilient.

With this combination, the rider gets the best ride experience.

Brooks England makes the rider more comfortable, and he can travel for miles without getting tired.

Besides, the outer part is made of nylon material, which is waterproof. It is flexible, easy to fix, and free maintenance.

It is adjustable, and this makes it easier to reach the pedals.

It is well designed with malleability, which will make your body shape better depending on how long you use this model.

It is of many different colors, and it is up to you to choose the best color of your desire. It is strong because it can be recycled.

Selle Anatomica And Brooks SaddlesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • Its weight is 432
  • Its materials are rubberized
  • Its width is 140
  • Clamp-style STD rails
  • Its saddle is cut out
  • It is waterproof
  • Both are unisex
  • Maintenance is free
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Flexible to make it adjust to the rider
  • Stable seat for most bikes
  • Reinforced backplate with loops for a saddle bag accessory
  • Made out of organic rubber, organic cotton, and fiberglass
  • Adjustment period

Brooks England b17 B17 Bike Saddle


This is a handmade bike saddle well known as a leather bike saddle. Meanwhile, it has been popular for 100 years.

This leather is placed on top of a chrome frame using stainless steel rivet, making it more comfortable when riding on long-distance tours.

It is adjustable and the best in designing at which position you can reach the pedals easily.

To live with brooks England b17, you need to maintain it after every use constantly, and you should have a leather care kit.

It is affordable in the market. It is the best saddle for your bike packing, and it comes with a bag loop at the back of the seat, which can help you put your water bottle to use for your adventure.

It is a fantastic saddle, and fixing it is easy. It is also easy and simple to set.

Selle Anatomica And Brooks SaddlesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It weighs 525g
  • Its width is 175mm
  • Length is 275mm
  • Made of rail materials alloy
  • Both for males and females
  • Hand-hammered copper reverts for long life
  • Saddle comes with saddle bag
  • Used a chrome frame
  • Equipped with black steel rails
  • It has a leather kit care
  • Have a seat bag loop
  • Boasts stainless steel rivets
  • Made with the finest vegetable tanned leather with pores ventilation
  • Requires maintenance

Selle SMP Well Gel Bicycle Saddle, Black


This type of saddle is designed with the best cut-out to allow the rider to have a safe touring experience.

Its design brings you comfort and more fun as it protects your soft tissues from friction, and thus you do not suffer any injuries due to unnecessary rubbing.

Additionally, this selle anatomic saddle is perfect for bike packing because it helps prevent numbness, and it also absorbs any vibrations that could cause discomfort to the user.

On the other hand, the saddle is great in preventing the chafing of thighs, and with its extra ordinary beak nose, you can be sure to enjoy more stability when climbing on the saddle and also when riding on any conditions.

Selle Anatomica And Brooks SaddlesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It has a 12 carbon fiber which is made of nylon, and this increases its strength to last for a long time
  • The device is manufactured in Italy
  • Its rails are made of nylon, and with their tubular nature, they are bound to bring the device more durability and the capability to last for a long time
  • It has a nose that is unique, and it is very crucial when it comes to enhancing your stability and giving you the support that you need when cycling.
  • Besides, the nose is important in helping you in relief when in descents.
  • Its central channel is important in eliminating pressure in areas that are sensitive
  • Its padding is an elastomer, and it is foamed. Besides, it is made of a synthetic cover which is highly breathable for more comfort when it comes to riding
  • Its design is unique as it helps in limiting pressure on the pelvic saddle, and this brings you more comfort when riding
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is easily adjustable
  • Very durable
  • High quality
  • He hole in the middle of this saddle is not as wide, and thus it may cause back pains

Selle Italia SLR Boost Kit Carbonio


If you are looking for a saddle perfect for your road bike, this is the best type to settle for.

It is designed with a cut out which is great in reducing the pressure generated in the middle, and thus you can enjoy a great ride free from rubbing and disturbances, which may cause soreness.

The saddle is also perfect for reducing back pains, and with its impressive features, you can enjoy your touring.

Besides, its rails are made of steel, enabling them to last for a long time. On the other hand, you enjoy more flexibility and easy maintenance with this type of bike.

There are vast things that you can enjoy with this type of device due to its ability to protect you from uneasy rides even when riding on uneven roads.

The saddle is quality-driven, and it is of high quality. It is perfectly designed with the best padding to allow you to maintain it with ease and for you to enjoy a better ride.

Selle Anatomica And Brooks SaddlesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • The saddle weighs 0.46lbs and it 0.46lbs, and thus it is lightweight. Its weight is also sophisticated, and it brings more comfortable
  • The great design of this device is exceptional when it comes to reducing the pressure and limitations that you may experience in your riding endeavor.
  • As a result, it reduces the possible back pains that you may experience during your riding.
  • The rails of this saddle are made of 7mm high, and it entails a manganese alloy rail, and this gives it flexibility and more strength
  • The item is made of soft tek and strong polyurethane cover for durability
  • It is highly durable due to its steel rails
  • It offers you a guarantee of 24 months after purchase for any defects that the item may be having
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to use and install
  • The seat is not comfortable as a result of its nose

Brooks Saddles for Flyer Bicycles Saddle

This is the best saddle for trekking and touring with two unique springs at the back to keep you stable on your bike.

It is a well-designed saddle from the brook which has been in the market since 1927.

Its saddle shape is a reference from B17 models. It is very comfortable when traveling for long distances and can’t leave you tired.

It is a handmade saddle with great perfection and made from England.

The seat that is spring support is made out of vegetable-tanned leather. It is durable and affordable in world markets.

Brooks saddles for the flyer are easy to fix, and its maintenance is not expensive.

Besides, everything is attached by a tubular steel rivet, making it easier to ride in any tough areas.

This seat can last for a long when well maintained. If you seat on this saddle, you feel more flexible as you can reach the pedals comfortably. Its rails and frame are made of hardened black steel.

Selle Anatomica And Brooks SaddlesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It is handmade in England
  • Classically sprung, making it perfect for trekking and touring
  • The rails and frame are made up of hardened black steel for a perfect mix
  • It has a double spring layer
  • Has vegetable-tanned leather
  • Uses two-layer springs
  • Shares the same vegetable-tanned leather seat as the B17
  • Requires regular maintenance

Selle SMP Pro Saddle


This type of saddle is bound to relieve you from pressure and unnecessary rubbing when touring.

Its nose is shaped in a unique way so that you can stay comfortable throughout your ride.

It is one of the best designs from the selle anatomica company.

This saddle is also with a beak, which acts as a flat seat so that you can have an ample time when riding. It is a saddle that is friendly to its user.

With this item, you can be sure to ride for a long distance and enjoy a reduced possibility of having back pains.

It is bound to save you from the trouble of backaches.

The seat is also extra wide, and it brings you the capability to enjoy more width and better positioning when riding.

With this item, you can ride in sensitive areas without worrying about hurting yourself or being uncomfortable.

Selle Anatomica And Brooks SaddlesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • This type of item is designed with a beak that serves as a flat anchor for the rider to bring more comfort.
  • Besides, the beak is vital in reducing pressure and relieving the rider when they need to descend.
  • It is slightly wider than some other designs, and its gliders and statos to bring you maximum comfort during your ride.
  • This saddle is extra wide, and this serves on the advantage of the rider as they get to experience reduced pressure in sensitive areas
  • The padding of this saddle is designed with either an elastomer padding which has black leather, or at times it may have a synthetic which may be either red, shite, or black.
  • Its carbon fiber is 12 and nylon, and this gives the saddle its lightweight
  • The item is lightweight
  • With it is comfortable
  • Easy to use and install
  • It is a reliable type of saddle due to its vast features
  • The wide nature of its seats makes it to be aerodynamic
  • It is not affordable as one would expect

Brooks saddles B17 Short Honey


This is the most popular bike saddle available since 1898. Its seat is covered with handmade -tanned vegetable leather.

It is best in comfort, and its seat is adjustable to your desired position.

Brooks saddles B17 short honey is well designed, and it is flexible. It enables riders to travel for long distances with no sign of tiredness.

It is designed in a modern way, and you can reach the brakes and pedals with no struggle.

It has wonderful saddles compared to other saddles, which are difficult to maintain and fix. It is small in size and admirable.

It is affordable in the world market. It is highly durable, and you can ride it in rough places without any discomfort. It is suitable for women.

Selle Anatomica And Brooks SaddlesCheck This Product On Amazon


  • It is hand made in England
  • It is a flagship model
  • It has an original leather saddle
  • The B17 shapes your body over time
  • It weight is 460g
  • It originates from the United Kingdom
  • It has honey-black rails
  • It is designed for women
  • Sold in the market since the introduction of 1898
  • Uses tubular steel revert
  • Includes black steel single rail
  • It needs regular maintenance
  • Only for one gender

Brooks Saddles B15 Swallow Bicycle Saddle


This is a leather saddle known for its signature design.

It has a modern design that has been on the world market since 1937, and it remains to be a timeless piece in the market since then.

It bears the patent declaration. It is the best comfortable bike ever, allowing you to ride for miles without any discomfort.

It is one of the best in touring and trekking. It is very flexible, and you can reach the pedals and control the brakes happily and enjoy your tour.

Its leather part makes it more admirable. This is well designed even at the time of rain.

Brooks’ saddles B15 is easy to set, and maintaining it is easy. It is good for both men and women.

Check This Product On Amazon


  • It has a chrome-plated steel frame
  • Elastic saddle
  • It is available in two versions the chrome and titanium
  • It has a tubular steel rivets
  • It is good for mountain bikes
  • Best for both men and women
  • It made of leather
  • Chrome frame is black
  • Uses tubular steel rivets
  • Versatile
  • It comfortable
  • Fits any road or mountain bike
  • Uses handmade vegetable-tanned leather
  • Flexible
  • Easy to set and maintained
  • It popular known as the father of modern bike saddles
  • Needs time to fix
  • Maintenance is regular

There is a big difference between brooks and selle anatomica saddles.

When buying them, you should first find out the features that are important to you.

Brooks may prove to be more superior compared to selle anatomica types of saddles, but the latter also has some features that make it outstanding.

Before settling for a specific type of saddle, ensure that you research on the materials used in manufacturing it.

Besides, you should also look at its shape and padding. The padding is important as it determines how easily you can maintain it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Most Comfortable Bike Saddle? -Selle Italia diva is one of the most comfortable bike saddles for women.

It is widely recommended in the whole world due to its obvious features. It is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable, and it has great looks.

It is also of superior quality, and one can use it in all styles.

Does The Bum Get Used To Cycling? -When you begin riding first, your tendons and muscles may not get used to riding while sitting.

They are not used to the pressure from the bike seat, and you need to do it often for your bum and sitting surface to adjust to the right shape and right conditions that facilitate your better riding.

Why Are Bike Seats Uncomfortable Sometimes? -Most of the discomfort that arises when riding a bike results from placing weight on the soft tissues located between the sit bones.

To prevent this issue, you should ensure that your bike is set up correctly so that all the entire weight is distributed evenly across the saddles and handlebars.



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