Salsa Journeyman Bike Review

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Salsa Journeyman Bike Review

You can conveniently move from one place to the other on foot, by car, on horseback, or by cycling.

There are many bicycles all over the internet, and they have their respective specs and features.

However, all of them are not alike because of the style and structure that the manufacturers use.

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Salsa Journeyman bike is one of the amazing bicycles that are carefully manufactured for reliable and memorable riding experience.

Out of reliable customer reviews from experienced riders, they are topnotch bicycles. The manufacturer have optimized them to ensure that their performance is seamless.

Therefore, you can ride them without any faults, and you will love it. Salsa Journeyman incorporates state-of-the-art handiwork, which is not only presentable but also admirable.

The engineers integrated unparalleled craftsmanship to come up with this masterpiece that will thrill and fascinate you.

They also brag possessing outstanding skills and a profound wealth of technical know-how. No wonder Salsa Journeyman Bike performance, qualities, and features are astounding.

Cheap is expensive, and expensive is cheap. There is no high-quality product that sells at a throwaway price.

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By just hearing the price of these bicycles, you will not need to be told that their quality and everything else is excellent.

Read this Salsa Journeyman review to unearth more about them.

Salsa Journeyman Claris 700 Bike

When you talk of reliability, this is the ultimate bicycle that you are talking about. It is designed to traverse all terrains without an iota of faults and break downs.

When you set out on a cycling session, you will not be inconvenienced by the bicycle because its quality and performance are amazing.

It maneuvers graveled roads with ease, and you will hit your cycling target on time.


You will conveniently do rail-to-rail excursions and also graveled racing and enjoy to the fullest.

It has been manufactured using the best technology, and that will enhance you to cycle efficiently.

The frame is made of Aluminium, and the tires are wide for good traction and comfort. They minimize shock and also ride smoothly on loose surfaces.

For instance, if you are riding on mud, the bicycle can sink if the tires are narrow. However, wide tires are broad, and they do not exert a lot of pressure on the mud.

Consequently, it cannot sink, and you will ride efficiently without getting stuck.

Fortunately, you will not have to keep on alighting to push the bicycle. Whoa! That facilitates you to spend less time on the way.

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This quality enables it to ride conveniently on diverse loose conditions like muddy, sandy, snowy, and dusty conditions.

If you are cycling together with other people who have bicycles with narrow wheels, you will have a lot to thank yourself for choosing this Salsa Journeyman Bike.

When they are getting troubled, you will be riding comfortably and cycling far much ahead of them.

The frame is made of aluminum. The wheels are 700c in size, not to mention that it is installed with 16 gears.


  • Has an internal full-length cable routing that protects the shifting cables together with improving performance in poor conditions
  • Salsa Journeyman Bike has an Aluminium fork with enough tire clearance and journeyman-specific geometry that incorporates an Aluminium tubing
  • Has efficient and fast 700c wheels with 37 mm tires. It can accommodate 50 mm tires
  • The frame has mounts that enable you to attach fenders and racks, or you can choose to keep it without them


  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Seat post: 27.2×350 mm
  • Tyre width: 37 mm
  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Gears: 16
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • It is a unisex bicycle
  • Good for road cycling and bikepacking
  • Free tune-up and readjustment when you buy it from REI
  • Has an impressive performance
  • It is reliable
  • It is expensive
  • Not available internationally

 Salsa Journeyman Sora Gravel Bicycle

Performance and reliability are what every cyclist looks for to enable them to have an easy time when they are on the road.

This bicycle is one of the off-road giants that have been manufactured for greatness to ensure that they are unbeatable.

The frame is sturdy and stable to give it strength and durability.

Moreover, the welding work has also been done beautifully, and that guarantees you that even if you fall, the bicycle will not be dented or break.

For the frame to be of high quality, it is made of 6061-T6 Aluminium.


This bicycle is made of Aluminium, which is a quality material that is not only good but also strong and reliable in bicycle making.

It is a ubiquitous alloy that is stiff, malleable, economical, and light.

Amazingly it does not rust to maintain the bicycle in good condition. This metal has been undergoing a renaissance in the bicycle industry in recent years.

When it is integrated with the new manufacturing methods, it allows fine-tuning diameters and shapes. This facilitates stiffness and compliance.

With braze-on, Salsa Journeyman Bike new full-carbon fork is compatible with racks, fenders not to mention three-bolt cargo cages.

Similar to mini pannier racks, they are the ideal size for today’s light & fast applications.

You will also benefit from the attachment points that the frame is festooned with for racks, bags, and bottles.

That makes it convenient for you to carry everything else that you want.

Salsa Journeyman Bike integrates the Shimano Sora drive train, which is widely praised for its exquisite value and a smooth, intuitive performance regardless of whether you are riding on an on & off beaten path.

It features 700c x 37 mm tires, which are efficient, quick, and responsive. They have an amazing speed limit, and you will be flying on the way.


  • Salsa cowbell drop bar handlebar
  • Full-length internal cable routing
  • Toptube bag mounts
  • Journeyman geometry
  • Front and rear fender mounts
  • Fantail deluxe fork
  • 700c x 38mm wheel/tyre spec
  • Front and rear rack compatible


  • Tyre size: 1.26 – 2.0 and 1.85 – 2.2 inches
  • Maximum wheel diameter: 28.6 inches
  • Minimum wheel diameter: 26.9 inches
  • Has good pedals
  • The wheels have good traction
  • It is not heavy
  • A rugged bicycle
  • A versatile and maneuvers all terrains
  • Expensive
  • Available in a few countries

What You Need To Know About Journeyman Salsa Bikes

Salsa is a reputable and distinguished bicycle company that ventured into this industry in the early 80s.

It is exemplified by the amazing bicycles that it has been manufacturing all along.

The quality bikes have given this company the right name and helped it scale the heights of greatness and success.

This renowned company is a force to reckon with in the bicycle market.

From the customer reviews, you will realize that the bicycles are magnificently designed to facilitate your daily cycling and make it a memorable experience.

It is a Minnesota-based company that specializes in a wide range of bicycles, but all of them are not only great but also commendable.

Over the years, thousands of users have had a taste of these bikes. They have either bought them or rode them.

Some are just users, while others are professionals who have great knowledge of bicycles.

Everything has its pros and cons, but when the pros outdo the cons by far, then you have every reason to smile because of that bicycle, and you can buy it confidently.

From the customer reviews that are available online, there are great things that the users have talked about these bicycles, and they include the following:-

  • Their maneuverability on gravel is impressive, and handling on the road is great
  • Their shifting is responsive which are issued forth from SRAM Apex 1 shifters
  • They are versatile, and they can ride comfortably on gravel, and they are good for commuting, singletrack, and bikepacking
  • Their performance is fantastic on a wide range of surfaces
  • The Journeyman is compatible with 650b or 700 c wheels. They are either bought with them or installed with them afterward
  • High-volume 650b x 2.1 inches tires feel smooth at lower pressures
  • SRAM’s 1x drive train and 11-42 tooth cassette are commended
  • Users loved the bright pink and accented-black color options
  • The mechanical brakes are easily adjustable
  • They integrate amazing geometry for comfort and when you are cycling for long distances
  • Expert knowledge has it that these bicycles are great choices under $2k
  • They are high-quality bicycles that are cheap to maintain because they require low maintenance
  • Their reliability is unquestionable
  • They are spacious in the triangle to provide room for bottles and frame-bags
  • They have a stable ride because of their long-wheelbase
  • The carbon forks soak up bumps
  • Have attachment points for bottles, racks, and bags

The above are the reasons why you should buy these bicycles. As aforementioned above, everything that has pros and has cons. The following are the Salsa Journeyman Bike cons:-

  • They do not have lower gears to enable you to climb hills efficiently
  • They are not compatible with a suspension fork
  • The mechanical disc brakes are not preferable for bicycles of that price
  • The stock tires are not compatible with a suspension fork
  • Thru-axles are preferable than the quick releases that the bicycle has

The reliability and superb performance of these bicycles are commendable and second to none.  You can ride with them on all surfaces and feel very comfortable.

Cycling enthusiasts who ride for long distances are favored by their comfort. They have an Aluminium frame that blends well with a carbon fork.

Why Are The Salsa Journeyman Bicycles Preferable?

Though this company does not have a big name like the Salsa Journeyman Bike manufacturing giants, there are considerable factors that its bicycles are known for. They include:

  1. Affordability

Though most of the Salsa Journeyman bicycles are over $1k, their quality is topnotch, affordable.

They are of the same quality as major companies like Giant, Cannondale, and Trek manufacture.

However, they are of the same quality, just like the aforementioned companies’ bicycles.

You will get a perfect bicycle without breaking the bank. It is possible to get a topnotch Salsa Journeyman Bike for less than $1k depending on the year of manufacture.

However, the most recent ones go for around$1.5k with these bicycles, you will have a lot to smile about.

  1. Range

These bicycles are quite reliable because they are not limited to the places where you can ride them.

When you set off for cycling, you will do it confidently and conveniently in any place, whether it is graveled, tarmacked, or even in the wild.

All you need is the appropriate tires that will make this wonder happen.

They can be modified to fit your desired purpose because they integrate a high-quality manufacturing, Aluminium frame, good rims, etc.

You will be sure that there is no unfortunate incident that can occur when you have mounted the bicycle and cycling to your destination.

  1. Compatibility with gravel

With its commendable quality, the Salsa Journeyman bicycles are great and astounding. Currently, in the bicycle industry, the gravel segment has been growing rapidly.

You have to install your bike with wider and heavier tires, and their geometry and standard disc-brake setup will facilitate you to get the required 30 mm in your tire width.

It is just the tire that needs to be changed, and the gravel adjustment falls into place.

  1. Low maintenance

If you have a problematic bicycle that keeps on breaking down now and then, you will never have a lot to smile about.

However, that is not the case with these bicycles because their quality is great. With such a quality, you do not have to fear about anything.

Cases of faults and break downs are minimal. That makes the bicycle easy to maintain because you do not have to repair it and replace the faulty or broken parts.

It integrates high-quality materials that the manufacturer has installed it with.

The structurally sound build makes it useful and reliable because of the materials that it is made of.

  1. What’s more?

These bicycles are amazing for ride journeys. You can ride comfortably for long hours and exercise to the fullest to improve your stamina.

They also have a 16-gear option for multiple speeds for the real versatility of these bicycles.

You can move at the speed that you want and be able to maneuver diverse terrains.

If you are in open places with no ups and downs, you can use higher gears, but when in challenging terrains, use low gears.

Finally, they are made of high-quality Aluminium, and you will not help to marvel at its performance and quality.

More Info About Salsa Journeyman Claris Bicycle

This is an ergonomically designed bicycle that is gentle on your anatomy and joints. The bicycle is comfortable, and you get an ideal posture when riding it.

Moreover, the design and structure minimize your risk of getting injured.

It is also great for an urban setting, and you can ride it on the pavement and the gravel together with bike lanes.

With its sleek presentation, you can move conveniently on the paved surface with it.

The price of this bicycle is friendly, and the quality is commendable. The entire quality of the bicycle is great and praiseworthy.

Every part and parcel of it has been designed using the best of everything.

More Info about Salsa Apex Bicycle

This is also part of the Salsa Journeyman bicycles that are available on the market. It is characterized by classic off-roading ease.

You can confidently rely on it to take you to your desired destination with ease and without risking any unfortunate incident on the way.

For instance, it is optimized to prevent it from developing faults and punctures.

It is an impressive performer on the graveled road. Moreover, it also features disc brakes together with lower gearing.

There is no difference between those who ride it on the road and those who do it on the graveled road. The performance is almost the same.

The pedaling of this bicycle is easy because the drive chain is efficient and smooth. That heightens the performance, particularly in the long-distance cycling substantially.

You will also marvel at the fact that the design is user-friendly and it facilitates powering and shifting the bicycle to enable you to focus where you are going.

The test of time proves whether the bicycle is indeed worth the price that it goes for.

You do not want a bike that will need frequent repairs and replacement of most of its components because, in the long run, that will hit hard on you.

Consequently, it drains your savings by becoming expensive to maintain.

However, this Salsa Journeyman Bike has value for your money, and you will find a lot to smile about in it. It outlives the expected time that you thought it would last for.

This bicycle is cheap to maintain because apart from cleaning it and oiling the chain, there is no other frequent maintenance practice that you need.

The riding experience of this bicycle is amazing, and you can almost start dozing because of the comfort and smoothness of the ride.

Even if you ride on graveled roads and bumps, it neutralizes them to the extent that you do not feel them.

The shakes, shocks, and rickets are swallowed by the things that the manufacturer has integrated into the bicycle.

The verdict

These bikes are a great choice, and even though it is not a household brand name like its counterparts that are known far and wide, it is at par with their quality.

They are of reputable quality, and everything else about them is distinguished.

You can use them for a wide range of cycling activities like commuting, touring, bikepacking, and so much more.

Furthermore, they carry the luggage very well because they have attachment points. You can attach bicycle trailers to them and carry whatever you want without any ado.

Their versatility is unequaled because they can be ridden in any place.

For instance, they perform very well in loose conditions, particularly when you are riding them in sandy, muddy and snowy conditions because of their fat tires.

The wider the wheel reduces the pressure that would make the wheel to sink.

They also perform impressively on graveled roads when other bicycles may be challenged.

You will find that cycling on the tarmacked road and those on the graveled road have no big difference in speed.

That reliability is an excellent advantage to you because you can ride at ease and confidently wherever you go.

Buyers’ Guide

When buying a Salsa Journeyman, there are various things that you should consider. When you observe the following factors, you will get it right.

Even though the bicycles are of commendable and praiseworthy quality, you still have to look at the following things:-

Frame – The frame is very important because it forms the foundation of the bicycle.

For a good bike, you should go for one that has an Aluminium frame. It is sturdy, stable, strong, light, and durable.

Quality – This is the mother of greatness. Without quality, you will never get a high-quality bicycle because it will keep developing faults now and then.

Moreover, it will be expensive for you to maintain. However, the durability and performance of a high-quality bicycle are great.

Brakes – Go for a bicycle with disc brakes because of their indisputable performance, quality, and reliability.

You will not ride the bicycle downhill, fearing that the brakes will fail, and you end up crashing and failing terribly.

Gears – Gears determine the speed that your bicycle will move at. Moreover, it also determines whether it will be easier or hard for you to cycle uphill.

Therefore, check the gears and ensure that they are functioning properly.

Wheels – The wheels should be reliable and versatile. You should be able to ride on all surfaces and terrains with them confidently and conveniently.

They should also integrate anti-puncture and anti-cut technology to prevent them from being perforate and damaged.

Attachment points – The bicycle should be reliable and carry luggage for the convenience of your transport.


These Salsa Journey bicycles are a force to reckon with in the cycling.

This is a reputable and distinguished company, and its bicycles’ quality is amazing, and they sell at an affordable price.


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