Maytag Dishwasher Troubleshooting Guide 2020


Maytag Dishwasher Troubleshooting Guide 2020

Dishwashers have become a necessity in today’s modern kitchens. They make the work easier and quicker for people.

Though you can clean your dishes with your hands, at times, you need the dishwasher to complete the job at times when you have a tight schedule.

Though they make everything in the kitchen easy, the dishwashers may at times fail to function as we expected them to function.

When your dishwasher stops to function normally, you get to notice it quickly because you always need to use your dishes.

You need not worry when your dishwasher fails as you can troubleshoot it at home without involving a professional.

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 In this guide, we give you the common problems that you may experience with your dishwasher and the possible ways you can troubleshoot them.

Dishwasher fails to clean

This is one of the most common problems that you can experience with your dishwasher.

 It can be stressful when the device fails to clean the utensils as you have to do it with your hands.

The possible causes of this problem include:

Clogged water inlet valve: the water inlet valve is one of the key reasons behinds the working of your dishwasher.

 It allows water into the dishwasher to get the process going on smoothly.

If you notice that your water inlet valve is clogged and not letting water to the dishwasher, there is a chance that it is fully damaged.

You should not try to unclog the valve with a brush or any other device as it is close to impossible to clean it.

At this point, replacing the water inlet valve is always the best thing that you can do to avoid damaging the entire system.

Damaged water pump belt: the major function of this element in a dishwasher is to drain water that the dishwasher uses in washing the dishes.

 If it stops to work, the chances are high that the system will clog and stop working if you fail to diagnose the problem early.

The water pump belt is likely to be broken or worn out if it fails to work. It is important to note that not all dishwashers have the water pump belt.

You should check the number model of your dishwasher to determine whether it has the device or not.

The belt is usually located below the motor, and you should remove the lower panel of the dishwasher.

It is not possible to repair the belt; hence you should replace it if it is worn out or broken.

Clogged centre wash arm assembly: when the center wash arm assembly is clogged, the dishwasher cannot receive water in its upper racks, and as a result, you get your dishes with food particles.

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Sometimes, food particles always get trapped in the arm assembly, and it is not easy to avoid it.

The clogging affects the upper rack, and even if water flows to the central rack, it cannot complete cleaning the dishes fully because of lack of enough water.

If you notice that the dishes come out of the device still dirty, there is a possibility that the arm assembly is clogged.

You can unclog them by detaching it from the system and unclogging it with enough water.

To prevent this from recurring, you should pre-wash your dishes or dispose of food particles inside to the garbage bin before placing them in the dishwasher

Clogged lower wash arm assembly: the lower arm assembly supplies water to the lower part of the dishwasher.

If it is clogged with debris, the dishes in the lower rack of the dishwasher remain dirty.

You should detach it and unclog it of any debris if you notice that your dishes are still not clean. If the arm is overly clogged, you should replace it.

Faulty circulation pump: the circulation pump supplies water to all arms assemblies.

Without it, the dishes cannot be cleaned. It relies on the impeller and motor pressures to push water up to the arms.

If the pump is faulty, it cannot pump water to the arms.

If you notice that your motor does not make any noise after the Maytag Dishwasher fills or it gives a humming sound, there is a chance that the pump is damaged.

Debris accumulation in the pump housing is the major cause of its breakdown.

 If you notice that the pump housing is clogged, be sure to remove the debris from inside and get it back to work again.

If there is no debris in the house, the pump is damaged, and it is time to replace it.

Damaged pump and motor assembly: the impeller relies on the pressure pumping of the motor to pump water up to the assembly arms.

If it is damaged, it cannot pump water up. If you notice that there is no water in the assemblies, you should check the condition of the impeller and the motor

Unclog the pump if it is clogged and if there is power in the motor and impeller, but the system still does not work, you should replace both parts.

Damaged wash impeller: the wash impeller entails a small blade with fins that eliminates water through the impellers to the assembly.

If it lacks some of its fins, it may not bring the water in the right pressure, and your dishes remain dirty.

If you notice water with low pressure, be sure to check if the model of Maytag Dishwasher you are using allows the replacement of your impeller.

 If not, you might have to replace both the motor and the pump.

Dishwasher buttons fail to work

The buttons in your Maytag dishwasher give the right command to the dishwasher.

 If they fail, then it is impossible to get your dishwasher to work.

If your Maytag dishwasher buttons don’t function, there are here major issues that could be the root cause of the problem. They include:

Faulty keypad: You should check to confirm if the touchpad of the control panel is working.

If some of its keys tend to respond, but others fail to do so, there is a high chance that the touchpad is damaged.

Before replacing the device, you should check with your manufacturer if they offer a single replacement of the touchpad or you might have to purchase both the touchpad and the control panel.

Main control board fails: the main control board is the key element of the dishwasher. If it is faulty, it may never send power to the touchpad.

Without it, the entire system cannot function.

If it does not respond, be sure to check all the possible problems that may be the cause of the failure and make sure not to misdiagnose it.

If it is impossible to repair, you should replace it.

The Maytag dishwasher is not draining

For your Maytag Dishwasher to function well, it must drain the water that it uses to clean the dishes. If it fails to do so, you may never have clean dishes.

When you notice a problem with the cleaning of your dishes, you should be sure to check for the problems below:

Broken drain impeller: the drain impeller directs water to the drain line from the hose. If it fails to do, there is a chance that it is broken and you should replace it.

Drain Pump: the drain pump pumps water through the drain hose to the drain line. It relies on the impellor and pumps motor to complete the process.

 The pump motor should have continuity for the drain pump to work. If there is no continuity in the latter, the drain pump cannot work.

 You should be sure to replace the motor for the drain pump to work.

Drain valve: the drain valve allows water for the dishwasher to exit to the drain line.

If the valve is clogged, it cannot let water out. Be sure to check the condition of the latter and unclog it if it is clogged with debris or food particles.

 If you unclog it and it still fails to work, you may have to replace it. Drain valves are never replaceable, and you can only replace them.

Motor assembly and pump assembly: the impellor relies on the motor assembly for it to drive water out of the hose to the drain line.

During the drain cycle, the motor may run, and this indicates a blockage in the drain line. You should be sure to check the drain line and unclog it.

If the motor fails to run and it only gives a humming noise, be sure to check if there is a source of power.

If there is power, but it fails to run, you have to replace the motor and impeller, respectively.

Problems with the garbage disposer: If the garbage disposer fails to work, there is a possibility that it is clogged with debris.

To examine it, you should remove the drain hose as it is usually the major cause of the problem.

Be sure to clean the edge of the hose and the fitting of the hose to get rid of all the debris that may be preventing the hose disposer form working.

Additionally, if you recently installed your garbage disposer, be sure to check if the drain plug is removed.

If it is still attached to the latter, you should check if the dishwasher is connected to garbage disposer.

When the two are connected, the drain plug should be disconnected from the garbage disposer.

However, if the garbage plug is not connected to the dishwasher, you should connect the plug to the drain tube for the system to work efficiently.

If your dishwasher fails to drain, this is the major areas that you can detect the problem as they are the central parts of the drainage system of the dishwasher.

Stuck check ball: the check ball is usually located in the drain, and it locks the hose to prevent the dirty water from returning to the dishwasher.

 If the check ball gets stuck inside the drain line, it gets impossible for it to complete its purpose and thus the water gets back to the unit.

If you notice that your Maytag Dishwasher fails to drain water, you should check on the condition of the check ball and place it back in position for the unit to work efficiently.

Clogged drain hose: the drain hose channels water to the drainage, and if it is clogged, it cannot serve its purpose.

To check on how it is working, you should disconnect it from the dishwasher and the drain and if it has debris, be sure to clean it either with a brush or vacuum to eliminate the debris that may be clogging it.

Stuck drain valve: the drain valve serves the purpose of preventing water from getting back to the dishwasher after it has drained to the drain line.

 If the valve gets stuck, it also cannot work, and thus you should be sure to check on how it is working to get it back to the right position.

Blinking dishwasher lights

If your lights keep blinking, the heating element may be the major cause.

If it fails, the water in the washer cannot reach the right temperatures, and thus you should test on its continuity using a multimeter.

If it lacks continuity, you might have to replace it.

The fault codes could also be the issue. If the check codes are faulty, you should be able to set them back by reading the instructions in the user manual

Leaking dishwasher

If you notice that your Maytag Dishwasher is leaking, the water inlet valve may be the cause. Be sure to check if the valve is stuck.

 If it gets stuck, it will continuously let water in the dishwasher, and finally, the dishwasher overflows.

 Be sure to get it back in position. Besides, you should replace the valve if it is damaged.

When the door seal is cut, the dishwasher may start to leak.

 Check on the condition of the latter by placing a dollar bill, and if it fails to stick on the door seal, you might have to replace the seal as it is damaged.

Troubleshooting your Maytag dishwasher is never a difficult task, and you should always commit time to carefully check on the problems that may be the key cause of the issues that you are experiencing in your dishwasher.


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