Is Cycling Good for Weight Loss | Does Cycling Reduce Belly Fat

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Is Cycling Good for Weight Loss | Does Cycling Reduce Belly Fat

Obesity is not good, and it can be really irritating to hear someone calling your fat, obese, overweight, a pig, hippo, etc.

In fact, such a nasty complement can make you ruffle feathers with people, and it can degenerate into a very ugly incident.

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Apart from people describing you by your looks, it is also good to maintain your body weight to prevent you from suffering from diseases that are related to obesity.

You can use many ways to cut weight, and cycling is one of them because it is not so physically demanding and exhausting like running, jogging, or starving yourself.

The latter requires no physical effort, but it is harder than all the other ways of shedding weight.

Being told to go without food is a painful thing because not many people can withstand the pangs of hunger.


However, when you are riding a bicycle, you will do it at your pace regardless of your body weight. In this article, you will unearth more about if cycling is good for weight loss.

Does cycling reduce belly fat? Let’s find out:-

What you need to know

Cycling can both help you to shed weight and also fail to help you to shed weight. This depends on how you do it and how you feed.

It is not like walking, jogging, running, and starving, which guarantees you that you must shed weight regardless of the pace and effort you use.

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Cycling does not affect your body weight, like the other ways above of weight management.

If you want to shed weight but you ride your bicycle leisurely, you will not shed anything. Instead, your weight will remain intact.

There are certain things that you need to observe to facilitate you to shed weight. Without observing the following, you will just be cycling for fun.

Use High-Intensity Interval Training

This involves taking rapid cycling sessions, integrating them with slow cycling sessions. This kind of training gives you time to do thorough riding to maximize your riding effort.

There are also benefits to your overall health. Your immune system is strengthened, and your respiratory health is also given a considerable boost.

Cycle for longer and do it harder

Cycling to reduce weight is not an easy task. You cannot just take a bicycle and start cycling comfortably on flat terrain at a slow speed and think that you will lose anything.

Without making an effort and straining, nothing will be reduced from your body.

To enable your body to reduce weight, you have to cycle for longer and do it harder.

By so doing, you will be using a lot of energy, panting, sweating, and yielding heat because of the combustion that is going on in your body to release energy.

The fat content in your body must be retrieved and combusted to release the energy that your body requires to run.

The longer you ride will require much energy to keep cycling. You also have to do it harder to use more energy, thus burning more fat.

Observe your diet

There are foods that add a lot of fat to your body. Processed and junk food, sugar, and fatty food add a lot of fat to your body.

You have to do away with them, and if it is not possible, you can just minimize their intake.

The main reason why you should be careful with your feeding habits is that “We are what we eat.” You add weight and become fat because of the food that you eat.

Therefore, if you cut the source of fat that builds up your body and causes you obesity,

then you will not add weight within a short time, neither will you be burning fat when cycling and then replacing it by what you eat.

All the foods that contribute to the buildup of fat in your body should be done away with.

To make it better, you can start eating foods that are known to help people shed weight. Lemons and the like are very effective in helping people to reduce excess weight.

Do not take sugar and processed food – Processed food and sugar is broken down by the body to release energy.

When you eat too much sugar, your body will use that energy instead of burning your body fat to release cycling energy.

Tragically, when the consumed sugar is not exhausted, it is converted into fat and stored in the body reserves.

Therefore, instead of losing weight, you will be adding it.

However, since you cannot completely do away with the intake of these two, you can significantly reduce them.

However, you can take sweet natural foods like bananas, pineapples, etc.

You can ride before talking breakfast

This is a shortcut to a rapid weight reduction, particularly if you are hyperactive in bike riding.

If you wake up early and cycle for two or more hours in harsh terrain at high speed, you will sweat a lot, and your body will yield heat.

That is the process of burning calories to release energy.

If you do that on an empty stomach, it will help you a lot in shedding weight because those will be two processes going on simultaneously.

Firstly, you will be forcing your body to burn the fat to release energy used to cycle because the fuel tank (stomach) is empty.

For your body to run, it must extract energy from the body reserves where it is stored as fat—some of the places where fat is stored in large quantities in the stomach.

With time, you will find your belly beginning to shrink because the energy stored there in the form of fat is being used regularly.

This formula can work very well, and all the excess fat in your body will be no more within some months.

All of it will be extracted and used to fuel your body when cycling on an empty stomach. You can take plain water because you will sweat a lot and get thirsty when you are cycling.

Doing other exercises

Apart from cycling, you should also do other forms of exercise because they also play a part in helping you to reduce weight.

For instance, one of the best is running, jogging, and walking. However, this depends on your body weight. If you are obese, you can start with walking.

Give yourself a target walking distance, which you will cover at a given time frame.

For instance, you can start with one kilometer and one kilometers fro, but this depends on your body weight your general health.

Those who suffer from respiratory and thoracic diseases, conditions, and other complications may require the guidance of their physicians.

However, even you are obese but healthy. You will have to set a target.

Carrying your body weight is not an easy task. Imagine weighing 150 kilograms and carrying them for a whopping two kilometer’s? Is that an easy task?

Therefore, in the beginning, you will set an easy distance target that is achievable.

You will cover that for the first few days until you find that covering that distance is easy for you.

Then you can add the distance range because you no longer pant a lot.

The bad cholesterol in your veins gets burnt out for good blood flow; no wonder you do not pant a lot, and you feel lighter as the days go by.

If you started walking for one kilometre to and one kilometre fro, you would add that up to 3 kilometres to and 3 kilometres from.

After that, you can start jogging, and ultimately you will be running. Running is known to help people shed a considerable amount of weight.

By so doing, you will have shed a lot of weight to become lighter and more flexible.

When you integrate cycling with the above, you will definitely achieve your weight shedding target.

With this formula, you do not have to do yourself any feeding injustice because it is a tested and confirmed formula for reducing weight.

May you have to avoid consuming too many calories because you have planned to reduce the weight within a given time frame.

Belly Fat

When you realize that your weight has begun reducing, even the size of your belly reduces significantly.

Before you start noticing that your overall weight has reduced, you will first start by seeing that the belly has reduced significantly.

The potbellies of both men and women shrink. However, this depends on the effort and hard work in your exercising, cycling, and eating habits.

When you cycle hard and observe your diet, you will surely see results. However, if you are lax, you will cycle for leisure and, lastly, fail to get the desired results.

You have to be disciplined in all ways.

Lastly, you also need enough sleep.

If you sleep for a few hours each night, you will retain the weight instead of losing it.

There is a weight-reducing metabolism that takes place at night, and if you sleep for fewer hours, you will hamper this metabolism.

You may overlook it, but sleep and weight loss are intertwined.

To ride more and further, you can look for a cycling team and join it so that they will challenge and motivate you to continue riding even when you feel so tired to do it.

The verdict

Cycling can help you to shed weight if you do it right and observe discipline. Likewise, you may also fail to shed weight despite the number of hours you take to cycle if you are not disciplined.

For instance, if you practice poor feeding habits, you will be shedding weight and then add it all over again when you eat junk, processed, and fatty foods plus sugar.

You have to cut short the amount of calories that you take per day.


From this article, you have been able to see how cycling should be done to enable you to shed weight.

If you have been asking, “Is cycling good for weight loss?” You now have a good idea of how it should be done effectively.

It is effective when done in the right way, and it can also be useless if done in a lazy and in disciplined way.


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