Is Cycling a Good Hobby: 5 Reasons Why You Should Cycle

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Is Cycling a Good Hobby: 5 Reasons Why You Should Cycle

Did you know that you can park 15 bicycles in the same space a car can occupy? If you didn’t, then now you know.

Over the years, cycling or biking has become a popular thing for people to do not only professionally but also for leisure.

The number of bikes manufacture per year has grown to over 100 million bikes every year.

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With an increase in population, roads have become more congested with cars, causing a lot of traffic in cities.

The number of people boarding trams and trains has increased, leaving them congested leading people to default to bicycles for shorter distance travel.

Cycling has become more common among people who know its benefits.

From the 6th-14th of June every year being the cycle to the workweek, it has created awareness and encouraged many people to bike to work.

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Many people who have been biking have boasted of benefits they have gained since they started cycling a good hobby.

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With testimonials of better health and improved physique, a large population has opted for cycling.

Is cycling as a hobby work for you? Does it have any benefits? Well, here are five reasons why you should cycle.

Improves your Physical Health

Cycling engages our body to physical activity. When we cycle, it increases our metabolic rate, helping us burn more fat for weight loss.

Biking is known to save more lives due to its immense benefits to our physical health.

When we cycle for 30 to 45 minutes a day, we boast burning from 300 to 700 calories depending on the cycle’s intensity.

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Burning more calories reduces our chance of suffering from heart disease and cancer risk due to less accumulation of unnecessary fats in our bodies.

Research has shown that exercise has benefits on our upper respiratory system, reducing our common cold instances.

It has also shown that mild exercises strengthen our immune system. Riding a bike will also help you build more muscles around your legs since they are most engaged.

Cycling as a hobby is beneficial to our physical health and will save us time for that trip to the gym and keep us healthy.

Improves your Mental Wellness

Well, exercise is known to increase the number of endorphins and dopamine hormones that help you counter stress and leave you a happy being.

Production of these substances reduces your chance of suffering from depression. It can also alleviate depression symptoms improving your mental health.

The fatigue that comes with cycling also helps to build better sleeping patterns. After a long cycle, we tend to feel fatigued and desire rest, which is good for our health.

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Good sleep will reduce anxiety when doing tasks, which is adequate for our mental health.

The synchronized movement of our bodies when we cycle brings a relaxing sensation to our brains.

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It stabilizes both our physical and mental function, which is good for our mental well-being. The uniform movement also improves our creative thinking.

Biking is also known to increase the brain cells produced, which helps improve our brain memory.

It also boosts our brainpower and helps us become more mentally sharper when done regularly due to the concentration required to achieve this.

Most people who have cycling as a hobby do it for 30 to 60 minutes steadily.

When asked about it, it has immensely increased their self-esteem due to their control while riding helps build their self-confidence.

Reduces Air Pollution

In the US, only 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the transportation sector only with cars and tracks being a major contributor and carbon the major gas emitted.

Taking a bus will cut the number of carbon emissions to half but riding a bike will cut it to almost zero.

Think of how a car emits 271 grams of carbon per kilometre and how an average adult produces 21 grams of carbon per kilometre.

Cycling is up to 1000% more efficient than driving is.

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When we reduce air pollution, it leaves us with a cleaner environment and boosts the green planet movement.

If we cycle more often, we can reduce respiratory diseases caused by polluted air.

Saves Time and Resources

With an increase mitigate capita income, people’s livelihood has improved. Almost every household owns and uses their cars for commuting.

An increase in the number of cars on roads causes traffic, leading to wastage of fuel consumed in traffic and waiting for traffic to cease.

Averagely it takes a good bicycle costs from $150 to $500 and a maintenance cost of less than $300 in the cause of 10-15 years depending on usage.

By far, this is cheaper than owning and maintaining a car.

It takes on average 1 hr 12 minutes at 25 km/hr.

To commute a 30 km trip, which is time saving compared to driving through a heavily congested road, cycling as a hobby and a means of travel more efficient.

Expands your Social Circle

Cycling is not only an economic activity but also a social activity. Getting together with a couple of your friends and you decide to cruise around the neighbourhood.

Many social events have come to life just from cycling. Any social event involves interaction with your peers.

You get to socialize and interact with different types of people, which leads to making new friends.

Building a conversation on who the better biker or maybe about which bikes are better; helps improve your social skills, helping you grow your social circle.


If you still aren’t convinced that you should treat cycling as a hobby, then a reminder on how it will improve your mental health should do the trick.

Cycling is a mild-exercise that you can do as you commute to work or are bored sitting and helps stimulate the production of endorphin, a hormone responsible for reducing stress and making you happy.

Happiness will not only leave you stress-free but will leave your brain open for creative thinking and can improve your productivity.

If you are still thinking about just trying cycling as a hobby and the benefits will wow into sticking with it.


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